Proofreading 11

Correct the mistakes in the following sentences. When you finish each
sentence, click on " Answer", which will show the answer.

1.  The scene in Hong Kong is beautiful.


2.  That lawyer has plenty of customers.


3.   Tom as well as George are coming.


4.  A traffic accident was happened here yesterday.


5.   My bicycle worths seven pounds.


6.   John does not afraid of anybody.


7.   The goalkeeper plays very good.


8.   After we went home for dinner.


9.   I past by your house yesterday.


10.You do not look as your brother.


11.  She accused him of cheating but he denied.


12.  Whether or not she passes is depended upon how hard she works.


13. The number of hours he worked is depending upon how hard she works.


14.   The union demanded for more money.


15.   The food was very delicious.


16.   When they knew that they had won, they were very delighted.


17.   I was delightful to hear the news of your success.


18. Because of the bad weather, the match was delayed for a week.


19.We have been receiving a great deal of complaints.


20.   Unemployment is a major problem in these days.


21.   One of the passengers was dead in the accident.


22.   Soon it began to become dark and it was time to go back home.


23.   I daren't to ask her for any more money.


24. The fire caused a lot of damages.

25.Several passers-by stopped to look at the strange bicycle from curiosity.


26.   The report strongly criticized that the police failed to deal with drug traffickers.


27. Somehow we must stop people from making crimes.


28.The couple was sitting just behind me.


29.   The motorcyclist couldn't stop and crashed with the truck.


30. By reading quickly, I could finish the book before the library closed.

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