Proofreading 2

Present Tenses & Connectives

Correct the mistakes in the following sentences. When you finish each
sentence, click on " Answer", which will show the answer.

1.  She is beautiful and dishonest, if I is allowed to make a comment.


2.  Don't ate with your mouth wide open, so don't talk when there was still some food inside your mouth, Jack!


3.   Look! The new lorry enters the factory to carry the cargo.


4.  By the time she have finished her project, she will has a long holiday to enjoy herself.


5.   The new gardener is always complain about the food his wife prepare.


6.Although I am afraid of talking in the public, but I planning to overcome this by attending a special course.


7.  I like Tom, and I don't likes Peter.


8.  They have enjoy a wonderful time at the party, but they agree to have another gathering as soon as possible.


9.  She usually take a bath before she go to bed.


10.  Comes with us if you likes.


11.  What do one of the students want to said to the Principal ?


12.   I have not prepare the test well.


13.   I always hear my brother says the foul language, so he denies it firmly.


14.   They watched the girl plays the game happily.


15.   The baby is still crying so the baby-sitter is try very hard to calms her down.


16.   She do not intends stay behind to wait for the latest news of the accident.


17.   Have they get a prize but a certificate for their outstanding performance in the competition?


18.She expect everyone remember her birthday and giving her a present.


19.   Never stopped trying so you can taste the fruit of success.


20.   I have live in this area for five years although I know much about it.


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