Proofreading 7

Verbs after Prepositions & Extra words

Correct the mistakes in the following sentences. When you finish each
sentence, click on " Answer", which will show the answer.

1.  I wish to know the name of the man standing in there.


2.   On hear the bad news, the mother burst into the tears.


3.   The children burst out laugh when they see a clown was holding a very special birthday cake for them.


4.  They stop their dog from bark to avoid to causing disturbances to the neighbors.


5.Bobby's mother is used to drink a cup of milk before go to bed.


6.  The Chairman suggested to holding a farewell party for John and his family as they were leaving for to Australia.


7.  I remembered to turning off all the lights before went out, I insisted.


8.  Please go to home as soon as possible in next week.


9.  Yes, I am agree with to you.


10.  After have worked for long hours, they usually go to the disco to enjoy by themselves.


11.   By look at the mistakes, we understanding that he is very careless.


12.  There is no use to give him advice. He is very stubborn!


13.   She does likes to eat ice-cream as much as she can eat.


14.  How about dine out with me in this Saturday evening?


15.   You must get used to meet strangers whenever it there is possible.


16.   Know more friends does helps you a lot in widen your social circle.


17.   You are too keen on talk about the principles of make new friends.


18.  I am looking forward to receive your reply soon.


19.We can not hardly be at ease in the mind.


20. His peers friends in school were to blame too also.


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