Ngong Ping 360 cable car system is scheduled to re-open to the public today after undergoing a series of test rides in the past week. During the test run, there were occasional delays or stoppages, ranging from 30 seconds to 8 minutes. Ngong Ping 360 would utilize the public broadcast system so that the public would be informed of any delays as soon as possible.
經過一星期試搭,昂坪 360 纜車 今天重開。 試搭期間偶爾出現延誤及停止,為時由30秒至8分鐘。昂坪360會使用廣播,盡快通知公眾服務延誤。


The standing committee of the National People's Congress has given the go-ahead for the people to elect the chief executive in 2017. It ruled out full democracy in 2012, and the ratio in the Legislative Council between directly elected members and functional constituency representatives must be maintained at fifty-fifty. 2020 is the earliest date at which the people will be able to elect the entire legislature.
人大常委會通過 2017年可以先普選行政長官,否決2012雙普選,立法會功能團體及直選議員的比例維持在各50。 立法會普選最快在 2020 年實行。


Ten men came down with suspected food poisoning after eating turkey in a restaurant in Central. The patients developed symptoms such as vomitting, diarrhoea, stomach pain and nausea within hours of consuming the turkey. Initial investigations suggested that the outbreak could be linked to bacterial infection.


The environmental concern group, Green Sense, accused companies seeking listing of printing too many prospectuses for investors. They said at least 900 tonnes of paper, equivalent to 15 thousand trees, were used last year. Green Sense also urged the Stock Exchange to ban oil and coal mining companies from listing in Hong Kong , saying these companies are harmful to the environment.
環保組織 「環保觸覺」指責新上市公司印製過量招股書給投資者,最少耗用 900噸紙張,相等於砍伐15000棵樹。「環保觸覺」又 建議港交所否決破壞環境的石油及煤礦公司上市。


Animal rights groups say the police have been turning a blind eye to a series of brutal attacks on stray cats. They have reported at least five serious attacks over the past three months, in which dozens of cats have viciously been maimed or killed. But the police officers had been "indifferent" to the attacks.
愛護動物組織表示,警方漠視接二連三嚴重虐待流浪貓的案件。過去三個月,他們已舉報五宗虐貓事件,數十隻貓被殺或 受重傷,但 警方對虐待案態度冷淡。


Dozens of less well-off people marched to the Central Government Offices calling on the administration to provide more funding for the less well-off families. They said the less well-off should be given more assistance with regard to housing, education and child care services. They also called for steps to help pay the rent of those living in cramped bed-space apartments.
幾十名低收入人士遊行至政府總部,要求政府增加對低收入家庭的資助。他們希望當局在房屋、教育及托兒等方面,支援低收入家庭。他們要求政府提供租金津貼予居住在擁 擠 床位 的 人士。


The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress won't set a timetable for universal suffrage in Hong Kong . This emerged as members held discussions in Beijing on political reform. Meanwhile, a hunger-strike by Democratic Party members to call for universal suffrage in 2012 entered its second day.
在北京人大常委會討論本港政制發展已清楚顯露 ,人大常委會將不會制定普選時間表。與此同時,民主黨以絕食方式爭取 2012 普選, 進入第二日。


Cheung Chau residents rushed to supermarkets to snap up bottled water when water supply stopped for two hours yesterday afternoon. Restaurant owners were hit most as some holidaymakers decided to leave the island earlier. The suspension was caused by a leaking main water pipe which supplies water to Cheung Chau.
長洲昨午暫停供水近兩小時,市民紛紛到超市搶購樽裝水。停水打擊酒家東主最大,因為假日遊客提早離開。 斷供食水是由於輸送食水往長洲的其中一條主水管爆裂。


The Commerce Secretary, Frederick Ma, says he is confident the Lantau cable car system will become one of the most popular tourist attractions here. He was speaking after taking the first test ride on the system since its closure in June after an empty cabin crashed to the ground. It is scheduled to re-open to the public at the end of this month.
商務及經濟發展局局長馬時亨試搭昂坪纜車後表示,他有信心纜車會成為最受歡迎的旅遊景點之一。昂坪纜車一個無載客車廂,今年 6 月中墮下,之後一直停止服務,計劃在本月 31 日重開。


Hong Kong 's two power companies have announced higher electricity tariffs from New Year Day , citing increasing fuel prices. Hong Kong Electric is increasing its tariff by 6 percent, while CLP Power will raise its fuel surcharge by 4.5 percent. A total of 2.8 million families and companies will be affected.
香港兩間電力公司港燈及中電分別宣佈元旦起加電費,援引燃料價格上升為理由。港燈加電費 6%,中電加幅 4.5%。二百八十萬家庭及公司受影響。

21/12/07 Inflation in the territory continues to creep up. The November consumer price index was 3.4 percent - its highest level in nine years. The rise was led by fuel costs and rents. The spokesman said that looking ahead, the sustained economic expansion, the high food and oil prices, the weakening of the US dollar and the appreciation of renminbi would continue to exert pressures on prices.

The Executive Council has given the green light for preliminary planning and design of the 7-kilometre South Island Line eastern section which will run from Admiralty to South Horizons. The proposed railway line will provide a fast, convenient and reliable means of public transport to and from Southern District.

19/12/07 A 20-year-old Baptist University physics student who had just celebrated the end of her first-year exams was found dead in a university hostel room yesterday. She had drunk some beer and Chinese liquor. The girl had a history of heart problems and consuming alcohol could worsen her condition.
18/12/07 The number of visitors to the Hong Kong Disneyland theme park dropped 23 percent to just over 4 million in its second year of operation. The drop in attendance was mainly due to a lack of interest by Hongkongers. Locals fell 11 per cent but mainlanders rose 5 per cent.
香港迪士尼樂園 第二個營運年度入場人數只得逾400萬,下跌兩成三,入場人數下跌主要是港人對樂園失去興趣。本地人入場人次下跌逾一成一,但內地旅客增加百分之五。
17/12/07 A newly qualified driver and another passenger were killed in a car crash in Tsuen Wan when a reassembled car hit a lamppost. The car was ripped in two, with the back compartment coming to rest 20 metres apart. There are calls for tougher regulations for new drivers and the safety of reassembled cars.

The Chief Secretary, Henry Tang, says a public opinion poll is not the only way to determine when to implement universal suffrage. He says the Chief Executive carefully considered various factors before submitting political reform proposals to Beijing . These included views gathered from the Legislative and District councils.

15/12/07 The Consumer Council tested 100 samples of spectacles taken from 25 optical shops and found that 54 pairs were fitted with lenses that failed to conform to prescriptions. The Consumer Council pointed out that the optometrists are responsible for checking the spectacles before giving them to customers.
14/12/07 Former Tourism Board executive director Chong Ming-wah told a Public Accounts Committee hearing yesterday she needed a health insurance policy that cost HK$177,000 because her health was bad after joining the board .The policy - described as “super medical scheme”– was criticized in an Audit Commission report last month.
13/12/07 In his report to the central government on political reform, the Chief Executive Donald Tsang said implementing universal suffrage for Chief Executive first in 2012 is the expectation of more than half of the public but it will stand a better chance of being accepted by the majority in our community by no later than 2017.
12/12/07 A 14-year-old girl was arrested over the death of a newborn baby who was thrown from a housing block in Yuen Long. The girl comes from a single-parent family and lives with her father, an elder sister and younger sister. Secretary for Labour and Welfare Matthew Cheung Kin-chung said he hoped young people would look for help if they were in trouble.
警方扣查一名14歲少女,懷疑與元朗一宗新生嬰兒死亡案有關,嬰兒被人從高處擲下。少女來自單親家庭,與父親及姊妹同住。勞工及福利局長張建宗 希望青少年遇有困難要尋求協助。
11/12/07 Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation yesterday cancelled a plan to raise the minimum ATM withdrawal amount to HK$300, five days after its announcement last Thursday. The decision to raise the minimum ATM withdrawal amount prompted strong criticism, accusing the bank of lacking corporate social responsibility.
10/12/07 About 1300 Tin Shui Wai residents flocked to a recruitment fair in the area that offered 150 temporary jobs at the forthcoming Asia Games fair. Free transportation and lunch will be offered to successful applicants who will be paid $350 a day. A spokesman said the company wanted to help Tin Shui Wai residents in the district notorious for its lack of job opportunities and community facilities.

A little egret found dead in Tuen Mun on Monday has tested positive for the H5N1 bird flu virus. The bird's body was found in Tuen Mun Park . According to a survey conducted by H5N1 Concern Group, sixty-two per cent of Hong Kong people have a low awareness about the risk of a bird flu outbreak in Hong Kong.
在屯門撿獲的小白鷺經測試後,對 H5N1禽流感呈陽性反應。這頭小白鷺屍體星期一在屯門公園被發現。H5N1關注組調查顯示,六成二受訪香港對預防禽流感的警覺性低。


HSBC will raise the minimum cash withdrawal requirement from ATM machines to HK$300 from HK$100 from January 6. The new policy aims to improve the queue time to make the ATM service more efficient. The Consumer Council said the policy would cause inconvenience to the underprivileged .
匯豐銀行宣布明年 1 月 6 日起,旗下自動櫃員機的提款下限由 100 元升至 300 元,匯豐解釋新措施有助減低近輪候時間,令櫃員機服務更有效率 。消委會表示匯豐新措施為弱勢社群構成不便。

7/12/07 About 20 students interrupted a graduation ceremony at Chinese University, at which former chief executive Tung Chee-hwa was awarded an honorary doctorate. The students said Mr Tung's performance as chief executive didn't justify the honour. Mr. Tung asked the students to respect the big day of graduates and their parents.
6/12/07 On her first day in Legco, new lawmaker Anson Chan Fan On-sang was accused by the secretary for home affairs Tsang Tak-sing of being a “sudden democrat” who “suddenly cares about people's livelihood”. Anson Chan decried the comments by Tsang as a “provocation and personal attack”.
新任立法會 議員陳方安生首天出席立法會會議,民政事務局長曾德成指責陳方安生「忽然民主和忽然民生」。陳方安生譴責曾德成的言論是挑釁及人身攻擊。
5/12/07 Hong Kong pupils aged 15 achieved high ratings in the Programme for International Student Assessment 2006. They ranked second in science, third in mathematics and also third in reading. An Education Bureau spokesman said that the flying colours were the result of concerted efforts of schools and teachers.
4/12/07 A mother who allegedly used her nine-year-old daughter to carry dangerous drugs from Shenzhen to Hong Kong was accused of ill-treating the young girl. The mother, a part-time cleaner who earns HK$2,500 a month, admitted using her daughter to carry drugs in order to gain rewards of HK$1,400 per trip. Immigration records showed the girl had made 40 trips since July.
3/12/07 Anson Chan, former chief secretary, secured 55 per cent of the vote to defeat Mrs Ip, former secretary of security, in the Legislative Council by-election for Hong Kong Island. Mrs. Chan said after the poll she had gained invaluable experience from the campaign, while Mrs. Ip said she had given her best and received great reward from her campaign.

Speaking at the Hong Kong Volunteer Award presentation ceremony 2007, the wife of the Chief Executive, Mrs Selina Tsang, called on families in Hong Kong to participate in voluntary service. She said, "Volunteer service is the key to building up a harmonious society. Participation as a family in volunteer service will not only enhance family harmony but help in building up a caring society."
行政長官夫人曾鮑笑薇在「 2007 年香港義工嘉許典禮」上,呼籲全港家庭齊來參與義工服務。她說:「義工服務是構建和諧社會的重要元素。一家人一同參與義工服務,不但可以增進家庭和諧,更有利建立仁愛互助的社會。」


The World Health Organization will classify overnight shift work as a "probable" carcinogen. Scientists suspect night shifts disrupt the body's biological clock and can raise the chances of developing cancer. The news has raised concern among unions since about 25 percent of the working population in Hong Kong work night shifts.

30/11/07 According to a global study, the reading ability of Hong Kong primary four students is the second highest in the world. In 2001, the territory was ranked 14th. Professor Tse Shek-kam of Hong Kong University said government educational reforms had contributed to the improvement as schools were able to conduct more reading programs.

The Audit Commission criticised the Tourism Board for overpaying seven senior staff by more than 25 percent. And, it said the organisation had failed to seek government approval for a medical plan with a premium of HK$177,000 for the board's former executive director Clara Chong Ming- wah and her family.
審計署批評旅遊發展局,多支付七名高級員工薪酬25%以上。 旅發局未經財政府審批下,批准前總幹事臧明華及其家人購買一份保費17.7萬元的醫療保險。


Consumers have to pay HK$38 for a catty of fresh pork, up HK$2, - the fourth rise in six months after Ng Fung Hong raised the wholesale price of pork by 8 percent yesterday. The company said the adjustment reflected rises on the mainland. Soaring pork prices are putting enormous pressure on restaurants.
五豐行豬肉半年內第四度加價, 每斤豬肉零售價調高 8%,增加2元。 五豐行指出,價格調整是反映內地豬價上升。 豬肉價上漲令酒樓餐館承受巨大的壓力。

27/11/07 Free digital television will be introduced on December 31 for 50 per cent of the population. It will be extended to cover 75 per cent population coverage by August next year. Viewers need to buy a set-top box to receive the digital signal and public cable system of their building will also need to be upgraded. The main benefits of digital TV are significantly clearer and sharper images and enhanced sound quality.
26/11/07 A couple were arrested in Shek Yam for allegedly neglecting their five daughters aged between one and seven. The two youngest children were always seen naked playing on the corridor and even fouled public places. The couple, said to be jobless and living on welfare handouts, are reportedly seeking a divorce.
石蔭一對夫婦涉嫌疏忽照顧五名由一歲至七歲女兒被扣查。兩名年幼女兒常在走廊赤裸玩耍及便溺。據悉,涉事夫婦皆失業及申領綜援 ,並正在辦理離婚手續。

Police will run a two-week territory-wide pedestrian road safety campaign from November 25 to December 8. The campaign is aimed at educating pedestrians, in particular senior citizens, on road safety. Police figures show that a total of 72 pedestrians were killed in traffic accidents in the first 10 months of this year, an increase of nine persons compared with the same period in 2006. Among the deceased, 64 per cent were over the age of 60.


According to the Family Planning Association's latest findings, teenagers have become more liberal towards sex. The number of Secondary 3 to Secondary 7 students who were reported to have had sex more than doubled - from 5.6 percent in 1996 to 13.2 percent last year. The survey showed that the young do not have sufficient knowledge about sex and pregnancy.


The Mass Transit Railway Corporation has announced a series of fare cuts from next month, when it merges with the Kowloon Canton Railway Corporation. Passengers who use Octopus cards to travel across the two railway networks will enjoy discounts of up to 35 percent. Some 2.8 million passengers are expected to benefit from fare reductions. A legislator expressed disappointment at the level of the fare reductions, saying they won't be of much benefit to the vast majority of commuters.
地鐵宣佈兩鐵下月正式合併後, 一連串的 車費減幅。乘客使用八達通轉乘兩鐵,可享有高達 3 成半減幅, 每日有 280萬名乘客受惠。有立法會議員表示對減幅失望 , 認為大部分乘客受惠不大。

22/11/07 A jobless man who lost HK$300,000 on the stock market jumped from a Mong Kok railway footbridge in a suicide attempt yesterday. He was taken conscious to hospital. The man told police he had borrowed the money from relatives and overdrawn his bank credit cards.
21/11/07 Starting from today, ParknShop will not hand out plastic bags to customers. If customers need plastic bags, they will be encouraged to donate 20 HK cents for each biodegradable plastic bag with the proceeds going to environmental projects. By doing so, the supermarket chain will save 50 million plastic bags next year.
20/11/07 Hong Kong's unemployment rate has dropped to a nine-year low of 3.9 percent. This is 0.2 percent down from the previous figure. The government said this reflected the robust state of our economy and the buoyancy of the labour market. Jobs were created mainly in the catering, manufacturing, recreation and real estate sectors.
19/11/07 A record 1.14 million people voted yesterday in the city's most competitive district council elections ever, with a turnout exceeding 38 per cent. Yesterday's ballot came amid a buoyant economy and improved public sentiment. The DAB is the big winner in the District Council Elections. The party won 115 seats - almost double the number it gained in the last election.

Eight Hong Kong students achieved excellent results in the 7th China Western Mathematical Olympiad. They won one gold, three silver and three bronze medals. The Hong Kong team members also actively participated in various exchange activities. They not only took the chance to familiarise themselves with the motherland but also had their sense of national identity, communication and inter-personal skills strengthened.


Shenzhen police smashed an underground bank in Shenzhen that remitted more than 430 million renminbi to the Hong Kong stock and property markets over the past 18 months. The network has operated for more than seven years, with average daily transactions totaling eight-million yuan.
深圳破獲一個地下錢莊, 年半以來,已有 43 億 匯到香港炒股票及樓。 地下錢莊經營七年多, 平均每日交易金額達 800萬元。

16/11/07 A survey by the General Chamber of Commerce shows that 40 percent of businesses felt Hong Kong's competitiveness had declined in the past year and more than half said this situation was unlikely to improve in the next three to five years. Most of them were concerned about the poor language skills of local workers, a shortage of labour and rising operational costs.
15/11/07 A Consumer Council investigation has found that dried lizard and snake are being sold in dried seafood stores as crocodile meat. It tested 24 samples and discovered that only eight were genuine crocodile meat. Crocodile meat is highly sought-after here in the belief that it can cure asthma and respiratory illness.
消委會調查發現,有海味店舖以蜥蜴及蛇肉充當鱷魚肉出售。消委會測試 24個鱷魚肉樣本,只有8個樣本是真正的鱷魚肉。鱷魚肉廣受歡迎,據說可以醫治哮喘及呼吸疾病。
14/11/07 The managing director of McDonald's, Lau Sze-shing, was charged with accepting illegal commissions in return for allowing a food company to supply corn to the chain. Mr. Lau is alleged to have received about ten percent of the order price as commission. McDonald's said it does not condone illegal practices. Lau had been suspended without pay.
13/11/07 Twenty-one urban and New Territories taxi organizations applied to collect a HK$1 fare surcharge for every trip to pay for the soaring cost of fuel. Transport Department chief transport officer Ken Hui said the government will follow established procedure and will process the application promptly and immediately.

Angry animal lovers took to the streets yesterday following police inaction over a brutal animal cruelty case. The incident involved a one-month-old kitten, named Blue Blue, which was abandoned in the street with its hind legs chopped off. The protesters demand that police set up a special team to deal with cruelty to animals.
早前僅一個月大的小貓「藍藍」被人切斷後肢遺棄街頭,令關注動物權益人士憤慨,昨日 遊行抗議警方在虐待動物的問題上毫無反應,要求 警方成立特別小組,處理虐待動物 問題 。


Standing Committee on Language Education and Research says there are obstacles in the way of having Putonghua taught in schools here. These include the lack of suitable teaching materials and people familiar with teaching in Putonghua. The government is pumping 200-million dollars in the next four years to help about 160 schools to adopt the language.
語文教育及研究常務委員會表示,推行普通話教學有 障礙, 本港缺乏普通話相關教材及熟悉教普通話的教師。政府會在下學年起共 4 學年, 撥款二億元, 資助 160 所學校用普通話教中文。


The Chairman of the Hong Kong Film Development Council, Mr Jack So, said that the filming of the latest Batman sequel, "The Dark Knight" in the city would help promote Hong Kong 's image and development in many respects. He said overseas film productions in Hong Kong might bring in new technology and facilitate exchanges, benefiting the local film industry.
香港電影發展局主席蘇澤光表示,《蝙蝠俠-黑夜之神》攝製隊來港拍攝,有助提升香港的形象及推動各方面的發展。   海外電影製作可為香港引入新技術及促進交流,令本地電影業受惠。

9/11/07 The Hong Kong Exchange Fund earned a record HK$114.6 billion in investment income for the first nine months, thanks to soaring share prices. The Chief Executive of the Monetary Authority, Joseph Yam, said he supported the idea that the government should “hand back wealth to residents” through tax relief and help relieve poverty if there was a large surplus.
8/11/07 A man climbed down a rope to attack his former girlfriend living on the 24th floor of a block of flats, leaving her critically wounded. The girl sustained multiple knife wounds to her neck and left shoulder. Police are investigating the motive for the attack. It is understood that the victim and her former boyfriend broke up early this year and she had a new lover.
7/11/07 Shares in Alibaba.com nearly doubled from its offer price on its first trading day, becoming the best performing new stock of the year. The mainland electronic commerce company is now the second most valuable internet firm in Asia. Alibaba's current price represents a price-to-earnings ratio of 316 times, the dotcom with the highest p/e in the world.
6/11/07 The Financial Secretary, John Tsang, says fiscal reserves are expected to surge to HK$587.9 billion by 2012 – enough to cover government expenditure for 24 months. He says the Government wants to keep healthy surpluses, as a safeguard against market volatility and to defend Hongkong's currency peg.
財政司司長曾俊華預計, 2012年的財政儲備會升至5879億元,足以支付24個月的政府開支。他表示,政府想保持儲備在一個健康的水平,以防市場的反覆無常及捍衛香港的聯系匯率。
5/11/07 A survey showed that youngsters of Hong Kong were indifferent to international affairs. 49 per cent of the secondary students interviewed described world affairs as irrelevant. Most respondents paid most attention to the celebrities, fashion, music and movies of Japan, the United States and the mainland. It is suggested that the government should revise the school curriculum and set up a youth fund to encourage students to broaden their global vision.  

Premier Wen Jiabao says it is necessary to study the impact on Hong Kong financial markets before opening the so-called "through train" scheme allowing mainlanders direct purchase of stocks here. He said there had to be regulations on the outflow of capital which the Premier said might bring turbulence to stock market and the economy on the mainland.
總理溫家寶表示,落實推行港股 「直通車」,淮許內地居民直接買港 股之前,要考慮政策對香港金融市場可能造成之影響 。溫家寶又說,政府會 制訂法規,規管內地資金流出 ,防止內地股市及經濟大起大落。


The government launched a five-month public consultation exercise on a plan to ban idling vehicles. Under the proposals, drivers who don't turn off their engines while they wait, would face a $320 fixed penalty fine. However, there would be a string of exemptions, including the first two taxis or minibuses at a public stand.
政府就立法規管停車熄匙展開 5個月公眾諮詢。當局建議,司機停車後必須立即熄匙,違例者可遭定額罰款320元。 部分車輛可獲豁免,包括的士或小巴站車龍首兩部車可獲豁免。

2/11/07 Police confiscated T-shirts and postcards printed with the Chinese characters for "14-K" from a home accessories chain store and arrested 18 people. The police say possessing triad products is a violation of the law and people wearing a shirt with such logos will be arrested. The company's marketing manager said 14-K referred to gold - not the triad society.
1/11/07 Secretary for Education Michael Suen Ming-yeung admitted that 3.5 percent - or about 290 out of 8,400 associate degree students - were not qualified for admission last year. However, he stressed that tertiary institutions offering such courses have a "lenient entry, stringent exit," policy. He said associate degree courses have become more popular because they offer more choices of study.
教育局局長孫明揚承認,去年有3.5%副學士學生未達入學要求,佔總收生8,400 人中290人。但他強調大專院校提供課程時有「寬進嚴出」政策。他表示副學士課程日益受歡迎,因為課程提供更多進修機會。
31/10/07 Secretary for Labour and Welfare Matthew Cheung Kin-chung yesterday paid a visit to Tin Shui Wai, meeting residents and representatives. Residents’ main complaints included a lack of government resources and employment opportunities. Cheung pledged to introduce measures to promote mutual community support and review welfare needs. He said that Tin Shui Wai would not be labelled as "town of sadness".
30/10/07 A survey found school rules on the use of mobile phones on campus, dyed hair and hair gels, and dress codes such as knee-length skirts for girls are the least popular with students. More than 60 per cent of students had broken school rules at least once. More than 60 per cent said forbidding students from developing romantic ties with schoolmates should not be included in school regulations.
29/10/07 Employers of foreign domestic helpers staged a protest march in Central against the government's decision not to abolish a 4-hundred dollar levy they are required to pay each month. The Government says funds from the levy are used to train local workers. But employer groups said Hong Kong's resurgent economy has eliminated the need for the levy entirely.

A survey found that one in five secondary students suffered psychological or emotional problems over the past year. Just over seven in ten of them said they hadn't been able to deal with their troubles. It is suggested schools introduce mental health education to foster better understanding of the issue among students.
一項調查顯示,逾兩成受訪中學生過去一年曾受情緒或精神問題困擾,超過七成學生不能夠處理困難。 負責調查的團體建議,將精神健康教育納入學校課程,以提高學生關注精神及情緒問題。


The Democratic Party decided to publish an announcement in newspapers in 4 newspapers today, setting out its position on the party's support for Beijing hosting next year's Olympic Games. Martin Lee Chu-ming rejected accusations that he urged a boycott of the Games in a newspaper article. The Chief Secretary, Henry Tang, said the Olympics should not be politicised.
民主黨決定今日在 4 份報章刊登聲明,重點強調民主黨支持奧運的立場。李柱銘否認撰文要求抵制北京奧運。政務司長唐英年表示,奧運不應被政治化。

26/10/07 The Medical Council found a doctor guilty of improperly issuing 32 sick-leave certificates to a patient in three months. The doctor granted 40 days’ leave in 32 certificates to a patient who often came to the clinic in the afternoon to ask for sick leave covering the same day. The patient was sacked by her company and her employer also lodged a complaint with the council.
25/10/07 China's first lunar orbiter made a successful lift-off from its launch site in Sichuan province. The probe - named Chang'e One - is a year-long mission. It is due to enter the moon's orbit in about a week's time and should beam back pictures of the planet's surface by the end of November. China's ultimate goal is to put a man on the moon within 15 years.
24/10/07 The government will pay two-thirds of the cost of the new West Island MTR line, which will connect Sheung Wan and Kennedy Town. There will also be stops at Sai Ying Pun and the University of Hong Kong. The Government has agreed to make a $6-billion capital grant to the MTRC, because revenue from property development cannot cover the cost.
23/10/07 The Transport Advisory Committee has launched a public consultation on possible changes to taxi services. It hopes to address the concerns over discount taxis and the currently illegal practice of "taxi-pooling" - the sharing of one cab between different passengers. Some drivers worried that the proposals could lead to an overall fare reduction and loss of income for all drivers.
交諮發表檢討的士服務的諮詢文件,致力處理有關的士提供折扣,以及現時違法「泥坁滿v方式收費 - 數名乘客分擔車費。有的士司機憂慮,提議會導致車費全面下調及司機收入減少。
22/10/07 Tin Shui Wai residents are calling for more and better social services in the troubled district, which has been experiencing a series of family tragedies. They urge the government to create more job opportunities in Tin Shui Wai and give more subsidies to mutual aid committees to hold more activities and help families with hidden problems.

The Democratic Party's former chairman, Yeung Sum, called into doubt the two new tiers of political appointees and said these positions - open to people with party backgrounds - might be used for providing political advantage. He said the best way to nurture political talents is to implement universal suffrage.


The Assistant Broadcasting Director Cheung Man-sun was arrested for drink driving after he failed a breathalyser test following a traffic accident in Shatin. He was released on HK$5,000 bail and ordered to report to the police at the end of October. According to police, Cheung said he was trying to avoid hitting a dog on the road when he crashed his car.
助理廣播處長張文新在沙田交通意外後,接受酒精測試, 被揭發酒精含量超標,涉嫌醉酒駕駛被捕,獲准以 5 千元保釋,本月底返警署報到。據警方稱,他避狗失控撞車。


The Government dismissed lawmakers' calls for small-class teaching to be implemented in secondary schools. Education Secretary Michael Suen said the authorities would wait two years to review the success of small-class teaching in primary schools first, before deciding on a way forward for secondary education.
政府拒絕議員要求, 在中學推行小班教學。教育局長孫明揚表示,當局會在小學推行小班教學後兩年,檢討成效,才決定在中學採用的方法 。

18/10/07 According to a survey, Hong Kong had 87,000 US-dollar millionaires at the end of last year, up 12.2 per cent from 2005. The increase in Hong Kong's millionaire population was driven by a buoyant economy, particularly a bullish stock market and China's continued economic expansion.
17/10/07 The United Christian Hospital admitted to a medical blunder, in which blood samples from two patients were mixed up. An elderly man was given an unnecessary blood transfusion, while a woman suffering from anaemia was forced to wait for 7 hours for the proper treatment. The incident occurred during maintenance of the computer system, when labelling was handled manually.
16/10/07 A study by the Consumer Council and the Food Safety Centre found trans fat in a wide range of food products, including bakery products and deep-fried fast-food. Two samples of shredded coconut cream-filled buns were found to contain high levels of trans fat. Consuming too much trans fat and saturated fat can increase the chances of coronary heart disease.
15/10/07 A family tragedy happened in Tin Shui Wai in which a woman with a history of mental illness pushed her two children out of their flat before jumping to her death. The family has been on the dole for several years as the woman's husband is in hospital with cancer. A legislator said tragedy had struck in Tin Shui Wai again because it remains an isolated, low income community.

The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, maintained that the best way to help the poor was to create more and better jobs. He said the widening wealth gap should be tackled through a comprehensive approach and with multiple measures. These included providing re-training to the poor so they could find jobs and providing medical vouchers and more day-care services for the elderly to ease their burden.
行政長官曾蔭權 認為,協助低收入人士,根本方法是創造更多、更好的就業機會。他表示,要以全方位、多管齊下的方式, 解決貧富差距 ;這包括提供再培訓,令低收人士更容易找到工作,提供長者醫療卷及日間護理服務,以減輕他們的負擔。


Chief Executive Donald Tsang Yam- kuen has come under fire for describing China 's Cultural Revolution as an example of "extreme democracy." Speaking in a radio program, Tsang said social stability is very important and should not be sacrificed for democratic development. "When people take everything into their own hands, then you cannot govern the place," he said.

12/10/07 Hong Kong will need to hire 3000 extra teachers and build 40 schools to implement small-class teaching in all primary schools, the education secretary said yesterday. He admitted that some parents might object to reducing class sizes in the most popular schools, as it would reduce their chances of securing a place.
教育局局長昨日表示, 推行小班教學需要聘請額外三千名教師及加建四十所小學。他承認有家長反對減少知名學校班級人數, 因為這會減低他們取得學位的機會。

In the first policy address of his new term entitled A New Direction for Hong Kong , the Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, handed back wealth to residents, by cutting standard salaries tax rate and profits tax by one percentage point. Tsang would push ahead with the 10 infrastructure projects which will create 250,000 jobs and cost HK$250 billion.


Local Action member, Ho Loy, announced her decision to run in the Legco by-election on December the 2 nd . Ms Ho said she had decided to run because she was upset by Anson Chan's decision to pull out from a protest march on Sunday to visit a hair salon.
保育人士何來宣布參加十月二日立法會港島區補選。她表示, 陳方安生 在星期日的遊行,半途離開 去美髮廳 ,令她不高興而決定參選。


Sha Tin Magistracy jailed a fake marriage syndicate mastermind for one year for arranging a bogus marriage between a Hong Kong woman and a Mainland man. The bogus marriage was arranged so that the mainlander could apply for "90-day visit" endorsement to enter Hong Kong and eventually for settlement.
沙田裁判法院判 一名「假結婚」集團的主腦被判入獄。集團的主腦 安排香港女子與內地男子假婚姻, 以便該內地男子申請每次訪港九十天的簽註及最終來港定居。

8/10/07 A survey conducted by the Hong Kong Memory Study Association has found that being happy is the key to strengthening memory power and unhappy people are relatively forgetful. Diet is another factor affecting memory as about one-third of the respondents with poor memory said they dined out at least twice a day. The survey has also found that long working hours, lack of sleep and a stressful lifestyle may hamper memory.

Hong Kong 's air pollution index surged as the hazy weather affecting the territory continues. Two of the worst hit areas were Causeway Bay and Mong Kok where the Air Pollution Index reading at roadside monitoring stations was around 140. People with heart or respiratory problems are advised not to take part in outdoor activities.
有煙霞的天氣持續,令空氣污染指數高企。最受影響的兩個地區是銅鑼灣和旺角,路邊監測站的空氣污染指數維持在 140。 患有心臟病或呼吸系統毛病人士不應參加戶外活動。


Under the effects of a continental airstream and the typhoon located in the western Pacific, the Environmental Protection Department expects the general and roadside Air Pollution Indices to remain higher than normal over the coming days.

5/10/07 A 48 year-old school cook who admitted repeatedly hurling a kitten to the ground and then throwing it into a dustbin was jailed for 21 days and fined five-thousand dollars. A spokesperson for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said the jail term was appropriate and it could act as a deterrent and send a clear message to the public.
4/10/07 The Employers' Federation of Hong Kong advised its members to give their employees pay rises of no more than 2.5 percent in view of dimmer economic prospects. But the Federation of Trade Unions has branded the suggestion as "mean" and is pressing for increases of up to 6 percent so that workers can share the fruits of an improving economy.
3/10/07 Hong Kong share prices closed at a new record high. The Hang Seng Index ended the day at 28,199 – up 1,057. The market was boosted by a continuing inflow of funds, hopes for another cut in US interest rates and expectations of more mainland capital pouring in during the National Day Golden Week holidays. Some analysts believed there would be a significant correction as the market was heavily overbought.
2/10/07 A heavily indebted university student emptied his live-in girlfriend’s bank account to help pay off his credit card debts, but gambled all the money away in Macau the same day. The magistrate said the accused had committed a terrible act and a serious crime and he might consider a jail term.

A survey of Indonesian domestic helpers in Hong Kong has found that 15-percent of them are being paid less than the law requires. Some said their monthly salaries were between 18-hundred and two thousand dollars. Caritas is calling on the government to set up an independent body to prevent the exploitation of foreign domestic helpers.
調查發現,近一成半受訪印尼傭工表示,僱主支付的工資低於法定要求,月薪介乎 1800至2000元。明愛要求政府成立獨立部門防止剝削外傭。


How can Hong Kong be made into a more hospitable city? Six current and former Hong Kong Young Ambassadors believe the "software" of a warm and friendly attitude towards tourists is as important as the city's "hardware", its well-developed infrastructure and facilities.
怎樣使香港成為好客城市呢?六名現任或曾任香港青年大使相信,對遊客熱情友善的態度,比完善的基建設施 「硬件」同樣重要的。

29/9/07 The number of young people arrested for drug-related offences almost doubled during the first eight months of this year. The Secretary for Security, Ambrose Lee, said drug seizures had also increased. He said this was partly due to tougher enforcement action, but other factors were also involved.
今年首 8個月,青少年涉及毒品案件被捕的人數較去年同期上升近九成。保安局長李少光說,由於加強執法及其他因素,令到緝獲的毒品有增加。
28/9/07 The former secretary for security, Regina Ip, formally announced her intention to contest the Hong Kong Island by-election. She apologized to the public for making mistakes in her promotion of the Article 23 National Security Bill. She said she is more suitable than the pro-democrat candidate Anson Chan Fang On-sang as she is 10 years younger, more energetic and has learned from her mistakes.
27/9/07 A survey found that 62 per cent of 500 children interviewed said they had difficulty answering the call of nature as they were not tall enough to use the toilet facilities. More than 70 per cent said they could not reach a wash basin to wash their hands. It is suggested that child-sized toilets should be installed in public washrooms.
26/9/07 A 26-year old mother was jailed for four years after admitting neglecting her three young sons. The three boys were severely underweight and the eldest boy could barely talk, even though he was almost five. The judge said the accused simply did not care that her behaviour would damage her sons physically and mentally. She had not displayed remorse, and had tried to place the blame on others.
一名 26歲母親,承認疏忽照顧三名幼兒,被判入獄四年。三名幼童體重嚴重不足 ,五歲長子幾乎不能說話。 法官表示,被告完全 不在乎她的行為會在身體和心智上 傷害 三名幼子。被告無悔意,並 諉過他人。
25/9/07 Despite the strong economic rebound, the number of people earning less than HK$5,000 a month has shot up drastically by 87 percent in the past 10 years to almost 419,000 according to an Oxfam study. Most of the working poor are women, especially middle-aged, who face sex and age discrimination in the job market.
24/9/07 The Observatory says the chances of seeing the moon tomorrow night for the Mid-Autumn Festival are slim because clouds are expected to be thick. Although a tropical cyclone in the South China Sea will not pose any direct threat to Hong Kong, it will bring rain and strong winds in the next few days.  

A three-year-old boy, who was injured in a fire while left alone at home, is in serious condition in hospital. His father, aged 20 and the man's 17-year-old girlfriend, were arrested on suspicion of child abuse. Police said there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding the blaze.


The Department of Health says a healthy lifestyle is essential in lowering the risk of developing dementia. There are an estimated 70-thousand people with different degrees of dementia in the territory. The numbers are expected to increase as the population ages.

21/9/07 A 16-year-old girl gave birth to a boy at home in Tuen Mun yesterday morning. The teenage father together with his two classmates took his son to Tuen Mun Hospital, lying that they had found an abandoned baby on the road. Police arrested the father on suspicion of unlawful sexual relations with a girl under 16.
20/9/07 A man who threw a cigarette butt on the pavement was ordered to perform 240 hours of community service for littering. He was arrested after he refused to co-operate with officers from the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, who demanded his personal particulars to complete a fixed penalty notice. The man was also fined 4 thousand dollars for failing to provide his personal details and proof of identity.
19/9/07 The government released a report on the investigation into the plunge of Lantau cable car. It blamed a Skyrail employee for negligence. It also uncovered several operational problems since it opened last year. The MTRC will replace Skyrail with a new management team.
18/9/07 The government is seeking a judicial review on part of the findings of a Commission of Inquiry on government interference in the academic freedom of the Hong Kong Institute of Education. Secretary for Education Michael Suen Ming-yeung said,"That part of the findings would affect dealings between government officials and academic institutions in the formulation and implementation of education policies."
17/9/07 An analysis found that despite an improved economy one out of five people in Hong Kong lives in poverty - twice the number 20 years ago. More middle-aged people aged between 45 and 64 with poor skills and qualifications are facing poverty. The highest number of poor people is found in Kwun Tong, Yuen Long and Kwai Tsing.

The government has told Hong Kong Disneyland to cease operating one it's amusement park rides, Autopia. The order was issued after one of the vehicles came off its tracks yesterday afternoon. An adult in the vehicle at the time wasn't injured. The Autopia, which was only opened last year, allows its riders to control their own vehicle which is attached to a fixed track.
政府要求迪士尼樂園暫停一款賽車機動遊戲「馳車天地」。昨日下午馳車天地機 動遊戲發生出軌事故,車上一名成年人沒有受傷。 「馳車天地」於去年啟用,車輛固定在路軌行駛,駕駛者可操控車輛。


Police arrested a 29-year-old drunken man suspected of stealing three vials of blood from a blood bank of the Yan Chai Hospital and apparently drinking the contents. The three blood samples, awaiting laboratory tests, were from three women patients with stomach complaints.
警方拘捕了一名 29 歲醉酒男子,懷疑他偷取仁濟醫院血庫 3 樽病人血液樣本,一飲而盡。血液樣本是從 3 名腹痛病人抽取,等候實驗室化驗。

14/9/07 An outstanding 21-year-old student at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, who went missing for more than two weeks, was found in an internet bar in Shenzhen yesterday. He was very thin, emotionally unstable and injured. The third-year physics student was reported missing last month after leaving his mainland home with 60,000 yuan to return for the new school year.
13/9/07 The government has launched a new three-month public consultation on the West Kowloon Cultural District. Under the 19-billion dollar plan, 15 new performance venues, concert halls and museums will be built alongside commercial and retail facilities. The Chief Secretary, Henry Tang, rejected suggestions that the proposal was more a real-estate development than a true arts and culture project.
12/9/07 A 48-year-old divorced woman was found dead in her Tai Po flat after being viciously punched and kicked by her 27-year-old boyfriend. Neighbors said the couple often quarreled over money and trivial matters. Last Saturday the man was asked to leave the flat by a security guard after neighbours complained he was having a heated argument with the deceased at the doorway.
11/9/07 The Former Chief Secretary, Anson Chan, will announce today her intention to run in the Legco by-election. This came after the Democratic Party hopeful, Kam Nai-wai, withdrew from the race. A fierce contest between Chan and the pro-Beijing camp's likely candidate, former security chief Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee in the by- election is forecast.
10/9/07 President Hu Jintao told the Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, in a breakfast meeting in Sydney to concentrate his administration's efforts on furthering economic development, and to improve the livelihood of the people. President Hu noted that Hong Kong's economy was undergoing a period of sustained growth, unemployment is at an historic low, and that both the property and stock markets were growing quickly.
9/9/07 Ocean Park announced increase in ticket prices for the first time in four years. The new prices will come into effect next month. Tickets for adults will increase by 12-percent to 208-dollars, while children's tickets will be 103-dollars - an 11-percent rise. Disabled people can enter free of charge.
海洋公園宣布,四年來首次調高入場門票。加價下月起生效,成人門票增加一成二至 208元,小童門票增加一成一至103元。殘疾人士可免費入場。

Kowloon Motor Bus has applied for an average 9 percent fare rise for all its routes, citing soaring fuel costs and the need to maintain quality services. KMB chief executive John Chan said that the company's decision has been prompted by surging operating costs and other factors such as consumer prices, wages and productivity. But lawmakers and citizens found the proposed increases unacceptable.
九巴引用燃料價格上升及維持服務質素理由, 向運輸署遞交加價申請,所有路線均加價 9% 。九巴董事長陳祖澤表示,營運開支增加及其他因素如消費價格、工資及生產力等促使九巴有加價決定。但立法會議員和市民均表明不能接受這加幅。

7/9/07 A lawmaker has called for tough action against child abuse, including denying parents custody of their children if they are found to have a track record of ill- treating them. Social workers are also urged to be extra sensitive to cases of child abuse and report them promptly so that protection orders can be quickly enforced.
6/9/07 A young mother, whose three sons were found to be battered and seriously malnourished, pleaded guilty to child negligence. The 26-year-old woman had 3 live-in boyfriends who left her when she gave birth to 4 children. The young mother had come from a broken home. Her mother had run away and her father was a drunk who also gambled.
5/9/07 Nine-year-old boy wonder March attended his first day at Baptist University. He said he was excited about his first day, and confident he would adapt quickly to his new surroundings. He felt that his first mathematical analysis lesson was very easy because he had already learnt the topics two years ago. He also said his classmates did not socialize with him.
4/9/07 The world's largest passenger jet, the Airbus A380 flew over Victoria Harbour yesterday morning. Hundreds of people packed vantage points on both sides of Victoria Harbour for a close glimpse of the jumbo A380 Airbus, capable of carrying a maximum of 800 passengers. It is scheduled to stage another demonstration flight tomorrow morning over Victoria Harbour.
3/9/07 Hospital pharmacists have drawn up a list of ten potentially high-risk medications - following a recent medical blunder at the Prince of Wales Hospital which led to the death of a patient. The list includes drugs for cancer treatment and diabetes. It aims to increase the awareness of patients and medical staff.

No mainland seafood was imported into Hong Kong by road yesterday. Around 50 trucks carrying seafood were denied access to the territory. They apparently did not comply with recently imposed enhanced export measures for supplies of live seafood, which require seafood be sealed and clearly labelled as to its origin. Wholesale prices have increased, especially for crabs and shrimp.
作日沒有內地海產從陸路運來本港。大約五十 輛運送內地海產的貨車 被拒入境,他們未能遵守內地新 規定,所有經陸路運港的海鮮必須出示原產地證明,並需封箱才可過關。 批發價提高,主要為蝦和蟹。


Talks between striking metal workers and their employers broke down after a four-hour meeting. Workers' representatives walked out in anger, saying no consensus could be reached due to the insincerity of the employers. The workers said they would continue with their strike.

31/8/07 A taxi driver was sentenced to four months in jail for paying others to take the blame for his traffic offences. Two men who acted as substitutes and three other drivers have been given community service orders. The drivers had paid their substitutes more than 1,000 dollars for each offence, so that their demerit points would not be deducted.

A 78-old man had used up his savings after the Social Welfare Department had suspended his monthly payout under the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance scheme. He was desperate to get a meal. He tried to rob a convenience store in order to go to prison. The magistrate said the accused had resorted to a "foolish crime" after not being able to solve financial problems.
78 歲老翁突然被社署撤綜援,為求溫飽,意圖打劫一間便利店,「博坐監」。裁判官表示,被告只是不善於解決經濟問題,而做出愚昧之事。

29/8/07 Some 280 visitors riding in Ocean park's cable cars were trapped for about ten minutes due to technical glitches yesterday afternoon. A spokesman said the problem was due to a damaged conveyor belt. The cable cars stopped running after it safety mechanism automatically activated.
28/8/07 As students prepare to return to school for the new academic year, a survey has highlighted the economic burden many parents face in buying textbooks and other necessities for their children. The DAB Party, which polled around 500 parents, says one out of five respondents claimed to have spent over half their monthly income on academic materials.
27/8/07 Two young children are in critical condition in hospital, after suffering severe burns in a fire which tore through their Tuen Mun home. The children had been left unsupervised, and their 25 year-old mother was arrested for neglect. Against Child Abuse director Priscilla Lui Tsang Sun-kai called for the creation of more 24-hour child-care centres to cater to working parents who have no time to attend to their children.
屯門一個住宅單位發生火警,兩名幼童嚴重燒傷送院,情況危殆。兩名幼童獨自留在家,25 歲的母親涉嫌疏忽照顧兒童被捕。防止虐待兒童會總幹事雷張慎佳要求設立24小時託管服務,以供無時間照顧子女之在職父母的需要。

The Hospital Authority has pledged to step up efforts to prevent medical blunders in future. The Hospital Authority's Director for Quality and Safety, Dr Leung Pak-yin, says the authority will consider inviting overseas experts to examine medication safety procedures.


A panel investigating the death of a 21-year-old leukaemia patient at the Prince of Wales Hospital has blamed human error and flaws in the health-care system. A doctor mistakenly injected a chemotherapy drug into the patient's spine instead of her vein.
一名 21歲血癌女病人在威爾斯醫院死亡的事故,醫管局調查小組認為,事件涉及人為錯誤和制度因素,一名醫生誤將有關化療藥打入脊髓。

24/8/07 The Baptist University is to admit a nine-year-old boy to study mathematics. The decision will make March Boedihardjo the youngest university student in Hong Kong. March will be studying for a bachelor's degree and master's degree in a five-year course specially designed by the university. March had obtained two As and a B in the British A-level examinations
23/8/07 Hong Kong's sole beef importer, Ng Fung Hong, has increased wholesale prices by 15 percent. The rise will be the third by Ng Fung Hong in a month. The company blamed higher mainland prices for the latest increase. The Fresh Meat Alliance said the trade had reluctantly accepted the increase.
22/8/07 Fourteen-year-old Ho Hoi-lam, who earned eight As and a 5* in this year's HKCEEs, has accepted an offer by the Chinese University of Hong Kong to become its youngest medical student. Should she successfully complete 24 credits of language, liberal arts and science classes in the coming year, Hoi- lam will begin her formal study at the medical faculty in September next year.
21/8/07 Beijing is allowing domestic investors to buy Hong Kong stocks directly. It will initially allow those who open an account with Bank of China in Tianjin's Binhai economic zone to invest in Hong Kong stocks. The pilot program will solidify Hong Kong's status as an international financial centre and will help narrow the huge price gap between mainland-traded A shares and Hong Kong- listed H shares.
20/8/07 More than 1200 Metal workers staged a protest in Central to demand higher pay and shorter working hours. They said they would not go back to work unless employers return to the negotiating table. The Government says it is highly concerned about the workers' industrial action and urges both sides to display mutual understanding to narrow their differences.

The police say the rise in civil service wages has resulted in a sharp increase in the number of candidates applying for jobs in the force. The Police Human Resources Branch says applicants for the post of constable has shot up by almost 50-percent, while there was a 39-percent rise in those applying to become inspectors.


Hong Kong shares went on a roller coaster ride. The Hang Seng Index plunged nearly 1,300 points at one stage, but rebounded to end the day down 285 at 20,387. Brokers said that investors were still fearful that the US subprime housing loans crisis could spill into the broader economy, and they warned that the turmoil was not yet over.
本港股市猶如坐「過山車」, 琤肏數一度急插近 1300 點, 其後反彈,收市報 20387點,跌285點。經紀表示,投資者恐懼美國次按危機會對經濟有更廣泛影響。


Hong Kong youngsters have serious problems in concentrating and nearly 80 percent find it hard to focus on their daily life, a survey has found. The concentration and confidence levels of Hong Kong youths are among the lowest when compared with their counterparts in the region. It is discovered that low concentration levels increase stress levels, decrease self-confidence and, therefore, jeopardize the ability of the youths to realize their full potential.
一項調查顯示,近八成受訪香港青年日常生活經常感到難以集中注意力,他們的專注力及信心是其他亞洲地區受訪者中排名最低。 專注力差會增加壓力,降低自信,因而阻礙他們發揮最大的潛力。


According to the Consumer Council, tests carried out on 40 types of mascaras widely available on the market revealed that two of them manufactured in South Korea were tainted with bacteria 150 times above the permitted level. The use of unhygienic mascaras may greatly increase the risk of eye infection or inflammation.
消委會測試了 40 款可買到的睫毛液,發現其中兩款南韓生產的睫毛液的細菌含量,超出標準上限 155 倍。使用不衛生的睫毛液會增加眼睛受感染或發炎機會。


Kowloon-Canton Railway Corp officials will be on full alert at Sheung Shui today in an attempt to minimize any potential passenger confusion during the opening of the Lok Ma Chau Spur line. The spur line, a 7.4-kilometer extension from Sheung Shui station, will provide the second railway link between Hong Kong and the mainland and is expected to divert a quarter of the passenger traffic from the busy Lo Wu station.
九鐵落馬洲支線今日正式啟用,九鐵職員會在上水站保持高度警覺,以減少乘客混亂事故。落馬洲支線由羅湖伸展 7.4 公里, 為來往中港兩地的旅客提供另一過境鐵路選擇,可望轉移四分一羅湖站乘客。


A Hong Kong toy manufacturer fell victim to the trade dispute between the United States and China . Cheung Shu- hung, whose company owned a mainland toy factory implicated in recent recall of toys in the United States , committed suicide on Saturday. The toys' surface paints were found to contain an excessive amount of lead.


Equestrian Company chief executive officer Lam Woon-kwong said further precautions will be aimed at plugging any apparent loopholes in security checks. His comment came after a report that a journalist managed to bring a knife into the venue on Saturday.
馬術公司行政總裁林煥光表示,未來會注重預防措施,堵塞保安漏洞。 有報導,一名記者在星期六成功攜帶刀入場。


Around five hundred disgruntled iron workers held their protest for higher pay and shorter working hours in Central, scuffling with police and disrupting traffic. The workers have been on strike for the past four days, after their employers rejected demands to increase their pay by 150 dollars, to 950 dollars a day.
大約五百名不滿的紮鐵工人在中環遊行,要求加人工減工時,工人與警察推撞,交通一度受阻。在僱主拒絕他們要求日薪增加 150 元至 950 元後,工人連續第四日抗議。


Chaos hit Hong Kong Friday afternoon as Tropical Storm Pabuk did an about- turn, forcing the early closure of the stock market and most commercial firms, and resulting in transportation mayhem. Telephone lines were jammed as people tried to contact family members to see if they were safe.


A think-tank closely linked to the government, the Bauhinia Foundation, has called for the government to work towards the integration of the SAR and Shenzhen into what it calls the "Hong Kong Shenzhen metropolis". One proposal is to allow Shenzhen residents to have easier access to Hong Kong . The foundation believes the improved flow of people, goods and capital would produce great benefits, making it the World's third strongest economic region by 2020.
與政府關係密切的「智經研究中心」,提出「港深都會」構想,進一步整合港深兩地經濟。 智經研究建議包括讓深圳居民自助往返。 充智建議兩地加強人流、物流及資金的合作 , 13 年後「港深都會」的經濟實力可攀上世界第三的高位。


The leader of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong, Ma Lik, died in Guangzhou . He was 55. The Chief executive, Donald Tsang, expressed profound sadness at the passing of Ma, saying under his leadership the DAB had become "a close partner of the government."
民建聯主席馬力在廣州病逝,終年55歲。行政長官曾蔭權對馬力逝世,表示深切哀痛, 並讚揚在他領導下, 民建聯是「政府的緊密合作夥伴」。


The results of the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination are to be released today. A total of 67.4 percent of candidates met the minimum requirement for admission to form six. 68.2 percent of day school candidates had attained Level 2 or above in the English language paper. 1.5 percent of all students obtained the highest possible park of 5* (five-star). And ten candidates achieved the highest possible grades - grade A in eight subjects, and a five-star for English and Chinese.
中學會考今日放榜,有 67.4%考生符合升讀中六最低資格。英文科考獲二級成績的有68.2%。另外,有1.5%考獲5*最好成績。今年有10名考生考獲8A以及中、英文科5*的頂尖成績。


Beef dealers will end their boycott today and start buying live cattle from the territory's sole supplier, Ng Fung Hong. A spokesman for the dealers said they willl hold talks with the company in the morning to try and achieve a stable supply of live cattle. The dealers began a boycott on Sunday to protest against shortages of livestock and rising costs.
活牛買手可望今天結束罷市,恢復向唯一供應商五豐行買活牛。買手發言人表示, 今天早上,活牛買手會與五豐行開會,爭取對方提供穩定供應。 買手在星期日發起罷買活牛,抗議供應不足及價錢攀升。


Dozens of parents filed a complaint to the police against a swimming school, claiming they were tricked into enrolling their children. They said the school failed to deliver on its promises of providing qualified instructors and advanced swimming courses at dozens of venues.


Local beef traders will go on strike for tree days to protest against dwindling supplies of live cattle from the mainland in recent months. The retail price of fresh beef has been rising recently after the Ng Fung Hong, the sole supplier, cut the supply of live cattle by a quarter.


A 19-year-old girl - diagnosed with a gender identity disorder, and said to admire her brother and have a tendency to dress like a male - pleaded guilty to stealing her brother's identity card and using it to apply for a job. A professor of psychiatry said that a person with gender identity disorder is under a lot of pressures and is more prone to serious depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.


A couple have been charged with murder in connection with the death of a three year-old boy. The boy's mother claimed that her son choked while eating glutinous rice dumplings and later suffocated. She was worried the police might not believe her story as she had previously abused the child. She asked her boyfriend to help put the toddler's body into a garbage bag and left it in a back alley in Kowloon City .
警方落案控告一對男女一項謀殺罪,他們涉嫌與一名3歲男童被謀殺有關。男童母親聲稱3歲兒子在吃「糯米雞」時鯁喉窒息死亡,她恐怕警方不相信她,因為她有虐兒前科,竟聯同男友將兒子屍體放在垃圾袋內,棄置九龍城一條後巷 。


Police removed all activists from Queen's Pier in an operation that lasted nearly 10 hours. Several clashes broke out as police used bolt cutters to free protestors who had chained themselves together. The protestors said three of them had been detained, with one suffering from minor injuries.
警方經過超過約十小時,完成皇后碼頭清場行動,將所有示威者移離 。有數次衝突發生, 示威者以鐵鏈綑綁身體,警方以大鐵鉗破解。示威者表示,有三人被警方拘留 ,其中一人輕傷 。


The High Court granted Local Action members a judicial review of the government's refusal to declare Queen's Pier a monument. The hearing is scheduled for next Tuesday. However, the judge said the court's decision to hear the case did not mean the applicants had a good chance of winning.


The Department of Health has started the "Eatsmart@restaurant.hk" campaign in an attempt to change people's tastes by weaning them off foods with very high salt, oil and sugar content and enticing them to healthier alternatives and more vegetables. About 300 eateries are taking part in the month-long pilot project.


The Secretary for Development, Carrie Lam, insisted that t he demolition of Queen's Pier is irreversible. She was addressing at a public forum organised by the Local Action Group. She said there needed to be a continuation in government policies and it was unreasonable to expect change simply because there was a new official in charge.
發展局長林鄭月娥出席本土行動舉行的論壇時堅持,皇后碼頭的遷拆是不能改變的。她表示, 政府政策有延續性,不能因新官上場,期望有所改變。


A government survey has found that seven out of ten mothers in Hong Kong now breastfeed their babies, up from 50 percent ten years ago. But the Department of Health urged even more mothers to practice breastfeeding, as it offers immediate and long term health benefits for both the infant, and the mother.
政府一項調查發現, 本港母乳餵哺的比率,過去十年,由一半增至七成。衛生署 呼籲更多母親 餵哺母乳,因為餵哺母乳對 嬰兒及 母親都有 直接的和長久性的好處。


A probe by the Octopus Card company has found that the firm had wrongly deducted 3.7-million dollars from its cardholders' bank accounts over a seven-year period. The company said more than 15-thousand transactions were involved, and those affected will be reimbursed within ten weeks. The investigation was launched earlier this year after glitches were discovered in the company's add-value machines.
八達通卡公司調查發現, 公司在 7年內錯誤多扣乘客約370萬元。 問題交易個案更超過一萬五千宗, 公司將在 10星期內,將其中退還至乘客銀行戶口。今年年初 八達通增值系統故障的問題被發現後,公司展開調查。


A study has shown that 40 percent of Hong Kong people suffer from abdominal obesity - that means their waistlines exceed the recommended standards. The study suggests that a person's waist circumference is a better predictive indicator of such health risks as hypertension, diabetes and coronary heart disease than is a person's body mass index.
一項研究顯示,四成港人有「大肚腩」 - 意指腰圍超標。研究顯示腰圍比體質指數更能準確反映健康危機,例如高血壓、糖尿病和心臟病。


“King of Kowloon ” Tsang Tsou-choi, 86, renowned for his style of calligraphy, died on July 15. He had been arrested by the police dozens of times for writing graffiti on electrical boxes, lamp posts and walls in public places. There are calls to preserve Tsang's calligraphy as part of the city collective memory.
「 九龍皇帝」曾灶財於本月十五日病逝,享年八十六歲。 曾灶財生前以書法著名,經常在電箱、燈柱和牆壁塗鴉,多次被警方拘捕。有呼籲保存曾灶財的書法,成為城中的一份集體回憶。


Eastern Hospital admitted injecting a patient with wrong medication last November. It said its staff hadn't verified the drug before administering it, although the patient had shown no side effects at the time. The patient, who had a brain tumor, died two months later. The hospital staff had contacted the relatives and apologised.
一名病人去年 11月在東區醫院被錯誤注射藥物,醫護人員沒有準確核對藥物,病人當時沒有出現副作用。這名病人腦內有腫瘤,兩個月後逝世。醫院人員事後通知家屬,並向他們致歉。


Surgeons at Queen Mary Hospital have warned young people that prolonged and improper use of their voices can cause permanent damage to their vocal cords. They are urging youngsters who sing karaoke, take part in summer camps, or jobs which involve speaking loudly or shouting, to train their voices properly.
瑪麗醫院外科醫生提醒 年輕人,說話太多或不正確,會對聲線造成永久性損害。他們 勸籲青少年在唱 K 、參加夏令營或工作時,要大聲說話或呼叫,應訓練正確使用聲音。

23/7/07 The family of a 74-year-old patient accused the Princess Margaret Hospital of negligence. The patient died a day after an operation on leg bone fracture. The hospital had set up a three-member independent panel to investigate the case.
一名 74 歲女病人家屬,指控瑪嘉烈醫院疏忽。 該名病人在醫院做骨折手術一天後死亡。 醫院立一個獨立的三人調查小組,調查個案。

The ICAC arrested a primary school teacher for accepting bribes of $700,000 from parents in exchange for helping their children get accepted into the school.
廉署拘捕一小學教師, 涉嫌向多名家長收受賄款共 70萬元,聲稱可協助他們的子女,入讀任教的學校。


The government has reached an agreement with the Mainland to open up the market for live pig imports. Instead of mainly importing through Ng Fung Hong, the second company, Guangnan Hong, and a third importer will be allowed to join the market to enhance competition. Local pig farmers will be allowed to move their businesses to Guangdong , and import their livestock into Hong Kong .


Prominent Hong Kong banker David Li Kwok-po has vowed to defend his integrity after he was officially informed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission of possible legal action against him in connection with the alleged Dow Jones insider trading case.


Democratic Party chairman Albert Ho Chun-yan said he totally disagreed with the comment by former chief secretary Rafael Hui Si-yan that the Democratic Party is "an active opponent" of government policy. He pointed to the fact that of the 19 bills passed during the last legislative session, his party had supported 18. Albert Ho said he believed officials were trying to discredit the party by giving it a negative image.
對於前政務司司長許仕仁指出,民主黨是政府政策的 積極反對者,民主黨主席何俊仁並不認同 。他指出 ,在今個立法年度中,政府提交的 19 條法案,民主黨贊成 18 條。他認為政府官員給民 主黨一個負面 形象以損壞 黨的名聲。


The Centre for Food Safety officials have warned against eating too much fermented or fried food. They sounded the warning after finding that they contained a cancer-causing substance, chloropropanol. Roast pork and seaweed have been found to contain the highest concentration of chloropropanols.
食物安全中心官員警告,不要進食過量發酵或乾食物,這些食物含有致癌物二氯丙醇 。 燒肉和紫菜二氯丙醇含量就最高。


Hong Kong's population will reach 8.57 million in 30 years' time, when up to one in four people will be aged over 65 and the gender imbalance will get worse, according to projections by the Census and Statistics Department. The department predicts the number of males will fall from last year's 912 per 1,000 females to 709 per 1,000 females by 2036.
政府統計處推算,香港的人口在 30 年後會達到 857 萬,四分一人口在 65 歲以上,性別不平衡 更惡化 。統計處預測男性數目由去年 912 比 1000 的比率,跌至 2036 年的 709 。

16/7/07 The Hong Kong Observatory yesterday again issued the hot weather warning, advising people to stay indoors and avoid vigorous physical activity as there is a risk of heatstroke. An 88-year-old woman died and at least 80 elderly people were taken to hospital yesterday as the heat wave continued.

The Director of the Observatory, Lam Chiu-ying, said under the influence of global warming there may be no more winters in Hong Kong by the middle of this century. He said more mornings now had temperatures higher than 28-degrees Celsius than thirty years ago. Mr. Lam anticipated temperatures in the urban area would rise ONE degree Celsius in the next twenty years.
天文台台長林超英表示,受全球暖化影響,預期到本世紀中期,香港可能不會再有冬天。近年氣溫高過 28度的早上,較七十年代的時候多。預計未來廿年,市區氣溫會上升一度。


The Hang Seng Index broke through the 23,000 level to 23,099, spurred by a record close on the US market the previous day. However, traders warned that there is mounting pressure for the index to pull back, citing shrinking market turnover.
承接前日美股創下收市新高,琤肏數衝破 23000點,收市報23099點。但證券界警告,由於成交縮減, 指數有越來越大的下調壓力。

13/7/07 The Secretary for Constitutional Affairs, Stephen Lam, said the government is fully committed to implementing universal suffrage, and he denied accusations that it was dragging its feet. He described the government's green paper on constitutional reform as a public opinion survey aimed at reaching a consensus on universal suffrage.

The government has unveiled its green paper on constitutional reform. The document doesn't contain any concrete models for universal suffrage. It puts forward three options on a number of key issues, including whether the chief executive should be chosen by universal suffrage in 2012, 2017 or later.
政府發表政制發展綠皮書。綠皮書並無提出完整普選方案,而是提出 許多環節,每項有三個選擇,包括行政長官普選 是否在 2012 年、 2017 年或 2016 年落實。

11/7/07 A huge crane collapsed on a Causeway Bay demolition site formerly housed the Mitsukoshi department store, killing two workers and injuring five others, three of whom were trapped in the wreckage. Reports said the crane started to collapse when they were lowering the crane.
銅鑼灣前三越百貨公司拆卸地盤有巨型天秤倒塌,造成2名工人死亡,5名工人受傷,其中3名工人被困在殘骸中 。報導指天秤在縮短時開始倒塌。
10/7/07 The Director of Broadcasting, Chu Pui-hing, decided to opt for early retirement. Mr Chu had been in the media spotlight ever since he was photographed hiding behind a woman who accompanied him last Thursday.
9/7/07 A small, single-engine plane made an emergency landing on the Plover Cove Reservoir dam, after the aircraft suffered engine problems. The plane, from the Hong Kong Aviation Club, was on flying practice over the New Territories when the engine trouble occurred. The pilot immediately informed Air Traffic Control and made a successful emergency landing.

Rescue workers have recovered the body of the Hong Kong tourist who fell to her death in an active volcano in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The woman fell 100 metres as she attempted to take photos of the Nyira-gongo volcano.
在非洲剛果民主共和國墮下火山口的香港遊客,救援人員已經在火山口下方發現她的屍體。她在尼拉貢戈活火山拍照時,不慎跌進火山口 100 米下的位置。


Director of Broadcasting Chu Pui-hing apologized for behaving "out of character" when cornered by the media this week after he was seen holding hands with a woman, believed to be a mainlander. The RTHK Staff Union regretted the incident and said that any negative report concerning a member of the staff would be bad for morale.
廣播處處長朱培慶被傳媒圍困,當場拍下與一名相信是內地 女郎雙雙挽臂同行,朱培慶為「失措」 行為 致歉 。港台工會為今次事件遺憾 ,認為任何針對香港電台員工的負面新聞,都會重挫員工士氣。

6/7/07 The Secretary for Security Ambrose Lee condemned the spate of attacks on New World Development and its subsidiary companies over the past two days, denouncing them as a direct challenge to the authority of the government, the police and the people of Hong Kong.
5/7/07 Eighteen retail shops of New World Mobility were vandalised. The outlets scattered around the territory were splashed with red or white paint in the early hours of the morning. The motive for the attack is not yet known.
4/7/07 A University of Hong Kong survey says that about one in 20 people in Hong Kong could be suffering from mood disorders. The problem affects people of all ages and from every walk of life. They should learn how to handle stress in order to cope with the disorder.
3/7/07 The newly appointed Secretary for Home Affairs, Tsang Tak-sing, says the mood among Hong Kong people ten years after the return to Chinese rule is one of peace, happiness and harmony. Mr Tsang said the buoyant mood was reflected by the numerous celebrations across the city, including the visit by President Hu Jintao.
新任民政事務局局長曾德成說,香港人在回歸十周年活動中,有歡愉祥和的氣氛。 歡愉的氣氛可從多項慶回歸活動中反映,包括國家主席胡錦濤的到訪。
2/7/07 In a speech marking the swearing- in of the third-term government of Hong Kong , President Hu Jintao said, "The one country means that we must uphold the power vested in the central government. Two systems means that we should ensure the high degree of autonomy of the Hong Kong SAR."

President Hu Jintao says the one-country, one country two systems principle has proved to be the best method of maintaining Hong Kong 's prosperity. The past 10 years has proved that Hong Kong people are capable of ruling themselves.
國家主席胡錦濤表示,一國兩制証明是 維持香港繁榮的最好方法。過去十年証明香港人有能力管理自己。


President Hu Jintao praised the government here for overcoming the difficulties of the past decade. He was speaking on his arrival for a three-day visit to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the handover. President Hu Jintao played ping-pong with athletes at the Hong Kong Sports Institute and called on two families at the start of his three-day visit.
國家主席胡錦濤抵達本港訪問三天,慶祝香港回歸十年,他讚揚特區政府在過去十年克服種種困難。胡錦濤開始首日訪問 ,他首先到體育學院,與運動員切磋球技,隨即探訪兩個家庭。


The past rate of Hong Kong students sitting the A-level English examination dropped to the lowest in 12 years – 73.9%. Some school principals attributed the decline to the mother-tongue policy. But the spokeswoman for the Education and Manpower Bureau said the mother-tongue policy should not be assessed solely on the results of one examination.

28/6/07 A salesman was jailed for one and a half years for drink driving and dangerous driving causing the death of the taxi driver and his woman passenger. He was also fined four thousand dollars and disqualified from driving for five years and nine months. But bereaved family members said the penalty was too lenient and it was unfair to the diseased.
27/6/07 July 1st rally organisers won an appeal against the police decision requiring them to complete the march within three hours. The appeal board on public meetings and processions said the group should be given four hours. It also said if the march cannot be completed within that time frame, the police should consider exercising discretion and flexibility.
七一遊行主辦者上訴成功,推翻警方要求七一遊行要在三小時內完成。公眾集會及遊行上訴委員會裁定, 給予遊行時間四小時。如果遊行不能在預定時間完成行程,警方要酌情處理。
26/6/07 The Hospital Authority's Chief Executive, Shane Solomon, apologised and withdrew remarks he made accusing staff of leaking stories about medical incidents for political purposes. His comments came in the wake of a campaign for better pay by frontline public hospital doctors.
25/6/07 A survey finds that 46 percent of the male and 67 percent of the female respondents have a high fat percentage, while a quarter of them have a high cholesterol level. 73 percent of the respondents said it is hard for them to adjust their diet in order to keep fit.

The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, unveiled his new government line-up. There were few surprises. The financial secretary Henry Tang will be promoted to Chief Secretary and John Tsang will take up his post . Two new names from outside government are on the ministerial list. The former editor of Ta Kung Pao, Tsang Tak-sing, will head the Home Affairs Bureau. And the Dean of the Business School at the University of Science and Technology, K.C. Chan, will become the new financial services secretary.
行政長官曾蔭權宣布新特區政府主要官員名單,名單沒有太大驚喜,唐英年及曾俊華分別晉升政務司司長及財政司司長。在新人中,大公報前編輯曾德成候任民政事務局局長及科大商學院院長陳家強候任 財經事務及庫務局局長。


The police arrested a man suspected of drink-driving following a six-vehicle chain collision in Central. They accident occurred when a rubbish truck hit a taxi in Queen's Road, causing it to collide with four goods vans.
中環發生六車相撞意外, 垃圾車司機涉嫌酒後駕駛被捕 。一輛垃圾車在中環皇后大道中撞到一架的士,再撞到四架輕型貨車。

22/6/07 According to doctors at Tuen Mun and Princess Margaret hospitals, abuse of ketamine may cause severe bladder dysfunction or even kidney failure. In certain cases, damage was so serious that patients could hold no more than 15 milliliters - or one tablespoon - of urine and needed to urinate every 15 minutes.
21/6/07 The ICAC Commissioner, Fanny Law, resigned after the commission of inquiry into alleged government interference at the Hong Kong Institute of Education delivered a report which accused her of interfering in the freedom of two academics while she was the permanent secretary for education. In an open letter, Mrs Law said,”If my departure could stimulate discussion and reflection on the unhealthy political situation in Hong Kong, this could be my last contribution as a civil servant.”
20/6/07 The Queen Elizabeth Hospital says doctors will thoroughly explain the potential risk to patients and families of angioplasty operations. Such operations were only carried out with their consent. It was revealed three were three fatal angioplasty operations at the hospital in May.

The wealth gap between the rich and poor has widened further with the overall Gini coefficient, representing income disparity, at its highest since the figures were recorded. Last year the figure stood at a record high of 0.533, compared with 0.518 in 1996.

18/6/07 Planning experts say the government should reduce the so-called "wall effect" of high-rise buildings by stipulating conditions in land sales. But the Assistant Director of Planning, Raymond Chiu, has ruled out legislation as a way to minimize "wall effect" of high-rise buildings. He said there was no scientific way to measure ventilation.

The Secretary of the Commission on Poverty says Hong Kong still needs to tackle unemployment among people who are fit to work but can't find jobs. These people include single parents relying on social security, and those who are underemployed.
扶貧委員會秘書長說,香港仍 需要解決具備工作能力的人士失業問題 。這些人包括 領取綜援的單親及失業人士。


Donald Tsang told The Financial Times in an interview Hong Kong's population must increase for the city to be competitive. He believes the territory has the fundamentals to create a global financial centre and a reasonably good standard of living for 10 million people like New York and London . He said the territory needed to boost immigration and education, and invest in infrastructure.

15/6/07 A former student activist Tsang Tak-sing will become the next secretary for home affairs, an informed source said. Tsang Tak-sing, a full- time adviser to the Central Policy Unit and the former Tai Kung Pao editor-in- chief, was jailed for distributing leaflets denouncing "colonial education" during the 1967 riots.
14/6/07 Domestic violence victims abused by all relatives could seek a court-ordered injunction under a government proposal to amend domestic violence laws. The amendments would extend the coverage of the Domestic Violence Ordinance to people abused by parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces or cousins.

13/6/07 A study by the University of Hong Kong has found that more local youngsters now consider themselves to be Chinese rather than Hong Kongers. The national flag raising ceremony and national anthem being sung at school would have enhanced stronger acceptance of a national identity.
12/6/07 The Ngong Ping 360 cable car was forced to close indefinitely last night after an empty cable car plunged 50 metres onto a slope near the waterfront in Tung Chung. The cable-car system had reopened last Friday after undergoing three days of annual maintenance.
11/6/07 The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, has urged Hong Kong people to adopt a tolerant and compromising attitude on the issue of political reform. The best way for people to voice their views on the issue was for them to take part in discussions after the proposals are published.

More than a quarter of 1,000 secondary school students interviewed in a survey conducted by the Hong Kong Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention have admitted having participated in gambling activities in the past month, one-tenth of them even spent over one-thousand dollars a month on gambling. The most common types of gambling among youngsters were mahjong and card games as well as Mark Six and soccer betting.
善導會訪問一千名中學生, 大約四分一在過去一個月內曾參與賭博,當中有一成中學生更花費超過 1000 元於賭博。 青少年最普通的賭博是打麻將 、賭啤牌 、六合彩及賭波。


A government helicopter toppled over in strong winds. The incident occurred at the Government Flying Services base at Chek Lap Kok airport, where gusts of over 100 kilometres an hour were recorded.
政府飛行服務隊一架直昇機,停泊在赤 角停機坪期間,被陣風吹至翻側。赤 角錄得每小時超過 100公里的陣風 。

8/6/07 Test results from the Centre for Food Safety have revealed that freshly squeezed fruit juice and peeled fruit contains less dietary fiber than an unpeeled one. Stir-fried vegetables have higher vitamin C content than boiled vegetables but are fattier.
7/6/07 A think-tank has proposed that all workers contribute between 1 per cent and 5 per cent of their salary to a mandatory medical savings account scheme. Low-income earners will be exempt from the scheme. The scheme aims to ensure that people accumulate some savings to meet their future health-care needs.
6/6/07 A shy and introverted Form Three student who fondled girls’ legs and snatched their shoes had developed deviant behaviour after viewing pornographic websites for two years. The student was released on probation for 18 months with psychological treatment.
5/6/07 The government has adopted the mainland's format for digital television broadcasting, and local stations will begin broadcasting digital services later this year. But viewers will need to buy new compatible TV sets and receivers, the first batch of which will hit the market in three to six months.
4/6/07 A SCMP survey finds that Hong Kong's next generation of decision makers are ill-prepared to meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive and global marketplace. The younger generation lack essential leadership qualities, including interpersonal and language skills, diligence and independence.

The Financial Secretary Henry Tang has sidestepped questions over reports that he is set to become the new Chief Secretary. Several newspapers reported that the Director of the Chief Executive's Office John Tsang should succeed Mr Tang as Financial Secretary.
財政司司長唐英年迴避報導 ,指唐英年將出任政務司司長。 幾張報紙報導,現任特首辦主任曾俊華將接任財政司司長。


The government is proposing to impose a fixed penalty of $1,500 for flouting anti-smoking laws. Officers from the housing, food and environmental hygiene, and leisure and cultural services departments will be given the authority to demand the fixed- penalty payment.

1/6/06 A jewellery retailer was fined $100,000 and sentenced to six months imprisonment, suspended for three years, for falsely labelling jewellery made in China as Italian. In passing sentence, the magistrate said a deterrent penalty was needed following recent cases of mainland tourists being cheated by local shops.
31/5/07 A Coroner's jury unanimously decided that an unlicensed hawker, who drowned in a nullah in Tin Shui Wai last June, died accidentally. The jury urged the government to give more crisis management training to hawker control officers from the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department.
30/5/07 A ten-year-old girl who turned up in Shenzhen after disappearing from a tuition class, returned home safely after going missing for 20 hours. But it remains unknown whether anyone had accompanied her across the border. It was reported that a female relative had taken her away following a family dispute.
29/5/07 The first phase of the anti-spam law comes into effect this Friday. The ban is aimed at stemming spam e-mails, pre-recorded calls, faxes and video and audio messages. Offenders face fines of up to HK$1 million and five years’ jail.
28/5/07 The amber rainstorm warning was issued twice yesterday, as rainfall of more than 30mm was reported in the early morning and afternoon. The Observatory said an unstable southerly air stream brought thunderstorms to the coastal areas of Guangdong province.

The Hong Kong Beer Coalition announced cutting prices from next month. They would pass on to their customers in full the cut in duty on alcohol announced in this year's budget. The group said it was acting to meet public expectations and wasn't bowing to public pressure.
「香港啤酒聯盟」 宣布下月將調低啤酒售價,讓市民可獲財政預算案中減酒稅後全數回贈。 聯盟表示,他們那樣做是滿足市民的期望,並不是屈服於公眾壓力。


In the proposed by-laws for the new unified KCRC and MTRC lines, the penalty fo r the use of foul language would be increased from HK$2,000 to HK$5,000 plus six months' imprisonment. The fine for loitering, buskering or transporting pets would also be increased from HK$2,000 to HK$5,000 plus three months in jail.
兩鐵合併後 修改的附例建議,在 兩 鐵範圍內說粗言穢語,罰款由2000元增加至5000元,更會判監半年; 遊蕩、賣藝或攜帶動物,罰款由2000元增加至5000元,更會判監三個月。

25/5/07 A survey of the views of secondary school students in Hong Kong shows that most consider SARS to be the number one post-handover news story. The other top stories include the July 1st march, the death of Deng Xiao-ping and the Chief Executive elections. The poll shows that a large number of students have a sense of national identity and an awareness of politics.

The government's bid to obtain HK$50 million funding for dismantling and relocating Queen's Pier won approval from the Legislative Council's Public Works subcommittee. Ten members approved the application, while seven were opposed and one abstained.
立法會工務小組委員會以 10票贊成,7票反對,1票棄權,通過撥款5000萬元,讓政府拆卸及重置皇后碼頭。

23/5/07 One fireman was killed and six others injured in a factory fire in Tsuen Wan. The 27-year-old fireman died after an entire room suddenly burst into flames due to the intense heat, a phenomenon called flashover. The fire broke out at 11.53pm on Monday and was put out at 4.16am.
22/5/07 The government is going to impose a tax of 50 HK cents on each plastic shopping bag by the end of next year to reduce indiscriminate use of bags by shoppers. In the first phase of the scheme, supermarkets, convenience stores, and personal health and beauty stores will be the first to enforce the levy.
21/5/07 The government plans to spend 70 million dollars to beautify the bus station outside the Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island. The project is to coincide with the monastry's construction of a new five-storey temple inside the complex, which will attract more visitors to the area. The project will include a lily pond and a new pedestrian path.
政府擬用7000萬元,為大嶼山寶蓮寺外的巴士總站,進行美化,以配合寶蓮寺興建五層高萬佛寶殿 ,吸引更多遊客到訪。計劃包括一個荷花池及一條新行人路。

A 14-year-old boy was arrested for claiming to be a member of a triad society in his own blog on the Internet. Police reminded the public that all existing legislation that prohibits criminality in the "physical" world will equally apply to criminal acts committed in the "cyber" environment.


Former permanent secretary for education and manpower Fanny Law Fan Chiu-fun insisted she had never interfered with the academic freedom of the Hong Kong Institute of Education and said the inquiry had been turned into a smear campaign. She said there was "no unrestricted academic freedom."

18/5/07 Li Ka-shing expressed his worries over high share prices on the mainland, pointing out that Hong Kong would suffer if the mainland's stock market bubble burst. He warned small investors that they would get burnt the most if the market went down.
17/5/07 About 1,406 complaints have been filed against the Bible, following the launching of a Chinese-language website. The site urges people to pressure the Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority into reclassifying parts of the Bible as indecent. The site was set up after TELA classified two issues of a Chinese University student publication as indecent.
16/5/07 The Consumer Council says one in three pre-packaged food items available on the market still have no labels showing they contain ingredients which may cause allergies. It reminds food manufacturers that they should properly label their products by July 10 when a new food labelling regulation comes into force.
15/5/07 A Chinese University survey shows that Premier Wen Jiabao enjoys the highest popularity rating among Hongkongers, reaching a new high of 77.9 per cent. The survey also shows that Beijing continues to earn a high level of trust from the local community, which has risen 3.7 points to a record high of 52.9 per cent.
14/5/07 The executive-led system of government has been practiced since the colonial days but now the situation is rapidly changing. It should be changed to cope with rapid social and political developments since the handover, executive councilor Anthony Cheung Bing-leung says.

A survey about incest and bestiality in its February and March issues of CU Student Press has been provisionally classified indecent by the Obscene Articles Tribunal.


Cantopop star Edison Chen Hing-wah was put on a one-year good behavior bond for kicking and denting a taxi in a moment of anger. Chen was said to have driven to his home, only to find the gate blocked by a tax. That sparked an argument leading to the dents.
歌手陳冠希因一時發火, 用腳踢的士車身導致有凹陷,被判守行為一年。陳駕駛的私家車在住所外被一輛的士阻擋,雙方罵戰一輪,導致的士車身有凹陷。

11/5/07 Chinese University issued a stern warning to the editorial board members of CU Student Press, for publishing a sex-poll deemed to be indecent and way beyond the commonly accepted standards of the community. It said the paper had harmed fellow students, and damaged the reputation of the university.
10/5/07 The Antiquities Advisory Board gave Queen's Pier grade one historic building status yesterday after a heated debate. Board chairman Edmond Ho Sing- tin said the status meant the government must make every effort to preserve the pier. But officials stressed that the grading does not mean Queen's Pier will not be dismantled and relocated elsewhere.

The ICAC arrested 47 people in connection with a scam over the supply of food to hotels, restaurants and private clubs. Those arrested included chefs, purchasing managers and food suppliers. The corrupt practice was facilitated by the use of bogus invoices, with most of the payment amounts and quantities being inflated.

8/5/07 A judicial review on the government's refusal to legislate on a minimum wage is underway. It was brought by a cleaner and legislator Leung Kwok-hung. The applicants say the chief executive is constitutionally bound to consider setting minimum wage levels to guarantee a "decent living" for employees in Hong Kong.

The driver of a seven-seat car and a passenger left the scene after a traffic accident at Tseung Kwan O which led to the death of a 7-year-old boy who cycled there. But a man in Scout uniform returned to the scene later, telling police he was the driver of the car. The man and a 14-year-old youth were arrested on suspicion of perverting the course of justice.


The Customs Commissioner, Timothy Tong, said there had been no complaints about tourists being sold fake goods in recent weeks, following a series of crackdowns against unscrupulous merchants. Mr Tong said his department may invite tourists who claimed they were deceived to testify in court if necessary.
海關關長湯顯明說,打擊不擇手段的商人後,過去數星期未有收到賣假貨的投訴。他又說,如果有需要,海關 可能會邀請被欺騙的旅客來港作證。

5/5/07 Hong Kong's image as a shoppers' paradise has not been overly damaged by recent scandals, with the number of visitors for the first six days of the Labor Day Golden Week soaring 20 percent. However, it said those traveling in tour groups fell 13.5 percent, while those visiting independently jumped 43.5 percent .
4/5/07 The chief executive, Donald Tsang, announced details of his government's new structure. The number of bureaus will be increased from eleven to twelve. The biggest change will involve the formation of a development bureau, which will deal with infrastructure projects and heritage conservation. The changes will take effect on July the first.
3/5/07 Tax revenue for the 2006-2007 financial year set a new record of $155-billion. The Commissioner of Inland Revenue said the rebounding economy and the booming stock market contributed to the seven percent increase. Overall revenue is expected to drop 4 per cent this financial year because of the concessions introduced in the budget.
2/5/07 Local unions and labour groups staged a series of protests to mark Labour Day. Demonstrators included unionists calling for minimum wage legislation and standard working hours, and migrant workers demanding better working conditions. Unionist legislator Lee Cheuk-yan said the economy had improved over the past 10 years but workers did not share in economic growth.
本港多個工會及勞工團體,趁五一勞動節,舉行遊行。示威者包括工會會員,要 求政府立法制定最低工資及標準工時; 外勞要求改善工作環境。工會領袖立法會議員李卓人表示,十年來本港經濟雖然改善,但工人無法分享經濟成果。

The Department of Health has warned against buying slimming drugs over the Internet. The warning comes after four women including a 14-year-old girl developed fast heart beats and hand tremors after taking drugs purchased on-line.
醫管局告誡市民,不要在 互聯網購買減肥藥。 四名女子,包括一名十四歲女童,服用網上購買的減肥藥後,出現心悸及手震等徵狀。

30/4/07 On the eve of international SpankOut Day, a survey has found that over eighty per cent of Hong Kong parents physically punish their children. Against Child Abuse urges parents not to abuse corporal punishment and calls for legislation banning the practice.

Actor Chow Yun-fat boosted the morale of activists camped inside Queen's Pier by making a surprise appearance to offer support in the early morning yesterday. He wanted to capture the last moments of the landmark and wished the pier could be saved.
影星周潤發昨日清晨現身皇后碼頭,鼓舞露宿在碼頭內請願者的士氣 。他想拍攝這地標最後的時刻 ,並希望碼頭能夠保留。


A survey by the DAB has found that 30 percent of mainland tourists visiting Hong Kong have had bad shopping experiences including getting ripped-off, buying counterfeit goods or goods with missing accessories. The DAB said shops that cheated tourists should be blacklisted.
民建聯一項調查發現,三成內地來港旅客表示,有不愉快購物經驗, 包括價格被抬高、購買冒牌貨或配件不齊的次貨。 民建聯認為應該將欺騙旅客的店舖 列入黑名單 。

27/4/07 A pair of giant pandas, given by the central government to mark the 10th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the mainland, arrived in the territory. The pandas have been named: Le Le, which means happiness; and Ying Ying, which stands for graceful and abundance. The cubs will make their first public appearance on July 1.
26/4/07 After a two-month hearing, a five-member jury reached unanimous verdicts. It found that police constable Tsui Po-ko killed two other policemen and a security guard. Tsui was lawfully killed in self-defense by colleague Tsang Kwok-hang, who returned fire.
25/4/07 A survey has shown that 170,000 people in Hong Kong are living in poor housing conditions like cubicles, bedspace apartments and in temporary structures on rooftops. Such residents were poor with monthly income less than $5,000. They were also poorly educated, many were old, and 40 per cent were immigrants from the mainland.
24/4/07 A man who set up an acid attack at the request of the father of one of his victims was jailed for 18 years. The accused was severely censured by the judge for his cold-blooded and wicked offence, attacking a stranger for merely cash reward. Police are still investigating the attack, as they believe the mastermind remains at large.

A survey conducted by the Federation of Youth Services has found that 37 per cent of F.5 students are suffering heavy exam pressure. Some students lose sleep, have headaches or develop physical disorders from stress during exam periods. The federation has advised students to find ways of relieving the pressure associated with exams.


Magdelena Mok, a one time classmate of the former Permanent Secretary for Education Fanny Law and a professor at the Hong Kong Institute of Education, told an inquiry yesterday that Fanny Law had ordered the dismissal of lecturer Ip Kin Yuen because of an article he published that was critical of education reforms.


Fung shui master Tony Chan Chun-chuen claims that according to a 2006 will he is the sole beneficiary of the late Nina Wang's US$4-billion estate. He would pay due regard to the values by which Mrs Wang managed her business interests and her personal affairs.
風水師陳振聰聲稱,按照 06 的遺囑,他是已故龔如心四百億美元遺產的唯一受益人。他會繼續尊重龔如心生前處理生意業務,以及個人事務上的價值觀。

20/4/07 Figures collected by the Education and Manpower Bureau showed the number of primary students with specific learning difficulties for the 2005-06 school year was 0.43 per cent of the student population. But an investigation by the Ombudsman has shown a rising trend in the number of Hong Kong children found to have learning difficulties.
19/4/07 In its value-for-money report released yesterday, the Audit Commission attacked the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute for spending HK$180,000 on seeking fung shui advice. ASTRI chief executive officer Robert Yang Jih-chang said the institute's management did not believe in fung shui but engaged in the service as a local custom.
18/4/07 The widow of police constable Tsui Po-ko burst into tears while presenting a positive view of him. She praised Tsui as a responsible husband and a good father who valued life and chose to become an organ donor. But the wife knew nothing of Tsui's dark side such as his secret bank accounts and passion for massage parlors.
17/4/07 The Consumer Council tested 22 samples of dried shredded squid and one sample of dried fish. About one third contained arsenic above the permitted levels. Eating three packets of dried squid snacks a week could result in arsenic poisoning, causing thickening of the skin and chronic liver disorder.
16/4/07 At the Hong Kong Film Awards "After This Our Exile" almost swept the board of prizes winning five prizes, including best film and best director. The movie focuses on the relationship between a gambling addict and his son. Lau Ching-wan won best actor for his role in the movie "My Name Is Fame," and. Gong Li was named best actress for playing an empress in "Curse of the Golden Flower."
在香港電影金像獎頒獎,電影《父子》成為大贏家,奪得五個獎,包括最佳電影和最佳導演獎。這套電影講述一名嗜睹父親與兒子相處的經過。劉青雲憑《我要成名》奪得影帝殊榮; 主演《滿城盡帶黃金甲》的女主角鞏俐,封為影后。

A man robbed a bank in Cheng Sha Wan Road and fled with $49,000 dollars in cash. The man, who was masked, entered a bank wearing glasses, a cap and a white glove. The robber threatened an elderly customer with what looked like a gun while ordering the bank staff to hand over cash.
一名男子打劫長沙灣道 一間銀行, 劫走近五萬元現金。 歹徒蒙面、頭戴鴨舌帽、眼鏡、戴白色手套, 用類似手槍指嚇一名長者顧客, 命令職員交出現鈔 。


Customs charged the owner of a jewellery shop with supplying jewellery bearing false trade description. Customs officers seized 1,807 pieces of jewellery, each bearing a geographical indication " ITALY ". Customs investigations showed that the articles were manufactured in Mainland China.
海關檢控售賣附有虛假商品說明珠寶的店舖負責人。海關人員在這間珠寶店檢獲合共 1,807 件刻有「意大利」字樣的金飾 。調查顯示產品在中國內地製造。


Greenpeace collected 20 samples from wet markets in Hong Kong recently for testing and found that four contain banned pesticide or pesticide residue exceeding European Union standards. The group called on the government to come up with a time table for food safety legislation.
綠色和平最近在全港街市收集 20個蔬菜樣本,進行檢測,當中有4個樣本含禁用農藥,更有樣本殘留的農藥,超出歐盟標準。綠色和平要求政府,盡快提出食物安全立法時間表。


The Prince of Wales Hospital revealed that there had been a body mix-up at their mortuary. A mortuary attendant gave the body of an 88-year-old man to the wrong family late last month and the body had been cremated. Initial investigations show the worker failed to follow established procedures.
沙田威爾斯醫院發生錯領遺體事件,該院殮房助理將一名 88 歲老翁 遺體,錯誤交給另一家人,遺體已被火化。 初步調查顯示,助理未有依足確定的程序工作。


Sixty Customs officers visited shops targeting tourists in Tsim Sha Tsui, To Kwa Wan and Hung Hom. Flyers were handed out to remind shop owners to comply with the law.
60名海關人員巡查尖沙咀、土瓜灣和紅磡多間以旅客為主要消售對象的商舖,向店主派發傳單, 提醒他們遵守法例 。


Premier Wen Jiabao presented the instrument of appointment to the third term Chief Executive Donald Tsang in Beijing. Mr. Wen urged Donald Tsang Yam-kuen to devote his life to the SAR. He also reminded Tsang to shoulder the responsibilities of developing the local economy, improving the people's livelihood and progressively promoting democracy for the territory.
總理溫家寶在北京向曾蔭權頒發第三任行政長官委任令。溫家寶勉勵曾蔭權獻出自己生命為香港。 溫總亦提醒曾蔭權要承擔責任,發展經濟、改善民生、循序漸進地推進民主。


Chairman of the Tourism Board, James Tien, suggested publishing shops that received demerit points. At present, the Travel Industry Council only tells members not to take tour groups to shops that have accumulated 30 or more demerits.
旅發局主席田北俊建議公布被扣分店舖 。現時當店舖遭扣滿30分,旅遊業議會只告知會員不可帶旅客到被扣滿分店舖購物。


The first sea burials in Hong Kong took place with eleven individuals' cremated ashes being scattered just off the coast of Tuen Mun . Seventy family members held Christian, Catholic or Taoist ceremonies as part of the ritual. Mourners were not allowed to throw offerings into the sea.
本港境內首次海葬儀式,在屯門對開海域舉行, 70名家屬分別以基督教、天主教及道教儀式,為11名先人舉行撒骨灰儀式。 送葬者 不可以將祭品拋入海。

7/4/07 A total of 891 flight movements were handled at the Hong Kong International Airport on April 5, setting a new daily record. The increase in flight movements was attributed to the heavy travel demand during the Easter holidays. Most of the extra flights operated by airlines were to destinations on the Mainland, and in Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia .
香港國際機場在四月五日共處理了 891 航機升降架次,創下單日航班升降數目新紀錄。復活節長假期外遊需求大增,令航班升降數目增加。復活節假期期間,航空公司增開的航班主要前往內地、東北亞和東南亞。

Asia 's richest women Nina Wang Kung Yu-sum knew in December last year she only had about three months to live, Macau casino magnate Stanley Ho Hung-sun said. She even got this confirmed by flying to the United States for a second opinion, he added. Ho said he admired both Wangs for living simple and frugal lifestyles, despite their wealth.
「賭王」何鴻燊披露,亞洲女首富龔如心去年十二月知道她僅剩下數月生命。她遠赴美國找專家再斷症。何鴻燊讚賞王德輝夫婦, 儘管富有 ,但生活簡樸和節儉。


Asia 's richest woman and the head of the Chinachem group, Nina Wang, died of cancer at the age of 70, leaving behind a fortune of HK$32.7 billion. Nina Wang, nicknamed "Little Sweetie", liked to wear her hair in pigtails. She once said she wanted to leave all her personal fortune to charity.
亞洲女首富、華懋集團主席龔如心, 因癌病逝世 , 終年七十歲 ,遺下三百二十多億元資產 。 人稱「小甜甜」的龔如心,喜愛梳孖辮。她曾表示 ,想把身家撥入慈善基金 。

4/4/07 Deputy Director of the Central Government’s Liaison Office, Li Gang, urged Hong Kong to take action to deal with mainland visitors’ complaints about shopping. He said the complaints should not be treated lightly and could have a serious impact on travel, especially with the 10th anniversary of the handover in July.
3/4/07 Lawmakers accused banks of expanding their operations in commercial areas, while ignoring the needs of underprivileged groups. However, the chairman of the Association of Banks said that banks had addressed the issue by introducing an ATM system for the elderly and adding cash withdrawal services at convenience stores.

2/4/07 Two jewellery shops in Hong Kong have been accused of selling fake diamonds to mainland tourists, according to a report by China Central Television. The report says Mainland tourists from Shenzhen were forced to shop at certain jewellery stores, after paying 900 dollars for a three-day tour of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong cyclist Wong Kam-Po took gold in the 15-kilometre scratch race at the world track championships in Spain , the SAR's first-ever gold medal in the world title. He said he had been riding for 15-years and, at 34, wanted one last crack at the 08 Olympics.
本港單車手黃金寶在西班牙世界場地單車錦標賽,奪得十五公里捕捉賽的冠軍,是本港選手首度在世界賽中得金牌。 黃金寶說,他的單車生涯已有 15 年, 今年34歲,他想在08年奧運會作最後嘗試。


The government will spend HK$97 million on 460 events to celebrate the SAR's 10th birthday. T he activities will manifest the vibrancy and diversity of Hong Kong . The biggest gainers will be the the children born in 1997. They will enjoy free entry to Ocean Park and a free deluxe annual pass from Hong Kong Disneyland.
為慶祝香港回歸十周年,政府花費九千萬元,舉辦逾四百項活動,以展現社會多元化及活力 。而在九七年出生的十歲兒童更成為「大贏家」,他們可以免費遊覽海洋公園及一年內無限次免費遊香港迪士尼樂園。

30/3/07 Secretary for Education and Manpower Arthur Li Kwok-cheung warned the Hong Kong Institute of Education it would be "raped" if it refused to merge with the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the institute's president Paul Morris told a court of inquiry. Paul Morris also accused the former Permanent Secretary for Education, Fanny Law, of asking him to sack four academic staff after they criticised education reforms.
29/3/07 Constable Tsui Po-ko was likely to have had a serious personality disorder (Schizotypo) and craved the excitement in criminal acts, an FBI expert told the Coroner’s Court yesterday. The disorder is characterized by social isolation, odd behaviour and thinking, and often unconventional beliefs.
28/3/07 Constable Tsui Po-ko had been spying on prominent political figures - including Lau Wong-fat, Philip Wong and Raymond Wu - and had recorded details of their movements in his diary before he died in the Tsim Sha Tsui shoot-out, a police witness told the Coroner's Court yesterday.
27/3/07 A secondary school student who admitted cheating in an examination by asking a friend to sit the mathematics test on her behalf in last year's Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination was ordered to perform 80 hours of community service. She was barred from taking this year's Hong Kong Advanced Level Examinations and her HKCEE results were declared void.
26/3/07 Donald Tsang was re-elected Chief Executive. He received 649 votes, compared to 123 for his rival, Alan Leong. Mr. Tsang pledged to strive for universal suffrage. Other commitments included making the city Asia’s premier financial centre and tackling poverty with innovative ideas.
25/3/07 The Boys and Girls Club Association organised the children Chief Executive election and involved more than a thousand primary four to secondary three students. Donald Tsang received 817 votes, while Alan Leong got 184. Those who voted for Mr Tsang said they had chosen him because of his 40 years' experience in the civil service. Mr Leong's supporters said he had got their vote because of his concern for lower class and disadvantaged groups.
香港小童群益會舉辦兒童投票選特首,由一千多名小四至中三學生投票,曾蔭權獲 817票,梁家傑得184票 。投票支持曾蔭權的原因,是他有40年的公務經驗。而支持梁家傑的的原因,是他關心低下階層,和弱勢人士。

A 21-year-old mother was sentenced to 18 months probation after pleading guilty to two counts of child abuse. The woman left her two toddlers at home to go to a party in Shenzhen in January. A Tuen Mun magistrate said such behaviour was unacceptable and should be condemned.
一名 21 歲母親承認兩項疏忽照顧兒童罪名,被判 18 個月感化令。被告留下兩名幼兒在家中,自己返回內地參加派對。屯門裁判官表示,被告行為是不可以接受的,應受譴責 。

23/3/07 The Ombudsman accused the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department staff of lying in a bid to cover-up their mistakes. The lies could ruin the integrity of the department. The department was also found to have failed to ensure that breaches of regulations were promptly prosecuted.
22/3/07 Two remote-controlled devices were found at Jockey Club's Happy Valley track that the Jockey Club said could have fired objects, causing serious harm to jockeys and horses. The club took the incident very seriously and is stepping up security at its two racecourses.

A pair of young pandas have been chosen as a gift from the central government to Hong Kong to mark the 10th anniversary of the handover. The pair are healthy, energetic and likely to produce offspring. Their favorite food includes apples and carrots, they love to play hide-and-seek.

20/3/07 Monetary Authority chief Joseph Yam Chi-kwong yesterday confirmed that efforts would be made to speed up replacement of HK$1,000 banknotes printed by HSBC in 2000 and 2002 by those produced in 2003 which had more anti-forgery features.
19/3/07 A survey conducted by the Hong Kong Memory Study Association found that a third of citizens say they have poor memories, while less than a tenth profess to have good powers of recollection. Its Executive Director said people tended to use only one side of their brain and they could actually use both to help sharpen their memory.

The Police Commissioner, Tang King-shing, said they had so far seized more than 7-hundred fake one-thousand-dollar banknotes. It is believed the notes originate from outside of Hong Kong .
警務處長鄧竟成說,警方近期檢獲 700多張一千元偽鈔,相信這批偽鈔由外地流入。


Mr Justice Woo, the chairman of a Commission of Inquiry into allegations of government intervention in the internal affairs of the Hong Kong Institute of Education decided to step down, conceding that his working relationship with former education official Fanny Law had cast doubt on his impartiality.
調查教院事件的委員會主席胡國興決定退任。胡國興承認, 他與前教統局常任秘書長羅范椒芬有工作關係,會使人質疑調查的公正性。

16/3/07 Organised by the city’s eight electronic media groups, the second chief executive election debate was held yesterday with the presence of 196 members of the public. Donald Tsang Yam-kuen outshone Alan Leong Kah-kit on public policy issues, while losing out to his rival on debating skills, according to a University of Hong Kong poll.
15/3/07 Candidates taking the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination and the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination who do not switch off their mobile phones inside the examination hall will either be disqualified from the subject or the entire exam. Candidates are also banned from bringing in personal digital assistants, pagers, MP3 players and electronic dictionaries.
14/3/07 The Food and Environmental Hygiene department warned against consuming potatoes that are beginning to sprout roots as these contain natural toxin. The CFS also warned against the natural toxins present in other commonly consumed beans and vegetables, such as green beans, soyabeans, bamboo shoots, cauliflower, mustard and turnips.
13/3/07 The HK Monetary Authority says 10 dollar plastic banknotes will be issued on a trial basis in the middle of the year. The polymer notes are durable, easier to clean and more environmentally-friendly, but will cost more to produce. The design will be similar to the paper ones currently in circulation.
12/3/07 Environmental concern group GreenSense found that more than 400 shops in Tsim Sha Tsui and Monk Kok leave their lights on even when they are closed. A billboard in Mong Kok was flanked by 76 spotlights. The group urged the government to limit the density of the outdoor advertising spotlights and to prohibit stores from leaving their lights on after 11pm.

The Urban Renewal Authority has decided to go ahead with its redevelopment plans for Sai Yee Street , which is also known as Sneaker Street because it sells sports shoes. The Board Chairman, Edward Cheng, said it would carefully consider the concerns of various stakeholders before reaching a decision.
市區重建局決定,落實重建俗稱「波鞋街」的旺角洗衣街重建項目。董事會主席鄭維新承諾,在重建時,不會忽視各有關利益者的 利害關係 。


According to the latest Forbes rich list tycoon Li Ka-shing climbed one place to be ranked the ninth wealthiest man in the world, with an estimated net worth of US$23 billion (HK$179.4 billion).
根據 美國財經雜誌《福布斯》 2007 年度富豪榜,李嘉誠上升一級排第 9 位,總身家估計達 230 億美元 ( 約 1794 億港元 ) 。

9/3/07 The government was criticised by several lawmakers for proposing to build two commercial blocks on the waterfront in Central near International Finance Centre Two. They feared it would block harbour views and create a wall effect that reduces wind flows.
8/3/07 A serious case of domestic violence happened in Fanling yesterday. A 38-year-old woman is in critical condition after having had a corrosive substance forced down her throat by her 64-year-old husband while sleeping at her home. Initial investigations suggest that the incident is related to relationship problems.
7/3/07 The government won vote confidence after the release of the budget. According to the Hong Kong University public opinion program, 51 percent of respondents said they were satisfied with the government and Chief Executive Donald Tsang benefited because his personal support rate rose soared to 69 percent, a rise of 5%.
6/3/07 The Hang Seng Index plunged four percent, the biggest single-day drop since October 2003. There were concerns over a strengthening Japanese Yen and a possible slowdown of the US economy. As the Japanese yen surged, unwinding the carry trade, analysts believe the correction around the globe may last for some time.

37500 people took part in the Hong Kong Standard Chartered marathon, starting in Tsim Sha Tsui and finishing at the Golden Bauhinia Square in Wan Chai. 6200 people sought medical treatment, one critically ill. Kenya runners won the top three positions in both men's race and women's race.
37500 人參加香港馬拉松,賽事在尖沙咀起步,以灣仔金紫荊廣場為終點站。 6200 人向救護站求助, 1 人情況嚴重 。男女子組賽事的首三名,由肯尼亞選手包辦。


The Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury, Frederick Ma, said that the government could not depend on land sales and investments, in the long term, for a budget surplus. And Ma said efforts to broaden the tax system must continue.


A survey of secondary school students found that 67 per cent respondents often used portable music players, while the others utilised other hearing aids for computer and video games. A doctor has warned teenagers that prolonged use of head phones or earphones could cause permanent ear damage.

2/3/07 Donald Tsang Yam-kuen and his challenger Alan Leong Kah-kit had a heated debate in Hong Kong’s first televised election forum. Two candidates gripped every opportunity to make a point at the expense of the other. A poll found that 65.5 per cent of respondents would vote for Mr. Tsang.
1/3/07 The Financial Secretary, Henry Tang, yesterday announced tax cuts and concessions totalling $20-billion in the last budget of his tenure, following a larger than expected HK$55.1 billion fiscal surplus. He offered a list of sweeteners including tax rebates of up to HK$15,000 and rate waivers of up to HK$5,000. The government will also give 1 million social security recipients a one-month bonus payout.
財政司長唐英年昨日在任期內最後一份財政預算案中宣佈200億元寬減及回饋措施,上年度錄得超乎預期的551億元財政盈餘。他推出「派糖」措施,包括退薪俸稅 ,上限1萬5千元,減免差餉,上限5千元。政府又向一百萬名綜援人士額外發放多一個月綜援金。
28/2/07 Special security measures will be implemented at the airport next month to screen liquids, gel and aerosol being brought onto planes in hand luggage. Under the new rules, only liquids, gel and aerosols in 100- milliliter containers or less will be allowed as part of hand luggage.
27/2/07 A joint inquest into one of Hong Kong's most dramatic multiple murder cases opened yesterday. Police officer Leung Shing-yan was sent to investigate noise complaints after the police received a mystery phone call made on an internal police phone-line not available to the public. Leung was later killed and his gun was lost.
26/2/07 With the Financial Secretary, Henry Tang, due to unveil his budget on Wednesday, various groups have been making their views known on how they think he should spend the government's surplus. DAB called for rates relief and reduction in salaries tax while the Frontier demanded more tax exemptions for taxpayers who have children or have to support their parents.

The Housing Department is to extend a smoking ban to all common areas within public housing estates. The areas covered by the ban include roads, pedestrian paths, open areas, rest gardens, play areas and sports grounds. The ban will come into effect from April.
房屋署將公屋所有公共地方,列為禁煙區, 4月起生效。公屋公共地方包括道路、行人通道、露天場地、休憩花園、遊玩處及運動場等。


Macau 's Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau ruled yesterday that Sands Casino must pay the HK$740,000 slot-machine jackpot to the mother of an underage girl . However, the mother was also given a verbal warning for taking her 16-year-old daughter to the casino.
澳門博彩監察協調局昨日裁定,金沙賭場要向中獎未成年少女派發 74 萬元吃角子老虎機彩金。但少女的母親因攜帶十六歲女兒進入賭場被發出口頭警告。

23/2/07 Latest figures from the Census and Statistics Department show that Hong Kong 's population stood at just over 6.9 million at the end of last year, with the median age at 39 compared with 34 in 1996 . There are now more women than men in the territory - with 911 men for every 1,000 women.
統計處發表去年人口統計數字,在 690萬人口當中,女性與男性比例是每1000個女性對911個男性。年齡中位數39歲,比10年前大了5歲。

Nearly 100,000 people took advantage of the free-ride offer on West Rail yesterday morning as a compensatory gesture for last week's tunnel fire incident. But some passengers said the free ride lacked sincerity. Many rush-hour commuters missed out as they started their journey before 9am.
西鐵上周隧道火警事件向受事故影響的公眾致歉,近 10 萬名乘客昨早免費乘搭西鐵。但有繁忙時間上班的乘客認為,大部分乘客上班都在九時前,無法享受優惠,認為九鐵不夠誠意。


More than 87-thousand worshippers visited the Che Kung Temple to pray for good fortune in the new year. Some stalls at the temple said there were fewer people bargaining, and around ten percent more people buying the larger type of fortune wheels to bring home.
有八萬七千多名市民到車公廟參拜祈福。有檔主表示,今年買風車的人較少議價, 約有一成人買大風車。


The chairman of the Heung Yee Kuk, Lau Wong-fat, went to the Che Kung Temple to draw fortune sticks on behalf of Hong Kong . He drew stick No 36, which was a moderate one. The fortune reading suggested Hong Kong would have a stable future with moderate luck.
鄉議局主席劉皇發到車公廟為香港求籤,結果求得 36籤,是一支中籤 。籤文喻意香港會繼續平穩,但財運一般。


Hong Kong has experienced its warmest Lunar New Year day since the Observatory started keeping records in 1885. A temperature of 25.3 degrees Celsius was recorded - breaking the last record which was set in 1982.
本港昨日的最高氣溫達 25.3 ℃ ,成為天文台自 1885 年有紀錄以來,最溫暖的年初一。


People are celebrating the arrival of the Year of the Pig - which is supposed to bring good luck and prosperity. This time it has the added bonus of being a Golden Pig which only comes round every 60 years.
市民慶祝豬年到臨 , 豬年會帶來好運和興旺。今年更是六十年一次的金豬好時年。


The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, has secured 641 nominations from among the 796 Election Committee members who will choose the territory's next leader in March. Alan Leong, who's challenging Mr Tsang for the post, has 132 nominations. Tsang formally registered as an eligible candidate for the chief executive election.
角逐連任的行政長官曾蔭權,向選舉事務處遞交選委提名,他在 796名選委中總 共獲得641個選委提名,對手梁家傑取得超過132個提名。


The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, announced that a two-member Commission of Inquiry will investigate allegations of government interference in academic freedom at the Institute of Education . The commission will be chaired by Mr Justice Woo and he other member will be J P Lee.

15/2/07 More than 1,000 passengers had to be evacuated when a fire broke out on a West Rail train yesterday morning. The incident occurred inside the Tai Lam tunnel shortly after 9’0 clock. Passengers said they heard a loud bang and saw smoke pouring out of one of the carriages. Initial findings suggested the fire was caused by a short circuit in a transformer.
14/2/07 A survey found 276,000 Hongkongers had at least HK$1 million in liquid assets at the end of last year. 51% are women. Some 82 per cent invest in stocks, 60 per cent in mutual funds and a third own premium-rate bank deposit accounts. The main concerns of these millionaires are their health and that of their families, and their children's education.
一項調查指出,去年本港擁有百萬元流動資產的市民,多達27.6萬名,其中富貴女人比例達 51%。八成二投資股票,六成投資於基金,三分一擁有銀行的優先理財戶口。百萬富翁關心的事是健康、家人和子女教育。
13/2/07 A District Court judge yesterday jailed four men for four years and eight months for attacking Democratic Party lawmaker Albert Ho Chun-yan last year - but said he believed someone else was behind the scenes and the motives were far more sinister than those revealed in court.

Chief Executive hopeful, Alan Leong, has unveiled an election platform calling for universal suffrage by 2012. He proposes to increase the size of the existing 800-member Election Committee to 1,200. He also says the threshold for nominating a candidate should be lowered from 100 to 50.
行政長官參選人梁家傑發表政制政綱,提出不遲於 2012 年實施雙普選,他建議特首普選的提名委員會,由現有的 800 人選委會,增加至 1200 ,提名參選數目由 100 個下降至 50 個。

11/2/07 A mainland travel agent, who was accused of abandoning three mainland mentally handicapped children here, was charged with three counts of child abuse and negligence.

A police officer dropped his revolver and ammunition while trying to hold back a group of protestors when the Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, was meeting a group of election committee members in Yau Ma Tei.

A married businessman was jailed for 16 months for possessing a large amount of child pornography at his home. The defendant earlier pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography, which he had downloaded from the Internet. The judge said the offence was serious and a deterrent sentence was required.
8/2/07 The Hong Kong Institute of Education's vice-president Bernard Luk alleged that an Education and Manpower Bureau official had asked the institute’s president to sack four teachers for criticizing the education reforms. Legislators called for an independent inquiry into the alleged government interference in academic freedom.
7/2/07 The number of drug abusers under the age of 21 is on the increase. And legislators are concerned that young people are crossing the border to buy cheaper drugs on the Mainland. Customs is working closely with mainland authorities to address this worrying trend.
6/2/07 A survey found that more than a third of female employees and over 10% of male workers are sexually harassed in the workplace. Many victims of harassment choose to keep silent about it. The most common sexual harassment acts were taking inappropriate photos, improper physical conduct and verbal remarks of a sexual nature.
5/2/07 The body of a hiker missing for a week was found at the bottom of Dou Ron Rock near Lantau Trail yesterday morning. Fire and civil aid officers were joined by about 100 hikers who volunteered to look for the hiker. Initial findings suggest that the man fell from height. A hiking coach said, “One simple lesson for all hikers – never hike alone.”
失蹤一星期的行山者,經過警方、消防處及民安隊聯同百人義務搜索隊搜索,昨早被發現伏屍鳳凰徑附近「倒腕崖」下,初步發現他是攀崖時失足跌下死亡。有行山專家表示,行山者得到一個簡單教訓是 - 切勿單獨行山。

Octopus EPS add-value services have been suspended at all MTR and KCR stations until further notice. Two customers used EPS add-value services unsuccessfully but money had been deducted from their bank accounts.


Donald Tsang Yam- kuen told Election Committee members yesterday he had never ruled out the possibility of full democracy in 2012. He pledged that we would frankly report mainstream views and differing opinions to the central government.
曾蔭權昨日對選委會表示, 無排除在二 ○ 一二年普選。他許諾坦誠地向中央報告主流看法和不同意見。

2/2/07 The Chief Executive Donald Tsang officially launched his campaign for re-election yesterday. Unveiling his campaign platform under the slogan 'I'll Get the Job Done', Mr Tsang has promised to bring more openness and transparency to government. He also pledged to cut taxes; create jobs through infrastructure development and increase health-care spending.
1/2/07 Chief executive candidate and Civic Party legislator Alan Leong had secured 111 nominations from the Election Committee, which qualifies him to be a formal candidate in the March election. Mr Leong said it was a historic occasion, and he challenged Donald Tsang to an open policy debate.
31/1/07 A survey has found that most youngsters don’t share problems with their parents. They turn to friends or stay silent than seek help from their families when they are upset or the victims of bullying. Parents should talk more with their children to improve understanding.
30/1/07 A third of the Lunar New Year delicacy nostoc (fat choi) available on the market has been found to be counterfeit and fake nostoc was made from starch, additives and colorings. However, eating real nostoc also has potential harmful effects. Nostoc contains a toxic substance affecting the normal functions of nerve cells.
29/1/07 Thirty-six canoeists were dumped into the Shing Mun River, after four eight-man boats were overturned by large waves. They were on their way to a competition. Several competitors suffered minor scratches. Some of the canoeists blamed a sudden gust of wind for the rare incident.

The Secretary for the Education and Manpower Bureau, Tony Tang, says more than 90-percent of non-profit kindergartens have applied for the government's voucher scheme. The scheme gives parents of three to five-year-olds a 10-thousand-dollar subsidy towards tuition fees, to be used at non-profit schools.
教統局首席助理秘書長鄧發源表示,九成以上非牟利幼稚園,已申請參加學券制。學券制資助就讀於非牟利幼稚園三歲至五歲學童一 萬元。


A former high court judge and his wife were jailed for eleven months for welfare fraud. Sentencing the two, the chief magistrate Patrick Li said the conduct of the two had deprived the welfare system of resources to assist those in genuine need. The judge had earlier criticised the two for causing a number of delays in the trial saying that they'd shown no remorse.
前高院法官及妻子, 欺騙綜援罪名成立,各被判監禁十一個月。總裁判官李瀚良判刑時說,兩名被告盜取社會資源,令真正有需要的人無法受益。法官早前批評 被告沒有悔意 。

26/1/07 The number of domestic violence cases reported in Hong Kong last year jumped by 79 percent, compared with 2005. Police commissioner, Tang King-shing, said that the force is currently improving training methods and investigation techniques to better equip frontline officers to deal with such incidents.
25/1/07 ParknShop had withdrawn supplies of the oilfish and apologised for being wrongly labelled it as codfish. It said the fish had been labelled based on the product identification on a health certificate issued by the Indonesian authorities. 14 people fell ill after consuming the oilfish.

Greenpeace activists yesterday dumped hundreds of tangerines and strawberries outside the Centre for Food Safety after they found excessive amounts of pesticides in five samples. They cast doubt on the results of the centre’s tests last month that no excessive amounts of pesticides were found in the 350 fruit samples.

23/1/07 Laboratory tests on three dead wild birds the Japanese White-eye, the House Crow and the White-backed Munia found in urban areas of Kowloon last week were confirmed that they carried the H5N1 bird flu virus. Officials urged people to avoid personal contact with wild birds and live poultry - and clean their hands thoroughly after coming into contact with them.
22/1/07 The Labour Department is closely monitoring 22 restaurants identified as being at high risk of closure in the next few months, while catering industry warns there may be more eateries shutting down after the Lunar New Year. The double blow of higher rents plus an economic slackening after the Lunar New Year holiday would put many restaurants out of business.

The entrance to the Bird Garden in Mongkok was disinfected yesterday morning after initial tests carried out on a dead White-backed Munia found in nearby Boundary Street on Tuesday, revealed that it may have had the H5 bird flu virus. Some stalls in the Bird Garden said publicity surrounding recent cases of birds found with the virus had cut their business by half.
旺角界限街星期二發現帶有懷疑 H5病毒的白腰文鳥雀屍。在雀仔街的入口, 昨日早上有清潔人員灑消毒藥水。雀仔街內有店舖負責人表示 ,最近發現有雀鳥感染禽流感的報導後,生意大跌一半。


The public's perception of the quality of journalism in Hong Kong has worsened. A survey, conducted by the Anti-Pornographic and Violence Media Campaign, found that more than half of the one thousand respondents gave the local media five or less marks out of ten.
市民對香港新聞業的質素看法變差。 「反色情暴力資訊運動」一項調查發現,在一千名受訪者中,有多個一半人給予本地傳媒五分或以下,以十分為滿分。

19/1/07 A University of Hong Kong study has shown that people who regularly eat soy products may live longer. It found that healthy foods such as soy, fish, fruits and vegetables may neutralise the negative impact caused by less healthy products such as red meat.
18/1/07 A father pleaded guilty to assault his son with a wooden ruler after learning he had lied about completing a daily fitness regime of 1,300 rope skips, 1,600 leg stretches and 50 laps of the corridor outside the family’s public estate home.
17/1/07 The Immigration Department is to implement new measures to stem the influx of mainland pregnant women to Hong Kong. Starting from next month, all non-local pregnant women who are at an advanced stage of pregnancy will be stopped at entry points and asked to produce booking confirmation certificates issued by Hong Kong hospitals.
16/1/07 The chief executive yesterday unveiled a series of measures to boost Hong Kong's economic competitiveness under the nation's 11th five-year plan, saying they posed a "win win" situation for China. The measures cover the financial services industry as well as trade, logistics and infrastructure, and professional services.
15/1/07 Bird flu scare intensified after a dead bird was found on a hillside near Shek Kip Mei Health Centre, where a crested goshawk was collected last Tuesday and tested positive for H5. Infectious diseases expert Lo Wing-lok warned that Hong Kong could see more birds of prey such as goshawks dying from H5N1.

Outgoing police commissioner Dick Lee Ming-kwai yesterday offered his advice and guidance to new recruits - telling them how to strike a balance when making decisions at work as well as finding an equilibrium between their professional and private lives. 即將退休的警務處長李明逵,昨日給新入職警員 忠告, 作為警察在 處事上 要有「中庸之道」,在生活及工作之間取得平衡作。


A former high court judge and his wife were in custody yesterday facing a near certain jail term after being found guilty of welfare fraud. Both were charged with obtaining more than 100-thousand dollars in welfare payouts and a public housing flat without fully disclosing their personal assets.
前高院法官 及其妻子,被裁定詐騙綜援,幾乎肯定會被判監禁。 兩人涉嫌隱瞞個人資產,騙取逾十萬元綜援及一個公屋單位 。

12/1/07 Some 900 workers were laid off after a company, which provided security services to some government departments, ran into financial difficulties. Those dismissed by Security Centre Limited include security guards and clerical staff.
11/1/07 The government discovered some ruins from the former Governor's summer residence on the Peak. The Antiquities Advisory Board will proceed with a two month excavation to search for more ruins and assess their historical significance.
10/1/07 An Esso petrol station in Tuen Mun was caught overcharging customers by about five per cent. Customs officers said they inspected 24 fuel pumps at the station, and found one of them failed to accurately measure the volume of fuel supplied. The company is investigating the cause of the inaccuracy and is carrying out inspections of its other petrol pumps.
9/1/07 A six-year-old schoolgirl was killed in front of her mother yesterday after her coat was caught in the door of a minibus that drove off and dragged her for 12 metres. The driver was arrested for dangerous driving causing death.
8/1/07 Three crew members of a mainland fishing vessel died after their boat sank near Waglan Island east of Hong Kong yesterday morning. Two other crew members are still missing. The search and rescue operation was called off after sunset yesterday. It's expected to resume early this morning.
7/1/07 More than 100 suspected triads apparently intent on influencing voting in the New Territories rural elections were arrested yesterday during an anti-triad operation in Tsim Sha Tsui East. The youngest among those detained was only 12 years old.
警方在尖東反三合會行動中,共拘捕 101名 嫌疑三合會分子,他們意圖影響村代表選舉。被拘留人士中,年齡最輕者只有 12歲。
6/1/07 Two policemen were found not guilty of loan-sharking. The two constables lent money at interest rates exceeding 60 percent a year to another constable. In his ruling, Deputy District Court Judge, Douglas Yau, described a leading witness as greedy and dishonest. He therefore gave the defendants the benefit of the doubt and freed them.
兩名警員被控放貴利,以超過年息 60厘,貸出款項給另一名警員的罪名不成立。區域法院法官游德康形容控方主要證人貪心及不誠實,基於疑點利益歸於被告,判兩名被告無罪,當庭釋放。
5/1/07 A man was shot and killed after allegedly attacking a police officer in Tin Shui Wai. The officer was stabbed in the head and finger. He fired two shots, hitting the suspect in the neck and chest. Both men were taken to hospital for medical treatment where the suspect was later certified dead. The suspect had a criminal record and was only recently released from prison, police said.
天水圍發生警員遇襲開槍案 ,一名涉嫌襲警男子死亡,一名警員頭和手部被斬傷。警員開了兩槍,打中疑犯的頸和胸部。兩人事後送院,疑犯其後證實死亡。疑犯有刑事案底,最近才出獄。
4/1/07 A father who forced his son to leave home naked, was given an 18-month probation order and required to live away from his family. The father expelled his 10-year-old son from their flat in Tin Shui Wai when the boy made his younger brother cry. The accused was still allowed to see his sons on a regular basis.
3/1/07 The Hong Kong stock market made an excellent start to 2007, with the blue-chip index and the H-share index both marking new highs. The Hang Seng Index gained 345 points on its first trading day of the year to a record 20,310. The market was in the bullish mood and took up in the chase of mainland stocks.
2/1/07 With the introduction of Amendments in the Smoking (Public Health) Ordinance, which came into force yesterday, the Tobacco Control Office has been carrying out inspections at smoking hot spots. Anyone caught smoking in these areas faces a maximum fine of 5-thousand dollars. However, most people seem to be adhering to the ban, and no summonses had to be issued.

A report released by the Children's Rights Association report accused the government of failing to help underprivileged children over the past year. It calls for the introduction of 15-years of free education, the setting up of a leisure activities voucher scheme and increased social welfare assistance for children from poor families.
兒童權利關注組發表的報告,指責政府過去一年,未能解決兒童貧窮問題。組織建議,政府推行 15年免費教育,設立兒童康樂券,及提升兒童綜緩金額。