Word Form Exercise 1

Fill in each blank with the correct form of the word given in brackets.
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1.  I walk __________ (pass) that old house every day.

2.  She spent her __________ (child) in England.

3.   He is the ___________ (write) of this famous book.

4.  The river is ten feet in __________ (deep).

5.   Many Hong Kong people lead a busy __________ (live).

6.   The __________ (serve) in this hotel is very slow.

7.   Students must be __________ (obey) to teachers.

8.   My mother is fond of __________ (cook).

9.   She paid a __________ (day) visit to her mother in the hospital.

10. The man has no __________ (know) of English.

11.   Don't judge people by their __________ (appear).

12.  We should always eat ___________ (health) food.

13. His __________ (care) caused the accident.

14.   He put all his money in the __________ (save).

15.   We __________ (joy) ourselves very much at the party last night.

16. The government's plan was a complete __________ (fail).

17.   He is a man of __________ (wise).

18. She __________ (sharp) her pencils before the test this morning.

19. There were 200 people __________ (sit) in the hall.

20.   The __________ (long) of the table is 5 feet.

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