Word Form Exercise 2

Fill in each blank with the correct form of the word given in brackets.
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1.  She is a ___________ (responsibility) teacher.


2.  The idea is very __________ (attraction).

3.   The new car is very __________ (expense).

4.  He came first in the chess __________ (compete).

5.   The model student was noted for his __________ (polite).

6.   Her performance was a great __________ (succeed).

7.   His plan was __________ (succeed).

8.   After a long discussion, we finally came to a __________ (decide).

9.   I sent an ___________ (apply) letter to the company for the job.

10. She is a __________ (please) lady.

11.   I always feel __________ (please) when I have finished my assignments.

12.  It gives great ___________ (please) to announce the results.

13. Nothing is more __________ (value) than the support we have recieved from you.

14.   It is difficult to make a __________ (choose) between the two options.


15.   It was a __________ (sense) decision.

16. My wallet has __________ (appear); it was in the bag a moment ago.

17.   This cave was the __________ (hide) place of the thief.

18. I am __________ (fortune) to have a good English teacher.

19. It is a __________ (cloud) day. It is going to rain.

20.   I take a __________ (bathe) every morning.

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