The government's proposal to cut CLP and Hong Kong Electric's rate of return on their net assets from 13.5 percent to between 7 and 11 percent could lead to electricity charges being slashed by up to 20 percent.
政府建議將兩電的准許回報率,調低至百分 7至11。假如建議落實,電費會有一至兩成的下調空間。

30/12/05 A Housing Authority committee has endorsed a proposal to relax the criteria for tenants to be eligible for the Rent Assistance Scheme. This will allow some 33-thousand households to apply for a reduction of a quarter of their rent starting from February.
房屋委員會一小組通過,放寬租金援助申請資格,明年2月起接受申請。33 800合資格租援住戶可獲減租25%。
29/12/05 Premier Wen Jiabao has urged the SAR government and all sectors of society to work together to resolve what he called "deep-rooted conflicts and problems".

A Microbiologist from the University of Hong Kong , Professor Yuen Kwok-yung, warns that the government shouldn't bow to pressure for more live poultry to be imported. The more chickens, he said, the greater the threat.
港大微生物學系教授袁國勇警告,政府不應屈服於公眾壓力,而增加活雞入口 。 活雞入口 愈多 ,流感爆發風險愈大 。

27/12/05 An eight year-old girl was hospitalized after being savaged by her pet rottweiler at her Tuen Mun home. She suffered facial, arm and leg injuries.

A woman is still in critical condition after her car - containing six other family members - plunged into Aberdeen Harbour . Investigations suggest that the driver may have mistakenly stepped on the accelerator instead of the brake, causing the car to lurch off the jetty into the water.


Preliminary results from laboratory investigations showed that the bacteria in seven of the typhoid fever cases recently reported in Yuen Long may have from the same source.
就元朗近期發生的多宗傷寒個案進行的初步化驗結果顯示,其中 7 宗個案的細菌可能來自同一源頭。


Hong Kong Electric announced a 7.2 percent average tariff increase from the beginning of next month, citing rising oil prices and the introduction of natural gas as the main reasons.

23/12/05 Two minibus drivers were jailed for causing the death by dangerous driving of two passengers. One of the drivers who showed little remorse was sentenced to two and half years imprisonment and suspended from driving for three years.
兩名小巴司機被裁定危險駕駛導致他人死亡,被判入獄。其中一名司機沒有 流露 悔意,被判 入獄兩年半和停牌三年。

Legislators voted down proposals to reform t he way the chief executive is elected in 2007 and Legco elections in 2008. The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, regretted that the territory had lost a significant step towards full democracy.
07 年行政長官選舉及 08 年立法會產生辦法兩個決議案,都被立法會否決。 行政長官曾蔭權惋惜香港平白錯失向民主大步躍進的機會。

21/12/05 The government's electoral reform proposal appeared to be doomed as all but one democrat legislator stood firmly against the plan, before it was due to be tabled in the Legislative Council today.
20/12/05 The government unveiled proposals to abolish all district council seats by 2016, in a bid to persuade enough legislators to back its political reform package. The chief secretary for administration, Rafael Hui, pledged to reduce the number of appointed seats by one third in 2008, if the package is passed.
19/12/05 149 delegates at the World Trade Organisation conference have agreed to set out a 2013 deadline for ending farm export subsidies. Rich countries need to grant duty-free and quota-free privileges to at least 97 percent of products exported by the poorest countries by 2008.

Hundreds of protesters tried to storm the venue of the World Trade Organisation ministerial conference last night. They were dispersed after police used tear gas. The police urged people to stay away from Wanchai.


The government invited twelve celebrities to produce a series of new videos to promote its political reform package, in a last-minute effort to drum up support for a proposal with an uncertain fate.

16/12/05 Chief Executive Donald Tsang Yam-kuen and members of his cabinet took to the streets in a last-ditch attempt to mobilise support for the government's constitutional reform package.

There was a second day of scuffles between police and anti-WTO protestors from South Korea . During the confrontation, the protesters snatched ten of the riot shields. Police retaliated with pepper spray to beat off the attackers.
反世貿人士連續第二日衝擊警員。在對抗中, 示威者搶奪警員盾牌,警方使用胡椒噴劑驅散他們。


Anti-World Trade Organisation protesters clashed with the police when they attempted to get close to the conference venue. Police also used pepper spray to subdue protesters.


As the security cordon tightened in Wan Chai in advance of Tuesday's WTO conference opening, the streets of the central city were largely quiet and traffic was light.
在世貿會議星期二揭幕前, 警方加強警戒線 ,港島市中心大致平靜,交通暢順。

12/12/05 About four thousand protesters took part in a peaceful anti-WTO march. It was the first of three marches against the WTO's conference, which begins on Tuesday. The head of the Hong Kong People's Alliance on WTO, Elizabeth Tang, urged the government not to sign any agreements that were unjust and deepened poverty worldwide.
11/12/05 The Financial Secretary, Henry Tang, says the middle class may be given some relief in the next budget. Mr. Tang stressed that the government still had to be careful and make provision for the impact of possible set backs, such as an outbreak of birdflu.
10/12/05 A survey has found that around half of the respondents support the government's political reform package. Nearly 56 percent don't want the pro-democracy camp to veto the reform blueprint.
9/12/05 The results of the 2005 Territory-wide System Assessment were released. About 30 per cent of Primary Six pupils and 21 per cent in Primary Three failed to reach the basic competence standard in English. Educators called for more resources to raise English standards in primary schools.
8/12/05 Beijing's Liaison Office dismissed suggestions that it had set a timetable for universal suffrage in Hong Kong, saying such claims were "groundless".
7/12/05 The Housing Authority has decided to resell 16-thousand vacant Home Ownership Scheme flats in 2007. The move is expected to generate 20 billion dollars. The sale would not have a significant negative impact on the mass residential market.
6/12/05 From 2010 onwards Hongkong schools wishing to adopt English as the medium of instruction will have to admit 85 per cent of students joining form one should be able to learn through English. In addition, the Education and Manpower Bureau will give Chinese-medium schools up to three million dollars to improve English among their students.
5/12/05 The chief executive, Donald Tsang, said he had heard the voice of the participants in the march for asking for a road map and a timetable for introducing universal suffrage in Hong Kong and the Central Government perfectly understands their aspirations.
4/12/05 The Permanent Secretary for Health, Welfare and Food, Mrs Carrie Yau, said the Government has all along attached importance to supporting families, especially those in crisis. She urged the community to make concerted efforts to offer assistance to troubled families so as to prevent the occurrence of tragedy at its root level.

The deputy secretary-general of the National People's Congress Standing Committee, Qiao Xiao-yang, says the political reform package for 2007-08 and a timetable for universal suffrage must be dealt with separately, saying bundling the two issues together was "unrealistic" and "a mission impossible".

2/12/05 The Article 45 Concern Group announced it will form a political party that it hopes will become a flagship for democracy in Hong Kong, and eventually mature into a ruling party.
1/12/05 In a five-minute speech broadcast last night, the Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, urged lawmakers to support the government's political reform package. Rejecting reform will set us back, said Tsang.
行政長官曾蔭權發表電視講話,歷時五分鐘,他呼籲立法會支持政改方案。曾蔭權表示 ,如果方案遭否決,政制發展將會停滯不前。
30/11/05 The Beijing and Hong Kong governments yesterday sought to cool public sentiment ahead of Sunday's pro-democracy march by inviting legislators for talks with senior mainland officials in Shenzhen on Friday.
29/11/05 The former director of buildings, Leung Chin-man, refused to answer questions before Legco's public accounts committee. Mr. Leung filed a judicial review of the audit report on the controversial Grand Promenade development.

A gathering of 32,000 packed the Hong Kong Stadium to attend a TV variety show "Welcoming the Delegation of Shenzhou-6 Manned Space Mission " to welcome with open arms Astronauts Fei Junlong and Nie Haisheng and other members of the delegation.


The Hospital Authority says about 300 government doctors quit their jobs over the past eleven months in order to take up practice in the private sector.
醫管局表示,本年至今約有 300名醫生離職,從事私人執業。

26/11/06 Hong Kong's economy expanded unexpectedly rapidly in the third quarter, prompting the government to revise its growth forecast for this year up to 7 per cent.
香港第三季的經濟增長比預期強勁,促使政府調整全年的經濟預測為 7%。

Hong Kong Disneyland says more than one million people have visited the park in its first 100 days of operation. Disney also said Hong Kong residents made up almost half of all visitors, and mainland people and foreigners accounted for about 25 percent each.

24/11/05 A study has found there has been a significant drop in drug abuse among teenagers. The survey found that some students obtained drugs from family members, including parents.
23/11/05 Hong Kong's consumer price index rose 1.8 per cent year on year last month, the biggest increase for seven years. A government spokesman said overall inflationary pressure remained modest given the robust pace of economic expansion.
22/11/05 The Court of Final Appeal ruled in favour of the Housing Authority in a case in which it was accused of overcharging public housing tenants. The case was brought by a tenant who challenged the authority's decision to defer a rent review.

A nurse was reported to have developed the complications following a flu shot last year. The Health director, Lam Ping-yan, stresses that this is an individual case, and that the shots will NOT trigger serious complications in most people.
去年 一名護士 接受流感疫苗注射後,出現併發症。衛生署長林秉恩強調,個案屬個別事件,一般不會有嚴重併發症。


The Transport secretary Sarah Liao will reopen talks with the bus companies over a controversial plan giving passengers a 15 percent discount for long-distance return journeys.
環境運輸及工務局長廖秀冬會同巴士公司商討長程巴士回程車費 15% 折扣計劃。


President Hu Jintao called on Hong Kong people to engage in rational discussion and forge a consensus on constitutional reform, adding the city's political system should progress in a "stable, solid and an orderly manner".


The government has unveiled details of a new mechanism for adjusting bus fares which will take into account factors such as wage levels and the consumer price index.

17/11/05 The government has set up an independent investigation into the granting of extra land to the developer of the Grand Promenade housing project at a cost to the government of at least $125 million in lost revenue.
16/11/05 The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry has launched its first legal battle against internet piracy. It will take civil action against 22 peer-to-peer music file sharers.
15/11/05 Most Hong Kong people consider themselves healthy, but in fact a survey has shown that nearly half are actually overweight or obese. The Department of Health urges the public to practise a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet.
14/12/05 Two passengers died when a minibus crashed head-on with a truck in Sha Tau Kok. Neither of the two elderly passengers were thought to have been wearing a seat beat.

A police sergeant was set free after being found guilty of peeping at a canteen cashier while she was taking a bath. The magistrate explained that the sergeant had served the force for 29 years and was active in charity activities. His action didn't match his character.
一名警長在警署內,意圖偷窺一名警署餐廳女收銀員洗澡,罪名成立,但獲無條件釋放。裁判官解釋,被告服務警隊 29年,一直參與公益活動,行為與本質不符。


A handful of cartoon figures named the Five Friendlies were unveiled as mascots for the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. They include a Chinese doll, a panda, a Tibetan antelope, a swallow and a fish. The names of the characters spelt out "Beijing Welcomes You" in Chinese.

11/10/05 Former governor Chris Patten said he believed the introduction of full democracy in Hong Kong was only a matter of time, while heaping praises on China.
10/11/05 The government was criticized for not notifying the public immediately of the tinned mud carp contaminated with a cancer-causing chemical malachite green.
9/11/05 Police are looking for a man who ordered a florist to deliver a gift box containing a homemade bomb that exploded and injured a woman at the Ming Pao newspaper offices.
8/11/05 Ming Pao Daily News came under attack by a letter bomb, which contained a letter referring to an unspecified article published in mid-October. The letter also said that 30-million dollars should be deposited into a Community Chest bank account.
7/11/05 A cyclist taking part in a race organised by the Hong Kong Cycling Association in Sai Kung was struck by the minibus. The man suffered head injuries, and was certified dead at the hospital.

In a move to contain the spread of influenza, the government has offered to vaccinate all poultry workers. Others would include patients with chronic diseases and frontline staff.

5/11/05 A Chinese University study shows that a quarter of the employees interviewed work over-time for more than ten hours each week. Sixty-two percent of the respondents say they don't get paid for doing extra work.
4/11/05 Health officials have called on doctors not to indiscriminately prescribe the anti-viral drug against bird flu Tamiflu to patients. The Swiss pharmaceutical company, Roche, said it would suspend selling the drug to private doctors.
3/11/05 Local banks have raised interest rates by half a percentage point. HSBC and the Bank of China have increased lending rates to seven and a half percent. Mortgage borrowers have to shoulder a heavy burden.
2/11/05 Tolls for western and eastern harbour tunnels are to be slashed by 14 to 25 per cent in an effort to avert traffic chaos in Wan Chai and Causeway Bay during the WTO conference next month.
1/11/05 Conservation group WWF says The Worldwide Fund for Nature has dismissed press reports that dead birds infected with the H5N1 virus have been found in the Mai Po nature reserve. It is still safe to visit the bird refuge and it has urged people not to panic.
31/10/05 A microbiologist, Professor Yuen Kwok-yung has warned that a global influenza outbreak could take place very soon and he also said he feared it would be an outbreak of the deadly H5 bird flu virus.
30/10/05 The Director of Broadcasting, Chu Pui-Hing, says that a recent study shows that most people in Hong Kong want RTHK to play at role in monitoring government policies - and do not want the radio station to become a government mouthpiece.

The legislature voted down a motion to thank the Chief Executive Donald Tsang for his maiden policy address.

28/10/05 Despite a 12-fold profit rise over the past year, Hongkong Post says there is no room for decrease in postal rates.
27/10/05 Commercial rents in Causeway Bay are the second highest in the world, behind only New York's Fifth Avenue, according to a study conducted by an international real estate consulting firm. The monthly cost for one square meter in Causeway Bay comes up to more than 90-thousand dollars.
26/10/05 Professor Yuen Kwok-yung pointed out that the observance of good personal and environmental hygiene is the key to protection against pandemic influenza and people should not stockpile antiviral. "Washing hands is the most important weapon we have in combating the virus," he said.
25/10/05 A virologist at the University of Hong Kong has warned that taking the anti-bird flu drug, Tamiflu, without a doctor's prescription could do more harm than good.
24/10/05 A survey conducted by the Neighbourhood and Worker's Service Centre has found that 90 of the newspaper stands and stores polled sell cigarettes to people under the age of 18. The Centre urged the government to step up prosecution and set up a hotline to report violaters.
23/10/05 A Hong Kong pianist Lee Ka-ling placed sixth in the prestigious International Frederic Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw – the first time a contestant from the city has reached the finals.

The government has proposed a mandatory building inspection scheme to ensure proper maintenance of buildings 30 years or older. It's also proposed a separate scheme for the maintenance of windows in buildings over five years old.
政府建議強制檢驗 30年或以上的樓宇, 政府亦提出強制性驗樓齡達5年或以上樓宇的窗戶。


Hong Kong's new secretary for justice, Wong Yan-lung, yesterday pledged to uphold the rule of law and avoid seeking any more interpretations of the Basic Law by Beijing .


The government unveiled its political reform proposals. The democrats are dissatisfied with the lack of a timetable for achieving universal suffrage and a greatly expanded role for appointed district councilors in electoral process.
政府發表政制改革建議。民主派不滿 無普選時間表 ,及大幅增加委任區議員納入負責選出特首的選委會內。

19/10/05 A government contractor was fined 234,000 dollars for discriminating against union members and for failing to grant rest days.

 The Chief Executive, on behalf of all the people of Hong Kong , extended warmest congratulations to the Central Government on the successful launch and smooth return of the manned spacecraft, Shenzhou VI.

17/10/05 Children living in poverty are poorer in health, less happy and more likely to commit suicide than other children, a survey has found. They have negative attitudes towards life and their outlook on the future.
16/10/05 A main thoroughfare, Des Veoux Road Central, in Central was closed for 14 hours after a water main burst, causing traffic chaos.
中環一條主要通道德輔道中受爆水管影響,封閉十四小時,造成交通混亂 。

The chief executive, Donald Tsang, has appointed eight new members to the Executive Council including a moderate democrat. Executive councillors have sought to allay public concerns about possible conflicts of interest because of their business backgrounds.

14/10/05 The chief executive, Donald Tsang, told legislators to avoid creating unnecessary misunderstandings about Hong Kong officials' visits to the mainland and the visits would not weaken the territory's high degree of autonomy.
13/10/05 The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, has told legislators, in his first policy address, that the government structure will be strengthened and more non-official members will be named to the Executive Council.
特首曾蔭權在立法會發表首份施政報告 ,加強政府架構, 增加行政會議非官方成員的人數。

Hong Kong athlete Steven Wong won the first gold medal in men's BMX cycling event in the 10th National Games of the People's Republic of China .  The Secretary for Home Affairs, Dr Patrick Ho, congratulated Mr Wong on his remarkable achievement.


The government has been urged to provide tax incentives, to encourage couples to have more children. A survey has found that 70-percent of adults are willing to have children.
有團體建議政府以稅務寬減鼓勵生育 。一項調查發現,七成的成年人願意生育。


The Education Secretary, Arthur Li, has warned that with an increasing shortage of students in a few years' time, schools operating a total of 18 classes or less may have to merge with other schools or face the risk of being shut down.


The Secretary for Education, Arthur Li said that a gang fight at a Shatin secondary school was a serious incident. He said the parents of the students involved had been contacted, and education officers would investigate the problem.


The single-developer approach for the West Kowloon Cultural District was officially scrapped. The chief secretary, Rafael Hui, rejected charges that the West Kowloon project would be a property development in disguise.
政府取消西九龍文娛藝術區單一招標模式。 政務司長許仕仁否認指控, 西九計劃會是假裝的地產發展項目。

7/10/05 The International Federation of Phonographic Industries plans to step up action against unauthorized music file-sharing by taking offenders to court. Most of the internet users are aware it is illegal to share such music files online - but more than half choose to ignore the risks.
6/10/05 Sources say that Beijing has given the chief executive a free hand to appoint a politically neutral barrister as Hong Kong's next justice minister.
5/10/05 A young man hiking in Sai Kung who went missing on Sunday during a hike contributing to the Hong Kong Award for Young People was found dead in dense bushes.
4/10/05 A former Hong Kong judge and his wife were alleged to have defrauded the government of more than 100-thousand dollars in applying for social security payments and free medical aid. The pair falsely claimed that they didn't have any property, cars, investment or savings.
3/10/05 A Hong Kong family's annual tomb-sweeping trip to Huizhou ended in tragedy when five members were killed in a car crash.
2/10/05 Travel agents say the number of mainland tourists arriving here on the first day of Golden Week has increased by between 20 and 30 per cent compared with last year. Many of them are heading for the Hong Kong Disneyland theme park.

Hong Kong ranked seventh in the world in attracting foreign direct investment in 2004, according to a United Nations study. This is in sharp contrast to a report by the World Economic Forum which showed that the territory had lost its global competitive edge. 聯合國的研究顯示, 本港是全球第七位接收外來直接投資最多的地方。這與《世界經濟論壇》指本港競爭力降低的報導形成鮮明的對比。

30/9/05 A Housing Authority committee has approved new measures to discourage young single people from applying for public housing. Priority will now be given to older applicants.
29/9/05 Hong Kong and Guangdong agreed during an annual cooperation conference between the two sides to disclose daily air quality data for the Pearl River Delta region. They also agreed to establish a food safety notification mechanism.
28/9/05 Developers mounted an intense bidding war in the government’s first land auction for the financial year, with three plots of land fetching a total of more than 10 billion dollars.
27/9/05 Donald Tsang said the visit by legislators to the Pearl River Delta was a success. The symbolic meaning was more crucial than other gains they got from the trip. He never expected there would be consensus on every issue, but at least it was a good start.
26/9/05 The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, described the trip to Pearl River Delta as the "first step in a thousand mile journey", saying it had a dual purpose: to enhance lawmakers' understanding of development on the mainland and help build mutual trust.

Overall crime figures have dropped by six percent in the first eight months of the year. Despite the high incidence of young people who have been involved in recent criminal cases, juvenile crime has been declining over the past few months.


The Housing Department is proposing four new measures in dealing with rent arrears in public rental housing. Tenancies held by habitual late rent payers who have been paying their rents in arrears consecutively for 3 months will be terminated, instead of four months.

23/9/05 The government plans to cut civil servants' fringe benefits, including a reduction in subsidies for officials planning to send their children to study overseas, and the scrapping of three outdated allowances.
22/9/05 For the first time, a rental tenant was compelled to quit a public housing flat because of repeated hygiene violations. The tenant was caught throwing bottles and dumping domestic waste.
首名公屋居民因屢次違反清潔規則,被強迫遷出其公屋單位。 該名居民曾高空拋擲玻璃樽及亂拋垃圾被捉。

The Wanchai district council has voiced strong opposition to the use of Southorn Playground as a gathering site for demonstrators during the World Trade Organisation's ministerial meeting here.

20/9/05 The outspoken leader of the Catholic church in Hong Kong, Bishop Joseph Zen,is planning to retire in two year's time, at the age of 75.
直言的香港天主教區主教陳日君計劃在兩年後, 75歲 退休。

Thousands of people poured into Victoria Park to take part in the large-scale Mid-Autumn Lantern Carnival. Showcasing a series of programmes and spectacular lanterns, the carnival was alive with excitement and enjoyed by members of the public.


Hong Kong is likely to miss out on a full moon tonight, with the Hong Kong Observatory predicting overcast skies, strong winds and rain to welcome in the Mid-Autumn Festival.


Nina Wang is decided by court the sole heir to Teddy Wang's fortune. Chinachem Group: Whilst there is no surprise to this judgment as this is the outcome that we were always confident of obtaining, we are relieved that after all this time the dispute has been brought to a successful conclusion.


The Department of Health is taking the lead to tackle the problem of obesity as over 20% of the Hong Kong population aged 15 or above have been found to be obese.
鑑於全港 15 歲以上的人口有超過百分之二十屬肥胖, 衛 生署表示關注,並呼籲各界齊來行動對付人口肥胖問題。


The government is to give free influenza vaccination to about 250-thousand people at the end of the year, including pregnant women and young children receiving social welfare benefits.
政府計劃在年底,為 25萬人免費注射流感疫苗,包括綜援受助家庭中,孕婦及嬰兒。


Hong Kong has been ranked 7th in a World Bank report for ease of doing business. The main problem they found in Hong Kong was to do with business licensing.


Vice President, Zeng Qing-hong, says there are things that he didn't manage to see or people he was unable to listen to because of his tight schedule in Hong Kong . Mr Zeng noted the economy of Hong Kong had recovered and that people's livelihoods had improved.


Twenty-four democratic lawmakers issued an open letter to the vice president Zeng Qing-hong, voicing demands for universal suffrage and further political development.


Vice president Zeng Qinghong arrived in Hong Kong . Mr Zeng is scheduled to officiate at Disney's opening ceremony. He is also expected to meet with legislative councillors.
國家副主席曾慶紅抵達香港。曾慶紅來港主持迪士尼樂園的開幕典禮, 及與全體立法會議員會面。


Two health inspectors were asked by the Hong Kong Disneyland not to wear their full uniform when conducting an investigation into a suspected food poisoning case at a food premises at the theme park.  


Police arrested eight men and seven women suspected of deceiving their staff members by luring them to invest in fictitious Loco-London Silver margin trades.


Hong Kong Disneyland plans to extend its operating hours at weekends to cope with the large crowds that are expected to turn up. The theme park would also stay open until midnight during busy periods such as the Christmas and Chinese New Year Eve.

7/9/05 Figures show that child abuse and spouse abuse cases have been soaring. The Women's Commission called on all sectors of the community to adopt a united stance on "zero tolerance" to domestic violence and make concerted efforts to tackle the problem.
6/9/05 The police arrested fifty suspected triad members outside the newly opened Kwai Chung public mortuary. They were thought to be from two rival gangs. Police believed they were staging a show of force to try to take control of the lucrative funeral business.

Nearly 30-thousand visitors crowded into Hong Kong Disneyland for a charity trial run. It is the maximum capacity of the theme park.


Three men and a woman were remanded in custody after appearing in a Tsuen Wan court, jointly charged with conspiracy to wound a seven-year old boy with intent.

3/9/05 An 82-year-old woman collapsed and died while queuing for 'fortune rice' in Tsim Sha Tsui.
一名 82歲婆婆在尖沙咀輪候「平安米」中跌倒後死亡。
2/9/05 After extensive investigations, the police arrested eight people in connection with last week's knife attack on a seven-year-old boy in Lei Muk Shui. Among those detained was the victim's step-mother.

Hong Kong 's three major bus companies called on the government to consider the idea of a fuel surcharge in light of rising oil prices.


Chief Executive Donald Tsang Yam-kuen announced that with the consent of the central government, all legislators will visit the Pearl River Delta next month and meet senior provincial officials. Tsang described the visit as the ice-breaking trip.
行政長官曾蔭權宣布,獲中央同意,邀請全體立法會議員,於下月訪問珠三角,會見廣東領導人。曾蔭權形容此次 訪粵為「破冰之旅」。


The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, has pledged to fulfill the promise he made during his election campaign to consider the introduction of minimum wages and maximum working hours.


The Financial Secretary, Henry Tang, says he may propose tax cuts in next year's budget, if the economy remains robust.


In an attempt to restore public confidence to eat freshwater fish, top officials, lawmakers and representatives of the fish trade held a freshwater fish feast in a restaurant in Causeway Bay.
為了恢復市民吃淡水魚信心 , 行政長官曾蔭權連同多名司局級官員與漁業界代表及立法會議員在銅鑼灣一間酒家吃淡水魚宴。


The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, condemned the knife attack on a seven-year-old boy in Kwai Chung. The boy was attacked by two masked men and remains in serious condition. Mr Tsang said every effort would be made to catch those responsible.
行政長官曾蔭權譴責斬傷 7歲男童的兇徒 。男童被兩名幪面男子襲擊,情況仍然嚴重 。曾蔭權表示會全力追兇。

26/8/05 The Food and Environmental Hygiene Deparment official says that once the government's new measures to regulate mainland fish imports are fully implemented public confidence in freshfish will be restored. The government has already done a lot of work to address this issue.
25/8/05 The High Court has ruled in favour of a 20-year-old gay man, who argued that laws on the age of consent for sex discriminate against homosexuals and are inconsistent with the Basic Law.
一名男同性戀者認為,有關男同性戀者性行為年歲法例,歧視同性戀者, 認為違反基本法,有關司法覆核在高等法院被判勝訴。
24/8/05 Local traders and breeders say they may suspend their operations - following a sharp decline in fish purchases over the past few days. Freshwater fish supplies remain low, while wholesale prices have risen more than twenty percent.
23/8/05 Public are reminded to clean contact lens properly to prevent keratitis -- inflammation of the cornea of the eye. Four patients of public hospitals were reported to be suffering from microbial keratitis in July and August.  All of them were users of soft disposable contact lens.

The mainland has temporarily halted supplies of fresh water fish to Hongkong while stepping up inspection measures. The interruption of supplies is expected to last three days.


Firemen discovered the body of a man in his 40s buried beneath a landslip at Fu Yung Shan in Tsuen Wan. The amber rainstorm and strong winds caused widespread flooding, landslides and disruption throughout the territory.
消防員在荃灣芙蓉山山泥傾瀉現場發現一具四十多歲男子屍體。 黃色暴雨 及強風造成廣泛地區水浸,山泥傾瀉及混亂。

20/8/05 The High Court overthrew a lower court decision and ruled that a vehicle licence plate that showed "HE 1107" as "Hello 7" was illegal. Mr Justice Pang Kin-kee said traffic legislation stipulated that alphabets and numbers should be clearly arranged into two groups.
高等法院推翻 裁判法院 的裁決,指車牌號碼「 HE 1107」寫成「HELLO 7」是違法。法官彭鍵基指,根據法例,車牌的字母和數字必須分成兩組。
19/8/05 The Secretary for Health Welfare and Food, York Chow, says he expects frozen pork imports from Shenzhen to resume early next week. This comes after the government received a formal explanation from Shenzhen on the reasons behind its seizure of pork in the weekend.

The government may order a recall of eel products from markets and urges the public not to consume eel . This came after a cancer-causing chemical malachite green was found in eels from Fujian and Guangxi provinces.

17/8/05 Lifeguard union has threatened to strike again this Friday after failing to reach a consensus with the government over the outsourcing of services at public swimming pools.

As a precautionary measure and to assure the public's confidence in pork consumption, the HKSARG had decided not to process applications for importation of frozen pork from Henan and Shenzhen in the coming one or two days.


War veterans condemned the Japanese government for refusing to apologize for its wartime atrocities. This came as more than a hundred people attended a ceremony at the Cenotaph war memorial in Central to mark the 60th anniversary of the end of the Second World War.
退伍軍人譴責日本政府拒絕為戰時暴行道歉。 百多人出席在中環和平英雄紀念碑舉行之紀念抗戰勝利 60周年的儀式。


The man with the biggest stomach in the world – Takeru Kobayashi – beat 29 local challengers effortlessly in the Lung of the World eating semi-final by gulping down 83 steamed dumpling in eight minutes.
大胃王世界冠軍小林尊,於 8 分鐘內「鯨吞」 83 隻餃子,在「大食一番爭霸戰」的準決賽,輕鬆擊敗本港二十九名挑戰者。


The Examinations Authority found that 670 candidates for the Certificate of Education exam had their English oral papers marked wrongly. The students had their results adjusted, which meant that 223 of them became eligible to apply for form six places.
考評局發現, 670 名應屆會考生的英語課程乙口試成績出錯,需要調整分數,當中 223 人經調整後有資格升中六。

12/8/05 Police have arrested a 75-year old man they suspect may be linked to several attacks on elderly men in Chai Wan. The victims were hit on the head with a hammer or iron bar. One of the victims died.
11/8/05 Professor Arthur K C Li, said he was pleased with the HKCEE results this year. "This reflects that the overall English language standard of students in CMI schools is on a steady rise and mother-tongue teaching can enhance our students' acquisition of subject knowledge," Professor Li said.

Almost two-thirds of some 119-thousand candidates who took this year's Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examiniation managed to meet the minimum requirement for sixth form. A higher pass rate was also recorded for English language.
應屆十一萬九千名中學會考生,有近三分二符合入讀中六最低資格。 英文科合格率上升 。


The Secretary for Security, Ambrose Lee, says the Chief Executive's order to regulate covert surveillance doesn't impinge on people's rights. And, he stressed that such covert operations were necessary for all law enforcement agencies around the world.
保安局長李少光表示,行政長官簽署的行政指令,將秘密監察規範化,並沒有影響市民的自由。 在全世界,這種執法手段都是必須的。

8/8/05 The Labour Department and the Education and Manpower Bureau will provide a series of advisory and counselling services on further studies and careers for Secondary 5 students from August 8 until August 13.

The Hong Kong Journalists Association expressed concerns over the arrest of journalist Ching Cheong in mainland for spying. The HKJA strongly urged Beijing to deal with his case in an open and fair manner and in a way that is consistent with the rule of law.

6/8/05 Hong Kong Customs officers smashed a piracy syndicate with triad operators, believed to be active in the sale of pirated optical disks in Mong Kok. The syndicate had made use of the banking and betting accounts for laundering its crime proceeds.
5/8/05 The Consumer Council has warned that two slimming drugs - which manufacturers claim contain only herbal ingredients - are potentially hazardous. The drugs contain a Western medical ingredient - sibu-tramine.

A monkey tried in vain to rescue its injured friend. It happened on Tai Po Road . A money was knocked down by a motorcycle and another monkey dashed out to pull off the injured monkey. But eventually the injured monkey died.
猴子拯救受傷同伴無功。事件發生在大埔 道,一隻猴子被電單車撞倒, 另一隻猴子衝出馬路將「傷者」拖回路邊,惟牠最終傷重死亡。


A study shows children in Hong Kong are three times more likely to be sent to hospitals with burn injuries than those in Singapore . Many children suffer from scalding injuries caused by hot soup and water.
一項研究指出,香港兒童因灼傷而入院的數字,較新加坡高三倍。大多數小童是熨傷 ,主要是熱水或熱湯。


Hundreds of lifeguards were striking in a dispute over the outsourcing of services. Two public swimming pools were closed while another 21 were partially closed.
因外判服務的爭議,數百名救生員 罷工 。 兩個泳池需要關閉以及有二十一個泳灘局部關 閉。


The Director of Health, Lam Ping-yan says the risk of having a streptococcus suis outbreak in the territory is low. Dr Lam sought to dismiss concerns that members of the public could be infected with the disease through contact with raw pork.


Overall crime in the first half of this year fell by six percent compared to the same period last year. Hong Kong 's drug problem is under control and the number of addicts has continued to decline despite a sharp rise in the amount of the drug ketamine seized.

30/7/05 A restaurant director was jailed for one month for wage offences.  The heavy penalty imposed demonstrates the seriousness of wage offences and serves to deter potential offenders from defaulting on wage payments.

Legislators expressed grave concern about a collision between two empty West Rail trains at a depot in Pat Heung last week. They said they were worried that a similar accident could occur between trains loaded with passengers.
立法會議員對上星期八鄉車廠兩列西鐵空車碰撞事件 表示憂慮 。他們擔心同樣意外會發生在滿載乘客的列車上。


A hotel in Malaysia apologised to a group of 300 tourists from the mainland after the caricature of pigs were drawn on their hotel cards. The Malaysia 's Consul-General here said it didn't involve racial discrimination.
馬來西亞一間酒店向三百多名內地遊客道歉 ,他們的住房證上被畫上豬頭圖像 。馬來西亞駐港總領事表示,事件不涉及種族歧視。


Just one in four couples planning to tie the knot say they will consider getting married outside of churches or marriage registries. And one in ten say they may get hitched at Disneyland , which opens in September.
計劃結婚的準新人,四分一表示不會選擇在教堂或 婚姻註冊署 。大約一成人選擇在 在 即 將 開 幕 的 迪士尼內結婚。


The government plans to convert an existing ferry pier near the Convention and Exhibition Centre into a permanent government helipad. The facility will also be available for commercial use.


Legislator Fernando Cheung says that if the government continues to turn a deaf ear to the voices of the disabled they will take more social action to make their views known. He criticised the government for making excuses in helping the disabled receive concessionary fares in public transport.


The Centre for Health Protection is closely monitoring reports of a number of mysterious deaths in Sichuan . It is initially believed that the illness may be linked to dead carcases.


Hong Kong 's inflation rate rose to 1.2 percent in June, in its biggest year-on-year gain since 1998. Looking ahead, consumer prices are expected to firm up further in the coming months upon the strengthening consumer demand and the rise-back in labour and rental cost.
六月份通脹率錄得 1.2%按年升幅,是自從98年9月之後最大的升幅。 預料未來數月隨 著 消費需求繼續增強,以及勞工和租金成本回升,消費物價將進一步上升。

22/7/05 China has scrapped the yuan's peg to the US dollar and tied it to a basket of currencies. The reform of the renminbi regime is likely to benefit the economy of Hong Kong with greater competitiveness in Hong Kong 's exports to the Mainland.
人民幣與美元脫勾,改為參考一籃子貨幣組合 。 人民幣匯率改革會對香港的經濟帶來好處,增強香港輸往內地產品的競爭力。

A survey conducted by the Institute of Education show that most secondary school students consider teaching as one of the most respectable professions. But the number of F.7 students who wish to take up teaching dropped 17 percent.


The Hong Kong Observatory recorded the highest temperature for this year of thirty-fiver-point-four degrees Celcius. The very hot weather warning that was issued last Saturday remains in force.
天文台錄得 35.4 度的高溫,是今年以來最高。上星期六發出的酷 熱天氣警告仍然有效。

19/7/05 A study by the Chinese University shows that Hong Kong Chinese are more prone to colon and rectal cancer than many other Chinese communities because of their dietary and genetic characteristics.

Deputy to the National People's Congress, Peter Wong, says RTHK as a public service broadcaster should serve as a government mouthpiece and refrain from criticizing the administration.

17/7/05 The Democratic Party revealed Jame To Kun-sun had refused to be interviewed for an internal investigation into a rent blunder, but the party declined to take any disciplinary action against him.

Prices of new school textbooks have risen at twice the rate of last year's increases. Publishers attributed the increases largely to curriculum reforms. But the Consumer Council called on publishers to be sensitive to the financial situation of parents.
今年教科書價格的升 幅較去年 的升幅多二倍。出版商將書價上升歸咎於課程改革。但消費者委員會要求出版商顧及家長 的 經濟情況。


Gilbert Chan, director of investigations of the ICAC's operations department, tendered his resignation due to personal reasons. His resignation comes amid controversy over the ICAC's covert surveillance activities.


The Court of Final Appeal ruled in favour of the government in a landmark case over pay cuts for civil servants. In a unanimous decision, the territory's highest court ruled that the pay reduction were constitutional and consistent with the Basic Law.
終審法院就公務員減薪案作出裁決,政府勝訴。 5位法官一致裁定,指政府減薪,並沒有違反基本法的規定。

13/7/05 Tsang received a total of HK$27.15 million from more than 1,000 donors in various sectors to run his campaign. But he only spent 4.1 million. Though Tsang put a HK$100,000 cap on individual donations, almost all big names in the property sector featured on his donation list.
12/7/05 Staff representatives from RTHK described criticism made by several top government officials on the station's programming as unprecedented, saying they exerted great pressure on the public broadcaster. But government officials denied interfering in RTHK's editorial independence.
11/7/05 A baby boy at the centre of a child abuse case went missing from the Caritas Medical Centre where he was recovering for more than nine hours, sparking calls for more protection for child abuse victims.

The Secretary for Commerce, Industry and Technology, John Tsang, said a consensus was reached between himself and the director of boradcasting back in May that racing broadcasts would be terminated next season.
工商及科技局長曾俊華表示,與廣播處長在五達成共識 ,港台將在下個馬季停播賽馬節目。


Hong Kong will host the 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Equestrian Events: Dressage, Show Jumping and Cross-country eventing. This will give an unprecedented boost to the local sports community.
香港將舉辦零零八年奧運和傷殘奧運馬術比賽項目 : 盛裝舞步、場地障礙賽及越野賽。這是對香港運動界一個極大的鼓舞。


Legislator Andrew Cheng moved a motion urging the government to explore ways of replacing the present chip allocation system at government outpatient clinics.

7/7/05 The Director of Health, Dr Lam Ping-yan apologized to the public for instances where bodies had to be placed on the ground because of a lack of storage space in public morgues. The government is considering installing closed circuit TV at the morgues to ensure due respect is given to bodies.
6/7/05 A District Court judge threw out a corruption case after accusing the Independent Commission Against Corruption of violating the Basic Law over the recording of a conversation between one of four defendants and his lawyer.
5/7/05 The Office of the Telecommunications Authority has announced tougher measures against those who send unsolicited, or junk faxes. Under a revised code of practice, network operators can disconnect the fixed lines of any offending party, after receiving TWO legitimate complaints.
4/7/05 More than two dozen transport groups are threatening to block major vehicle routes, if Legco approves slapping tougher penalties on drivers who jump red-lights. Under the proposal, penalties for red-light runners will jump from 450 to 600 dollars. Demerits will also increase, from three points to five.

Commercial Radio has terminated its contract with talk show host, Raymond Wong. The station didn't explain the reasons behind the move. The outspoken critic of the government left the station in May last year, then returned in October.


A parade to celebrate the anniversary of the handover outnumbered the annual pro-democracy march yesterday - but both were dwarfed by a crowd of 200,000 at a display of dinosaur fossils.
慶祝回歸大巡遊人數比民主大遊行多 , 但二者比不上有二十萬人參觀的恐龍化石展。


The Immigration Department stressed that the HKSAR Government would not grant any amnesty and urged people claiming right of abode in Hong Kong not to be misled.

30/6/05 The police yesterday denied putting political pressure on organisers of the July 1 march, saying protesters could shout any slogans as long as they did not involve criminal intimidation.
29/6/05 There were six more cases of falling aluminum windows reported around Hong Kong yesterday, leading to the arrests of four people. The Buildings Department says the incidents are believed to be the result of poor maintenance.
28/6/05 Donald Tsang has urged legislators to focus on economic and livelihood issues, rather than political questions. He also called on legislators to stop engaging in "constant wrangling" with the government.
27/6/05 The environmental group, Friends of the Earth, says public libraries, buses and restaurants have been criticised for overusing air conditioning. It received over two hundred complaints about using air conditioners excessively during the past month.

The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, inspected areas badly affected by flooding. Mr Tsang said that the widespread flooding in the urban areas and the New Territories, causing considerable inconvenience and property loss for residents and shopowners.
行政長官曾蔭權 昨日巡視受大雨及水浸影響的地方。曾蔭權說本港市區及新界多處發生廣泛水浸下,對市民及商戶造成不便及財物損失。

25/6/05 Torrential rain turned roads on Hong Kong Island into raging rivers. Widespread flooding caused severe traffic congestion in many areas. The first red rainstorm warning this year was issued yesterday.
傾盆大雨將港島街道變成湍急的河流,廣泛的水浸導致多處嚴重交通擠塞,天文台昨日首次發出今年 紅色暴雨警告 。
24/6/05 The Chief executive of the Hospital Authority, William Ho, has decided not to renew his contract when it expires in September. He says the past six years had been very difficult, especially with the outbreak of Sars, during which he contracted the disease.
醫管局行政總裁何兆煒決定不再續約,九月離任。 何兆煒表示,過去六年的工作很困難,尤其沙士爆發,他亦染病。
23/6/05 Nearly three out of every four teenagers in Hong Kong believe money is the key to happiness. Four out of five respondents believe money is important to them.
22/6/05 The State Council formally appointed Donald Tsang as Hong Kong's new Chief Executive. The appointment takes immediate effect and will end on June the 30th, 2007. Premier Wen Jiabao says that Mr Tsang will be able to lead the territory in overcoming difficulties and promoting prosperity.
21/6/05 Nearly 20,000 credit card holders in Hongkong have been put at risk following a major breach of security in the United States. The leak of electronic data has exposed 40-million customers worldwide to fraud.
20/6/05 About 50 alumni of the University of Hong Kong's faculty of medicine staged a sit-in. They are angry that the medical school will be re-named in honour of tycoon Li Ka-shing after his donation of one billion dollars.
19/6/05 Hong Kong customs officers seized thousands of counterfeit clothes, handbags, watches and other goods designed to appeal to Korean and Japanese tourists on package tours. The items were worth more than 4 million Hong Kong dollars.
海關檢獲數千件冒牌貨品,包括服裝、手袋及手錶,總值逾 410萬元。這批冒牌貨品專向韓國及日本遊客售賣。
18/6/05 The government has been forced to delay passage of a bill abolishing estate duty - following opposition from legislators. The bill would be submitted again in October.
立法會議員反對下,政府提出取消遺產稅的進度受阻。 政府會在十月,再將條例 提交立法會。
17/6/05 Donald Tsang Yam-kuen called on Hong Kong to "unite with one heart and one mind", after being officially declared winner of the race to become chief executive.
16/6/05 Donald Tsang will become Hong Kong's next chief executive. Donald Tsang Yam-kuen won by a wide margin.- after securing nominations and support from more than 700 members of the election committee.
15/6/05 Nearly 20 pro-Beijing groups are to hold a parade on July the first, to celebrate the eighth anniversary of Hong Kong's handover to the Mainland. Organisers said their parade was not aimed at diverting attention away from the pro-democracy protest.
14/6/05 The Education Bureau is proposing to raise high school tuition fees: F.4 and 5 students climbing to 5,320 dollars per school year and F.6 and 7 going up to 9,100 dollars. However, the Professional Teachers' Union criticized the rapid rise, saying it will put an undue burden on parents.
13/6/05 Hong Kong Disneyland opened its doors to 2,000 staff members and their families in a special trial yesterday, with some saying the park is too small but has its own characteristics.
12/6/05 A private helicopter crashed shortly after taking off in Sai Kung, injuring four people.

Fifteen people - including seven cabin crew - were injured when a Cathay Pacific plane hit turbulence during a flight from Manila to Hong Kong . Priority landing was approved and the aircraft touched down safely at about lunchtime.
國泰航空公司一班由馬尼拉飛來香港的航班遇上亂氣流, 15 人受傷,包括7名機艙服務員。客機要求優先降落獲准,其後於中午安全著陸。

10/6/05 The ICAC arrested 12 people, including four Kwun Tong district councillors, on suspicion of making fraudulent expense claims. The allegations relate to suspected false quotations or receipts from the Kwun Tong district council.
9/6/05 The Secretary for Home Affairs, Patrick Ho, says civic education is the best way to stop people fouling public swimming pools. There were two cases of stool detection at the Kowloon Park Swimming Pool since the opening of the swimming season in April this year.
8/6/05 School leavers and summer job seekers should be on their guard against employment traps, such as "Loco-London Gold", "Shell Company", "Modelling" and "Pyramid Selling Related Frauds",
7/6/05 Donald Tsang Yam-kuen has defended his plans to reform the Executive Council, arguing that far from reducing ministers' powers, it will allow them to push through controversial policies as long as they have the support of the chief executive.
6/6/05 The medical association's chairman, Choi Kin, said it was reviewing the current procedures on the purchase and dispensation of drugs at private clinics. The medical association is to provide training for staff handling medicines at private clinics.

Donald Tsang says he was as emotional as ordinary Hong Kong people about the June 4th crackdown in the past. But he had calmed down, as he saw how the mainland's economic development had benefited Hong Kong . He hoped locals could also objectively analyse the incident.


Donald Tsang has unveiled his election platform to his electors - members of the 800-strong election committee. He promised to build a strong efficient Government, encourage people's participation in Government, and to build harmony and mutual respect in the community.
曾蔭權在八百人選委會答問會公布施政綱領,他承諾會建立強而有力,高效率的政府,鼓勵人民參政,建立和諧 、互相尊重的社會。

3/6/05 Donald Tsang has kicked off his election campaign by promising to revive people's trust in the Hong Kong government - by making his administration open, accountable and inclusive.
2/6/05 The Liberal Party has decided to back Donald Tsang's bid to become the next chief executive. Liberal Party chairman James Tien said they came to this decision after conducting a poll which showed that 77 percent of respondents supported Mr Tsang.
1/6/05 A third patient has been found to have died after a medical mix-up. The Health Secretary, York Chow, said the administration would, in the long term, encourage private practitioners to belong to group practices and allow a separate pharmacy to dispense drugs.
31/5/05 Two elderly patients of the doctor at the centre of a drug-prescription blunder have died, health authorities said as they stepped up the search for more than 40 patients.
30/5/05 The air traffic control tower at Hong Kong's airport was unmanned for 10 minutes yesterday afternoon when traffic controllers evacuated the building due to a false fire alarm. Eight incoming flights were delayed as a result.

More than 150 people are believed to have been given the wrong medication by a private doctor's clinic in Wong Tai Sin. The clinic gave out a drug for diabetics to its patients instead of stomach medication.
竹園私家醫生配錯藥,將糖尿病藥,當胃藥給與病人,相信超過 150個病人受影響。


The latest government figures show that the economy grew six percent in the first quarter. However, the government economist, K.C. Kwok, warned of risks ahead on the trade front. He pointed to a possible slowdown on the mainland.
政府公布今年首季本地經濟增長為百分之六。 但政府經濟顧問郭國全指 ,外圍環境的風險正在增加,內地經濟增長放緩。

27/5/05 The Court of Final Appeal dismissed a bid by a former senior police superintendent to have his conviction for accepting free sexual services from prostitutes.
26/5/05 LegCo endorsed a bill which will limit the term of the next chief executive to two years, instead of five. The final vote was 33 to 21, with one member abstaining.
25/5/05 The acting Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, is expected to hand in his resignation as Chief Secretary shortly after changes to the Chief Executive Election Ordinance is passed by the Legislative Council today, sources said.
24/5/05 The Education secretary, Arthur Li, urged the lawmaker representing the education sector, Cheung Man-kwong, not to use teachers to further his political interests. He said Mr Cheung, and the teacher's union, should focus on fighting for teachers interests'.
23/5/05 A recent survey by the Green Student Council has found that 90% of the respondents are in favour of a tax on plastic bags of up to one dollar. The group condemned supermarkets for overusing plastic bags. It believes that one in every four plastic bags shouldn't be handed out at all.
22/5/05 The Secretary for Education and Manpower, Arthur Li, said with the new extended degrees programmes to four years university fees will set to rise to 50 thousand dollars a year by 2012. He said that families needed to share in this burden.
教統局長李國章表示,大學轉為四年制之後,到 2012年,每年學費,會增加至五萬元。他指出家長亦要分擔。

A 19-year-old school prefect was ordered to do 180 hours of community service after being convicted of illegally making copies of a popular TV drama series and placing it on the auction website for sale.
一名在網上拍賣盜錄的電視劇的 19歲女學生,被判180個小時的社會服務令。

20/5/05 Leading banks announced 0.5% point interest rate rises - following the Monetary Authority's decision to widen the trading band for the Hong Kong dollar. Chairman of HSBC, David Eldon, voiced support for the Monetary Authority's measures, saying it would help fend off speculators.
19/5/05 Secondary schooling reform is to be delayed by a year, to 2009, with a significant rise in funding, education chief Arthur Li Kwok-cheung announced yesterday. He said that most secondary schools had asked for more preparation time to ensure a smooth transition to the new system.
18/5/05 Independent legislator, Chim Pui-chung, plans to run in the election for the chief executive so as to prevent the next chief executive being selected unopposed. But he also expressed doubts about his ability to gather enough nominations to become a formal candidate.
17/5/05 The acting Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, says he will not make any decision on whether he will run for the CE election until the bill for July's election has been passed by Legco.
署理行政長官曾蔭權表示,他會待立法會通過修訂選舉條例後才作決定是否參選行政長官補 選。

More than 20,000 people flocked to Cheung Chau to attend the Bun Festival on the island. A parade was held in the afternoon. The Bun Scrambling Competition started at midnight , the religious ritual was banned 26 years ago.


Suicide is the sixth leading cause of death in Hong Kong - according to a study. The study concludes that a public health approach is needed to effectively reduce the number of suicides and attempted suicides.
一項調查發現,自殺是香港第六大死亡原因。調查建議加強公?健康,以有效地減少 自殺和企圖自殺 。


Scores of bloodworms were found in a public swimming pool in Shamshuipo. Officers from the Leisure and Cultural Services department took water samples from the pool for investigation.

13/5/05 The Secretary for Education and Manpower, Arthur Li, is charging the Professional Teacher's Union of playing politics with education. A PTU poll showed that 90 per cent of schools did not support the specialized teaching scheme. Mr. Li sent out his own questionnaire, asking the schools' option.
12/5/05 A Chinese University study has found that more people in Hong Kong are suffering from high blood pressure compared with 10 years ago. This is because people are taking in more salt in their diet. High blood pressure is a major risk factor for strokes and heart attacks.
11/5/05 Government is determined to plug accident compensation loophole. A woman was awarded nearly a million dollars from the Employee Compensation Assistance Fund after her husband was killed while working illegally on a construction site.
10/5/05 A driver was killed and another two men were injured, one critically, when their trucks were crushed under falling containers yesterday as typhoon-strength gusts of up to 135km/h tore across Hong Kong.
陣風超過135公里,達颶風風速,昨日橫過本港,有貨櫃倒塌意外,造成一名司機死,另兩人 兩傷。

Hong Kong Professional Teachers Union staged a march to urge the government to cut class sizes. The President Cheung Man-Kwong said the authorities should take advantage of the falling student population to create smaller classes to improve educational standards.


The government is considering encouraging single parents who are on comprehensive social security assistance to work part-time when their children reach the age of six. They are now required to work eight hours a week when their children reach 15.
政府正在考慮, 鼓勵單親綜援家長在子女滿六歲時出外工作。現時規定他們在 子女滿 15歲時出外工作每星期八小時。


An independent committee looking into chaos during last year's Legislative council election has found that the implementation problems were caused by human errors or oversight.

6/5/05 The Commission on Poverty, chaired by Henry Tang, paid a visit to Sham Shui Po as part of the body's efforts to alleviate poverty in Hong Kong. Mr. Tang said he would consider setting up district work committees in future, to better identify the needs of the poor in various districts.
5/5/05 The legislative council passed a motion condemning Japan's "whitewashing of its wartime atrocities" by manipulating its history textbooks and demanding apology from Japan.
4/5/05 Many motorists abandoned their cars for public transport to avoid potential traffic jams at the Cross-Harbour Tunnel on the first working day after the Eastern Harbour Tunnel toll increase. Conditions at the Cross-Harbour Tunnel were normal in either the morning or evening rush hours.
東隧加價後首個工作日,很多駕使者改乘公共交通,紅隧沒有出現預期的擠塞情況,在 上下午的繁忙時間,交通情況正常。
3/5/05 The Fire Services Department says it will be closely watching traffic conditions near the Cross Harbour tunnel today and best deploy ambulances in case of emergency. Severe congestion is feared on the first working day after higher tolls went into force for the Eastern Harbour Tunnel.
2/5/05 About 200 entertainment businesses and restaurants along Nathan Road in Kowloon turned off their lights this evening - to protest against controversial legislation to ban smoking in restaurants and other venues.

Police will launch a Road Safety Campaign for tourists from May 1 to May 8 to promote their awareness of road safety and enlighten them on the importance of complying with traffic regulations. Tourists will be advised to cross the road using footbridges, pedestrian subways or light signal crossing facilities.

30/4/05 The Government reminded the public that traffic of Cross Harbour Tunnel, Western Harbour Crossing and roads around might be more congested than before on May 1 when the Eastern Harbour Crossing toll starts.
29/4/05 The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation suspended a driver who failed to stop at Tai Wo station during the morning rush hour. The corporation said initial findings showed that the incident was caused by human error.
28/4/05 A total of 55 primary students and parents fell ill after attending a buffet lunch at a Thai restaurant. They appeared to have suffered from bacterial fodd poisoning. They developed diarrhoea, nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting and fever. Thirty-three of them sought medical treatment.
27/4/05 Hong Kong's employment situation continues to be buoyant with half the companies here planning to hire more staff in the second quarter of this year. However, it warns of employee burnout in some industries because of long working hours here.
26/4/05 The MTRC unveiled its Disneyland Resort line, which cost the MTR two billion dollars and took over three years to build. Fares to Disneyland will cost between six and 26 dollars for a single journey. There will be contingency plans to handle large crowds.
25/4/05 Hong Kong's champion racehorse Silent Witness has set a new world record, with his 17th consecutive win. But there were chaotic scenes before the meeting began. More than twenty fans suffered slight injuries when crowds of people tried to claim free souvenir hats.

The government is planning to introduce higher hospital maternity fees for non-residents. There has been a surge in the number of mainland women coming here to give birth.

23/4/05 The Immigration Department today successfully prosecuted a Mainland visitor who breached his condition of stay. The man had established a business providing taxi transportation services while remaining as a visitor in Hong Kong .
22/4/05 Representatives from the pro-democracy camp met with senior Beijing officials in Shenzhen, to discuss the coming interpretation of the Basic Law. The group voiced opposition to the move, though welcomed the opportunity for face-to-face talks.
21/4/05 The head of the local Catholic Church Bishop Joseph Zen said the selection of the new pope provided a good opportunity to improve ties between the Vatican and China.
20/4/05 The head of the Tung Chung Rural Committee and a contractor were found guilty of fraud over the illegal excavation of tons of rocks from Tung Chung River on Lantau Island.
19/4/05 A couple came down with leptospirosis. The patients developed fever, chills and severe muscle pain. They were were in the Malaysian state of Sabah for a holiday prior to their falling ill.
18/4/05 About twelve thousand people took part in a march to protest against attempts by the Japanese government to whitewash its wartime past. The demonstrators strongly opposed Japan's bid to become a permanent member of the UN security council and its occupation of the Diaoyu Islands.
17/4/05 The Secretary for Commerce, Industry and Technology, John Tsang, says he doesn't think anti-Japanese waves will affect trade. He said Hong Kong people are rather rational and restrained and he believed anti-Japanese activities here won't damage Japan-related business.

One of the murderers of two Island School students at Braemar Hill in 1985 was given a fixed prison sentence of 35 years by the Court of First Instance.

15/4/05 Talks between staff and management of the Ocean Palace restaurant ended inconclusively. Staff were told that the owners would soon be filing for bankruptcy and that they should seek compensation from the insolvency fund.

According to a new study, some dim sum items are high in fat and sodium. Prolonged consumption of these products could lead to obesity and cardiovascular disease.
一項研究發現 , 部份中式點心的脂肪及鈉的含量偏高。長期食用會導致肥胖及心臟血管疾病。

13/4/05 A former RTHK employee was given a six-month suspended sentence after being convicted of conspiring to defraud the public broadcaster of 740-thousand dollars.
12/4/05 In view of the serious consequences caused by red-light jumping, the Environment, Transport and Works Bureau proposes to increase the driving offence points for jumping red-light from three to five, and increase the fixed penalty from $450 to $600 to create a stronger deterrent effect.
11/4/05 The SAR Government welcomes the adoption of the report of the Acting Chief Executive by the State Council to request the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress to make an interpretation regarding the term of office of the new Chief Executive.
特區政府歡迎國務院接納署理行政長官的報告提請全國人大常委會對 《 基本法》就新的行政長官的任期作出解釋。

Rechargeable batteries are to be collected at over three hundred locations throughout the territory. The programme is an extension of a trial launched in 2002 which proved to be feasible and cost-effective.
市民可以在全港300多個回收點, 把用完的充電池交回。這個計劃是2000年推出的試驗計劃的一個延伸, 這個試驗計劃證明充電池循環再造是可行及符合成本效益的。

9/4/05 Retail sales in February have risen 16.5 percent year on year to 16.7 billion dollars. The overall volume of retail sales were up because of the economic recovery and improving labour market conditions. A vibrant inbound tourism also contributed to the rise.
二月份零售銷貨價值是 167億元,較去年上升16%。二月份的數字強勁增長,主要是經濟復興,勞工市場情況改善,以及旅遊業維持蓬勃。
8/4/05 More than six thousand people attended a mass at the Catholic Cathedral at Mid-levels to pay final respect to the late Pope John Paul the second.
7/4/05 The acting chief executive, Donald Tsang, has announced that the government will seek an interpretation of Basic Law provisions on the term of the next C-E. He hoped that the National People's Congress could make the ruling at its meeting at the end of this month.

The Executive Council is expected to meet this morning. It seems likely the government would announce an N-P-C interpretation of the Basic Law on the tenure of the Chief Executive.


More than five thousand people attended a memorial mass for the Pope John Paul II at the Catholic Cathedral in Caine Road . The crowd was so large that many watched proceedings on giant screen in the Cathedral compound.
超過五千人出席,在堅道天主教座堂舉行的追思彌撒, 悼念 教 宗若望保祿二世 。由於人?太大,部份教友要在教堂外,透過大屏幕觀看儀式。

4/4/05 Tension between acting Chief Executive Donald Tsang Yam-kuen and the pro-Beijing camp has surged after a DAB lawmaker Choy So-yuk criticised him as being arrogant and disrespectful of patriotic values.
3/4/05 The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Advance Work Coordination Group recommended HK-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge would land in San Shek Wan of Northwest Lantau on the east, and in Gongbei / a Perola on the west.
珠澳大橋協調小組定出大橋的三個落腳點,分別是澳門的東方明珠、珠海的拱北和香港大嶼山的 散 石灣。
2/4/05 The new director of the Environmental Protection Department, Keith Kwok said the government would release a paper detailing the various ways to treat the territory's municipal waste, their respective costs and facilities needed. He stressed that charging for household waste is not a top priority.
1/4/05 Hong Kong Disneyland is hiring three thousand frontline staff. Most workers will get an above-average monthly salary of nine thousand dollars. They will serve in a variety of areas, from merchandizing, cleaning, food and beverage to security.
香港迪士尼樂園招聘三千個前前線職位,工種包括零售 、 清潔 、餐飲 及保安等,大部分職位起薪點九千元以上。

The government has welcomed a third potential supplier's interest in entering the local power market. China Power International Holdings and Hong Kong's Vertex Communications and Technology have announced plans to generate power from the mainland for sale in Hong Kong .
政府歡迎有公司有意進軍香港的電力市場。 慧峰集團和中電發展宣佈透過內地的電力資源,供應本港。


The Telecommunications Authority has found that four telecommunication firms adopted deceptive and misleading sales tactics. The Authority has established nine best practice benchmarks to improve industry sales practices and help safeguard consumer interests.
電訊管理局發現,有四間電訊公司採用欺騙和誤導性推銷手法 。電訊管理局已制訂九項最佳做法指標,藉以協助業界改善促銷手法及保障消費者利益。


Environmental group, Greenpeace, has found about five sites in the Northern New Territories that have been dumped with imported e-waste. The soil is found to contain excessive lead. It calls on the government to ban the importation of e-waste.

28/3/05 The Secretary for constitutional affairs, Stephen Lam, says whether the government would seek an interpretation on the Basic Law about the tenure of the new chief executive will depend on how the current situation develops.

An academic has urged the government to raise the toll of the Hunghom Harbour Crossing to divert traffic away from it. There's no point for the government to subsidize the Hung Hom tunnel, which had already reached its saturation point.
有學者促請政府調高紅隧收費,使車輛轉用其他 隧道。紅隧流量已經達到飽和,政府無理由補貼紅隧。

26/3/05 The Easter exodus kicked off yesterday with a record 790 flights into and out of Chek Lap Kok. But for those left behind there were plenty of fun things to do on the first day of the long Easter weekend.
復活節假期首日, 有破紀錄的 790班航班升降 機場 。留港的人在復活節假期的首個週末也有很多有趣的事情可做 。
25/3/05 Acting on a complaint from a major Japanese cartoon production house, customs officers seized six-million dollars worth of pirated VCDs of Japanese cartoons in Mongkok, including "Howl's Moving Castle", a newly released Japanese cartoon film.
海關在接獲日本動畫公司投訴後,於旺角進行突擊搜查,合共檢獲總值 600多萬元盜版日本動畫光碟, 其中包括最新上映的《哈爾移動城堡》日本動畫電影 。
24/3/05 When asked about the characteristics of a potential CE, the Financial Secretary, Henry Tang, highlighted the need for potential Chief Executives to be patriotic and have administrative ability.
23/3/05 A No.1 Alarm fire broke out at a domestic unit on the sixth floor of a building in Tsuen Wan at 5.33am yesterday morning. Two charred bodies were found at the scene.
22/3/05 Financial Secretary Henry Tang Ying-yen yesterday categorically ruled himself out of the chief executive race in July, making it highly likely that Donald Tsang Yam-kuen will be returned unopposed as Hong Kong's next leader.
21/3/05 The government is determined to press ahead with an election for a new Chief Executive on July the tenth. This is despite the possibility that someone might seek a judicial review of the new CE's term of office.

The Financial Secretary has dropped hints about further tax concessions if the economy performs well this year. He said it would have been risky to reduce income tax now because the economy was only just in the early stages of recovery.
財政司司長唐英年在公開論壇上 暗示,若果今年的經濟表現理想,會有較大稅務寬減空間。他認為減薪俸稅有一定風險,因為經濟剛復甦。

19/3/05 The importer and the wholesaler have recalled a slimming health product "Bioslim Herbal Tablets" which was found to contain bisacodyl.  It can cause discomfort such as abdominal pain and cramps. Prolonged use or overdosing on it can lead to excessive loss of water and electrolytes.
18/3/05 Customs officers have raided a pirated disc workshop and arrested a middle-aged couple and their two sons. They suspected the family had cooperated with a triad syndicate to run the operation in order to pay off huge debts.
17/3/05 Major political parties have given a mixed reaction to the budget. The Liberal Party said the budget had correctly addressed the problem of poverty. However, the DAB criticised the Financial Secretary for being too prudent and conservative.
16/3/05 Thirteen people came down with scallop poisoning. The patients developed nervous system-related symptoms including dizziness, limb weakness, and blurred vision after eating steamed scallops.

15/3/05 New World First Bus and CityBus are under pressure to raise bus fares as a result of the planned toll increase at the Eastern Harbour Tunnel. Costs have already soared because of volatile oil prices. The toll hike will drive costs up further.
14/3/05 More than 300 invaluable relics will be featured at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, showing the artistic and cultural changes that took place in China from Eastern Han to High Tang. Many of these national treasures are grade-one relics.

Tung Chee-hwa's resignation paves the way for Donald Tsang to become the acting chief executive. Donald Tsang has said that a new chief executive will be elected on July the 10th, and his term will last two years.
董建華 辭職為曾蔭權 署理行政長官鋪路。 曾蔭權說,新的行政長官將會在七月十日進行補選,並做餘下兩年任期。


The toll for private cars and taxis using the Eastern Harbour Tunnel is to be raised by $10 to $25. The higher toll was decided by arbitrators. The Government says it is very disappointed and extremely concerned about the decision.
仲裁人裁定東隧的私家車及的士收費,可增加 10元至25元。政府發言人表示,對仲裁結果非常失望,並極度關注今次加費。


Tung Chee-hwa formally submitted his resignation to Beijing yesterday, ending a historic and troubled reign as Hong Kong's first chief executive. He also confirmed that the Chief Secretary, Donald Tsang, was now poised to take over as acting chief executive.

10/3/05 Legco's committee on members' interests has recommended that the council should take action against Democratic Party legislator James To for failing to register an interest with Legco. A motion will be put forward early next month admonishing Mr To.
立法會“個人利益監察委員會”向立法會提交有關民主黨立法會議員涂謹申漏報利益一事的調查報告。委員會將會 在下月六日提出訓誡涂謹申的議案。
9/3/05 Recent signs of improvement in the economy have pushed the territory's consumer satisfaction index to a record high of nearly 70 points out of a hundred. The survey found many were dissatisfied with their shopping experiences across the border.
8/3/05 The Law Reform Commission has recommended that divorced parents share custody of their children. The Law Reform Commission has also suggested that the minimum age for marriage, without parental consent, should be lowered from 21 to 18.
7/3/05 Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa held an urgent meeting with his expected replacement, Donald Tsang Yam-kuen, last night - immediately after returning from Beijing. Mr Tung repeated that he would give an account of what he called "pressing issues" at an appropriate time.

President Hu Jintao gave high marks to the Chief Executive, Tung Chee-hwa, saying that Mr Tung had maintained Hong Kong 's stability and prosperity, and had made great contributions to the successful implementation of the one-country, two-systems formula.

5/3/05 The Court of First Instance ruled in favour of three flight attendants of Cathay Pacific, who had accused the airline of breaching its contract with them, when it stopped automatic promotions and annual pay increases.
國泰航空三名機艙服務員,不滿資方取消按年自動調升增薪點, 違反僱傭合約的規定 ,高等法院裁定員方勝訴。
4/3/05 Strong signals emerged that any successor to Tung Chee-hwa, if he leaves office prematurely, would just serve out the remainder of the chief executive's term until 2007 - not five years as stipulated by the Basic Law.
3/3/05 The Chief Executive, Tung Chee-hwa, declined to comment on widespread reports that he had resigned. He said that he would give an account of "pressing questions" at an appropriate time.
2/3/05 Tung Chee-hwa will step down as Hong Kong's chief executive, sources in Beijing said. He is expected to cite ill health and could leave as early as this month. Donald Tsang Yam-kuen is being tipped as Tung Chee-hwa's successor.
1/3/05 The global banking giant HSBC Holdings reported a 35 percent increase in profit for last year. The figure of 11.84 billion US dollars was in line with analysts' expectations.
28/2/05 The Chief Executive, Tung Chee-hwa, is to be appointed to the mainland's top advisory body, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. He may become a vice-chairman - a senior position equivalent to a state leader.
行政長官董建華將出任全國政協委員,董建華有機會獲選政協副主席 –職位等同國家領導人。
27/2/05 Overwhelming response was received at the Book Sale Campaign. More than 100,000 books were sold and about 12,800 people participated at the first day of the Sale of Donated books.

The Town Planning board has rejected Hopewell Holdings proposal to build Hong Kong 's biggest hotel in Wanchai. Members said the MegaTower project was too large to blend in with surrounding developments, and was not visually attractive.
城市規劃委員會否決合和實業在灣仔的發展項目,興建全港最大酒店 Mega Tower。城規會委員說:計劃規模過大,並且同周邊的發展不協調,景觀上有不好影響。

25/2/05 The Chinese University says it will uphold its bilingual teaching policy and set up a bilingual policy committee to collect views. Under the new policy, departments will need to offer more subjects in English if they opt to take in more overseas students.
24/2/05 The Secretary for health Welfare and Food Dr York Chow expressed support for the Chief Secretary Donald Tsang's call for Hong Kong people to have bigger families. However he stressed that it is up to the individual on whether they want to have more children or not.
23/2/05 Hong Kong's first auction of a commercial site since 2001 attracted frenzied bidding from developers, boosting confidence in the commercial property sector and swelling the government's coffers. The buyer was developer Sino Land. The lot was finally sold for 1.82 billion dollars.
22/2/05 Hong Kong 's windsurfing queen Olympic gold medallist, Li Lai-shan, has announced that she is three months pregnant. San-san's career as a windsurfer will be put on hold until the baby is born in the fall.

Police are hunting for a gunman who shot and wounded an insurance businessman in a crowded Causeway Bay restaurant. They suspect it could have been a robbery that went wrong, but also say the shooting had some unusual aspects.
一名從事保險業的男子在 銅鑼灣鬧市被一名槍手槍傷, 警方正追尋該名槍手 。 警方懷疑是行劫案,但就指事件不尋常 。

20/2/05 Park N'Shop removed four imported food items from its shelves because they contain dye which links to cancer. The British Food Standards Agency issued a warning about the discovery of the cancer inducing dye, called "Sudan One," in 359 foodstuff items on sale in Britain.
19/2/05 19/2/05 Lim Por-yen, chairman and founder of the Lai Sun Group, a hard-nosed garment, entertainment and property tycoon, passed away from a lung infection at the age of 93.
麗新集團創辦人林伯欣感染肺炎逝世,享年九十三歲。林伯欣生前是個精明的 製衣、娛樂和地產大亨 。
18/2/05 The Marine Department has launched an investigation into a collision between a ferry and a cargo vessel off Tsing Yi yesterday. It left 102 people injured. The collision occurred in poor visibility, as thick fog cut visibility to as little as 100 metres.
17/2/05 A woman was arrested after 17 people were burned by corrosive fluid dripping on them from a building in North Point. The woman said she had poured drainer cleaner into a broken toilet and some of its leaked onto the street.

Hong Kong 's Disneyland has started taking reservations for its two hotels ahead of the theme park's official opening in September. Rates for the hotel rooms range between one thousand and 18 hundred dollars.
香港迪士尼樂園兩間酒店開始接受預訂房間 , 迪士尼將於九月正式啟用 。園內兩間酒店的收費,房間價格由港幣 1,000元至1,800元。


An abseiler died in Tai Po after being found hanging sixty feet from the top of a cliff with a rope wrapped around his neck. A Government Flying Service helicopter was dispatched to the scene to rescue the man.


About seven hundred of the 10-thousand doctors in the territory smoke. Medical workers who smoke should set an example and quit the habit, according to a newly formed medical advisory group.
本港一萬名醫生中 , 約有七百人吸煙 。據一個新成立的 醫學顧問小組意見 , 吸煙的醫務人員應以身作則 , 戒除吸煙習慣 。

13/2/05 A falling branch from Tai Po's famous "wish-making tree" slightly injured a child and a man. Many people visit the tree during the Chinese New Year holidays, hoping for good luck. It was believed the branch broke under the sheer weight of the numerous "wishes" caught up in it.

A Hong Kong couple was killed in a bus crash near Guilin . The tourist coach was speeding in misty conditions before it plunged off a cliff. Two Hong Kong residents - a father and his son - were killed in a traffic accident in Beijing . They were travelling in a coach when it collided with a truck.


Donald Tsang says he plans to retire from public service in two years. When asked if he wanted to be Chief Executive, Mr Tsang laughed but did not answer the question.


The Year of the Rooster was greeted around the region as people marked the end of the Year of the Monkey. The Tourism Board estimated there were about 300,000 spectators for the New Year Night Parade and that it was seen by a global television audience of 340 million.
巿民送猴迎雞 。旅遊發展局估計,大約30萬人次觀賞花車巡遊, 全球同步欣賞直播有三億四千多萬觀眾 。


Chief Executive's Lunar New Year message: With one heart and respect different views, we will build a more prosperous and harmonious society. As spring returns and ushers in the Year of the Rooster, we wish everyone in Hong Kong a fruitful, harmonious and serene New Year.
行政長官農曆新年賀辭: 只要我們團結、包容,我們一定能夠建立一個更富裕、和諧的社會。金雞報曉,大地回春,我們恭祝全港市民和諧順景、家家安康。


The Housing Society has offered all owners of Albert House a maximum of 200 thousand dollars in interest-free loans, with a one year repayment period. Those experiencing financial difficulties can apply for a longer repayment period of up to five years.

7/2/05 The Liberal Party chairman, James Tien, warned that claims of collusion between the government and business could keep foreign investors away. Mr. Tien said when business was dragged into politics, the economy could get hurt.
6/2/05 Police have failed to find the head of a 16-year-old girl following an intensive search at a Ta Kwu Ling landfill. The girl's father surrendered to police yesterday, alleging he had killed the girl.
警方在打鼓嶺堆填區,尋找日前遭殺害的十六歲少女的頭顱,仍未有發現。少女的 父親涉嫌與案件有關,昨日到警署自首。

A civil servant has won a judicial review against the administration for cutting the salaries of government staff. Mr Justice Hartmann said the Public Officers Pay Adjustment Ordinance was inconsistent with the Basic Law.

4/2/05 Democrat Alex Ho Wai-to, who was detained on the mainland for allegedly hiring a prostitute, denied hiring a prostitute, saying he was wrongly accused. But he would quit the party.
3/2/05 The government released documents exchanged between the administration and PCCW on the Cyberport project. The Secretary for Commerce, Industry and Trade, John Tsang, said the government wanted to allay concerns on possible collusion between government and big business.
2/2/05 Comedian Stephen Chow's "Kung Fu Hustle" is the top contender at this year's Hong Kong Film Awards. The Hollywood-financed movie about kung fu masters is the top nominee, with 16 nods in 18 available categories.
周星馳電影《功夫》是本屆香港電影金像獎的主要競爭者。電影是由荷里活出資製作有關功夫大師, 獲十六項提名。
1/2/05 The Department of Health is concerned about the report of outbreaks of meningococcal meningitis in Eastern China. The disease is characterized by sudden onset of fever, intense headache, nausea and vomiting, stiff neck and shock and even death in severe cases.
31/1/05 DAB lawmaker, Choy So-yuk, criticized the Chief Executive, Tung Chee-hwa, for failing to improve on his shortcomings. She accused him of wavering when it came to making decisions on certain issues.

The Health Secretary, York Chow, said the government had decided against banning the import of plants despite the red ant menace.


Lawmakers vetoed a motion of thanks to the Chief executive, Tung Chee-hwa, for his policy address. This is the fifth time Mr. Tung's policy speech has been voted down by Legco. An amendment seeking to express deep regret to this year's address was also defeated.

28/1/05 The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department has found more traces of red fire ants after intensified inspection. 40 mounds of the suspected ant species have so far been found within the Hong Kong Wetland Park area, 19 of which have been destroyed with pesticide and properly treated.
27/1/05 Red fire ant nests are found in in the wetland park in Tin Shui Wai. Red fire ants are believed to have invaded Hongkong from Guangdong. The government has set up a taskforce to prevent the spread of the aggressive insects.
26/1/05 The Agricultural and Fisheries Department is considering random inspections of imported festive plants from the mainland. This follows the discovery of the red fire ants in flower and fruit nurseries in Shenzhen. Their bite can prove fatal in some cases.
25/1/05 The overall law and order situation saw obvious improvement in 2004, with a drop in most of the crimes, in particular homicide, robbery, burglary and snatching despite a rise in such crimes as serious narcotics offences, criminal intimidation and rape.
24/1/05 The Secretary for Education and Manpower, Arthur Li said he might try out small-class teaching with poor children, as studies have shown their learning abilities would be improved in such an environment.

The government says it expects a much lower budget deficit this year than it had estimated. The Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury, Frederick Ma, said this was mainly due to better-than-expected revenue from profits and salaries tax; as well as stamp duty.


A candle-lit vigil took place at Victoria Park to mourn the death of former Communist Party leader, Zhao Ziyang. Mr Zhao publicly sided with student demonstrators during the Tiananmen democracy protests in 1989.
悼念中共前總書記趙紫陽燭光晚會在維園舉行。趙紫陽在八九民運公開 支持天安門示威學生。

21/1/05 The Chief Executive of the Monetary Authority, Joseph Yam, warned the investment environment for the coming year would be tough. Mr Yam announced results on the performance of the government's Exchange Fund last year. The fund made 56.7 billion dollars in investment income.
20/1/05 Yesterday's Legislative Council session was aborted after 24 pro-democracy lawmakers to mourn the death of former Communist Party leader Zhao Ziyang and pro-government legislators stayed out of the meeting in protest at what they called unruly behaviour by pro-democracy lawmakers.
19/1/05 The President of the Legislative Council, Rita Fan, rejected a request to hold a moment of silence during the meeting of the legislature to pay tribute to Zhao Ziyang. She said that the matter was not urgent.
18/1/05 The Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China praised Zhao Ziyang for his unwavering opposition against the bloody crackdown on the student-led pro-democracy movement in 1989.
17/1/05 A nine-year-old Hong Kong girl, whose father and brother were killed in the tsunami disaster, lost her three-week fight for survival in a Phuket hospital.

The chief executive once again reflected on the administration's shortcomings but promised to be more active in listening to people's views. Tung Chee-hwa said in RTHK's "Hong Kong Letter" he would make the elimination of poverty a top priority.


15-year old boy Hui king-lam, who went missing on a school trip to the Mainland, turned up in his relative's home in Guangzhou yesterday.

14/1/05 Tung Chee-hwa insists that his administration practises "people-based governance". But some lawmakers questioned why officials continued to ignore public opposition to the government plan for the West Kowloon cultural hub and their refusal to implement small class teaching.
13/1/05 In his eighth policy address, the chief executive, Tung Chee-hwa, announced a series of measures to fight poverty, including the setting up of a poverty commission. Legco's banking representative, David Li said this was the best policy address the chief executive had made as it was pragmatic.
12/1/05 More than twenty representatives from the education sector and student unions strongly opposed the government's proposed budget cuts on tertiary education. The Institute of Education would face a reduction of 33 percent over the coming three years.
二十多個教育團體及大專生的代表,強烈反對政府削減大學撥款。教育學院在未來三年會被削 減撥款三分一。
11/1/05 Lawmakers expressed concern over the large turnover of Native English Teachers at primary schools in Hongkong. Almost half of these teachers chose not to renew their contracts last year.
10/1/05 Over a thousand students and teachers gathered at the Shatin Sports Ground, urging the government to implement small class teaching. Representatives say with the huge decline in births, schools can switch to the new teaching mode.
超過一千名學生和教師,在沙田運動場舉行集會,爭取落實小班教學。代表說,由於現時出生 人口大幅下降,學校可轉用新的教學模式。

It is expected that details of how to tackle poverty will be announced in the Chief Executive Tung Chee Hwa's policy address on Wednesday. The measures will focus on those most in need.


More than 30 million dollars was raised in a concert featuring local, Taiwan and mainland pop stars at the Hong Kong Stadium for victims of the tsunami disaster.
中港台歌星在大球場演出的南亞海嘯賑災大匯演, 籌得款項超過三千萬元。

7/1/05 The government has suffered an embarrassing defeat over its West Kowloon Cultural District plans in Legco. A motion opposing its plan to award the huge project to a single consortium and remove the giant canopy as a required feature has been endorsed by lawmakers.
6/1/05 The Mayor of Taipei, Ma Ying-jeou, criticised the Hong Kong authorities for refusing to grant him a visa to visit the territory. Mr Ma said Hong Kong would be making a very unwise decision if the ban was politically motivated.
5/1/05 Three men involved in pyramid scheme related fraud were imprisoned for the offence of conspiracy to defraud. The three defendants offered plans, in which the participants could receive a rebate in introducing any new client to join the investment plan.
4/1/05 Discretion has been granted to a public housing tenant who accumulated 16-points for hygiene related offences and is facing eviction. The Appeal Tribunal made the decision after taking into account the households' family status.
3/1/05 Two more Hong Kong persons have been confirmed dead in the tsunami disaster in Thailand, bringing the number of Hong Kong fatalities to six. The two were found on Phi Phi Island.

Fears are rising that Hong Kong 's deathtoll could rise further. The government support team in Phuket say they've found a number of identity cards in the heavily devastated district of Khao Lak.


Twenty political parties and other groups have launched a week-long drive to raise money for disaster relief. The government, together with five charity organisations, will hold a fund raising event at the Hong Kong stadium this afternoon.
二十多個政黨及團體一連七日進行救 災 募捐。政府聯同五個慈善機構,今日在大球場舉辦慈善籌款演出。