Proofreading 4

Pronouns, Infinitives & Gerunds

Correct the mistakes in the following sentences. When you finish each
sentence, click on " Answer", which will show the answer.

1. See is never believe.


2.  There was a public holiday yesterday, so nobody was in the office.


3.  'Don't be upset, John. Here is his birthday present.'


4. Pull a long face while work would surely make one looks less pleasant and amiable.


5.   Boys, make themselves at home!


6. I me did the writing for the project.


7.  John is a friend of my.


8.   If you want ^ learn something useful, watch Peter does it.


9.  Mandy knows that there is important for she to learn how to cooks well before she gets married.


10.  She regrets causes so much trouble to their friends.


11.   I just can't help laugh when I hear David tells him amusing experience.


12.  The suspect denied have stolen the old lady's hand-bag. ^was a gift from its daughter.


13.   It ^ good to be back to school after the long summer holiday. I am so relax!


14.   She spends lots of time to read the news report.


15.   Instead of stay behind for the tea, Patrick, the Chairman, was the first man who leaves the hall.


16.   If you want ^go on with you studies, please make sure yours know what education means.


17.   ^Tell the truth, us destiny is on our own hands.


18.  She told him ^ sit down and finish her homework.


19.   The Chairman accused her of try stir up trouble.


20.   She scolded her children for get they clothes dirty.


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