Proofreading 6

Articles & Reported Speech

Correct the mistakes in the following sentences. When you finish each
sentence, click on " Answer", which will show the answer.

1.  He wanted to know why were they was late.


2.  Mary wished to know when would the ship arrive.


3.   Bobby wished to visit ^ Philippines.


4.   There is ^ Mr. Chan waiting at ^ gate to see the girl.


5.   The boy told us that his mother did her work already.


6.   The teacher asked his students ^ hand in their papers the to-morrow day.


7.  Once upon ^ time, there was ^ rich man.


8.  I asked an tailor to make ^ new dress for the my sister's wedding party.


9.   Is Diana a honest girl? I told them that she is yesterday.


10.   ^ Wongs are leaving for Thailand to-morrow.


11.  Andrew told his father how he wins ^ match.


12.   ^ Manager ordered his secretary ^ type ^ letters for the meeting.


13.   One of ^ problems we face is ^ lack of confidence.


14.   Is this a book you need, Judy?


15.   They asked us don't to open ^ book until we were told to do so.


16.   He told Mary that she overcook ^ steak again.


17.   He asked me waited ^ moment.


18.  He told me ^ lock both doors when I go out.


19.   ^ Old and ^ young should be able to live together.


20.   The fisherman used ^ hair to tie ^ feather to ^ hook.


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