F.4 Poem - Girls
Summer Storm by John Foster

Light travels, said Miss,
Faster than sound.
Next time there’s a storm,
When you see the lightning,
Start counting slowly in seconds.
If you divide
The number of seconds by three,
It will tell you
How many kilometers you are
From the centre of the storm.

Two nights later,
I was woken
By the lashing rain,
The lightning,
And the thunder’s crash.

I lay,
Huddled beneath the sheet,
As the rain poured down
And lightning lit up the bedroom,
Slowly counting the seconds,
Listening for the thunder
And calculating the distance
As the storm closed in –

With a blinding flash
And a simultaneous ear-splitting crash,
The storm passed
Directly overhead.

And I shook with fright
As the storm passed on,
Leaving the branches shuddering
And the leaves weeping.