F.2 Poem - Boys
Gran's Xi    by John Kitching

My grandma’s in a football team
Her age is seventy-eight.
She’s no longer like a palm tree
Standing waiting for a date.

The goalie in my grandma’s team,
Her age is seventy-four.
Opponents rarely score a goal.
She’s built like a grey barn door.

The striker is a real antique,
Captain at eighty-eight.
She’s vicious, mean, and fouls a lot;
The kind of striker goalies hate.

Two of Grandma’s football team
Are quite acutely deaf.
They shout and wave most rudely
At every weekend ref.

Most of Grandma’s football team
Have aged, aching bones,
But in the showers, after games,
No single player moans.

The other week - a rare defeat.
They lost: three goals to five.
But they don’t seem to care a lot.
They’re just glad to be alive!