A government survey has found that over 240-thousand local residents work on the mainland, with a majority of them stationed in Guangdong Province . Three quarters of them are professionals or managerial staff.


More than 380 Hong Kong people are still listed as missing in areas hit by Sunday's tidal waves. The government is sending more immigration officers to Phuket to help with the rescue and identification of Hong Kong residents stranded there.
星期日海嘯發生後,在災區失蹤的港人超過三百八十人 。政府派出入境處人員前往布吉,協助搜索香港人的下落和核實滯留港人身份。


A Hong Kong man was found dead in Phuket following the tsunami that struck the island. The immigration officers who have been helping Hong Kong people in Thailand would help the family upon their request.

28/12/04 The Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa expresses condolences to Asian quake and tsunami victims. He says the territory will make every effort to assist Hong Kong people stranded in the devavstated areas.

The death toll continued to climb from one of the most powerful earthquakes in forty years which unleashed a tsunami that ravaged south and Southeast Asia . Security Bureau received 109 requests for assistance in connection with tidal waves in Southern Thailand .
東南亞多國遭遇近四十年來最強烈的地震和地震引發的海嘯,令死亡人數不斷上升。就泰國南部地受巨浪襲擊一事,保安局收到 109 宗求助個案。


The charred body of a murdered man was found in the boot of a burned out taxi in Tin Shui Wai. Police have not yet known how the unidentified victim was killed.
天水圍一架燒毀的士車尾廂內,發現燒焦屍體。 警方未知死者的身份和死因。

25/12/04 Former Chief Secretary, Anson Chan, said the Liberal Party Chairman, James Tien's attack on the work of Donald Tsang was totally unjustified. Mr. Tien should not confuse the issue.
前政務司司長陳方安生指, 自由黨主席 田北俊對曾蔭權的批評是毫無根據。 田北俊不應把問題搞亂。

The Education and Manpower Bureau clarified that the proposed senior secondary structure would not give rise to a surplus teacher problem overall. The bureau is seeking the school sector's views on the teacher-to-class ratios under the proposed 3+3+4 academic structure.

23/12/04 The acting Financial Secretary, Frederick Ma, defended plans to relaunch the listing of the controversial Link Real estate investment trust at a later date. He said the move would benefit investors and avoid confusion.
22/12/04 The Customs urged people, particularly parents, to stop children from playing with a stink bomb toy which is regarded as unsafe. Samples of a stink bomb toy obtained from some retailers had failed to comply with the statutory safety requirements for toys.
21/12/04 President Hu Jintao urged the Chief Executive, Tung Chee-hwa, and his administration to strengthen unity within Hong Kong. He also called on the administration to reflect on its inadequacies and raise the quality of governance.
20/12/04 The government announced that the controversial Link REIT would be scrapped and relaunched at a later date. The secretary for housing, planning and lands, Michael Suen, said they had to take into account the fact that legal proceedings were not yet over.

A judge has rejected an application for a judicial review by a link reit investor. The investor was worried that if the current legal battle continued, he would lose his money.
高等法院法官駁回一名投資者,就領匯上市的司法覆核申請。申請人 憂慮領匯官司持續,將會導致損失。


The court of final appeal rejected an application by the authority to force public housing resident Lo Siu Lang to file an appeal. Chief Justice Andrew Li ruled that the court does not have any power to shorten the time limit for a civil appeal.
終審法院拒絕房委會申請縮短公屋居民盧少蘭上訴期限的要求。首席法官李國能指出, 條例 沒賦予終審法院權力去縮短民事上訴時限。

17/12/04 Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa has denounced the "mastermind" behind the legal challenge to the listing of the Link Reit, saying the interests of Hong Kong people had been ignored. Mr. Tung said Hong Kong's business climate would be damaged in such a politicized environment.
16/12/04 The appeal court has ordered two public housing tenants to indicate by 1 pm today whether they intend to appeal. The counsel for the housing authority said the listing of the Link reit would lapse next Monday if uncertainties over the appeal linger on.
上訴庭要求兩名公屋租在今日下午一時前決定是否上訴。代表房委會的資深大律師表示,上 訴程序如未能明朗化,「領匯」不會在下星期一上市。
15/12/04 The Housing Authority said it had decided to delay the listing of Link Reit until the appeal was clarified. The listing of Link Reit has been re-scheduled for next Monday.
14/12/04 Lawyers representing the Housing Authority warned that the Link real estate investment trust would be called off, if the Court of First Instance could not reach a verdict by Tuesday. Mr Justice Hartmann said the matter was of great public interest and he intended to make a judgment by Wednesday.
13/12/04 More than a thousand people took part in the walkathon around the Hunghom Peninsula. Organisers said they decided to go ahead with the event despite the developers announcing that they would not demolish the seven high-rise blocks. Protest turned into a pro-envoirnment march.

The biggest mural painting in pubic housing estates was unveiled at Cheung Wang Estate in Tsing Yi to mark the finale of a series of community activities commemorating the 50th anniversary of public housing development in Hong Kong .

11/12/04 Sun Hung Kai Properties and New World Development have decided that they won't demolish the seven towers at Hunghom Peninsula . They said they had reversed their decision because they didn't want to see the community divided.
10/12/04 The Legislative Council Commission has made an about-turn in its decision to invest seven million dollars of its surplus in the Link Real Estate Investment Trust. Five out of the nine members of the commission had objected to the move.
9/12/04 Legco's Public Accounts Committee is considering calling former chief secretary, Sir David Akers Jones, to explain why the Discovery Bay developer was allowed to change the Lantau project's master layout plan without paying a land premium.
8/12/04 The government is proposing a series of measures aimed at deterring non-residents from using public hospital facilities. They include raising charges - possibly to levels above private sector fees. Officials are also floating the idea of charging higher deposits.
政府打算採取措施,減少非合資格人士使用本港公營醫療服務。這些措施包括提高收費, 至高於私營機構的水平。當局又考慮將提高按金。
7/12/04 HSBC Holdings has announced that Vincent Cheng will take over from David Eldon as the chairman of Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. Mr Eldon will retire in May next year. Mr Cheng becomes the first local to head the Hong Kong unit.
6/12/04 The former Chief Justice, Yang Ti-liang, says the next Chief Executive should be someone trusted by the Beijing government and well-known to Hong Kong people. It is also important that it is someone who understands the culture of the administration, and who is willing to fight for Hong Kong when dealing with the central government.

The Permanent Secretary for Housing, Leung Chin-Man said officials had no idea that property developers had planned to turn the Hung Hom Peninsula project into luxury flats, when the Government sold the development to them at a discounted rate.


The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department is considering applying for court orders to close down some foodstalls at Langham Place . This came after ten operators there had been prosecuted for operating without a licence.
食環署正考慮向法庭申請禁制令 ,關閉一些無牌食肆。十間無牌食肆曾被檢控。

3/12/04 Cathay Pacific is investigating an incident in which part of the casing on the left engine of one of its jets fell off. The incident happened after flight CX751 took off from Bangkok for Bombay. Debris reportedly fell on a car, causing damage but no injuries.
2/12/04 The Education Commission considers it necessary for the Education and Manpower Bureau (EMB) to carefully examine the effectiveness and implications of implementing small class teaching in the Hong Kong context and supports the study on this issue.
1/12/04 According to a survey of more than 100 multi-national and local companies carried out by a consulting company, workers in Hong Kong are expected to get the lowest average salary increase in Asia next year - a rise two-point-eight per cent.
30/11/04 Property developers, Sun Hung Kai and New World, say they'll demolish the Hung Hom Peninsula housing project. They say the demolition method used will address concerns over the environmental impact, with 95 percent of the debris being recycled.
兩間地產發展商新鴻基及新創建集團決定,清拆紅灣半島樓宇。拆卸方法會顧及環保,物料有 九成半可以循環再用。
29/11/04 Forty street cleaners on Cheung Chau went on strike for a second day. They are angry that the outsource project contractor who employs them has had their wages reduced by six hundred dollars on the grounds that lunch breaks shouldn't be counted as working hours.

The body of a newborn baby has been found at Tseung Kwan O. It was discovered on the first floor podium of a housing block. Police conducted door to door inquiries and arrested a 16-year-old girl on suspicion of infanticide.
將軍澳一座大廈平台發現一名初生男嬰屍體。警方稍後到大廈內單位進行調查,並拘捕一名 16 歲女子,她涉嫌殺嬰。


The KCRC has reduced its proposed fares for the new Ma On Shan rail link. The Railway's chairman Michael Tien, said the fare levels were extremely attractive when compared to its major rivals in the area such as buses and minibuses.

26/11/04 More than twenty unionists have staged a protest outside the Murray Building in Central in protest against a government proposal to set stiffer penalties for drivers who jump red-lights. They called the plan a trap which will drive many of his colleagues out of business.
25/11/04 The Director of Audit has called on the government to take speedy action to reform the way it subsidizes the English Schools Foundation. The ESF currently receives a subsidy of 300-million dollars. This is far more than that given to other international schools.
24/11/04 Tuen Mun hospital is investigating a case in which an instrument used on a patient with tuberculosis was then used on another patient without being disinfected. Tests are being conducted on the second patient but he has not shown any symptoms of TB.
屯門醫院正調查,誤用一支尚未完成消毒程序的氣管鏡,為一名男病人檢查的事件。院方已為病人進行測試, 病人並沒有呈現肺結核病狀。
23/11/04 Hongkong's Disneyland theme park is scheduled to open next September. Adult ticket prices will range from 295 to 350 dollars, with children charged from 210 to 250 dollars. And ticket prices will be the cheapest of any Disney park in the world.
22/11/04 A study of a hundred former SARS patients has found that a fifth of them have weaker lungs a year after recovering from the disease. Doctors believe that scarring or dead lung tissue has reduced the lungs ability to transfer oxygen, but the condition is not expected to deteriorate further.

HSBC's General Manager, Raymond Or, says conditions aren't yet ripe for the yuan to be floated, but predicts the People's Bank of China may allow it to fluctuate by up to five percent.
匯豐銀行總經理柯清輝認為,人民幣升值條件仍未成熟,人民銀行或會將人民幣匯率波幅擴闊不會超過 5% 。

20/11/04 The government has released its first quarterly statistics on private housing supply, in an attempt to enhance transparency. The data shows that there are 63 thousand units currently available in the market.
19/11/04 The penalty point scheme introduced by the Housing Authority to promote estate cleanliness will now include more misdeeds. Those living in public housing estates who allow stagnant water to accumulate or who let their laundry drip will be slapped with five penalty points.

The Education and Manpower Bureau issued a circular memorandum reminding schools and parents to step up precautionary measures against the spread of seasonal influenza in schools.

17/11/04 Customs officers raided a "mega sale" in a function room of a North Point hotel seizing 1,757 items of suspected counterfeit clothing of more than 10 well-known brand names worth a total of $150,000.
16/11/04 A Consumer Council survey has found that the arsenic content of canned sardine and tuna tested exceeded mainland standards. The heavy metal is harmful to the nervous and digestive system if consumed excessively.

The police have launched a 4-week operation to target public vehicles that speed and jump red lights. Police officers will step up their enforcement action at 41 traffic black spots.


The Tourism Commission has expressed concern over two mainland tour groups being housed in a holiday camp instead of hotels. The Commission has asked the Travel Industry Council to enforce its directive that accommodation for tour groups should be confirmed before they arrive here.
旅遊事務署極度關注有旅行社安排內地團入住渡假營,而非酒店。 促請旅遊業議會切實執行指引,旅行團代理商在接待旅行團前,須預先確定酒店房間安排才可出團。

13/11/04 Nineteen children, aged 4 to 16, in Caritas Medical Centre developed symptoms of respiratory tract infection. They were staying in two wards providing An 11-year-old girl, who had chronic medical problems, in the ward died of chest infection.
12/11/04 The Liberal party has called on the government to pay more attention to the growing gap between the rich and the poor. The party wants the focus of next year's budget to be on economic recovery, in order to create jobs and increase economic growth.
自由黨要求政府正視貧富差距日益擴大 , 建議明年財政預算?手改善經濟,以創造職位 ,提高經濟增長 。
11/11/04 A proposal from Swires for the development of a cultural centre in West Kowloon has been eliminated. This leaves three proposals still in the running for further consideration.
10/11/04 Legco's President, Rita Fan, says she will preside over today's sitting of the Legislative Council, despite her husband passed away last Saturday after a long battle against liver cancer.
9/11/04 The High Court ordered the Incorporated Owners Association of Albert House in Aberdeen to wind up, ten years after a fatal canopy collapse there, in which a woman was killed and 13 others injured. It could not repay more than 25 million dollars in compensation and legal fees within a reasonable period.

The Commissioner of the ICAC, Raymond Wong, is very concerned about a recent scam to cheat the government out of around a million dollars in education loans and subsidies. Mr Wong says he suspects triads were involved in the case.
廉政專員黃鴻超非常關注有人用不法手段詐騙政府近一百 萬 進修基金,並懷疑有黑社會牽涉在內。


The Secretary for Constitutional Affairs says the government hopes to reach a consensus on political change by the middle of next year before releasing its proposals.


The former chairman of the Allied group, Lee Ming-tee, was sentenced to one year in jail for publishing false statements of account. Mr. Lee was also barred from serving as a company director for four years.
聯合集團前主席李明治,兩項發表虛假聲明及虛假賬目罪名,判入獄一年 。李明治更被禁止出任公司董事資格 4 年。

5/11/04 One out of every two companies have increased salaries this year, according to the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management's annual pay trend survey. The average increase was 0.3 percent. But the institute's chairman remains pessimistic about the outlook for next year.
4/11/04 An amended motion calling for a review of the duty on ultra-low-sulfur diesel was passed by the Legislative Council last night.
3/11/04 The government confirmed that preliminary test of a dead Grey Heron found in Lok Ma Chau has contained H5 avian influenza. All poultry farms nearby have been inspected, but there was no abnormal mortality and the chickens showed no symptoms of avian influenza.
2/11/02 The financial secretary, Henry Tang, has warned that Hong Kong's finances remain uncertain. He said rising US interest rates, surging oil prices and the mainland's macroeconomic adjustment measures were major external uncertainties.

A piece of calligraphy by "King of Kowloon", Tseng Tso-choi, has fetched fifty-five thousand dollars in an auction. The successful bidder said Mr Tseng's calligraphy showed the characteristics of Hong Kong and she would display the piece at home.


The ICAC has decided not to lodge any further appeals in relation to the Court of Appeal's judgment earlier this month, over the issuing of search warrants to the anti-graft body. There were insufficient legal grounds for lodging a further appeal.


The MTRC is to introduce a new 10-dollar flat fee to passengers who get in and out of the same station after staying inside the gates for twenty minutes or longer. The charge will come into effect next Monday.


A survey found that Causeway Bay has been ranked the most expensive shopping location in the Asia-Pacific region. It is also the third most costly in the world, coming after New York's Fifth Avenue and the Avenue des Champs Elysees in Paris.


The Secretary for Housing, Planning and Lands, Michael Suen says an additional 295 hectares of land could be made available for private housing development in the next five years.


Kowloon will experience faster population growth than either the New Territories or Hong Kong Island over the next 10 years, according to the latest projections contained in a Planning Department report.


Most of the samples of purple sweet potatoes taken recently by the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department for detection of added colours have been found to contain only a naturally occurring colour.


Executive councilor Bernard Chan has described a call by some democrats for a referendum on political reform in Hong Kong as a dangerous move.


The Secretary for Education and Manpower Arthur Li has promised that no teachers will lose their jobs as a result of proposed reforms. Liberal Studies is a subject of general knowledge and teachers from all disciplines would have a role to play.
教育統籌局局長李國章保證,在教育改革後,老師不會失業,因為通識教育涉及文化範疇,需要不同科目的老師 。


Police are investigating the cause of a fatal crash between two minibuses and a taxi in North Point, in which two died and 18 others were injured. They suspect that the two minibus drivers involved may have been speeding at the time.


The Secretary for Housing Planning and Lands says there's no sign of a property bubble in Hong Kong . Michael Suen says luxury flats have gone up, but mid-range and low end property have only recorded minor price changes.

21/10/04 The Education and Manpower Bureau will seek community feedback on reforming the academic structure for senior secondary and higher education. The "3+3+4" academic system will comprise a three-year junior and three-year senior secondary education and a four-year undergraduate degree
20/10/04 A hunt is underway for two robbers who fired a shot at police during a hold up in Tuen Mun. Police say the incident happened when two security guards were delivering about 700 thousand dollars from a bank to a cash escort van.
19/10/04 A bus carrying more than 40 tourists from Hong Kong plunged down a slope in Taiwan killing five people. The cause of the crash is unknown but reports say the road was slippery at the time.
18/10/04 Chater Road played host to more than 100 vintage automobiles yesterday when the Classic Car Club of Hong Kong held its 25th anniversary show. Henry Tang took the wheel of a 1909 Model T Ford .
17/10/04 The Council of Social Services says poverty in Hong Kong is worsening. Over a million people in the territory live in poverty, Sham Shui Po, Kwun Tong and Yuen Long being the worst three districts.
社聯指出:香港 貧窮問題日趨嚴重 ,全港超過一百萬人生活在 貧窮中, 深水 ? 、觀塘及元朗是貧窮問題特別最嚴重的三個地區。
16/10/04 The Housing Authority has issued its first eviction notice to a public housing tenant for accumulating sixteen penalty points under a cleanliness scheme. The scheme is planned to extend to dripping clothes and the accumulation of stagnant water leading to the breeding of mosquitoes.
公屋清潔扣分制推行以來,有一公屋租戶扣滿十六分,被房署發出終止租約通知。房署又計劃 擴闊扣分制範圍,包括加入滴水衣物和積存污水導致蚊患。
15/10/04 A survey has found that people show poor understanding of steroid asthma treatment and worry about the side-effects of steroid asthma. Misunderstanding might have serious health consequences.
14/10/04 The Legislative Council's president, Rita Fan, says she will ask the body's committee on rules and procedures to consider whether its dress code should be changed. She passed a note to legislator Leung Kwok-hung about his appearance in Legco in a black T-shirt. Mrs
13/10/04 Yesterday’s government land auction proved the most lucrative in Hong Kong's history. After almost three hours of intense bidding, two sites in Ho Man Tin and San Po Kong fetched 14.12 billion for the treasury.
12/10/04 The Appeal Court dismissed an appeal by the ICAC to restore the warrants it used to search the office of the Sing Tao newspaper. The court argued that it had no jurisdiction to hear the case, but at the same time it said that the ICAC obtained the warrants lawfully.
11/10/04 Local domestic helpers have called on the government to set up a compensation fund for work injuries. Most of the women work for only a few hours a week but many say they've suffered injuries at work and have to foot their own medical expenses.

A 60-year-old man with a cut wound to his right neck was found lying unconscious on a footbridge near Tierra Verde in Tsing Yi. He was later certified dead at Princess Margaret Hospital .


A survey of university students shows that thirty percent of them are in debt. Six out of ten have to work to pay off their loans.

8/10/04 The Court of Final Appeal quashed the conviction of traffic police constable Lau Chi-Wai who was found guilty together with Canto pop-star Nicholas Tse of conspiring to pervert the course of justice.
7/10/04 DBS has unveiled two compensation packages for customers affected by the safe deposit box blunder. All affected customers will receive an ex-gratia payment of 50 thousand dollars. They can also get a one-off amount of a hundred thousand dollars.

A secondary school student grabbed Hong Kong 's first gold medal at the China Western Mathematical Olympiad 2004. As well as gold, the eight-member Hong Kong team also won five silver and two bronze medals. It is Hong Kong 's best ever achievement in the Olympiad.
香港學生在2004中國西部數學奧林匹克中取得歷來最佳成績,並首次摘金。   由八名中學生組成的香港隊共獲得一個金獎、五個銀獎和兩個銅獎。


A 42-year-old man was arrested after police caught him throwing rocks from the tenth floor of a Mongkok building.
警方拘捕 一名四十二歲男子,他在旺角一座大廈十樓高空擲磚頭。


Minors under the age of 18 were allowed to enter the Shatin race course to take part in a National Day Carnival held there. An anti-gambling group distributed leaflets outside the race course in protest of the event.
馬會在沙田馬場舉行國慶同歡嘉年華, 18歲以下未成年人士可以進入馬場。有反賭博組織會到馬會場外派發傳單,抗議容許18以下人士進入馬場。


A study by the Correctional Services Department has found that around 50 percent of rehabilitate prisoners are prone to commit crime again within three years of their release.


In his speech at the official National Day reception, the Chief Executive, Tung Chee-hwa promised to continue to improve the livelihood of its people by improving the economy and responding to public views.


The Democratic Party's vice chairman Albert Ho says he is challenging for Legco's presidency because the incumbent, Rita Fan, has been too conservative in her rulings.


Taxi drivers are calling on the government to legislate against the practice of bargaining over fares. Over the past two years nearly half of all passengers have been asking for fare discounts.
的士司機要求政府立例禁止的士費講價 。 有差不多一半乘客搭的士時,要求司機減車費。


One of the five men jailed for the 1985 Braemar Hill murders was released from jail. He was given a definite sentence by the Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa. He felt remorse for his evil deed.

28/9/04 Celebrations for National Day went off with a bang for Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa yesterday when he was struck on the forehead by a party popper.
27/9/04 The government plans to help more elderly people seek treatment from practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine but referrals would have to be made by Western-trained doctors.

The Environmental Protection Department kicked off the Mooncake Containers Recovery Programme urged the public to make an effort to help reduce waste and protect the environment by handing in mooncake containers after use at the designated collection points.


Newly-elected legislator, Leung Kwok-hung, has applied to the Legislative Council to change his oath of office. He wants to add a sentence to the original oath saying that he will be loyal to the Chinese people and Hong Kong citizens; fight for democracy and justice; and safeguard human rights and freedom.

24/9/04 Six legislative councillors-elect met the Chief Executive, Tung Chee-hwa, to discuss the government's plan to impose a five-percent cut in social security payments for the elderly and disabled. The reduction is to be implemented from next week.
來自功能界別的六名候任立法會議員,與行政長官董建華見面,討論政府減綜援百分之五的計 劃。削減綜緩下星期實施。
23/9/04 Hong Kong's major banks increased their best lending rates 0.125% for the first time in four years, in the wake of increases in the United States.
22/9/04 The Department of Health called on people not to buy or take health products for slimming purpose without proper advice from their family doctors or Chinese medicine practitioners. A woman suffered liver failure after taking a proprietary Chinese medicine for slimming.
21/9/04 The Government is very concerned about media reports saying that some businessmen had alleged to have been unfairly treated by local enforcement authorities in an international shoe fair in Dusseldorf in Germany and will render every possible assistance to these businessmen

The Chief Executive, Mr Tung Chee Hwa, congratulated the Hong Kong delegation to the 2004 Paralympic Games in Athens for winning a total of five medals, three gold and two silver, in wheelchair fencing on the first day of events.
行政長官董建華祝賀香港代表隊於 2004 雅典傷殘人士奧運會首日賽事中,勇奪輪椅劍擊三面金及兩面銀牌。


Six hundred passengers had to be evacuated from a train on the Tung Chung line when a burning smell was detected. The Secretary for Transport said such incidents had happened too frequently and could not be tolerated.

18/9/04 Three elected legislators of the Article 45 concern group met with officials from the Liason Office. Both parties exchanged views on universal suffrage, the issuing of home-return permits to democrats, and the normalization of meetings between the liason office the pan-democrats.
17/9/04 The chief executive, Tung Chee Hwa said the government would not re-introduce Article 23 legislation until the economic recovery had been completed, constitutional reform had been settled and a broad consensus had been reached in the community.
16/9/04 A man admitted in the Court of First Instance to pushing his wheelchair-bound father into the sea off Tsim Sha Tsui. He wanted to end his father's suffering.
15/9/04 The Employers' Federation of Hong Kong has urged companies to avoid giving their staff pay increases over the coming 12 to 18 months. Companies should instead reward staff through one-off bonuses.
14/9/04 The pro-democracy camp won only 25 of the 60 Legislative Council seats in Sunday's election, but at the same time, the DAB and the Liberal Party become the largest parties in the legislature.
民主派在今屆立法會選舉取只能取得六十席中的二十五席,但同時民建聯和自由黨卻成為立 法會最大兩黨。
13/9/04 A record number of people have cast their ballots in the third Legislative Council election since the handover. 1.7 million people voted, representing a turnout rate of 55 percent.
12/9/04 The Prince of Wales hospital has admitted giving a patient a transfusion of the wrong type of blood. It expressed deep concern about the incident and is investigating how it happened.

The Chief Executive, Mr Tung Chee Hwa pledged to increase the teacher-to-class ratio in primary schools to allow language and mathematics teachers to concentrate on teaching the subjects and to reduce their workload.

10/9/04 According to a new report by the World Bank Group, Hong Kong has been ranked the fourth-easiest place in the world in which to do business. The territory is neck-and-neck with Singapore, but still lags slightly behind.
9/9/04 Dongguan authorities have dismissed suggestions that a Democratic Party candidate, Alex Ho, has been badly treated in prison on the Mainland. Mr Ho was imprisoned for six months after being arrested for hiring a prostitute in Dongguan. Mr Ho had hepatitis, but said it wasn't infectious.
8/9/04 The MTR is to investigate an incident at its Jordan station where a glass screen door, separating trains from waiting passengers, inexplicably shattered.
7/9/04 A man was injured after a tornado overturned his vehicle on the apron at Chek Lap Kok airport. The Observatory confirmed that the tornado touched down for a few minutes about one a half kilometres south of the Air Traffic Control tower.
6/9/06 Hong Kong's windsurfing champion, Lee Lai Shan, says she has yet to decide whether or not to participate in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. She said she disagreed with her disqualification in race five of the Olympic windsurfing event, but had to accept the judge's decision.
5/9/06 A survey has found that many patients suffering from rheumatism have considered committing suicide because they felt they were a burden to their family. It also found that less than 10 percent of the patients sought professional counselling for their depression.
4/9/04 The Ombudsman has decided to launch an investigation into the recent discovery of bloodworms at public swimming pools. The Ombudsman did not rule out the possibility that officials could be criticized if they are found to have handled the matter poorly.
3/9/04 The Chief Executive, Tung Chee-hwa, has lobbied Beijing party secretary, Liu Qi, for permission to host an event in the 2008 Olympics. In response, Mr Liu said he understood Hong Kong people's aspirations. But he said such a decision did not rest with the Beijing authorities alone.
行政長官董建華向北京市委書記劉淇游說,准許香港舉辦二零零八年奧運一個項目。劉淇回應 表示,他很了解港人的願望,但有沒有項目在港舉行不是北京奧組委的決定。
2/9/04 Following complaints from the copyright owners, Customs officers raided eight shops suspected of photocopying textbooks for sale. More than 200-thousand dollars worth of textbooks were seized.
1/9/04 Hundreds of children and members of the public greeted the Hong Kong delegation to the Olympic Games for their outstanding achievement upon their arrival at the Hong Kong International Airport and Hong Kong Cultural Centre.
31/8/04 Beijing's Liaison Office Li Gang, said he understood that some officials at the office had informed Mr Law that he could go to the mainland but the relevant staff did not inform their mainland counterparts. The mistake led to Law Chi Kwong being barred from entering Shanghai.
30/8/04 A six-year-old boy who missed his mother at Ngau Tau Kok MTR station dashed along the MTR line back to Kowloon Bay. Staff caught him at Kowloon Bay station, and gave his mother a warning over the incident.
29/8/04 A democratic party member, Law Chi Kwong, was barred from entering Shanghai on his way to attend a forum. The purpose of the tour was to boost academic exchanges with the group's mainland counterparts. Mr Law was originally scheduled to visit Shanghai and Beijing for six days.
前往上海作交流訪問的民主黨中羅致光 ,被拒入境。羅原本計劃到上海和北京六日。
28/8/04 A study has found Hong Kong children are facing higher risk of developing asthma than their counterparts on the mainland. It indicated environment and diet were the crucial factors in leading to the illness.
27/8/04 Police arrested two Cameroon men in an operation against a fraud syndicate involving in "Black-money" deception. Piles of black papers and a quantity of chemical substances were also seized during the operation.
26/8/04 The Police have been asked to help investigate the recent discovery of mosquito larvae in public swimming pools. The Leisure and Cultural Services department wouldn't speculate on whether the case was related to the ongoing pay dispute between the Government and its lifeguards.
25/8/04 The Democratic Party is to set up a three-person team to probe any conflict of interest among its members in the renting of office premises. Democrat James To admitted that he owned a substantial stake in a shell company that owns a property rented to the party as an office.
24/8/04 The Chinese gold medallists who won in the Olympic Games in Athens will participate in an extravaganza to be staged on September 7 at Hong Kong Stadium.
23/8/04 Thousands of people were queuing up to collect free crystal mahjong gift sets in Wanchai. Officers were called when the crowd became unruly as some people tried to queue jump.
22/8/04 All indoor swimming pools at Kowloon Park will be closed down indefinitely starting today, for a thorough inspection of the filtration system.
21/8/04 At the Olympics, Hong Kong's table tennis team Lai Chak Ko and Ching Li have fought their way through to the finals of the men's doubles after beating Russia.
20/8/04 The Commissioner of Police, Dick Lee, says the police constable who was caught with a prostitute in Shenzhen has been suspended from duty. He said when he returns, a disciplinary investigation will be carried out.
19/8/04 Police arrested seven men and five women in an anti-triad operation at a construction site in Penny's Bay, Lantau Island. Some illegal hawkers with triad background were selling lunch boxes inside the construction site.
18/8/04 Security secretary says the government will follow up the detention on the mainland of Democrat Alex Ho. This follows a request for for help by Mr Ho's wife, who says her husband's been jailed for six months, accused of patronizing a prostitute.
17/8/04 To ensure smooth and safe operation of the Lok Ma Chau and Huanggang control points, the Transport Department has introduced six regulated cross-boundary coach routes plying between the Huanggang control point and various parts of Hong Kong.
16/8/04 More than 100 men were arrested for gambling on cricket fights. Five of those detained were believed to be triad members and organisers of the illegal gambling activity.
15/8/04 Police arrested a 28-year-old man suspected to be in connection with an arson in which a lorry was set ablaze in Yau Ma Tei.
14/8/04 The ICAC has formally filed a notice of appeal against a High Court judge's order requiring it to return journalistic material to the Sing Tao Daily newspaper. The notice states that the judge erred in fact and in law in dealing with the case.
13/8/04 The Yuen Long crocodile is to be called Pui Pui. Pui Pui is a pun, indicating that the creature came from Shan Pui River and it's the apple of the public's eye.
12/8/04 The encouraging performance of Chinese-medium schools in various subjects in this year's Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination reflected the achievements of mother-tongue teaching, the Secretary for Education and Manpower, Professor Arthur K C Li, said.
11/8/04 The News Executives Association welcomed a court ruling which set aside search warrants issued by the judiciary that were used to search the offices of Sing Tao newspaper. It said that the ruling had established the principle that there had to be a good enough reason to carry out a search.
10/8/04 There will be more than 92,000 further studies and training opportunities open to S5 leavers. Students pursuing further studies can opt to apply to nearly 33,000 Secondary Six places. They can also enrol in Project Yi Jin programme which does not have a pre-set admission quota.
9/8/04 Social workers have urged students to mentally prepare themselves for the Form Five examination results which are due to be released on Wednesday. A survey of more shows that about 30 percent feel lost and don't know what to do.
8/8/04 Following media reports that avian influenza has been diagnosed in ostriches in the Republic of South Africa, the Government has imposed a ban on the import of live birds and poultry meat, including ostrich meat, from South Africa.
7/8/04 The Housing Departmenwill inspect all electric conduit installations in all public rental housing estates throughout the territory to prevent incidents similar to the one at Tai Yuen Estate in which a teenage boy was electrocuted from happening again.
6/8/04 City University says tests on seawater in Hong Kong have found that all the samples collected were polluted and the water should not be used for keeping seafood.
5/8/04 A man was killed and his wife critically injured in a car bomb attack in Yuen Long. The man had survived a car bomb attack four years ago.
元朗一對夫婦在私家車爆炸案中, 一死一重傷。死者四年前亦曾經遇過炸彈襲擊而倖存。
4/8/04 Talk show host Leung Man-tao had been suspended by Commercial Radio. He was told that he was not fit to host the show because he was physically and mentally exhausted. Mr Leung said he would not resign.
3/8/04 Commercial Radio terminated the contract of its chief operating officer, Choy Dong-ho, with immediate effect because of "serious differences of opinion" over how to handle the dispute over former programme host, Albert Cheng.
2/8/04 12 pro-democracy Legco members attended a military parade took place at the Sek Kong barrack. They expressed the hope that their invitation to attend the military parade would lead to greater dialogue with Beijing.
1/8/04 The Newspaper Society has accused the ICAC of trampling on press freedom by conducting raids on newspaper offices. The ICAC should conduct a thorough review of the raids.
31/7/04 The University Grants Committee has announced that the eight universities have managed to raise 1.3 billion dollars from the private sector over the past 16 months. The University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University received more donations than other universities.
30/7/04 The Xinhua News Agency has lashed out at local talk show hosts’ stepping down, describing their actions as a farce they've scripted, directed and acted in. The hosts left for personal reasons, not because the territory's press freedom was being suppressed.
29/7/04 Teacup in a Storm host Albert Cheng looks likely to quit Commercial Radio for good as the station is going to terminate his contract. Mr Cheng went off the air in May, citing death threats and a suffocating political atmosphere.
28/7/04 The Newspaper society of Hong Kong voiced strong dissatisfaction over the ICAC's raids on local newspapers. The Society says the simultaneous search of the newspapers has set a very bad precedent and seriously affected the freedom of the press.
27/7/04 Laws on passenger seat belts on public light buses will come into effect on August 1. It is the responsibility of the passenger to ensure that he/she is securely fastened to his/her seat by means of a seat belt available on the public light bus.
26/7/04 ICAC defends raids on newspaper offices. A spokesman said it carried out the searches after the Court of Appeal asked the Secretary for Justice to examine whether the Witness Protection Ordinance had been breached.
25/7/04 Two hundred teachers staged a protest over job losses. The teachers - who've been laid off because of falling student numbers - marched from Statue Square to the Central government offices.
24/7/04 Hong Kong scored one gold, one silver, one bronze and an honourable mention in its debut at the 35th International Physics Olympiad in South Korea. The gold medal winner also won the President's Award for best performance.
23/7/04 Twenty-three candidates submitted their nominations for Legislative Council elections on the first day of nomination. However, most candidates vying for seats in the geographical constituency seats have adopted a wait-and- see attitude.
22/7/04 The Secretary for Environment, Transport and Works, Sarah Liao, says she has acted to speed up the process of replacing ageing water pipes. She hopes the task can be completed within twelve to fifteen years.
21/7/04 The unemployment rate has fallen to 6.9 percent in June - the lowest in two years. It stood at seven percent in the previous month. Decreases were observed mainly in the retail, restaurant and transport sectors.
20/7/04 People were urged to take precautionary measures against influenza as there were signs that Hong Kong was entering the summer influenza season.
19/7/04 685 lifeguards across Hong Kong took leave - in a co-ordinated protest over pay and conditions. The lifeguards held a sit-in protest at Repulse Bay in the afternoon.
18/7/04 The head of the Telecommunications Authority Au Ma-ho says during the tropical storm phone services were disrupted for about two hours. The problem was created by too many people attempting to make calls at the same time.
17/7/04 Although no. 8 signal was hoisted for seven hours, Hong Kong was spared of major damage during the passage of Tropical Storm Kompasu. A total of 12 typhoon-related injuries have been reported.
16/7/04 The Consumer Council says prices of school books will go up about one and a half percent this year following a two-year freeze. Publishers say the price hike is necessary because of rising production and providing free supplementary teaching aides.
15/7/04 Police arrested seven men for extorting vegetable retailers and hawkers in an anti-triad operation in Yuen Long. The triad gang collected labour fees and weighing fees from the retailers and the stall owners.
14/7/04 The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department has warned people to avoid eating too much charcoal-grilled or dried meat as they contain high levels of cancer-causing chemical substances. 食環署建議市民不要過量進食炭燒肉類或肉乾,因為這些食物含有高成分的致癌化學物質。
13/7/04 The ICAC has arrested nine people, including two senior executives of a listed company, for offering bribes as rewards for a bank and a brokerage company to purchase the firm's shares over placement.
12/7/04 University of Hong Kong microbiologist Professor Yuen Kwok-yung said the Legco Sars report wasn't fair to medical staff and had hurt their feelings. SARS was something that the medical sector had never encountered before.
11/7/04 The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department has ordered the temporary closure of food outlets at the Regal Riverside Hotel in Sha Tin to allow thorough cleaning and disinfection following outbreaks of food poisoning there.
10/7/04 A section of Tung Chung Stream damaged by illegal excavation work has had its natural charm returned after two months of intense restoration. Tung Chung Stream is an ecologically sensitive habitat of conservation value. It supports over 20 species of indigenous freshwater fish.
9/7/04 The chairman of the Hospital Authority, Leong Che-hung has resigned. The authority's board wanted to follow suit but they agreed to stay after Leung's persuasion.
8/7/04 The health secretary, E-K Yeoh, has resigned following a public outcry over his handling of last year's SARS outbreak. Dr Yeoh is the third principal official to step down, following the setting up of the ministerial system two years ago.

Hospital authority chairman, Leong Che-hung, one of the senior officials criticized in the Legislative Council Select Committee's SARS report, says he will shoulder all the responsibility and doesn't rule out the possibility of stepping down.
被立法會調查沙士委員會報告批評的醫管局主席梁智鴻說,他自己要承擔所有責 任,不排除會辭職。

6/7/04 The Legco Report criticized E K Yeoh and Margaret Chan for handling the SARS outbreak unsatisfactorily. The Legco Report also criticized E K Yeoh for designating Princess Margaret Hospital as the lone SARS-hospital.

The education secretary, Arthur Li, says that the government will employ unemployed teachers for special supply duties. Mr Li said this would be done on a short-term basis and salary would be linked to workload.

4/7/04 Part of the external wall of a Happy Valley building collapsed. Debris hit a private car, but nobody was hurt. The police believed the building was struck by lightning at night.
3/7/04 A former senior manager of the Po Sang Bank, Lam Yiu-chung, has been jailed for one year after being convicted of accepting an advantage from a money-exchange firm.
2/7/04 Hundreds of thousands marched for democracy in stifling heat yesterday. Organisers said 530,000 people took part, while the police estimate was 200,000.
數以萬計市 民冒著酷熱參加遊行,爭取民主。主辦者宣布共有五十三萬人參加遊行,警方估計遊行人數二十萬人。
1/7/04 Hong Kong's population will increase to almost 8.4 million people in thirty years' time. By 2033, twenty-seven percent of the population is expected to be over 65, and women will outnumber men by a ratio of almost six to four.
30/6/04 Hong Kong experienced the hottest day of the year as temperature touched 37 degrees Celsius in parts of Hong Kong yesterday. Three people suffered heatstroke. A sergeant finally succumbed to the heat.
昨天是今年以來最熱的一天 ,一些地區錄得攝氏三十七度高溫。三名市民中暑,其中一名警長不治。
29/6/04 An explosion occurred at the site of the Garley building which is now being demolished. Two workers were injured when an oxy-acetelyne cylinder blew up while they were carrying out welding work.
28/6/04 About two hundred people held a march to call on the government to impose heavier penalties on animal abusers.
27/6/04 More than a hundred surplus teachers are staging a 12-hour sit-in at Statue Square in Central to voice their frustration at government being slow in solving the problem.
26/6/04 The Government has launched a four-month consultation to solicit public's views on measures to combat spam, or junk messages.
25/6/04 The Department of Health confirmed that serology tests on blood samples of a 45-year-old man in Yuen Long yielded a positive result for Japanese encephalitis (JE). JE is transmitted by Culicine mosquitoes living mainly in rural areas.
24/6/04 The Legislative Council's public accounts committee has condemned the way that the director-general of investment promotion, Mike Rowse, handled the HarbourFest event. And its chairman, Eric Li, called for disciplinary action to be taken against Mr Rowse.
23/6/04 There have been changes to the democratic camp's nominations for the Legislative Council elections. Alan Leong of the Article 45 Concern group will run in Kowloon East, instead of Hong Kong island. And legislator Cyd Ho will return to her home base in Hong Kong Island.
22/6/04 The government is considering a proposal to grant no-pay leave of up to three years to its staff who are below directorate grades. The plan aims to give individual departments another means to tackle the problem of manpower mismatch.
21/6/04 The Jockey Club has suffered its worst-ever drop in betting turnover. According to its Chief Executive, Lawrence Wong, said the 13.5 percent betting tax was too high and put the club at a disadvantage in its struggle with illegal and offshore bookmakers.
20/6/04 The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department had taken 130 pre-packaged food items from the mainland and tested for chemicals. Seven items were found to contain chemicals exceeding the legal limits stipulated in the food law of Hong Kong.
19/6/04 Eight prematurely born babies have come down with necrotising enterocolitis - inflammation of the intestines - in Queen Mary Hospital over the past five days. One 25-week old baby died, while the others are in stable condition.
18/6/04 The unemployment rate has fallen to a 26-month low - falling by a tenth of a percent to 7 percent. The short-term outlook will depend on whether the market can absorb a new batch of fresh graduates and school leavers entering the labour force in the coming months.
17/6/04 The Government Flying Service successfully airlifted two persons in a search and rescue operation at the Dangan Dao area. One of the victims fell into the sea while fishing and the other victim was stranded on a cliff south-west of the island.
16/6/04 Sixteen percent of travellers polled by the Consumer Council were dissatisfied with the service charges they had to pay. If additional charges were mandatory, the Council suggested they should be included in the tour fee.
15/6/04 During the past 50 years, the mean sea level in the Victoria Harbour has risen by 0.12 metre. Fresh water discharge from the Pearl River, as well as large-scale reclamation affect sea levels at various parts of Hong Kong waters.
14/6/04 A survey has found that 70% of people have not taken any cholesterol tests but they are willing to take exercise and change their eating habit so as to lower the cholesterol level.
一 項 調 查 發 現 , 兩 成 人 覺 得 膽 固 醇 水 平 偏 高 。 近 七 成 人 表 示 , 從 未 做 過 膽 固 醇 測 試 , 但 願 意 改 變 飲 食 習 慣 及 做 運 動 , 降 低 膽 固 醇 水 平 。
13/6/04 In response to the Letter to Hong Kong by Yeung Sum , a HKSAR Government spokesman reiterated its firm commitment in preserving Hong Kong as a free, open and tolerant society, and that the Government would spare no efforts in upholding the core values of Hong Kong.
12/6/04 Hong Kong University's Department of Microbiology has discovered a new bacterium in freshwater fish which can cause patients to suffer from diarrhoea for up to three months.
11/6/04 The crocodile in Yuen Long was caught by a snare set by the Agriculture Fisheries and Conservation Department eight months after it was first sighted. The reptile is in good condition, and will be sent to Kadoorie Farm.
10/6/04 "The HKSAR Government remains firmly committed to preserving Hong Kong as a free, open and tolerant society, and ensuring that government officials will continue to make their best endeavours to uphold the core values of Hong Kong," the Secretary for Constitutional Affairs, Mr Stephen Lam, said.
9/6/04 Over one thousand citizens watched the astronomical event - the passing of the planet Venus between the Sun and the Earth at the Space Museum.
8/6/04 Customs officers have made the largest seizure of smuggled cigarettes this year in Kwai Chung. Hong Kong Customs believed that smugglers had attempted to use circuitous routings to evade Customs crackdown.
7/6/04 The number of people living on government welfare is continuing to rise despite the improving economy. Those receiving low-wage top ups rose by more than two percent.
儘管經濟改善, 領取綜援個案持續增加。升幅最大的是低收入領取綜援人士,升了百分之二點一。
6/6/04 Police arrested New Zealand jockey Shane Dye on suspicion of beating up his wife, nine days after the couple's wedding..
5/6/04 A forty-year old woman has been detained after registering another woman as a voter in the upcoming Legco elections with a forged signature.
4/6/04 The Equal opportunities Commission has granted legal assistance to a male teacher whose contract was terminated in 2002 when he found to have cancer.
3/6/04 Customs officers smashed a distribution centre for suspected counterfeit soy sauce, resulting in the seizure of 197 kilograms of counterfeit soy sauce and sweetened vinegar, worth $1,147, and the arrest of three people.
2/6/04 Seven cases of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease were reported from a nursery in Kwai Chung on May 31. The public and management of childcare institutions are reminded to maintain strict personal and environmental hygiene to prevent Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease.
1/6/04 The Immigration Department welcomed the 2 millionth individual visitor to Hong Kong from the Mainland since the individual visit scheme was launched on July 28, 2003. The Mainland visitor was awarded a certificate and a souvenir when she arrived at the China Ferry Terminal.
31/5/04 The Secretary for the Civil Service, Mr Joseph WP Wong said that the recognition of the community was the strongest force to drive the civil service to make continuous improvements in the standard and quality of its work.
30/5/04 About 350 students attended an interactive student forum. It aimed at reducing juvenile delinquency and providing opportunities for secondary school students to gain an insight into the consequences of committing crime and driving home the message that the "choice" is personal.
29/5/04 The Government have placed much emphasis and is determined to protect freedom of speech in Hong Kong. Police are very concerned about the recent cases where several programme hosts quit their talk shows and are now carrying out criminal investigations into the incidents, the Commissioner of Police, Mr Lee Ming-kwai said
28/5/04 Two men were fined $1,500 each for obeying the call of nature near in Mong Kok. A closed circuit television camera has been installed by the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department in the side lane of Sai Yee Street and two offenders were caught red-handed.
27/5/04 The head of the United Front Work Department, Liu Yandong and Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa attended a ceremony at the Convention Centre to celebrate Buddha's birthday. The national treasure - - Buddha's finger bone will be on display for ten days.
26/5/04 The Government proposed an ex-gratia payment to live poultry retailers who choose to stop live poultry trading permanently on a voluntary basis. The proposed package aimed at substantially reducing the number of retail outlets.
25/5/04 Traffic Police of Kowloon West Region will take vigorous actions against traffic offenders along Nathan Road and Jordan Road. The enforcement action will be taken against pedestrian offences and to enhance pedestrians' road safety awareness.
24/5/04 The Chief Executive congratulates Miss Maggie Cheung on winning the Best Actress award in the Cannes Film Festival. "The achievement of Hong Kong artistes in international film festivals has shown that Hong Kong has good local talents who never cease to upgrade themselves," he said.
23/5/04 The government says it will liaise with the central government to find out more about a proposed unification law. The proposal is still being studied, and that no decision has been taken on whether it will apply to Hong Kong.
22/5/04 Police arrested a total of 59 persons in a three-phase anti-vice operation mounted in Yau Tsim district. The operation, codenamed Firestorm, is mounted against prostitutes and soliciting for an immoral purpose in the streets of Yau Tsim District.
21/5/04 The Ombudsman criticized the education authorities for their arrangements for helping surplus teachers finding jobs. The arrangements were flawed and unfair.
20/5/04 Veteran politician, Allen Lee, has stepped down from the NPC - as well as host of "Teacup in a Storm" with Commercial Radio, saying he no longer enjoys hosting the programme and that he does not want to offend his friends.
19/5/04 The unemployment rate in the latest quarter has moderately declined by 0.1 percentage point to 7.1%. In the next few months, there will be fresh graduates from school, and that would add pressure to the labour market.
18/5/04 An independent report into the handling of HarbourFest blamed all parties involved for the shortcomings of the event. The report criticizes the Economic Relaunch Working Group had failed to properly assess the ability of the organizer, the American Chamber of Commerce to organize the event.
17/5/04 The Chairman of HSBC, David Eldon, says the property market will see steady growth this year. Unless something dramatic happens to affect the economy, prices will rise slightly.
16/5/04 A stranded rough-toothed dolphin, rescued and taken to the Ocean Park is under care and observation by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department and the Ocean Park. The male dolphin was underweight and looked weak.
15/5/04 The Leisure and Cultural Services Department informed the Cheung Chau Bun Festival Organising Committee that approval to hold the "bun scrambling" activity at Pak Tai Temple Playground had been rejected because proposed safety measures failed to meet the specified requirements.
14/5/04 The Labour Department has warned school leavers and summer job seekers to beware of employment traps. They should beware of dubious recruitment advertisements, especially for highly paid positions requiring barely any skills or academic qualifications.
13/5/04 Premier Wen Jiabao says the central government will purchase bonds being issued by the SAR government this summer, as a sign of its support and confidence in the bond issue.
12/5/04 Sales over the May Day holiday were below expectations. Spending by mainland tourists dropped to eight thousand dollars per person. Retailers continue to face great pressure, as rents have risen up to 60% in recent months.
11/5/04 The government has decided to maintain the minimum wage for foreign domestic helpers at 3,270 dollars a month. This follows a review of income movements, price changes and conditions in the labour market over the past year.
10/5/04 The nearly twelve-hundred recovered SARS patients in Hong Kong may have survived their ordeal, but many are still living with its aftereffects. The Hospital Authority has found that 13 percent of them suffer from a joint degeneration disease: avascular necrosis.
9/5/04 The amber rainstorm warning signal was issued at 6:25 a.m. At short notice, the signal changed from red to black. The observatory said they had only done what was necessary.
8/5/04 The president of the Legislative Council, Rita Fan, has ruled out a motion from the Democratic Party regretting the decision by the standing committee of the National People's Congress to prevent the early introduction of full democracy.
7/5/04 The Avenue of Stars had become a Hong Kong landmark since it opened. Visitors are urged to keep it clean and not to damage public property when visiting the area.
6/5/04 Eight Chinese warships left Hong Kong at the end of their six-day port visit. The ships left from the People's liberation Army's naval base on Stonecutters' Island. It was the largest fleet of Chinese warships to visit since the handover.
5/5/04 Customs officers have for the first time smashed a cannabis cultivating centre in Tai Po. The value of the seizure was about $400,000. The cannabis was planted for self consumption, as well as for sale in the market."
4/5/04 Customs officials seized 2,800 machine guns and unloaded magazines in two containers on their way from Malaysia to the United States. The cargo was not licensed.
3/5/04 A survey reveals that parents from Hong Kong's ethnic minorities are unwilling to send their children to study in Chinese-medium schools mainly because they are worried about language barriers.
2/5/04 The Chief Executive, Tung Chee-hwa, says the administration is concerned that some contractors are hiring workers at below-market rates, to perform outsourced government work. The government is considering implementing a minimum wage and a ceiling on working hours for these workers.
1/5/04 Pole-socket clothes drying facilities which have been in use in public rental housing blocks for more than 40 years will become things of the past following the installation of laundry racks as standard provisions in all newly-built public rental housing blocks.
30/4/04 Hong Kong Customs is planning to introduce new measures to tighten control on the production of optical discs and to expand co-operation with the Mainland Customs authorities to crack down on cross-boundary copyright infringement activities.
29/4/04 The government has announced that it's budget deficit for the past financial year has come in at 40-billion dollars - which is better than the forecast of 49-billion announced by the financial secretary, Henry Tang, in his maiden budget last month.
28/4/04 A Mainland visitor was sent to jail for working as a fortune-teller. The 40-year-old male defendant pleaded guilty to one count of breach of condition of stay. He provided a fortune telling and palm reading service.
27/4/04 The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress has ruled out direct elections for the next Chief Executive in 2007 and lawmakers the year after. But it has given the go-ahead for changes to the electoral methods.
26/4/04 A survey by the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong of more than one thousand married women found that one in every five households suffered from domestic violence. And 70 percent of respondents who sought help said that their cases remained unresolved.
25/4/04 Hong Kong's overall crime rate fell nine percent in the first three months this year, compared with the year before. Violent crime dropped, but there were more murders and rape over the same timeframe.
24/4/04 The LegCo's SARS inquiry team voted unianimously to invite the Chief Executive, Tung Chee-hwa, to its meetings. The majority had also agreed that the meeting could be conducted in a closed-door format that could take place outside of the LegCo premise.
23/4/04 Three Hong Kong pro-democracy lawmakers held talks with Li Fei, the Vice Chairman of the NPC's Legislative Affairs Commission in Shenzhen. They're Frederick Fung, Michael Mak and Wong Sing-chi. Two others were turned away at the border.
22/4/04 39 people of an international school suffered from food poisoning. They attended the school's sports day last Saturday and ate food provided by one of the parents. Health Department officials say the food poisoning was related to cross contamination of cooked and uncooked food.
21/4/04 People queued up outside some of the 800 bank branches to buy government bonds. The bonds, which offer a return of up to 4.28 per cent over seven years, are backed by tunnel and bridge tolls.
20/4/04 Legislators have called the administration's policy of employing staff on Non-Civil Service Contract terms a form of deception and exploitation. They also said some allowances being paid to senior civil servants were outdated and unjustified.
19/4/04 Former chief secretary, Sir David Akers-Jones, warned against hasty changes to the way the next Chief Executive is elected. He pointed out that Hong Kong does not have the luxury of messing about with political experiments which might have dire consequences for China as a whole.
18/4/04 Assistant police commissioner, Stephen Chandler, confirmed that the woman who was murdered in Tin Shui Wai had been to see the police hours before her death but the visit was not recorded in the police central computer system. He did not think this amounted to dereliction of duty.
新界北總區指揮官陳德立確認,天水圍命案女死者案發前幾小時有到過警署,但警 員事後沒有將事件紀錄在電腦內。他並不認為這是疏忽失職。
17/4/04 The Chief Executive, Tung Chee Hwa, held an hour-long meeting with 17 legislators from the democratic camp on political reform. The Democratic Party's chairman, Yeung Sum, said the atmosphere at the meeting was not good.
16/4/04 The Consumer Council says unsafe mobile phone batteries are on sale in the territory. It says a test carried out on 15 samples found that four of them overheated within a minute.
15/4/04 The Social Welfare department will set up an independent panel to look into the Tin Shui Wai tragedy. The three member group consisted of both a lay person and two professionals will give advice.
14/4/04 Three under-enrolled primary schools have applied for special inspection - their last ditch to keep the schools operating. Earlier, eight other schools solved the problem by merging with other schools or switching to direct subsidy.
13/4/04 A Yuen Long district councilor revealed that the immigrant mother found murdered in Tin Shui Wai had sought help. The woman claimed she had been driven from her home by her husband. She checked into a Social Welfare Department shelter.
一名元朗區區議員透露,天水圍遇害的新移民母親,在今年二月求助, 表示被丈夫趕走。她辦理入住社署庇護中心。
12/4/04 The Permanent Secretary for Education, Fanny Law, apologised for saying students are the least qualified to criticise the Chief Executive because they benefit most from the government's heavy investment in education. She admitted that her choice of words was inappropriate.
教育統籌局常任秘書長羅范椒芬,就跟一班學生對話時,用了他們是 「最少資格批評特首, 因為他們最受益於政府的教育投資」的說話道歉。羅范椒芬承認用辭不當。
11/4/04 The Dean of the Law School of the University of Hong Kong, Johnannes Chan, said the interpretation made it hard to allay public fears, given that it was dealt with behind closed doors.
10/4/04 The Housing Department is considering revitalising ageing public housing estates through a building restoration programme. Apart from lowering maintenance costs, restoration could also reduce the large amount of construction waste generated by redvelopment.
9/4/04 Environmental group Greenpeace has found an alarming amount of toxic elements in the source of Dongjiang river. 32 water samples taken contained excessive content of ammonia and E Coli.
8/4/04 The Immigration Department says it hopes to introduce its automated passenger clearance system at border checkpoints by the end of the year. Travellers with ID smartcards can pass through without having to speak to immigration officers.
7/4/04 The Better Hong Kong Foundation says GDP growth could reach 6.9 percent this year. But if the ongoing dispute over constitutional reform starts affecting the economy, this forecast could be lowered to 6 percent.
明天更好基金預測香港今年經濟增長百分之六點九,若果香港的憲制爭拗持續,經 濟增長預測可能下調零點六個百分點。
6/4/04 A member of the Basic Law committee, Raymond Wu, has confirmed that a draft interpretation on the Basic Law, will assert Beijing's authority to initiate political reform here.
5/4/04 The chairman of the Liberal Party, James Tien, says i some politicans wrongly think that they can achieve immediate universal suffrage by calling people out on the streets. The Central Government will not give way because of mass protests.
4/4/04 The Commissioner of Police, Lee Ming-kwai maintains that officers used only minimal force when removing protestors. But he said the force would review its operation and hoped journalists would do the same.
3/4/04 Scuffles broke out yesterday morning when police moved protesters from outside the Central Government Offices. Two people were reportedly arrested, with several others sent to hospital. They were protesting against the interpretation of the Basic Law by the National People's Congress.
2/4/04 The government is proposing to set up the central slaughter house which will wipe out the sale of live chickens in the territory. Another option is to set up five to six so-called regional centres for slaughter.
1/4/04 The government has admitted that there are loopholes in monitoring the food safety of live fish. This follows the poisoning of 15-people by ciguatera after eating coral fish.
31/3/04 A housewife was sentenced to 10 months' jail for employing a Mainland visitor as a domestic helper in Kwai Chung. Visitors are not permitted to take up employment in Hong Kong, whether paid or unpaid, without the prior permission of the Director of Immigration.
30/3/04 The Financial Secretary, Henry Tang, says the economy will not be affected in any way by the NPC's coming interpretation of the Basic Law. An official interpretation would clarify the fundamental issues involved, and help preserve social stability.
29/3/04 A survey by the People's Watch on the Hospital Authority, found that 90 percent of physicians polled believe the management did a poor job during the Sars outbreak. The concern group says the top management of the Hospital Authority should step down.
28/3/04 About two thousand teachers, parents and students took to the streets of Central to protest government plans to close schools that fail to recruit a minimum of 23 pupils per class.
27/3/04 A 48-year-old man was sentenced to 40 months' imprisonment at the District Court for counterfeit note offences. The 48-year-old man was the ringleader of a syndicate engaged in the production and distribution of counterfeit banknotes.
26/3/04 Two mainlanders and a Hong Kong man have been found in possession of forged smart identity cards. It's the first time such cards have been seized since the Immigration Department started issuing them to the public.
25/3/04 The chief secretary for administration, Donald Tsang, says there are still many different points of view about the principles of political reform, but those over legal procedures are relatively small.
24/3/04 Customs officers seized $450,000 worth of smuggled frozen poultry from a river trade vessel from Zhuhai during an anti-smuggling operation. Six Mainlanders, aged 38 to 55, were arrested.
23/3/04 A 50-year-old man was sentenced to imprisonment of eight months upon conviction in a case of allowing object to fall from building which killed an eight-year-old girl who was walking past.
22/3/04 More than twenty thousand people have taken part in the protest against harbour reclamation, The convenor of the Action Group on Protection of the Harbour says the large turnout clearly shows that the government should stop reclamation.
21/3/04 The Housing Department will consult people on its public housing rent review mechanism by mid-year. It needs to review the rule of charging tenants 10 percent of their median household income, to allow a greater level of flexibility.
20/3/04 Four women were arrested for street deception. They claimed that they had recently arrived in Hong Kong and had lost all their personal properties. The culprits then persuaded the victims to lend them some money or mobile telephone in order to look for their relatives. Afterwards, the culprits fled on various excuse.
19/3/04 A motorcycle policeman died after being thrown off Gascoigne Road flyover in a head-on collision with a car. The car driver was arrested on suspicion of drink driving.
18/3/04 The police say there is no sign that mainland tourists visiting Hong Kong on individual travel permits have caused a rise in theft cases here. Of more than a million mainlanders who have come to Hong Kong under the scheme since last July, only 49 have been arrested for theft.
17/3/04 The Housing Authority is considering five proposals to reduce rents. It is leaning towards adopting a proposal to waive public housing rents for all welfare recipients, and reduce rents for other households by 10 percent.
16/3/04 Consumers have been urged to be aware of the terms and conditions attached to credit cards with low interest offers. The council says terms and conditions vary among banks, and consumers should shop around for the best deal.
15/3/04 Legco's representative for catering services Tommy Cheung is warning that without a fresh supply of live chickens, Hong Kong will lose its reputation as a gourmet paradise.
14/3/04 A Mainland visitor was sent to jail for using a forged identity card to secure a job as a foot masseur and breach of condition of stay.
13/3/04 Police urged marine dealers not to buy drainage covers of questionable origins as the items might be stolen goods and the buyers might commit handling of stolen goods.
12/3/04 The Transport Department's plan to auction off personalized vehicle licence plates is to be launched at the end of the year.
11/3/04 The 2004-05 Budget will give the community a respite while helping to maintain the momentum of economic recovery, the Financial Secretary, Mr Henry Tang, said. A turnaround in Hong Kong's economic performance last year had demonstrated the tenacity of Hong Kong people.
10/3/04 The Society for the Protection of the Harbour lost its bid to stop the Central reclamation project after the High Court turned down its application for a judicial review.
9/3/04 A survey of about five-thousand primary and secondary students has found that at least a quarter of them have suffered some form of sexual harassment including abuse, body contact and even sexual intercourse.
8/3/04 The deputy director of the N-P-C's legal affairs commission, Qiao Shaoyang, questioned whether Martin Lee had breached his oath of office. According to Basic Law, all legislators have to pledge allegiance to the SAR and Central governments.
7/3/04 The Chief executive, Tung Chee-wah says he expects the economy to grow six percent this year and deflation would continue to ease. Measures introduced by the central government to help revive Hong Kong's economy have been effective.
6/3/04 The Overseas Chinese General Association criticised Democratic Party legislator Martin Lee for going to Washington to attend the senate committee meeting. There is no need to report Hong Kong affairs to other countries.
5/3/04 Tung Chee-hwa says people should not go to foreign countries and ask foreigners to intervene in Hong Kong matters. Mr Tung also repeatedly stressed that Hong Kong had to be governed mainly by patriots.
4/3/04 The government is considering introducing community service orders for people who repeatedly commit littering offences. Government officials say the current fixed penalty is not enough to deter persistent litterbugs.
3/3/04 Three legislators of the democratic camp are to attend US Senate hearings on Hong Kong in light of the controversy over political development. The Foreign Ministry has warned the United States not to meddle in Hong Kong affairs.

Two hundred land inspectors staged a protest in Central against the Land Department's decision to terminate contracts of a number of their colleagues.

1/3/04 A young couple were robbed by four men and tied to a tree for ten hours in the Tai Tam Country Park. When family members called the mobile phones and the thieves answered and told them what had happened.
29/2/04 The government's released figures showing that expenditure in the ten months of the current financial year was 202.9 billion dollars and revenue was 157.7 billion. This resulted in a deficit of 45.2 billion dollars.
28/2/04 The Education and Manpower Bureau reminds schools that no pecuniary incentives should be offered to recruit or retain students. The reminder came after press reports that some schools might have offered cash incentives to recruit or retain students so as to maintain their enrolment.
27/2/04 A survey has found that two out of three middle-aged men are overweight. This is a big jump from a decade ago, where a similar study showed that 25 percent of men were obese.
26/2/04 In an open letter published in several Chinese-language newspapers, Executive councillor, Leung Chun-ying asked Frontier legislator, Emily Lau, to publicly answer questions about her stance on Taiwanese independence.
25/2/04 The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department is studying a proposal to import fertile eggs during the period that there will be no import of day-old chicks. But it will first take into account the views of traders.
24/2/04 Consumer prices last month fell by 1 and a half percent year-on-year. The fall was the smallest recorded since 2002. It is expected that Hong Kong will lift out of its deflationary spiral by the end of the year.
23/2/04 The former director of the local Xinhua news agency, Zhou Nan, says re-examining comments made by the late paramount leader, Deng Xiao-ping, on patriotism will help people understand the "One Country Two Systems" concept.
22/2/04 A survey has found that over 40 percent of students surveyed will remain silent if bullied in school for fear of revenge. Three and a half percent also disclosed they had been victims of classroom violence in the past three years.
21/2/04 The Chief Executive, Tung Chee-Hwa said patriots, defined as those who respected the Chinese culture and the one-country-two-systems model, should be the ones to rule Hong Kong.
20/2/04 N-P-C delegate Raymond Wu apologized for his dog-biscuits remarks. But he stressed said that it would not stop him from expressing his opinions.

19/2/04 Police are investigating a case in which a secondary school student is alleged to have stabbed a youth with a pair of scissors. The school's headmaster, Yeung Yiu Chung, believed it was a case of triads infiltrating the school, and not a case of school violence.
18/2/04 The Deputy Director of Health said the Health Secretary, E.K. Yeoh's remarks that there wasn't a community outbreak of SARS were based on statistics of community acquired atypical pneumonia at the time. He denied there was any intention to hide the facts from the public.
17/2/04 The KCRC has unveiled sweeping changes to the planned Shatin to Central rail link. It now proposes building a new cross harbour tunnel as an extension to the East Rail line, providing a direct connection between Lowu and Central.
16/2/04 Five thousand teachers and students marched from City Hall to the Central Government Offices to protest against reductions in education funding.
15/2/04 The police arrested a secondary student who allegedly attacked a teacher. The male teacher was assaulted by the student while he was talking to the boy about disciplinary matters.
14/2/04 A local delegate to the National People's Congress, Tsang Hin-chi, accused Martin Lee, Szeto Wah and Cheung Man Kwong of not being real democrats. Mr Tsang said real patriotism was something that was psychological, emotional and expressed in words and actions.
13/2/04 The poultry industry is calling on the government to resume the import of live chickens from the mainland immediately. It says the ban has led to job losses and caused it to suffer financially.
12/2/04 The message the Chief Secretary's Beijing visit is that Hong Kong's constitutional development must accord with the principle of "One Country, Two Systems", the national interests, and should also accord with the legal status of Hong Kong. The SAR should respect the sovereignty of the State.
11/2/04 The Chief Secretary, Donald Tsang, said the task force understood that the Central Authorities had serious concerns about Hong Kong's future constitutional development, because the matter would affect the implementation of "One Country, Two Systems" and the Basic Law.
10/2/04 The Financial Secretary, Henry Tang, says that although Hong Kong's neighbouring regions has been plagued by bird flu, the people and financial market here have reacted rationally with no panic. The government had devised a comprehensive contingency plan to deal with possible scenarios.

9/2/04 The Commissioner of Police, Dick Lee, says the police are concerned about the recurrence of robberies in lifts. Mr. Lee says installing closed-circuit television and adding more guards are the most effective ways of preventing such crimes.
8/2/04 The number of people receiving social security has fallen for the first time in three years in another sign of the territory's economic recovery. Under 50,000 people applied for unemployment benefits last month, a drop of nearly two percent compared with December.
7/2/04 Legislators vetoed a motion of thanks for Executive Tung Chee Hwa's policy address for the fourth time. But they also rejected a call criticizing Mr Tung for failing to heed public wishes for democracy.
6/2/04 Four policemen and an unemployed man have appeared in Eastern Court on charges including living on the earnings of prostitutes. The case was adjourned for two weeks.
5/2/04 Penfold Park in Shatin is to be closed immediately to the public. The Hong Kong Jockey Club said even though no irregularities or suspected bird flu cases had been found in the park, the temporary closure was a precautionary measure.
4/2/04 Children living in extreme poverty are urging the government not to make further cuts in C-S-S-A welfare payments. They petitioned Executive Councillors to draw attention to their plight.
3/2/04 Infectious diseases are under tight surveillance. Even though Hong Kong is at present free from avian flu and SARS, the Department of Health is closely monitoring the outbreaks of the diseases in the region to ensure that health measures here are adequate to safeguard the general public.
2/2/04 Death young chickens found in Tai Kong Po in Yuen Long were tested negative for H5 virus. The government spokesman said it was not unusual for small chickens to die in the farms on a daily basis and there was no cause of unwarranted alarm.
1/2/04 The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department required all operators and workers in live poultry retail outlets to wear aprons and rubber boots while at work. Rubber gloves should also be worn when handling and bleeding live poultry and the gloves must be intact and undamaged.
31/1/04 Following announcement made by the Mainland that further suspected avian influenza outbreak had been found in the Guangdong Province, Anhui Province and Shanghai city, the Government has temporarily suspended import of live birds and poultry meat from the Mainland.
30/1/04 The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department collect twenty samples of bird droppings from shops which sell birds daily. Samples of bird droppings have shown that the incidence of avian flu is low among wild birds.
29/1/04 The Hong Kong government has given an assurance that infected birds from the mainland won't be imported here. Measures are in place to ensure the health of imported mainland poultry is up to standard.
28/1/04 Hong Kong government will temporarily stop processing applications for the importation of live birds and poultry meat from Guangxi, Hunan and Hubei to guard against the spread of avian influenza.
27/1/04 A prisoner injured five staff members of Stanley Prison during an attack when the prisoner concerned was attending a Justice of the Peace interview. The prisoner, surnamed Ho, is serving a 38-year, 10-month sentence for multiple offences, including robbery.
26/1/04 The Observatory predicts that the temperature will start rising in the coming days and could reach twenty degrees Celsius by next weekend. The record for the longest continuous Cold Weather Warning has been broken.
25/1/04 A survey has shown that half of the people polled said they would spend more money on clothes, entertainment and food. Most of the people in the survey said they were spending more because they felt the economy was improving.
24/1/04 The chairman of the Heung Yee Kuk, Lau Wong-fat, visited the Che Kong Temple in Sha Tin to draw a fortune stick for Hong Kong. The number he drew - 76 - doesn't mark great fortune, but it is interpreted as an improvement on last year's.
23/1/04 Customs officers seized pirated goods in a swoop at the Lunar New Year markets in Victoria Park. Some stalls sold an array of goods bearing unlicenced corporate logos.
22/1/04 Chief Executive's Lunar New Year message: This is the Year of the Monkey, and the monkey is a symbol of intelligence and vitality. We wish every member of our community a prosperous and happy new year.
行政長官農曆新年賀辭: 新的一年是猴年。猴寓意機靈敏銳、活力充沛。我們恭祝大家猴年興旺,萬事勝意。
21/1/04 The Health Department has produced a series of publicity and educational materials on the prevention of SARS. These materials, which urge good personal and environmental hygiene as a prevention against SARS, are intended for the public and medical practitioners.
20/1/04 The mainland legal expert who helped draft the Basic Law, Xiao Weiyun, has said universal suffrage for the Chief Executive is a long-term rather than a short-term goal.
19/1/04 Drivers from the Kowloon Motor Bus company will hold a sit-in protest on Tuesday to express their anger over the firm's decision to cut their fringe benefits this year. They might escalate their action during the Lunar New Year period if no response was heard from the management.
18/1/04 The Legco inquiry on SARS has been told that a proposal to close the Prince of Wales Hospital at the outset of the SARS outbreak was dropped for fear that it might have caused panic.
17/1/04 Diaoyu Islands activists staged a protest outside the Japanese Consulate in Central, condemning the actions of the Japanese coastguard in stopping mainland activists near the islands.
16/1/04 The Housing Authority introduces more measures to step up cleanliness. New measures include vigorous action aimed at stamping out long-standing problems of falling objects from height and dumping domestic refuse improperly and indiscriminately in common areas.
15/1/04 The Education and Manpower Bureau is looking into allegations that a religious group is targeting students in Yuen Long. The police say they will keep a close eye on developments.
14/1/04 In the light of recent H5 avian influenza outbreaks in South Korea, Vietnam and Japan, the Government has stepped up its monitoring and surveillance efforts to minimise the risk of recurrence of avian influenza outbreaks in Hong Kong.
13/1/04 More than a thousand people have gathered outside the Hong Kong Funeral Home in North Point to bid farewell to Canto-pop star, Anita Mui. Senior government officials and lawmakers paid their deep respect.
12/1/04 The Department of Health received notification from the Mainland health authorities about a second suspected SARS case in Guangdong and reminded members of the public to remain vigilant in prevention of the disease. The patient did not have a recent travel history to Hong Kong.
11/1/04 The health chief, E.K. Yeoh, says he can't rule out the possiblity of Sars cases surfacing in Hong Kong and the next three weeks would be critical.
10/1/04 Hong Kong has been ranked the freest economy in the world for the 10th consecutive year in the "2004 Index of Economic Freedom" released by the Heritage Foundation.
9/1/04 Tests show that two of the three TVB staff with SARS-like symptoms do not have the virus. The three are in stable condition and remain in isolation. The trio fell ill after covering the SARS case in Guangzhou and the wild game market there.
8/1/04 In his policy address, the Chief Executive announced the setting up of a task force to look into constitutional reforms. However, the mainland authorities would be consulted first.
7/1/03 The Department of Health takes extra measures to prevent SARS. Visitors and patients in public hospitals are being required to wear face masks. And those with fevers are being segregated in public clinics and accident and emergency wards.
6/1/04 The Mass Transit Railway condemned an arson attack in one of its train which left 14 people needing medical treatment. It happened on board a train making its way from Tsim Sha Tsui to Admiralty station. Police said there was no indication it was linked to terrorist activity.
5/1/04 Fifty members of two umbrella labour groups marched separately to the Central Government Offices, urging the Chief Executive to focus on job-creation in his policy address on Wednesday.
4/1/04 Thirty-three Hong Kong people came down with food poisoning during a visit to Thailand. They developed diarrhea, abdominal pain and fever after a lunch buffet. The health department said the outbreaks could be related to cross contamination of cooked and uncooked food.
3/1/04 A gene sequencing test indicates that the suspected SARS patient in Guangzhou 'may possibly' have the disease. Samples from the patient have been sent to two laboratories in Hong Kong for further testing.
2/1/04 The government noted that the protest was conducted in an orderly manner, demonstrating once again that Hong Kong people are sober and rational. The government says it will listen carefully to the aspirations of the citizens and speed up the pace of democratic development.
1/1/04 Kwai Bing-hung, alleged to be one of Hong Kong's most wanted men, along with Ng Chun-keung, appeared in Eastern court. They face arms and explosives charges. The hearing was adjourned until February 25.

DAILY NEWs - 2004