Proofreading 8

Correct the mistakes in the following sentences. When you finish each
sentence, click on " Answer", which will show the answer.

1.  They were anxious for his health.


2.  We have benefited the change.


3.   The mountains are covered by snow.


4.  I have no doubt for his ability.


5.   They are leaving to England soon.


6.   She was married with a rich man.


7.  Their house is opposite from ours.


8.   I suspect him for stealing the pen.


9.   They were warned about the danger.


10.  I have written the letter with ink.


11.   I object to be treated like this.


12.  The rain prevented me to go.


13. He succeeded to gain their trust.


14.  She is used to get up early.


15.   You can't avoid to make mistakes.


16.   I enjoy to play a game of football.


17.   Please excuse me to be so late.


18.  You must practise to speak English.


19.   We couldn't risk to leave him alone.


20.   He was busy to prepare his lesson.


21.   Is today's film worth to see?


22.   We have no difficulty to do it.


23.   I had the pleasure to meet him.


24.It is no use to cry like a baby.

25.I look forward to see him soon.


26.   It's no good to get angry at once.


27.  He talks as if he knows everything.


28. I wish that he knows more English.


29.   She is my older sister.


30.My brother is taller than me.

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