Proofreading 5

Voices & Question Words

Correct the mistakes in the following sentences. When you finish each
sentence, click on " Answer", which will show the answer.

1.   Has the door ^ locked?


2.I don't know what he is always so rude to us.


3.   They have no idea who the dog has^ taken.


4.  Will the new dictionary ^ sent to the staff soon?


5.   Was anyone kill in the accident where happened the day before?


6.  What one do you want? A car or motor cycle?


7.   I did not told whom was held responsible for this disaster.


8.  I think crystal is the best present what Joyce prefers.


9.  Do you have any idea what of these two books John would like to read?


10.  It ^ said that the report will come out pretty soon.


11.  The story is base on the real experience of the victims in the hill fire.


12.  The students are tell to revise their books before the Test Week commences.


13.   Please tell us what the train will go in five minutes.


14.   I was ask to hand in my book report right away.


15.This is the man where spoils our whole plan.


16.   Would you be satisfy with your fattening body?


17.   Everybody, for one reason or another, has be got a reason which he or she wishes to look slim.


18.  A time-table has to ^ made and time has to be arrange.


19.   Experience on why to keep fit should also be share among the peers.


20.   The accident was happened at six o'clock.


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