Proofreading 3

Past Tense & Parts of Speech

Correct the mistakes in the following sentences. When you finish each
sentence, click on " Answer", which will show the answer.

1.  They could not went home by themselves.


2.  The food smells wonder.


3.   The picture had been beauty painted.


4.  They had already got home before we leave.


5.   After the baby had drunk some milk, she falls asleep at once.


6.  He didn't felt too comfortably today.


7.  The boss received a surprised news yesterday.


8.  I found the newly clerk very helps.


9.  Has David been working hardly since he had been promoted?


10.  At the meeting, Tom made a specially conclusion which shocking everyone present.


11.  The new manager made a month report of the goods careful.


12.  Did the girls went home lately?


13.   I was alarming to see such regularly donation from overseas.


14.   It had been a please to work with him so close together.


15.   She listened very attentive in the lesson time so as to jotted down all the importance points.


16.   That was the big apple he had ever saw.


17.   The two tigers were walk leisure on the road when the sun rises in the east.


18.  " That was an ugliness doll ", I said angry.


19.   The children walk into the classroom when the fire happen.


20.  He told us that he has already done his duty good.


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