Word Form Exercise 4

Fill in each blank with the correct form of the word given in brackets.
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1.  My __________ (favour) hobby is painting.


2.  My teacher gave a __________ (favour) report on my performance.

3. She is a __________ (care) worker, paying attention to details.

4.  Your __________ (choose) of colour was good.

5.   The price of the car is __________ (reason).


6.   The children were playing and laughing __________ (happy).

7.   I wish you __________ (happy) and good health.

8.   I often __________ (different) with my brother on political questions.

9.   The __________ (different) in temperature between the day and the night is great.

10. She found great __________ (difficult) in understanding her husband.

11. You should read the passage __________ (silent)..

12.  She broke the __________ (silent) by clapping loudly.

13. I have an __________ (appoint) with the doctor this afternoon.

14. The little girl looks tired and __________ (sleep).


15. Don't disturb the baby. He is __________ (sleep).

16. It is __________ (danger) to drive fast.

17.   Don't drive __________ (danger).

18. He found his __________ (lose) key in the dustbin.

19. He reported the __________ (lose) of the car to the police.

20.   He was the only __________ (lose) in the game.

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