Word Form Exercise 6

Fill in each blank with the correct form of the word given in brackets.
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1.  On the doctor's ___________ (advise), I am staying in bed.


2.  He serves as the president's special __________ (advise).

3. He is __________ (age) sixty.

4.  She is __________ (age) fast. She looks like an old lady.

5.   You should learn the __________ (base) rules of good driving.


6.   His agruments had a firm __________ (base).

7.   __________ (base) I agree with your proposal, but I would like to discuss a few small points.

8.   Your application is still under careful ___________ (consider).

9.   A __________ (consider) sum has been spent on education reforms.

10. She is very active, __________ (consider) her age.

11. His performance in school is very __________ (disappoint).

12.  His father is __________ (disappoint) with his schoolwork.

13. To our great __________ (disappoint), there will not be a pay rise this year.

14. The old man was sent to the hospital and died on the __________ (follow) day.


15. The __________ (follow) is of the greatest importance.

16. I could __________ (hard) speak for tears.

17.   I must __________ (hard) my heart against him.

18. Use your __________ (image) to find out the answer.

19. He is an __________ (image) writer.

20.   All the characters in this book are __________ (image).

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