Word Form Exercise 5

Fill in each blank with the correct form of the word given in brackets.
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1.  Students must pay __________ (attend) in lessons.


2.  The audience are listening __________ (attend) to the speaker.

3. The mother is always __________ (attend) to the needs of the child.

4.  We did not sleep well because the dog barked __________ (loud) all night.

5.   There are many __________ (argue) against smoking.


6.   I often went there in my __________ (young).

7.   My ___________ (young) brother is very naughty.

8.   Smoking and drinking are his __________ (weak).

9.   Insufficient sleep __________ (weaken) his health.

10. The bride is very __________ (beauty).

11. He regained his __________ (strong) after an illness.

12.  We want to __________ (strong) our ties with your company.

13. To boost sales, we are going to ________ (low) the price of our products.

14. We had a __________ (love) meal in the hotel.


15. She is kind and __________ (friend).

16. At school she formed a close __________ (friend) with several other girls.

17.   I have made __________ (friend) with my new neighbour.

18. I had a ___________ (fright) dream last night.

19. The child was __________ (fright) by the loud noise.

20.   The alarm __________ (fright) the burglar away.

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