Proofreading 9

Correct the mistakes in the following sentences. When you finish each
sentence, click on " Answer", which will show the answer.

1.  It is a secret between you and I.


2.  It is no use in me learning it.


3.   The car I hired it broke down after five kilometres.


4.  One should take care of his health.


5.   These two boys help one another.


6.   John is the tallest of the two boys.


7.   Cairo is the larger city in Africa.


8.   English is not easy to be learnt.


9.   Being in haste, the door was left open.


10.According to my opinion, he is right.


11.   At the end they reached the city.


12.  They played football under the rain.


13. The reason is because I believe it.


14.   I spend my holidays in a country.


15.   Both of them did not go to school.


16.   I saw a strange dream last night.


17.   This man always says the truth.


18. Don't open the light.


19.Who is knocking the door?


20.   How much did you pay the book?


21.   He has not replied me yet.


22.   I shall wait you at the cinema.


23.  A boy's hat is different from a girl.


24.I play violin, but not piano.

25.On Saturday I go to cinema.


26.   Homer was greater than all the Greek poets.


27.  He is stronger than anybody.


28.I enjoyed during the holidays.


29.   The book comprises of five chapters.


30.We entered into the classroom.

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