Proofreading 10

Correct the mistakes in the following sentences. When you finish each
sentence, click on " Answer", which will show the answer.

1.  We reached at the school early.


2.  A thief is a danger to the society.


3.  He is more stronger than George.


4.  He considers me as his best friend.


5.   Though it is raining, yet he will go.


6.   He asked me what games did I play?


7.   He neither speaks English nor French.


8.   Only I and my brother are present.


9.   I bought a book at ten shillings.


10.There was a fight among two boys.


11. He was standing just besides me.


12.   I am going to lay down for an hour.


13. He sat the passengers one by one.


14.   Pupils rise their hands too often.


15.   The murderer was caught and hung.


16.   This man always puts on black shoes.


17.   I want to lend a book from you.


18. Someone has robbed all his money.


19.Tables are usually made from wood.


20.   He scarcely comes to see me now.


21.   Last night I went to bed lately.


22.Although the questions were easy, a few boys were able to answer them.


23.  Everyone have some good qualities.


24.My older brother is called John.

25.Thousands of people were injured in the war.


26.   He was wounded in a traffic accident.


27.  The weather is getting cold and cold.


28.They have less books than I have.


29.   She came to school latter than I.


30.What is the last news of the war?

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