Word Form Exercise 3

Fill in each blank with the correct form of the word given in brackets.
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1.  Some people in Hong Kong lead a hard __________ (live).


2.  We waited one hour for the __________ (arrive) of the train.

3.   He is the ___________ (manage) of the bank.

4.  You need to improve your __________ (write). It is difficult to read.

5.   We waited __________ (patient) for the bus to come.

6.   He led a __________ (lone) life in the foreign country.

7.   The old lady made herself ___________ (comfort) in a big chair.

8.   We laughed at the ___________ (see) of her dirty face.

9.   You should keep your ___________ (distant) from her family affairs.

10. He feel __________ (doubt) about whether to go or not.

11. She is a __________ (love) girl.

12.  We can trust him because he is a __________ (faith) person.

13. You should do your ___________ (correct) on a new page.

14. This difficult concept is beyond students' __________ (understand).


15.   They have just reached an __________ (agree).

16. He is __________ (agree) to the suggestion.

17.   The news of his sudden __________ (die) came as a surprise.

18. He found all the fish were __________ (die).

19. The manager scolded the worker ___________ (angry) because he broke the glass.

20.   He was filled with __________ (angry) at what he saw.

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