A form three schoolgirl and her live-in boyfriend were jailed for two years and eight months yesterday for peddling drugs in Tin Shui Wa. The judge said he had to consider the trafficking was done out of personal greed and a deterrent sentence was needed despite their youth and the fact that they were first offenders.
中三女生與同居男在天水圍販賣毒品,昨日被判囚 2年8個月。法官指兩人雖然年輕及初犯,但考慮兩人因個人貪念而 販賣毒品 ,必須判以阻嚇刑罰。


The MTR Corporation will offer elderly riders concessionary fares of HK$2 on Wednesdays and public holidays through August, but Sunday holidays excluded. The Liberal Party said the new concession cannot fully take care of the needs of the elderly. To show respect for the elderly, the Liberal party urged the MTR to offer permanent elderly concessions.


More than half of the respondents who took part in a survey were pessimistic about next year's economy. Nearly half of the people said they were worried about layoffs next year. 67 per cent said they would cut spending. Regarding the government's ability to lead Hong Kong through the financial tsunami, 65 per cent said they were not so confident.


About 1000 airport ground staff employed by Hong Kong Airport Services held a three hour strike in protest against the company's recent decision to cut their annual bonus. The strike caused delays in baggage handling and affected 83 flights.
受僱於香港機場地勤服務有限公司約 1000 千名地勤人員,不滿早前公司決定取消每年的獎金, 發起 3小時的罷工行動, 導致行李處理延誤及 83 班航班受影響。

27/12/08 A taxi drivers union has urged the government to make it compulsory for closed-circuit TV to be installed in taxis for the safety of drivers. The union, representing more than 3,000 red and green cab drivers, says it is not uncommon for night-shift drivers to be robbed, or for passengers to flee without paying.
26/12/08 A couple were taken to hospital for treatment after they were attacked by their ten-year old cat. The cat bit and scratched them on their hands and legs. Recently the couple gave full attention to their new-born baby. The cat might feel jealous as it fell out of favour.
一對夫婦被飼養一頭 10 歲大的貓襲擊 ,他們手腳被抓傷,送院治理。 夫婦近來將注意力轉移到初生嬰兒,花貓失寵而嫉妒。

The leader of Hong Kong 's Catholic Church, Cardinal Joseph Zen, says he will retire within six months to focus on taking care of the church in China . He said his successor, Bishop John Tong, shared his principles. Cardinal Zen is famous for his outspoken views on democratic and religious freedoms.
天主教香港教區主教陳日君樞機表示,他將會半年內退休,以專注關心內地教會, 助理主教湯漢將接任主教 ,湯漢與他有共同的原則。陳日君以宗教及政治自由的敢言觀點聞名 。


A smooth-talking swindler who used fake identities to obtain 12 jobs over 6 years and stole HK$3.62 million in the process was jailed for seven years. The 33-year-old used lies and bogus documents to secure jobs as a psychiatrist, accounting clerk and marketing boss.
一名花言巧語的騙徒,過去六年以虛假身分獲十二家公司聘任,其間盜竊公司款項三百六十萬元,昨被判入獄七年。三十三歲被告以謊言及虛假文件 獲聘為心理學家、會計文員及市場主管。

23/12/08 The owner of a tutorial centre was jailed for 21 months for defrauding men of more than HK$200,000. The accused tricked 23 men into paying HK$3,700 each by promising them a boat trip with beautiful women featured on an internet site. The judge said a heavy sentence was necessary because such internet scams were becoming more serious.
22/12/08 The Food and Health Bureau has ordered the Hospital Authority to submit a report on Caritas Medical Centre, which handled the case of a man who collapsed and died near the hospital. The man suffered a heart attack. His son asked a receptionist for help, and was told to call 999. The man died later.

About 20 pro-democracy legislators and activists were refused entry to Macau - where they had planned to join demonstrations over planned new national security laws. The Macau authorities said they had to deny entry to people who did not meet immigration requirements, in order to maintain public safety and order.
約二十名民主派成員及立法會議員計劃 到澳門參加當地新國家安全法遊行,但被澳門當局拒絕入境。 澳門政府表示,若旅客在澳期間參與身分不符的活動 , 澳門政府會拒絕他們入境,以保障公眾治安 。


The central government has given an assurance that it will help Hong Kong overcome the hardship caused by the global financial crisis. The 14 measures are reported to include allowing more mainland visitors to enter Hong Kong by widening the individual travellers' scheme, and taking steps to help Hong Kong businesses operating in the Pearl River Delta.
中央政府 提出十四項措施,協助香港克服金融危機帶來的困難,當中包括擴大自由行,容許更多內地旅客訪港;又會協助 香港企業在珠三角經營。

19/12/08 The Ombudsman has hit out at frontline staff at the Social Welfare Department, saying some lack common sense and practical judgment when handling applications for Comprehensive Social Security Assistance special grants. One applicant was able to obtain a total of HK$7,000 for designer glasses and HK$6,400 for bogus visits to the dentist.
18/12/08 The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups' survey revealed that three out of four young people interviewed see the festive season as a time for dating and one in 10 would accept a one-night stand. The Group’s spokeswoman urged young people to stay alert when starting a relationship during the festive season.
17/12/08 Police have offered a HK$100,000 reward for information on the Mong Kok acid attack and classified the case as a deliberate attempt to harm people. Police are still in the dark over who was responsible and why they did it. Yesterday afternoon, officers sealed off part of Sai Yeung Choi Street South as they sought to reconstruct the incident.
16/12/08 The Chief Executive Officer of Asia Television, Ricky Wong, has resigned less than two weeks after taking up the post. ATV's Chairman, Linus Cheung, said Mr. Wong decided to leave after 'irreconcilable differences' emerged in their management styles. But in a dramatic turn of events, Wong's spokeswoman last night issued a written statement that he does not plan to resign.
15/12/08 Almost 59 per cent of 1,051 respondents to a Women Teachers’ Organisation survey said it would be impossible to switch from real to digital books in schools. The teachers think that using e-books will ruin students’ eyesight and writing skills. They also worry that some families cannot afford an expensive notebook.

More than 40 people have been injured after two bottles containing corrosive acid fell from a building onto a crowded pedestrian area in Mong Kok. Those injured are said to have suffered burns to their eyes, arms and legs and were taken to hospital for treatment. Police believe the bottles were dropped deliberately.
旺角擁擠的行人專用區有人從大廈擲下兩樽腐蝕性液體, 40多人受傷,他們被灼傷眼、手及足,傷者被送院治理。警方相信,有人蓄意擲下樽 。


The Hong Kong government won an appeal over the constitutional status of the radio licensing system. The Court of Appeal ruled that the relevant offence provisions under the Telecommunications Ordinance are not contrary to the Basic Law . The government welcomed the ruling, saying it meant that unlicensed broadcasting is illegal.
就廣播牌照制度是否符合憲法,政府的上訴得直。上訴法庭裁決《電訊條例》下相關罪行的條文沒有違反《基本法 》,政府歡迎法庭的判決,這代表無牌廣播實屬違法。

12/12/08 City Bus has refused to rent a double-decker to organizers of the city's first gay parade tomorrow because of concerns over its company image. Gay rights activists have condemned the bus company's decision as discriminatory and the Government has asked City Bus to clarify its position.
11/12/08 Four bus companies say they will discontinue their fare concessions – which include a HK$2 flat fare on Sundays and public holidays for elderly passengers and same-day–return discounts – in the face of rising operation costs. A legislator criticized the companies for lacking social responsibility by cancelling the discounts at a time of falling oil prices.
10/12/08 Hong Kong's bird flu alert level has been raised to serious after the H5 virus killed dozens of chickens at a farm in Yuen Long. About 90-thousand chickens from the Yuen Long farm and nearby areas were culled. There will be a three week ban on live chicken imports and poultry sales from local farms.
9/12/08 The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, has unveiled a stimulus package aimed at countering the effects of the financial tsunami. The government is to pump 100-billion dollars into loan guarantees for enterprises and will speed up infrastructure projects to create more than 60,000 jobs.   
8/12/08 The environmental group, Friends of the Earth, urges the government to legislate against light pollution. It warns that more than 1,300 street lights on residential buildings are a cancer risk for residents. Prolonged exposure to night lights disrupts humans' biological clocks and damages their immune systems.

Chief Secretary Mr Henry Tang and three astronauts of the Shenzhou-7 mission officiated at the opening ceremony of the exhibition on " China 's First Spacewalk Mission" at the Hong Kong Science Museum yesterday. Mr. Tang said: "I hope that, in the near future, we will see Hong Kong astronauts riding our country's space equipment, following our space heroes."
政務司司長唐英年及「神舟七號」三名航天員 昨日到科學館為航天展覽揭幕。 唐英年表示,希望港人有日可以成為航天員,乘坐國家的飛船到太空。


A government investigation has found that a public housing estate lift crashed to the ground because of a seriously corroded pulley bearing. The accident happened in October at the Taipo Fu Shin Estate. The Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services, Ho Kwong-wai, said that if any offence was discovered to have been committed, those responsible would be prosecuted.
大埔富善 10 月發生升降機 墮下事故,政府調查發現, 升降機的滑輪軸承 ( 俗稱啤鈴 ) 嚴重生蛂C機電工程署 何光偉昨稱,如有人需要負上刑事責任 , 會被刑事檢控。

5/12/08 Asia Television yesterday appointed two high-profile telecom executives Ricky Wong Wai-kay and Linus Cheung Wing-lam to senior roles in a bid to turn around the struggling broadcaster that has lost more than HK$5 billion since the 1980s. ATV will target the middle-income groups and plans to have more variety in its programming.
4/12/08 A protest by hundreds of taxi drivers brought traffic around the airport to a standstill last night. They blocked the taxi stands at Hong Kong International Airport and the North Lantau Highway to vent their frustration over losing long-journey customers under the new fare system.
3/12/08 The first Michelin Guide on Hong Kong and Macau was unveiled yesterday. Lung King Heen in the five-star Four Seasons Hotel was the only one in Hong Kong awarded three stars. Food critics complained that inspectors only graded food served in hotels and focused too much on style and decoration.  
《米芝蓮指南 香港澳門》昨日首次推出,位於五星級四季酒店內的「龍景軒」是香港唯一一間被米芝蓮評為「三星級」食肆。有飲食評論家抨擊,評審員只品評高級食肆食品,並注重風格和裝飾。
2/12/08 A Hong Kong businessman was killed and his wife injured in a car crash in Thailand while rushing to Phuket airport to catch a flight home. Following the incident, the government announced plans to charter three flights to bring back people. Only one day earlier, the Security Bureau repeatedly told the media the government could not arrange chartered flights.  
1/12/08 The number of lottery fraud cases has almost doubled this year compared with last year. Lottery fraudsters often send e-mails to victims to tell them they have won large amounts of cash in prize money. They then ask victims to pay administration costs or taxes by a deadline. A victim has lost HK$6 million.

A pilot project involving cross border passes for motorists is expected to be launched within a year. It will result in hundreds of cars crossing from Hong Kong and Guangdong province every day for short visits. The authorities from both sides would start working out the details next month.


More than three hundred Hong Kong passengers, stranded by Bangkok 's airport closures, arrived back in Hong Kong at around 8 o'clock yesterday evening. They had boarded a special flight at an airport near Pattaya .

28/11/08 A mental patient discharged less than two days was found dead with her two children in a public estate yesterday. The woman, who was divorced and lived on welfare money, spent nearly three weeks in a psychiatric hospital earlier this month. A lawmaker called for a review of government guidelines on discharging mental patients from hospital.
27/11/08 According to the latest audit report on emergency ambulance services, 67 breakdowns occurred during a one-month period. The age of the vehicle fleet might lead to even more breakdowns in future, the report said. “An increase in breakdowns jeopardizes rescue operations and undermines the reliability of ambulance fleet,” the report said.
26/11/08 The Housing Authority has decided to reduce rents for its retail tenants by 50 percent in January and February. Over 10,000 tenants at 19 shopping malls will benefit from the reduction. Banks and supermarkets are excluded from the move as the measure is aimed at helping small and medium sized tenants ride out the financial tsunami.
25/11/08 A Chinese-language newspaper is reporting that some meat vendors are using sulphur dioxide, a banned cancer- causing chemical, to give frozen beef a fresh look. It also reveals that many meat stalls are passing off American fatty beef as so-called local fatty beef and selling as fresh meat at much higher prices.
24/11/08 A 13-year-old cyclist was critically injured when he crashed into a hillside while going downhill during a competition. It was reported that the teenager might have lost his balance when he turned to look behind him. Former top Hong Kong cyclist Hung Chung-yam stressed that cyclists really need to pay attention when they ride.

The Liberal Party is arguing that Hong Kong should follow Taiwan 's example and give away shopping-coupons in the hope of boosting consumer spending. But Mr Shih Wing-ching has expressed doubts about the idea and said the suggested value of the coupons - $1,000 - would not be enough to make a significant difference.
自由黨主張香港應仿效台灣向市民派發消費券以增加消費,但施永清質疑消費券價值只得 1000元 ,成效不大。


A ccording to a Lingnan University survey, low income groups are happier than last year despite the financial tsunami . In the so called happiness index, the survey found there was a 4.8% increase amongst those earning less than HK$9,000 a month. But the figure for the middle class was down by over 3%.
根據嶺南大學一項調查,儘管金融海嘯, 低收入人士今年較去年 快樂。 快樂指數中, 月入低於九千元 的人士,他們的升幅約百分之四點八。但中產階層快樂指數則下降超過百分之三。

21/11/08 The Secretary for Home Affairs, Tsang Tak-shing, said the district councils should cut red tape to speed up small and medium works in the districts to create 700 jobs. Mr. Tsang said the government is also pressing ahead with renovating more than 1,000 30 year-old buildings as a means of creating jobs to boost the economy.
20/11/08 Hopewell Holdings is hoping to speed up its controversial Wan Chai Mega Tower project, but it has agreed to cut down the size. The height of the tower will be cut from 93-storeys to 55 and it will be called Hopewell Centre II. The project will create about 4,000 jobs.
合和希望加快爭議多年的灣仔「Mega Tower」計劃,但同意削減建築面積,大樓由原來的九十三層減到五十五層,並稱為「合和中心二期」。計劃料可創造近4000個職位。
19/11/08 In a move to reduce the wall effect, property developments above West Rail MTR stations at Nam Cheong and Yuen Long will be scaled back. Visual corridors will be created, reducing development density and helping increase air circulation in the areas.
18/11/08 Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corp laid off 450 staff. The bank said the decision was made as the result of deteriorating economic conditions and the bank's cautious outlook for 2009. Its executive director Peter Wong warned that "in this day and age no guarantees of job security can be given."
17/11/08 The Boys' and Girls' Clubs Association warned parents affected by the financial tsunami to spend sufficient time with their children to make sure they do not go off the rails. They may still indulge in less costly activities with their children such as doing volunteer work, exercising or reading together.

The Secretary for Development, Carrie Lam, said the government would develop more smaller construction projects to help workers in the sector. Mrs Lam said that in the coming three months, more than 12-thousand jobs would be created by sixty-six projects.
發展局局長林鄭月娥表示,為協助建造業工人,政府會開拓更多小型工程,在 3 個月內,將有 66 項工程創造超過 12000 個職位。

15/11/08 The government announced that third quarter growth was a worse than expected 1.7-percent - and the annual forecast has been lowered. The unemployment rate has risen and the government has warned that the economy will enter a downward trend.
政府宣佈 ,本港第三季經濟按年增長 1.7%,較預期更低,全年經濟增長的預測亦被調低。失業率已上升,政府警告,本港經濟會步入衰退。
14/11/08 According to a survey by the Polytechnic University, English was perceived as the most vital language skill in the workplace. The survey also found that professionals use mostly English for e-mails, reports, letters and memos. As for spoken communication, English continued to play an important role in formal meetings, seminars and presentations.
13/11/08 The Legislative Council voted to invoke special powers to investigate the sale of Lehman Brothers products. The Legco probe will focus on whether any institutions or officials are to blame for losses suffered by investors. Another major question is whether the buyers were misled into purchasing the investments.

The government has bowed to pressure to extend suspension of the maid levy from two to five years. The Secretary for Labour, Matthew Cheung, said the extended suspension struck a balance between public views and the need to retrain local workers.
政府屈服於壓力,決定將暫停收取外傭徵費期限,由 2年延長至5年。勞工及福利局長張建宗表示,新建議是平衡社會意見及再培訓本地工人的需要。


The government has announced a HK$10-billion loan scheme for small and medium sized businesses, who are facing a credit squeeze caused by the financial tsunami. It will allow local businesses to borrow up to HK$1-million from financial institutions. The government will provide a 70-percent guarantee.
政府宣布提供 100億元特別信貸保證計劃,協助中小企面對因為金融海嘯難以取 得信貸的困局。在新措施下,本地企業最高可向銀行借100萬元,政府提供七成擔保。


The Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury, K.C. Chan, said it is not appropriate to increase taxes at the moment. He added that the government will stimulate the economy by investing in infrastructure projects, and that it will also find ways to help small and medium enterprises.
財經事務及庫務局長陳家強表示, 目前不適宜加稅。陳家強表示,政府投資基建,以刺激經濟,並設法幫助中小企 。


A Principal Investigator with the ICAC, Alan Wu, died in a traffic accident in Tai Po. The Commissioner of the ICAC, Timothy Tong, said staff at the commission were shocked and deeply saddened by Mr. Wu's death and would like to express their deepest condolences to his family.
廉署首席調查主任胡達新在大埔發生的交通意外中逝世,廉政專員湯顯表示,他和廉署職員對胡達新的逝世感到震驚與悲痛。 他代表廉署仝人,向其家人致以深切慰問。


Major local banks are cutting their best lending rates by 25 basis points from Monday, as fears grow over the state of the economy. They include HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank and the Bank of China. It's the first reduction since March.
由於憂慮經濟 狀況 ,多間主要銀行包括匯豐、渣打及中銀香港 減低最優惠利率四分之一厘,下星期一起生效。這是自三月以來首次減息。

7/11/08 Hong Kong is already in a recession, according to a number of surveys. In one survey nearly half the companies interviewed are freezing recruitment, while another indicates several firms are considering pay cuts. Financial and property companies in Hong Kong have cut hundreds of employees in recent weeks.
6/11/08 Democrat Barack Obama defeated Republican John McCain to make history as the first black to be elected US president. In his victory speech, Mr. Obama said that "change has come to America." He said the American people faced some of their most serious challenges in 100 years but pleaded for time to heal and transform the superpower.
5/11/08 The Family Planning Association's survey found that an increasing number of women wanted to have fewer or no children, mainly because they married at an older age and had long working hours. 40 per cent of those without children said they would be more likely to be pregnant if they had flexible working hours and there were more childcare services in the community.
4/11/08 The Hong Kong Family Welfare Society said the financial tsunami has rocked marital relationships leading to more couples choosing to divorce or separate. At the same time more divorced couples are seeking help to reduce the amount of alimony.

A study by St James’ Settlement charity has found that most low-income families cannot afford their children’s academic expenses. They have to cut down on their own food and transportation expenses so that they could cover extra tutorial classes for their children. The charity urges the government to spend more on students from low income families.


The monthly mean temperature of October 2008 recorded at the Hong Kong Observatory is 26.5 degrees, the warmest since record began in 1884. This record-breaking temperature to a certain extent reflects the long-term warming trend in Hong Kong.
香港天文台今年錄得的十月份平均氣溫為 26.5 度,是自 1884 年有記錄以來最暖的十月。 今次的高溫紀錄在一定程度上反映香港變暖的長期趨勢。


The government says the deficit this fiscal year is going to be much higher than expected. The Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury, Chan Ka-keung, said the shortfall could top 7.5 billion dollars. He said lower revenue from stamp duty, the financial crisis and higher welfare spending would all put pressure on the government's coffers.
政府表示 ,今個財政年度 赤字高於預期。 財經事務及庫務局局長陳家強表示,赤字將高達七十五億元。由於金融危機、印花稅收入下跌及福利支出增加,這些因素都令政府 庫房承受壓力。

31/10/08 The Financial Secretary, John Tsang, has warned of tough times ahead for the economy. He painted a grim picture - forecasting more job cuts, slower growth and the increasing risk of a recession. But he said higher spending on public works would help to alleviate some of the impact.
30/10/08 Premier Wen Jiabao has pledged to help Hong Kong ride out the financial storm, saying the central government will not leave the city alone in difficult times. Mr. Wen urged the government to learn a lesson from the financial crisis and analyze fundamental problems in the financial sector.
29/10/08 The Task Force on Economic Challenges was set up and led by Chief Executive Donald Tsang Yam-kuen to assess the impact of the financial tsunami. The task force will formulate a work plan for the next few months. Tsang said the task force is small but with experience and collective wisdom.
28/10/08 Legco's security panel yesterday passed a motion to set up a sub-committee to examine whether police officers abused their power in carrying out strip searches. Representatives from concern groups said that minority people, sex workers and protesters were strip searched as a way of insulting them.
27/10/08 The Government is expanding health tests to include meat products and animal organs imported from China after the toxic chemical melamine was found in eggs from the mainland. The contaminated eggs produced by Dalian have raised fears that melamine may have been in wide use in animal feed in the mainland.

Legislator Lee Cheuk-yan was punched in the face while attending an open-air function in Tuen Mun. The Chief Secretary Henry Tang expressed sympathy with Mr Lee. He said Hong Kong was an open society, and violent acts against free speech would not be allowed. Mr Tang urged the public to show respect for other people's views.
立法會議員李卓人在屯門出席一項活動時遭揮拳毆 。政務司長唐英年慰問李卓人。 唐英年說,香港是開放的社會 ,不認同任何人以暴力方式阻止其他人表達觀點,希望市民尊重別人意見。


The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, has bowed to public pressure and shelved a proposal to impose a means test on recipients of the old age allowance. Mr Tsang said the government had to focus on the financial crisis. He hoped the debate could take place at a later time.
行政長官曾蔭權屈服於公眾的壓力,擱置高齡津貼要引入入息審查 。 曾蔭權表示,政府要集中精力處理金融危機,他希望待適當時候才重新討論。

24/10/08 The Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Garden in Central has become infested with rats that have been seen living and sharing food with the wild animals kept inside. Their presence prompted a microbiology professor to warn that infectious diseases might be passed from the rats to other animals.
23/10/08 The Hong Kong government spokesman said the SAR had a constitutional duty to enact national security legislation but was now focussing on tackling economic and people's livelihood issues. The government would communicate with all sectors of the community in considering future legislation, with a view to securing consensus on future proposals.
22/10/08 Citic Pacific has replaced two finance executives after it discovered unauthorised currency bets which could lose it as much as 15.5 billion dollars. With investor confidence in Citic Pacific further shaken, its shares plunged 55 percent yesterday.
21/10/08 The unemployment rate has risen to 3.4 percent. Unemployment is mainly affecting the wholesale, retail, restaurant, manufacturing and financial sectors. The government expects unemployment is likely to rise further in the near term. It called on employers to consider job restructuring or sharing during the current difficult economic period.
20/10/08 The Airport Authority says passenger numbers at Chek Lap Kok Airport fell 4.7 percent last month year-on-year, while the volume of cargo plunged 7.5 percent. Given the shrinking demand in the economic slowdown, airlines are expected to further scale back their operations or put their expansion plans on hold.

The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, said it would be impossible for the government to dish out money annually for short term relief measures. He said that it would not help the local economy if the government did things hastily, without assessing the full impact of the financial crisis.
行政長官曾蔭權表示, 政府不能每年派錢做短期的紓困措施。若政府沒有評估金融危機的全面影響而「胡亂出招」,會不利香港經濟。


Tai Lin Radio Services shut its doors after 62 years in the electrical-appliance retail business. Analysts believe the global financial crisis will have a strong impact on the local retail industry as it will become more difficult for the retail sector to get loans from banks.
具 62年電器零售歷史的泰林電器倒閉。分析家相信環球金融危機對本地零售業有很大影響,由於零售業難以取得銀行融資。

17/10/08 Children's breakfast cereals may not be as healthy as they appear to be. According to a Consumer Council study, 14 of 15 children's breakfast cereals it tested contained excessive amounts of sugar which can lead to obesity. Eating a bowl of cereal with the highest amount of sugar would come to about one-fourth of the daily standard.
16/10/08 The government is considering raising the old age allowance to HK$1,000 a month but it may be granted only to those who pass a means test. The proposal was rejected by various political parties, saying that it shows a lack of respect, and is an act of contempt to the needs and the dignity of senior citizens.
15/10/08 The government will use the exchange fund to give a 100 percent guarantee for bank deposits. It will also provide additional capital to banks if necessary. The Financial Secretary, John Tsang, said the measures were precautionary in nature and aimed at further safeguarding banking stability. 
14/10/08 According to the Hong Kong University Public Opinion Program, what the people want to hear from the policy address tomorrow is economic development. The second area of concern is labour and employment, followed by medical policies and social welfare. The least interested area is politics.
13/10/08 The Chief Secretary, Henry Tang, says the global financial tsunami will have a negative impact on Hong Kong, given the territory's small and open economy. He is calling on the public to unite and ride out the crisis, adding that the local economic fundamentals have been sound over the past few years.

About 700 students and teachers from 4 schools rallied in Central to call for the government to fund their Form 4 classes. The four schools are set to lose Form Four funding after failing to attract enough students for next year's Form 4 classes . Some p rotestors criticized the government for discriminating against band three students.
約 700名學生和 教師在中環集會 ,要求政府資助中四學位。這四間中學由於招收不足夠的中四學生,明年不獲資助開辦中四。有遊行人士批評政府歧視第三組別的學生。


The Association of Banks says most of its members are positive about the government's proposal to buy back Lehman Brothers minibonds. The group's chairman said most banks are willing to work closely with legal and financial advisers to help the bond holders recover losses.
銀行公會表示, 大部分銀行對政府 建議相關銀行向投資者回購雷曼 迷你債券 的方案 反應 正面。 公會主席表示, 大部分銀行願意與法律及財務顧問緊密合作 , 幫助投資者 取得賠償 。

10/10/08 U-right fashion chain closed down its 20 shops yesterday and 160 workers were laid off. The parent company, U-Right International Holdings, went into liquidation - with debts of $1.3 billion. It is feared that more retailers may close over the next few months as the impact of the financial tsunami starts to bite.
服裝連鎖店U-right昨日關閉二十間店舖 ,一百六十名員工被遣散。U-right母公司佑威國際控股有限公司因欠十三億債務遭入稟清盤。金融海嘯影響,末來數月可能有更多零售店倒閉。
9/10/08 Three Liberal Party legislators quit the party. The resignations came a day before the party was to choose a new chairman. They say they have not been able to communicate with the party, and are dissatisfied with the way that it handled failures in the Legco election.
8/10/08 Affected by the financial tsunami, some grave-sweepers opted for paper suckling pigs as offerings. However, the financial tsunami did not prevent families from paying respects to the departed with tens of thousands flocking to graveyards throughout the Chung Yeung Festival.

The government is urging distributing banks to buy back Lehman Brothers mini bond s from investors at their estimated market value, providing bond holders a quicker way to get their money back . 80 percent of the bond holders are expected to recover 60 to 70 percent of their investments.
政府促請 分銷雷曼迷你債券銀行根據市價作估值向投資者回購債券, 讓苦主盡快取回款項 ,有約八成迷債投資者可以取回六至七成剩餘價值。

6/10/08 The Executive Council has agreed to a land swap that will allow the Housing Society to develop the first integrated community project for the elderly and create up to 800 jobs in Tin Shui Wai. The Housing Society will develop a major housing complex in Tin Shui Wai, containing homes and recreational facilities for the elderly.

Dozens of people, who bought financial products issued by Lehman Brothers at the Bank of China, were refused entry to the bank's headquarters in Central. They accused the bank of conspiring to defraud them.


The government has launched a first round of public consultation on whether changes are needed to the law on obscene and indecent material. The public will be consulted in seven areas. These include strengthening existing regulations to prevent the dissemination of obscene material on the internet.
政府就檢討淫褻及不雅物品管制條例展開首輪公眾諮詢,聽取公眾對七個範疇的意見,包括加強現行條例 ,防止在互聯網上散播淫褻物品。

3/10/08 A 29-year-old doctor was accused of taking photos of female patients during body checks with a pinhole camera from his clinic. He was arrested after photographs of exposed female patients were found at his home. Doctors convicted of professional misconduct can be removed from the registry.
2/10/08 Zhang Wei, a rising Hong Kong gymnastic star who fell from the uneven bars during a practice session, was recovering after a successful five-hour operation yesterday. Zhang represented her school at the Hong Kong Inter-school Gymnastics Competition in April, winning gold at the floor exercise, parallel bars and individual all-around.
1/10/08 The melamine food scandal is continuing to spread. Lipton's 3 in 1 milk tea and Ritz cheese biscuits are the latest popular products to fall into the tainted category. The distributor of the powdered milk tea has ordered a recall of three types of the product in Hong Kong and Macau.
繼續有食品發現含有三聚氰胺,立頓三合一奶茶及利脆芝士夾心餅被新列入受三聚氰胺毒害之品牌產品類別。奶茶經銷商指令,在香港和澳門回收 3款產品。
30/9/08 Legislator Leung Kwok-hung was sentenced to 60 hours of community service for staging an unlawful protest outside the private home of then housing minister Michael Suen Ming-yeung. The magistrate told Leung to "use his wits" in fighting for rights.
立法會議員梁國雄早前闖入時任房屋及規劃地政局長孫明揚 居住的私人寓所示威,被判60小時社會服務令。裁判官寄語梁國雄抗爭要有要理智。
29/9/08 More than 300 buyers of Lehman Brothers mini-bonds marched to government headquarters, demanding regulation on the sale of high-risk products. Some investors said they were encouraged by bank staff to switch their investments to the higher-yield mini-bonds, but were not informed of the underlying risks.

A 34 year-old man was arrested for allegedly posting a message on an online forum urging people to withdraw deposits from a local Bank, saying it would go bankrupt. The man is being detained for accessing a computer with criminal or dishonest intent -- a charge that carries a five-year prison term.
警方拘捕一名 34歲男子,懷疑他於網上討論區散播消息,指本港一間銀行將破產 ,並呼籲公眾將存款提取。該名男子干犯有犯罪或不誠實意圖而取用電腦之罪名被捕,一經定罪,可被判處監禁五年。


Nine more people from a local insurance company were arrested yesterday over a forged letter, which spread rumours that American International Assurance was to be sold by its parent company. An industry source speculated the incident could be an attempt to hit the rival by taking over policyholders.


China launched its third manned space flight the Shenzhou 7 , carrying three astronauts on a 68-hour mission that will include the nation's first ever space walk. President Hu Jintao described the first spacewalk mission as a great stride for the country's space technology and development.
中國發射第三次載人飛行 航天飛船神舟七號 ,載有三名太空人作 68小時任務,包括首次太空漫步。國家主席胡錦濤形容首次太空漫步為 國家航天史新里程碑 。

25/9/08 There has been a run on the Bank of East Asia with long queues of customers formed outside its branches to withdraw their savings on rumours about the bank in difficulties. But the bank has insisted that there is no problem with its financial status and the rumours were malicious.

The Centre for Food Safety said melamine tests on Four Seas Cake (strawberry flavor) showed more than twice the permitted amount. The chemical was also found in White Rabbit Creamy Candies. The center said importers had agreed to recall the products.
食物安全中心驗出士多啤梨味的「四洲蛋糕」,三聚氰胺含量超標一倍半;「大白兔奶糖」亦發現含有三聚氰胺。 中心表示入口商同意回收受影響產品。

23/9/08 The government is opening 18 more clinics to test children whose health may have been affected by drinking contaminated mainland milk. There were angry scenes at Princess Margaret hospital yesterday as hundreds of parents and children queued at the hospital. They complained about the chaos and long waits.
22/9/08 A survey found 88 percent of teachers polled feeling enormous stress at work and 13 percent were suffering from general anxiety disorder. The poll found the highest cause of stress among teachers to be self evaluation and school inspections, followed by taking care of emotional and behavioural problems of students.

About a hundred Hong Kong people, who bought Lehman Brothers mini-bonds, sought help from the Monetary Authority and the Securities and Futures Commission. They said they were misled into buying the investment products. They claimed staff didn't properly explain the risks they were taking.


The supermarket chains Park'n Shop and Wellcome have removed a leading brand of mainland liquid milk, Mengniu, from their shelves. The mainland authorities revealed that liquid milk had been tainted with melamine. Wellcome said it was to protect the interests of consumers.
百佳及惠康超級市場已將所有蒙牛液體牛奶的貨品下架 。內地政府揭露,液體牛奶被三聚氰胺污染。 惠康表示要保護消費者利益。


The Centre for Food Safety has ordered the recall of all Yili products from Hong Kong stores after eight of them were found to contain melamine that has caused the deaths of four mainland babies and made more than 6,000 others ill. Hong Kong officials have warned against consuming any Yili products.

18/9/08 A mainland woman received a three-year jail term after she admitted attacking her Hong Kong husband with a chopper when he confessed to having an affair with an Indonesian maid. The counsel for the defense said the woman committed the offense out of jealousy. She had been dumped by a previous boyfriend before marrying her husband.
17/9/08 The Wellcome supermarket chain is recalling ice lollies made by mainland manufacturer Yili, after government tests found one sample contained the industrial chemical melamine. The chain is also suspending sales of other dairy products produced by the company. Melamine was recently found in powdered milk on the mainland produced by another company, Sanlu. 
16/9/08 The Hong Kong Women Teachers' Organisation interviewed over 3,000 students and found only a quarter of them would report cheating in exams. Forty percent of them admitted copying homework from others. The group says many Hong Kong students are unable to tell the difference between right and wrong and it is laying the blame on parents.

Six men were arrested yesterday after a 36-year-old man was killed in a fight on the eve of Mid-Autumn Festival in Big Wave Bay . Two groups of people quarrelled over each other making too much noise. The minor argument then developed into fierce fighting.
中秋節前夕大浪灣發生打鬥,一名 36歲男子被殺。 兩批人為噪音問題爭執,後演變成武鬥。


1,600 school teachers held a protest march to urge the Government to implement small-class teaching in under-enrolled schools if student numbers fall, instead of simply closing them down. The Professional Teachers Union warned that some teachers may start boycotting classes if negotiations with the Government next week fall through.


Speaking at the Certificate Presentation Ceremony" under the "Teachers' Commendation Scheme", the Secretary for Education, Mr Michael Suen, commended teachers on their positive attitude in meeting the ever-increasing demands of the teaching profession. "Most teachers proactively pursue continuing professional development to improve their teaching effectiveness," he said. 

12/9/08 The father of a nine-year-old boy has prevented his son from attending school since May after an argument over a HK$35 transportation charge for a school picnic. The father maintains the charge is unreasonable. "We must not surrender our principles. If necessary, sacrifices must be made," he said.
11/9/08 MTR passengers will save time and enjoy fare reductions of up to HK$9 from September 28 because the interchange ticketing gates will be removed at interchange stations. Students with specially coded Octopus cards will also benefit from fare reductions of 50 percent of regular fares.
10/9/08 A businessman, his wife and their two-year-old son died in their luxury villa. A basin containing burnt-out charcoal was found near them. The man left a suicide note in which he said he "had once done something very wrong in his life" and that he and his wife had decided to kill themselves and their only child.
9/9/08 Liberal Party leader James Tien Pei-chun and his deputy Selina Chow Liang Shuk- yee resigned yesterday, accepting responsibility for the party's loss in the Legislative Council election. Chow blamed the party's failure on the low turnout, saying their supporters tended to be moderate and less conscious about politics.
8/9/08 Only 45 percent of the registered voters turned out to vote in yesterday’s Legislative Council elections. The turnout rate was much lower than 2004's 55.6 percent. The Liberal Party was the big loser, losing all three directly elected seats. Its chairman James Tien has stepped down.
昨日立法會 選舉只有45%登記選民投票,遠低於2004年的55.6%。自由黨是今次選舉大輸家,三個地區直選全失敗,田北俊已 辭去主席職位。

Treading on the heels of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the Paralympic Games was open yesterday. The LCSD will run the Olympic Live Site in Shatin for the Paralympic Games today to enhance the ambience of the Paralympic Games and encourage active public participation in related activities.
緊隨北京 2008 年奧運會,殘奧會在昨天開幕。康文署於今日在沙田設立「香港奧運文化廣場」,以增添殘奧會氣氛,吸引市民積極投入殘奧會活動。


A funeral with full honours was held yesterday for Chan Siu-lung, the 25-year-old fireman who died while saving lives in one of the city's worst fires in years. Hundreds of mourners bid farewell to the hero.
在救火中殉職的 25 歲 消防員陳兆龍,昨日以最高榮譽儀式舉殯,數百名哀悼者向救火英雄道別。

5/9/08 The Centre for Health Protection says another child died of a mystery disease. There have been seven cases of child death linked to infectious diseases since March this year. The six-year- old girl developed fever, abdominal pain, headache and vomiting on Monday and died yesterday. The girl visited Guangdong last month.
4/9/08 Suicide Prevention Services has found about 1,000 internet blog sites on which students say they have worries about the new school term. It intends to work together with Yahoo to tackle the problem. A suicide prevention hotline number will pop up whenever someone searches for words related to suicide.
3/9/08 A Buddhist monk who holds a master's degree yesterday admitted possessing child pornography. The monk said he bought the two discs out of curiosity in Malaysia for HK$50 each a few years ago. He provided counselling at Chuk Lam Shin Yuen and was paid HK$4,000 a month.
2/9/08 An early morning fire in a village house in Yuen Long killed 21 cats and 11 dogs that were locked up in four cages. Firemen believed the blaze might have been started deliberately. A divorced woman said she had run the shelter for stray and abandoned animals for 13 years.
1/9/08 According to a survey, about one-third of students in Hong Kong feel nervous and worried about the new school year. They were worried the curriculum in the new school year would be too difficult for them. Parents should pay attention to their children's emotional problems.

China 's Olympic gold medalists received a warm welcome from the public while showing off their skills on the second day of their visit. Amid cheers and applause, the athletes displayed their skills in diving, gymnastics, table tennis and badminton.


Two firemen who died during a firefighting operation at Cornwall Court , in Mong Kok, are to receive posthumous awards for bravery. The two firemen sacrificed their own lives to save others.

29/8/08 Hong Kong and the mainland signed an agreement for the supply of natural gas and nuclear electricity to the SAR over the coming 20 years. The agreement would ensure the stability of power supplies. It also holds out the prospect of cleaner air.
28/8/08 A 19-year-old woman was killed yesterday when a 100-year-old coral tree split in half and fell on her head in Stanley. A tree expert said it was eroded by fungus. The government last night pledged to inspect the city's 400-plus landmark trees within a month.
27/8/08 Thirteen fruit stall operators were fined from $10,000 to $300 in the first seven months of this year after pleading guilty to supplying fruit of short weight. In seven cases, the weighing equipment was defective. In the remaining 10 cases, stall owners claimed a weight heavier than the actual one.
26/8/08 A drug addict who left his 22-month-old son at home alone was given one year's probation. The boy was found crying in the corridor and suffered minor chemical burns. In sentencing, the magistrate said the accused must beat his drug addiction and learn how to be a better father.
25/8/08 The Olympic flame went out in Beijing last night, marking the end of the 16 days of competition by 204 nations during which 38 world and 85 Olympic records were broken. China exceeded its target by winning 51 gold medals, the most by any nation in recent history.

The chief of the Olympic equestrian company, Lam Woon-kwong, declared the competition was a success. Mr Lam gave credit to the staff and the volunteers of the equestrian company as well as the spectators.
奧運馬術公司行政總裁林煥光 宣稱 ,馬術賽事成功。林煥光讚揚公司員工、義工及觀眾。


Typhoon Nuri scored a direct hit on Hong Kong, causing the No 9 typhoon signal to be hoisted for eleven hours. It was the highest signal issued by the Observatory for five years. Hong Kong came to a standstill, with businesses closed and transport disrupted.
颱風鸚鵡直接吹襲本港, 天文台掛出五年來第一次的九號風球 ,長達 11小時。受到風暴影響,香港陷於停頓,商店關門,交通停頓 。


The overall consumer prices rose by 6.3% in July 2008 over a year earlier.  The sustained increase in food prices and the faster increase in private housing rents pushed up inflation. The government spokesman pointed out that the inflation outlook for the rest of the year is rather uncertain.
七月份整體消費物價與一年前同期比較,上升 6.3% 。食品價格持續上漲和私人房屋租金漲幅加大推高通脹。政府發言人指出,今年餘下時間的通脹前景頗為不明朗。

21/8/08 China's Olympic Gold Medal winners will arrive in Hong Kong next Friday for a three-day courteous and sports demonstration visit. The government has denied that the visit is related to next month's Legislative Council elections.
20/8/08 Quality of life in Hong Kong is expected to drop this year because of rising housing costs and inflation, according to a study by the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Six indicators in the index worsen and thirteen improved. Indicators such as government performance and the overall crime rate have continued to show improvements.
19/8/08 Star athlete Liu Xiang broke a billion hearts when he withdrew from the 110-metres hurdle owing to a foot injury. Tens of thousands of the spectators left the stadium, their dreams in ruins. But the internet on the mainland has been flooded with messages from people praising him for his courage and wishing him a speedy recovery.

A study has shown that more and more underaged girls are going into "compensated dating". They believe that compensated dating differ from sex work because they have a choice of clients. But these young girls are not aware that they can suffer from physical and psychological harm should they be forced to serve violent clients.


The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, announced the setting up of a committee to look into issues surrounding the employment of senior civil servants after retirement. Mr Tsang said that there is no need for the Civil Service Secretary, Denise Yue to step down.
行政長官曾蔭權宣佈成立一個委員會,全面檢討高級公務員離職後申請再就業 問題 。曾蔭權表示,公務員事務局長俞宗怡毋須辭職。


Former housing chief Leung Chin-man agreed to terminate his employment contract with a New World Development subsidiary with immediate effect , hours after the chief executive ordered a review into the decision to let him take up the post.

15/8/08 Two suspicious objected were found on busy Nathan Road yesterday and were later dismantled by bomb disposal experts. Police described the bomb hoaxes were acts of pure mischief and there was no evidence to suggest the incidents were linked to the Olympics.
14/8/08 A 55-year-old woman was sentenced to 32 months in jail for splashing corrosive acid on her husband. The woman and her husband had been sweethearts since they were 10 and married at the age of 20. She committed the offence out of suspicion that her husband had been having an affair.
13/8/08 An RTHK caller yesterday tearfully recounted how 25-year-old fireman Chan Siu-lung sacrificed his life to save her and her mother in the Cornwall Court fire. Chan and took off his oxygen mask when he noticed she and her mother were finding it hard to breathe.

The Fire Services Department plans to inspect all karaoke establishments in old buildings within one month. The government said Cornwall Court - the building that caught fire on Sunday - was built in 1962, and was on the top of a list of buildings due to be inspected under fire regulations that came into effect last year.
消防處計劃在未來一個月內,巡查所有開設在舊式樓宇的卡拉 OK場所。政府表示,星期日發生火警的嘉禾大廈,1962年建成,屬去年生效消防安全條例下首先巡查的樓宇。


Two firefighters, an elderly woman and a person believed to be a nightclub employee were killed yesterday morning in a fifth alarm fire in Mongkok. A total of 55 people including three firemen were taken to hospitals for treatment.
兩名消防員、一名老婦及一名相信是夜總會僱員在旺角五級火警中死亡,五十五人,包括三名消防員,送院治理 。


Two protesters were ejected from yesterday's Olympics equestrian competition in Shatin for attempting to display political messages. The Equestrian Company said both protesters were clearly and deliberately flouting house rules and they will be banned from future Olympics events.
昨晨馬術賽事舉行期間,兩名示威者在場內企圖展示政治標語,被逐出場 。馬術公司說,兩人刻意破壞規則,日後都不准再入場觀賽。


China 's Olympic dream became a reality -- a spectacular three-and-a-half hour opening ceremony was held at the National Stadium in Beijing . The opening ceremony lived up to all expectations, treating 90,000 spectators and 4 billion television viewers around the world to a magical night.
中國實現了奧運夢, 三個多小時的奧運開幕禮在國家體育場舉行 ,場面壯麗。 開幕禮不負眾望 - 九萬名觀眾及全球40億電視觀眾歡度一個迷人夜晚 。

8/8/08 Today is China's time in the world spotlight. Yao Ming will proudly carry the Chinese flag at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics in the Bird's Nest stadium at 8.08 tonight, to be followed by a parade of athletes from 205 nations and regions.
7/8/08 Students and parents braved the storm to queue up outside schools for form six placements despite the Education Bureau's announcement that the fourth-stage Secondary Six admission placement was postponed until today.

There will be a radical change in funding for the Hong Kong - Zhuhai- Macau Bridge . The bridge will be funded entirely by government money and loans - instead of by the private sector. Hong Kong , Macau and Guangdong governments, as well as the central government will shoulder 42 percent of the cost. The rest will be raised through loans.
港珠澳大橋融資方法有重大改變, 由政府取代私人提供資金, 香港、澳門、廣東及中央承擔 42 % ,其餘以發債等方式融資。

5/8/08 The Hong Kong police expressed serious concern about the attack in Xinjiang which killed 16 policemen. The assistant commissioner for operations, Suen Kwai-leung, said the police were keeping a close eye on possible terrorist targets, such as the mass transport system and power supplies.
4/8/08 Fifteen candidates earned straight A's in this year's Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination. A total of 55,260 candidates met the minimum requirements of Secondary Six admission. 67.9 % achieved a rating of level 2 or higher in English.

People attending Olympic Equestrian events are urged to avoid wearing clothing that displays large and obvious advertising messages. The rules apply not only to competitors, but spectators as well. Clothing bearing small trademarks should not pose a problem.
觀眾入場看奧運馬術比賽,避免穿有明顯廣告信息的衣服。 條規適用於運動員和觀眾。 標有細小商標的衣服應不 造成問題。


A two-week nomination period for September's Legislative Council election has closed. 55 lists have been registered for geographical constituencies- the highest number since the handover. Meanwhile, 13 seats in the functional constituencies are returned unopposed.
九月立法會選舉提名結束, 55 張名單參與地區直選,是回歸以來最多直選名單。功能組別 13 人自動當選。

1/8/08 The Transport Advisory Committee endorsed a new structure for urban taxi fares aimed at tackling discount taxis as well as dealing with inflation. Under the scheme, people who take taxis on short trips will pay more and those taking longer journeys will pay less.

The Executive Council endorsed the suspension of the maids' levy for two years, beginning on August 1. The start date comes a month earlier than planned after widespread criticism of the situation. Employers will also be allowed to renew existing contracts without requiring their helpers to leave Hong Kong .
行政會議通過提早在下月一日落實暫時豁免外傭徵款兩年。受到廣泛的批評後, 豁免「外傭稅」措施提前一個月生效。 僱主亦可容許重新續約,傭工不需要離境。


Three men were sentenced to between 30 and 42 months in jail for intentionally inflicting bodily harm on a mentally handicapped man. Two men and a woman were also sentenced to rehabilitation and training centres. District Court judge said the court had a responsibility to protect the vulnerable.
一名弱智男子被 6名男女嚴重傷害,其中3名被告分別判入獄2年半至3年半,另外2男1女被判入更生中心及教導所。法官表示, 法庭有責任保護弱勢社群。


Influenced by high air circulation from Typhoon Fung-wong, Hong Kong recorded its worst-ever air pollution and exceptionally high temperatures yesterday. The air pollution index reached an unprecedented 202 in Tap Mun. Temperatures soared to 36 degrees Celsius in many areas.
受颱風鳳凰外圍氣流影響,本港昨日錄得歷來最差空氣污染指數及異常高溫,塔門空氣污染指數高達二百零二歷史新高,多個地區氣溫高達 36℃。

28/7/08 Commissioner of Police Tang King-shing said yesterday that there was no need for Hong Kong to raise its security threat level at this stage. However, he stressed that the police will keep in close contact with the authorities in mainland China and participating countries during the Games.

An official with the Beijing Olympics organisers said he regretted the heated exchanges between public security officials and Hong Kong news reporters. He also said the massive number of people who turned up for tickets yesterday was beyond all expectations.
北京奧組委一名官員表示,對公安與香港記者的激烈爭吵感到遺憾。他表示, 出現大量的人購票是意料之外。


A senior police inspector died after being found with a gun shot wound at Police Headquarters in Wanchai. The police said it would not rule out the possibility of a suicide. The police commissioner, Tang King-sing, said the incident was regrettable, and that welfare officers had contacted the inspector's family to offer assistance.

Cheung Kam-kay, Commissioner of the Export Credit Insurance Corporation, was forced to resign over allegations that he used public money for "personal entertainment" on business trips to the mainland. The allegations were made through an anonymous letter.

Falling residential transaction volume has led to impending large-scale staff cuts in the city's leading real estate agency. Centaline Property Agency executive director Louis Chan Wing-kit yesterday said the agency has sent out warning letters to 600 staff over unsatisfactory performances.
住宅成交量下跌導致本港大地產代理行即將大規模裁員。 中原董事總經理陳永傑昨日表示,公司已向 600 名表現 不符合要求的 代理發警告信。

Hundreds of Watsons Water transport workers have ended a two day strike over pay. The row came to an end when the two sides reached a deal after five hours of talks. The company agreed to give higher commission to drivers and delivery workers.

Hong Kong 's consumer prices rose 6.1 percent in June over a year earlier - the most in almost 11 years. The rise in the annual rate was mainly due to substantial increases in private housing rentals, fuel prices , the price of rice and bus fares. Rice prices last month surged 64 percent compared with June last year.

Secretary for Labour and Welfare Matthew Cheung Kin-chung revealed that the waiving of the foreign domestic helper levy is likely to start from August 1. The original September start date has left some maids in limbo, because employers are not willing to renew their contracts now.

The Consumer Council says it will take on more staff to expand its price monitoring system. The Council's Chairman, Anthony Cheung, said those taken on could include part-time staff and volunteers. He said once the price monitoring system is expanded, the council will start naming the shops surveyed in a bid to increase transparency.
消委會主席張炳良表示,消委會將會雇用更多職員擴大格價工作,消委會可以找兼職和志願者幫忙。他表示,格價制度擴大後,消委會將公開受調查的零售點名 稱,以增加價格透明度。


The Dental Council has revised its professional code to allow dentists to advertise in newspapers and magazines. Information will have to be accurate, factual and verifiable.
牙醫管理委員會修訂專業守則,容許牙醫在報章及雜誌 登廣告 。資料必項正確、 真實的和 可核實的。

Hong Kong ranked fifth out of 50 countries in terms of the number of hours worked in a week. A study found that 40.9 percent of employees here work more than 48 hours a week. Long hours are most common in the catering, retail, security and cleaning sectors.

The chief executive, Donald Tsang, announced an $11-billion package to help people cope with rising inflation. Half of the ten-point measures such as a student subsidy, domestic helper tax waiver and food subsidies are new. The rest are extensions of those introduced in the March budget, such as subsidized electricity bills, additional payments to recipients of social security and old age allowance.
行政長官曾蔭權宣布用110億元,推出措施紓緩市民的通脹壓力。10項措施中,一半是新,包括學生資助、暫停徵外傭費及食物津貼,其餘是三月財政預 算 措施 延長部分 ,如電費補貼和 額外的 綜援和長者津貼。

Thousands of people queued up outside several branches of the Bank of China to buy special $20 banknotes commemorating the Beijing Olympics. People started queuing on Monday morning - and stayed overnight despite torrential rain. The notes are on sale today.
Beijing announced Olympic spectators house rules yesterday. Streaking is definitely out at the Games next month. So is getting drunk, opening umbrellas in the stands or mobbing the referee. The authorities stressed that they are carefully considered regulations adopted at all Olympics but with Chinese characteristics.
Children under five years old who often squint may be at risk of eye cancer, a specialist has warned. Parents should pay attention when their children squint or have pupils that appear to be white. Although eye cancer is curable, delayed surgery can cause sight loss.

Rita Lau has been appointed as Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development to fill the vacancy left by Frederick Ma. Rita Lau says the future of public broadcasting will be one of her priorities and a new director of broadcasting for RTHK will be announced soon.
劉吳惠蘭被委任商務及經濟發展局長, 接替馬時亨的空缺 。劉吳惠蘭說,上任後優先考慮的事是港台的前途 ,會盡快公布廣播處長人選。


Fifteen-hundred preselected customers queued at a Tsim Sha Tsui shopping mall to pick up the new Apple iPhone, which went on sale in 22 markets worldwide. Most of them said they felt lucky and excited.
蘋果生產的 iPhone3G 流動電話今天在全球二十二個市場發行,一千五百名被預選客戶在尖沙咀一個商場排隊購買 iPhone 3G , 大部分的客戶感覺幸運和興奮。

Hong Kong passed its first anti-racism law yesterday making racial discrimination an offence. However, the language clause under the Race Discrimination Bill requires all public and private organizations to provide translation services to ethnic minorities. Some people fear that the new law will create unnecessary lawsuits.
At the end of Group of Eight summit in Japan, the G8 nations supported a shared vision of action to reduce greenhouse gases. But developing nations, including China, refused to endorse a call by G-Eight leaders to cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least fifty percent by 2050.
Zhang Chunhui, goalkeeper of South China football club, was jailed for eight months for inflicting grievous bodily harm on a teenager. The magistrate described the attack as cruel and gruesome and the incidence would have an adverse effect on his career.
南華守門員張春暉,嚴重傷害一名少年身體罪,被判入獄 8個月。裁判官形容張的襲擊兇殘,令人毛骨悚然,事件會影響其一生及事業。
More primary students have been allocated the secondary school of their choice this year compared with last year. About 73 percent of students - up from 68 percent last year - got their first choice. But a primary school headmaster said the higher figure is due to a drop in the number of students and the problem of students' competing for school places still exists.
Vice-President Xi Jinping arrived yesterday for his three-day visit to Hong Kong, laying out his expectations for the Olympic Paralympic equestrian events in the city. He said: "The opportunity to co-host the Beijing Olympics is not only an honor for Hong Kong, it is also a responsibility."
The Chief Secretary, Henry Tang, said that the SAR government will ensure that every cent of aid given to Sichuan for quake relief will provide the maximum benefit for the devastated region. He said assistance provided by Hong Kong to Sichuan could help the in the construction of schools, hospitals and homes for the elderly there.

The Director General of Invest Hong Kong, Mike Rowse, won a legal challenge against the government - for fining him 156-thousand dollars and issuing a warning to him over his role in the 2003 Harbourfest concerts. The High Court said the disciplinary committee had not dealt with the matter properly.
投資推廣署署長盧維思被政府裁定在 2003年「維港巨星匯」中失職, 罰款十五萬六千多元 , 盧維思上訴 高等法院獲 勝訴 。高等法院指 紀律聆訊小組處理事件不妥當。

The first direct charter flights between the Mainland and Taiwan are due to begin today - enabling potentially millions of Mainland tourists to visit the island. There have been no regular direct flights, aside from a few charters on select holidays, since 1949.
The Legislative Council yesterday passed a bill to introduce a HK$1,500 spot-fine for smokers who light up in no-smoking areas. But the Health Secretary, York Chow, said there is no timetable for introducing the fixed penalty, as a lot of publicity and administrative work remains to be done.
A man suffering from multidrug-resistant active tuberculosis was able to travel by train from Guangdong to Hong Kong without notifying health authorities. It was the second TB scare in a week. Last week a NET teacher who left Hong Kong for English died of tuberculosis.

Following Sunday's horrific traffic accident on Garden Road , the Government will install speed cameras at 29 of Hong Kong 's steepest roads, along with other safety measures such as more road signs. A 13 year old girl was killed and more than 30 injured in the crash.
星期日花園道可怕的交通意外發生 後 ,政府會在全港二十九個最斜路段,安裝偵查車速攝錄機,並加設路牌指示。一名十三歲女童在車禍中死亡,三十多人受傷。

A special police task force has been set up to investigate the growing phenomenon of "compensated dating". The move follows the brutal killing in April of 16-year-old Wong Ka-mui. She took part in compensated dating, in which - through the internet - girls offer to shop, eat out or go to a movie with men in return for payment.

A two-year Territory-wide Campaign Against Youth Drug Abuse was launched yesterday with a new slogan "Not Now Not Ever". The Secretary for Justice, Wong Yan-lung, said the problem of youth drug abuse had become more serious in recent years and he hoped that the Campaign would correct common misunderstanding and misconception about drugs.
一個為期兩年的「不可一 不可再」全港青少年禁毒運動已於昨日開始進行。律政司司長黃仁龍表示,青少年毒品問題近年有加劇趨勢,他希望透過這次運動,糾正公眾對毒品的誤解和錯誤態度。


Dozens of chicken farmers and traders hurled eggs outside Government House and the Legislative Council building yesterday to protest against government's measure to ban live chickens being kept overnight at wet markets.
幾十名雞農及雞販昨日在禮賓府及立法會外擲雞蛋, 抗議政府禁止在街市留活雞過夜措施。

27/6/08 Chief Executive Donald Tsang Yam-kuen made an unprecedented appearance at the Legislative Council to defend the political appointments. He called on lawmakers to put an end to the controversy. But pan-democrats said his appearance was merely a publicity show designed to save his falling popularity.
26/6/08 Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Frederick Ma Si-hang yesterday denied his resignation had anything to do with political infighting at the top levels of the administration, saying he took the step purely on health considerations. He stressed that his decision to step down was not a rash one.

The secretary for commerce and economic development Frederick Ma Si-hang has been forced to resign after being diagnosed with what is thought to be a brain tumor. The chief executive, Donald Tsang, said he would forward his resignation to the central government for consideration. He wished Mr Ma a speedy recovery.

24/6/08 Two children who tried to climb down from the 34th floor of a building on Saturday are to be placed temporarily in care, pending the preparation of a report by a social welfare officer next month. The court was told that if they were allowed to return home, their safety would be at risk as they might climb out of the window again.
23/6/08 Sixty-three percent of youngsters have had sex and 34 percent of girls had been pregnant more than once, according to a survey by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service. The council blamed the mass media and the internet for promoting nudity and sex.

An 8-year-old girl and her six-year-old brother climbed out of the window of their 34th floor flat in Tin Shui Wai. The children were dragged back to safety when neighbours spotted them - the girl at the 28th floor and the boy three floors further down. Their 26-year-old mother was arrested for child abuse.
天水圍一對 8 歲及 6 歲姊弟在 34 樓住所爬出窗外,爬至28樓及25樓,被街坊發現救回, 26 歲母親涉嫌虐兒被捕。


Government has put forward compensation proposals for the poultry traders to surrender their licences in a bid to prevent further bird flu outbreaks. But so far farmers and retailers have failed to make any progress in talks with the government. And they say they might take drastic action if the deadlock continues.
政府向活家禽業界提出收回所有牌照的賠償方案。 雞農和批發商與政府的談判仍未有進展,他們表示如果談判僵持 ,他們或會採取激烈行動。

20/6/08 The government apologised for the embarrassment caused by the sudden closure of Tatami-Hampton. More than 100 guests were ordered to leave the hotel without notice. The hotel was seized by the Bank of East Asia over an unpaid loan of $80 million. The Tourism Board would offer a free half-day tour of Hong Kong to those affected.
19/6/08 The Hospital Authority has launched a public-private collaboration programme in the provision of primary healthcare services for a specified group of patients in Tin Shui Wa. Under the three-year programme, patients with chronic illnesses from the district will pay the same as they would if they used public outpatient clinics. The Authority will subsidise the rest.
18/6/08 Three senior property agents from the Centaline company were jailed for up to three years and four months, for securing deals by paying illegal kickbacks. The judge criticized Centaline for having a loose and ineffective monitoring system.
17/6/08 The Director of Immigration, Simon Peh, has warned that terrorists may target Hong Kong during the Olympic Games, in the hope of disrupting the equestrian events to be hosted here. However, the Police later said there was no specific intelligence to indicate that Hong Kong is the target for such an attack, adding that the threat level remains 'moderate'.
16/6/08 The government is being urged to introduce paternity leave. Members of the Federation of Trade Unions marched from Chater Garden to Government Headquarters to voice this demand. Legislator, Wong Kwok-hing, says the move could boost the morale of fathers-to-be. Hong Kong Public Doctors' Association is also asking for a three-day paternity leave to bolster low staff morale.

The chairman of the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research, Michael Tien, says letting schools decide which language to use in different classes is a good idea, but that it would be difficult to implement. Mr Tien also insisted the plan was not a departure from the mother tongue teaching policy.


13 sites across the territory have been identified as being at risk following the heavy rainstorm last weekend. The Government ordered the closure of a building near the University of Hong Kong , and recommended the temporary closure of a park in Tsing Yi, due to the threat of possible landslides.
上周暴雨後,全港有 13 個地點出現山泥傾瀉風險 。由於受山泥傾瀉威脅 , 政府命令封閉香港大學附近一座建築物及建議暫時關閉 青衣一個公園。

13/6/08 The Police Commercial Crime Bureau arrested five men and two women suspected of conspiring to defraud the shareholders of two listed companies in Hong Kong and 18 banks in Hong Kong and overseas for a total of $3.55 billion.  
12/6/08 The government has announced the culling of all poultry in markets throughout the territory, following the discovery of the H5N1 bird flu virus in three more markets. Tests on chicken faeces taken from Tuen Mun, Fanling and Ap Lei Chau markets showed positive results for the virus. Poultry in local farms won't be affected.
再多三個街市 ─ 屯門、粉嶺及鴨月利洲 ─ 的雞糞樣本驗出H5N1禽流感病毒,政府宣佈,屠宰全港街市活雞,本地農場雞隻不受影響。
11/6/08 Donald Tsang yesterday apologised for failing to present the 17 new political appointees to the media shortly after their appointment. Tsang rejected criticism that he had been politically stupid in allowing rows to develop over the foreign nationality rights and pay of the new political appointees.
10/6/08 Tai O residents were angry about the slow response and poor co-ordination of the relief work after Saturday's torrential downpours. Residents said the emergency in the wake of Saturday's deluge exposed the lack of an evacuation plan, stable food supply and temporary shelter.

The government says it will take over a week before land transport to Tai O on Lantau island returns to normal. Severe rainfall on Saturday has caused landslips that have damaged roads, leaving the ferry to be the only transport link. Ferry services between Tai O and Tung Chung will be enhanced until land transport fully recovers.
 政府表示,大澳的陸路交通中斷將維持一星期多。星期六的大雨導致嚴重山泥傾瀉,馬路 損毀, 渡輪成為維一的交通聯繫。東涌至大澳渡輪服務將會加強,直至陸路交通恢復正常。

8/6/08 The government ordered an immediate ban on all poultry imports from the mainland, after the H5N1 virus was found in samples collected from poultry stalls at the Po On Road market. All 2,700 birds in the market were culled. The Health Secretary, York Chow, said that culling would be extended, if the bird flu virus was found in other locations.
保安道街市有雞隻糞便樣本驗出 H5N1禽流感病毒,政府即時停止由內地進口家禽,市場內2700隻家禽被銷毀。食物及衛生局長周一嶽說,如果再發現其他禽流感個案,就會銷毀更多家禽。

The distinction between secondary schools that teach in English and those that use Chinese would vanish as early as next September, says Education Secretary Michael Suen. If at least 85-percent of students in a class are deemed to be competent in English -- it will be an English-medium class. But even in Chinese-language classes, a quarter of the lessons will be conducted in English.
教育局長孫明揚表示, 最快明年九月,中學不再區分中文中學和英文中學 。學校每班有八成半具備英語學習能力的學生便可開辦英文班, 中文班兩成半的課時採用英語教學。

6/6/08 The Transport Advisory Committee has proposed a radical revamp of the way taxi fares are set - by cutting fares for long-haul journeys but increasing them for short ones. The committee blamed the existing structure for problems caused by discount gangs. Offering discounts for long-haul rides has become a trend in the industry.
交諮會公布一項徹底改變的士收費模式提議 : 短途加價、長途減價。交諮會把現行架構問題歸咎於「折扣黨」。業界傾向給予長途客折扣。
5/6/08 Legislator Cheung Man-kwong called the process of appointing undersecretaries and political assistants a 'black-box operation' which had greatly undermined the credibility of Donald Tsang's administration. But the Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs, Stephen Lam, said the government had considered more than 100 candidates before the political appointments.
4/6/08 The Executive Council has approved a pay rise for civil servants. Senior officials will receive a rise of 6.3 percent, while junior and middle-ranking officers will get 5.29 percent. Employers Federation of Hong Kong criticized the offer, saying that the government pay rise will put pressure on the private sector.
3/6/08 Two former senior government officials yesterday criticized the government's handling of the new political appointees. Former secretary for the civil service Joseph Wong Wing-ping said the government should not keep the nationality and salaries of the appointees secret since the public has the right to know.
2/6/08 The Democratic Party is calling on the government to take steps to ensure that anyone appointed as an undersecretary holds Chinese nationality. The party's chairman, Albert Ho, said, "Allowing those with dual nationalities to be undersecretaries shows the government lacks political sense and wisdom."
1/6/08 The chief executive has rejected calls to make public the income of each new political appointee, saying it will start unnecessary comparisons. Donald Tsang also said the pay scale for Under Secretaries and Political Assistants the job is already public. The actual salaries of individual appointees are personal data and cannot be randomly disclosed.
行政長官曾蔭權拒絕 公開每位政治任命官員的薪酬,他表示這會做成不必要的比較。副局長以及政治助理的薪酬水平已公開, 但每個員工的具體薪酬,是個人資料,不能隨便公開。
31/5/08 Thousands of people queued outside the Peak Tram in Central yesterday - despite the wet weather. To mark its 120th anniversary, the tram company offered two-way fares at just 30 cents - the price that was charged when it opened in 1888.
30/5/08 Undersecretary for Commerce and Economic Development Greg So Kam-leung said he has given up his Canadian passport while Undersecretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Raymond Tam Chi-yuen has surrendered his BN(O) travel document. Three others said they will make a decision before assuming office. The case of undersecretaries having dual citizenship had raised questions about their loyalties.
29/5/08 Hong Kong's overall vacancy rate in the first quarter hit a record high as a result of the territory's continuing economic growth. The overall vacancy rate was 4.6 per cent, up 1.5 percentage points from the same period in 2007. Telecommunications, engineering and retail sectors had the highest vacancy rates.
28/5/08 The government and the Travel Industry Council condemned an incident where Japanese customs slipped cannabis into a Hong Kong passenger's luggage as part of a sniffer dog test. When the dog failed the test, the passenger walked away with 142 grams of cannabis. Secretary for Security Ambrose Lee Siu-kwong said the case was a total breach of customs guidelines.
27/5/08 The Commercial Crime Bureau is looking into reports of the leakage of undercover police operations files on the internet. Media reports say highly confidential materials, including details of an undercover operation were put on the internet through a file-sharing programme.
26/5/08 Several hundred people protested against mandatory medical insurance under the government's health care reform proposals. They said such a scheme would only increase the burden on middle and low income earners. A single person making HK$12,000 a month may have to pay HK$7,200 in mandatory medical contributions a year.

The Director of the Hong Kong Observatory, Lam Chiu-ying, has reiterated that the city is safe from major earthquakes. He says Hong Kong is a long way from the nearest earthquake belt, that runs from the Philippines to Taiwan, and major structures are built to high standards.
天文台台長林超英重申香港不會有大地震,香港遠離由菲律賓伸延至台灣主要地震帶 ,而建築物有高防震水平。


Police arrested a man in connection with the murder of a missing airline ground crew member during a robbery and days later demanding a HK$100,000 ransom for her. The woman's body was dumped in a sewage tunnel in Taipo.
一名失蹤的 航空公司女地勤服務員被劫殺,數日後被要求贖金,警方拘捕一名與案有關的男子。女子 屍體被棄置於大埔一條引水道內。

23/5/08 Hong Kong's inflation rate last month rose to 5.4 percent, the highest in a decade. The increase was largely due to the rise in the price of food and fuel. High food prices, a weak Hong Kong dollar and yuan appreciation will force inflation to rise further.
22/5/08 A low-profile philanthropist has pledged to donate HK$1.3 billion he expects to raise from the sale of five sites in Kowloon Tong to charity. HK$30 million will go to relief work for the Sichuan earthquake victims and construction of schools.
21/5/08 The Executive Council has given the green light for bus companies to increase their fares by 2.4 percent to 7.24 percent from early June. Passengers and bus companies have both expressed disappointment. Most operators asked for higher rises - on the back of rising operating and fuel costs.
行政會議通過巴士公司下月初加價,加幅由百分之二點四至百分之七點二四不等。乘客和巴士公司都表示失望,大部分的巴士公司要求更高加幅 - 由於經營成本和燃料價格上升。
20/5/08 Millions on the mainland and in Hong Kong observed the nationwide three-minutes of silence yesterday afternoon for the victims of the Sichuan earthquake. It was a tribute of respect for the victims and compassion for the survivors. The tragedy touched the hearts of millions of people across the nation.
19/5/08 China has announced three days of national mourning for an estimated 50,000 people who died in Monday's earthquake in Sichuan, measuring a revised magnitude 8. Hong Kong will lower flags at half-staff from today. All civil servants in Hong Kong will observe the three minutes silence at 2.28pm.

A number of brand name shops in Central have come under fire for keeping their lights on overnight. The environmental group, Friends of the Earth, said it was a waste of energy to keep the lights on after midnight . It called on companies to show corporate social responsibility.


The government says that of the 97 Hong Kong residents who reportedly lost contact with their families as a result of the earthquake in Sichuan, 88 have already been in touch with family members but nine are still unaccounted for.
政府表示 ,97 名港人在四川地震發生後與家人失去聯絡,至今已有 88 名與家人聯絡,但仍有 9 名港人未取得聯絡。

16/5/08 TVB Chairman Sir Run Run Shaw yesterday donated HK$100 million for rebuilding schools in the earthquake-devastated Sichuan province. Meanwhile, the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild will set up a relief committee to look after the livelihood and schooling of children orphaned by the quake.  
15/5/08 The Consumer Council found in tests that doughnuts were loaded with high levels of trans-fats that could cause obesity and even lead to serious health problems such as heart disease. Chinese "wife cake" from Wing Wah and Garden's vanilla-flavoured cream wafers were found to contain high levels of the fats.  
消費者委員會 測試,發現冬甩含高反式脂肪,曾導致肥胖及健康問題,如心血管病。榮華老婆餅及嘉頓忌廉威化餅亦含較高反式脂肪。
14/5/08 The government has announced a cash donation of HK$350 million to help victims of the earthquake on the mainland and a team of rescue specialists will be sent to the devastated area. As the mainland and Hong Kong are as flesh and blood, Hong Kong people have rolled into action to help victims, with donations running into the tens of millions of dollars within hours.
13/5/08 At least 9,000 people were confirmed killed after an earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale rocked Sichuan. The tremor was felt in 16 provinces and as far away as Vietnam, Thailand and Taiwan. Many Hongkongers were forced to flee their homes as the tremor hit the city.

A survey conducted by the Society for Community Organisation has found that low-income families in Hong Kong are now struggling to make ends meet, with inflation causing food prices to sky rocket. A spokeswoman for the group said neither family income nor government welfare payments were keeping pace with inflation.
社區組織協會一項調查發現,通脹造成食品價格高漲, 令香港低收入家庭難以維持生計 。協會發言人表示,家庭收入和政府福利金 都不能追上通脹。


More than half those questioned in a survey admitted spending several hours online almost every day, when they could be devoting time to their families. Many had admitted going on line to seek new friends or partners because they had become bored with family life.
有調查發現,逾半受訪者承認, 幾乎將每日與家人相處的時間用於上網數小時。很多受訪者承認在網上找新朋友或伴侶,因為家庭生活令他們厭煩。

10/5/08 Tour operator, Wing On Travel, lost its appeal against an earlier court ruling that "tips" should be included in the salary of tour guides for the purpose of claiming overtime compensation. Tips make up about ninety percent of a guide's total earnings. However, the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong is worried that the ruling will increase costs for tour companies.
上訴庭駁回永安旅遊的上訴,裁定領隊的小費屬於薪金一部份,假期補償金要將小費納入計算。 小費佔領隊收入達九成 。旅遊業議會 擔心,判決令旅行社營運成本增加。
9/5/08 A 16-year-old girl, who was described as bright, helpful and outstanding by her teachers, quit school and worked as a call girl in order to relieve the financial burden on her family. Police charged a transportation worker with the murder of the girl, whose body was reportedly dismembered and her parts flushed down the toilet and others dumped at sea.
一名被老師形容為聰穎、樂於助人和傑出的16 歲少女,輟學及當援交少女,以減輕家庭財政負擔。警方控告一名搬運工人謀殺少女罪,少女被肢解,部分人體由馬桶沖走及拋棄於大海。
8/5/08 A celebrity tutor was accused of sending students text messages explaining the content of the HKCEE English-language examination after it had finished, claiming it would help candidates gain a deeper understanding of the writing paper. Some students claimed the tutor had unlawfully obtained the papers and used them for commercial gain.
7/5/08 The Prince Of Wales Hospital has confirmed that a USB memory stick containing personal data of more than 10,000 patients was left in a taxi by a laboratory analyst. The Hospital Authority has implemented new measures to enhance patient data security. It bans staff of public hospitals from downloading patients’ information into USB memory sticks.
6/5/08 The Inland Revenue Department collected a record $200-billion in taxes in the last financial year. The increase was largely brought about by the prospering economy, with a significant growth in business profits and a general increase in salaries, plus a surge in turnover in both the stock and property markets.
5/5/08 Democratic Party vice chairman Sin Chung-Kai has decided not to run for a Legco seat on Hong Kong Island, saying there is a need for a fresh candidate. A political analyst said Sin's decision was designed to save the party from splitting up following strong protests from within the Island branch after Sin's name was put at the top of the list for the district.

Police arrested a 40 year old man suspected of killing his wife in Tsuen Wan last month. Police said the case was thought to be one of domestic violence stemming from affairs of the heart. The 41 year old victim was found dead in an ally. A hammer was found at the scene.
警方拘捕一名 40歲男子,涉嫌上月在荃灣謀殺妻子。警方表示,今次是一宗家庭暴力案件,源於感情糾紛。41歲女死者被發現在後巷死亡,在案發現場一把鐵鎚。


The so-called Prince of Paak Fa Yeow Stephen Gan was ordered to perform 180 hours of community service, after he was convicted of molesting two male taxi drivers. The magistrate said he had decided to give Mr Gan a chance to turn over a new leaf.
有白花油王子之稱顏福偉非禮兩名男的士司機,被判 180小時社會服務令。裁判官表示,他決定給予顏福偉機會改過自身新。


Eighteen people were killed and forty-four were injured when a coach crashed into a noise barrier at a roundabout in Sai Kung. The coach was carrying 61 passengers from Tsz Wan Shan to Sai Kung for their monthly religious activities. The driver of the tour bus was arrested for dangerous driving.
一輛旅遊巴在西貢一個 迴旋處猛撼路邊隔音屏,18人死亡,44人受傷。旅遊巴當時載著61名乘客,由 慈雲山前往西貢 ,參加 每月一次的 宗教活動。旅遊巴司機 涉嫌危險駕駛被捕。


The Olympic flame arrived in its first stop on Chinese soil, Hong Kong , for the Torch Relay in the territory to be conducted on May 2. This is the second time for the Olympic flame to be relayed in Hong Kong since the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964.

30/4/08 The final list of 120 Olympic torchbearers was officially announced yesterday. Torchbearers come from different sectors, including athletes, politicians, businessmen, academics and entertainment figures. Our school's PE teacher, Ms. Ho Shuk-ting is honoured to be one of the torchbearers.
29/4/08 Wan Chai district councilor and member of the League of Social Democrats, Michael Mak, was denied entry to Macau yesterday ahead of the Olympic torch relay in the two cities this week. Mr Mak said the Macau authorities cited internal security laws for their refusal to allow him to enter.
28/4/08 A survey conducted by Environmental group Greeners Action found that 37% of the schools polled did not provide pupils with reusable lunchboxes. The schools worried that the boxes provided by meal suppliers were not clean. Greeners Action urges primary schools to use eco-friendly lunchboxes to ease pressure on landfills.

The Secretary for Security, Ambrose Lee, has made it clear the government will reject entry to anyone who wants to visit Hong Kong to support Tibetan independence. He says he expects tens of thousands of people to witness the torch's progress including supporters and demonstrators.
保安局局長李少光清楚地說明,政府會拒絕鼓吹藏獨人士入境。他預料有數以十萬計的市民見 證 奧運火炬傳遞,包括支持者及示威者。


A doctor at the Tuen Mun Child Assessment Centre found a USB memory card missing on April 18. The card contained information on 700 patients. The Deputy Director of Health, Gloria Tam, apologised to the affected children and parents, and said the Department of Health has enhanced office security.
  屯門兒童體能智力測驗中心一名醫生,4月18日發現遺失USB記憶卡 , 記憶卡載有700 名病人資料。 衛生署副署長譚麗芬對受影響的學童及其家屬致歉 ,並表示衛生署已加強項保安措施。


The founder of the Tse Sui Luen jewelry chain and his son were remanded in custody after they were convicted of bribery, falsifying accounts and tax evasion yesterday. Tse Sui-luen conspired with others to offer kickbacks to local and foreign travel agencies to bring tour groups to shop at the company's showrooms.
珠寶店創辦人謝瑞麟及其子,昨日被裁定行賄、偽造及逃稅罪名成立 ,還押監房看管。謝瑞麟串謀向安排旅行團光顧陳列室的本地及外地旅行社職員提供 非法回佣。

24/4/08 Reductions in the size of classes in secondary schools will begin next year. The size of Form One classes will be reduced from 38 to 36 next year and to 34 in 2010. Secondary schools are facing a 25 per cent drop in enrolments over the next six years as a result of declines in the birth rate.  
由明年開始,中學將縮班。中一每班人數將由38人減至36人,至 2010年將減至34人。由於出生率下降,未來六年,中學收生人數將下跌四分一。
23/4/08 The Executive Council has endorsed a plan to build the Hong Kong section of an express rail link between Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. The entire trip is expected to take only 48 minutes - around half the time of the current train journey. Operations are due to commence in 2014.
22/4/08 A man who bashed a pregnant and protected barking deer to death with a spade and a baton was jailed for six months, the heaviest sentence handed down for animal cruelty in Hong Kong. The Magistrate said the accused had shown no sympathy for the animal or remorse for the attack and a deterrent sentence was necessary.
21/4/08 A survey has found that more than 90 per cent of young people witness bullying at school. Half of the polled said they had bullied their peers. Nearly 90 per cent of the bullying involved verbal threats and 22 per cent involved physical violence. A third of those who had witnessed bullying did not seek help from adults.

Hong Kong hoisted a black rainstorm warning yesterday, the earliest such alert in a calendar year since the signal system began in 1992. All storm signals were lowered at night as Neoguri had weakened into an area of low pressure.


The Observatory issued the number three strong wind signal as typhoon Neoguri approached Hong Kong . It is the earliest this has happened since the Second World War. The weather is expected to deteriorate over the weekend.
颱風浣熊接近香港,天文台發出 3 號強風信號,是二次大戰以來本港最早發出的三號強風信號。預料週末天氣轉壞。

18/4/08 More than 90 percent of Hongkongers oppose obstruction of the Olympic torch relay and disagree with using such protests to press Beijing to improve human rights or to discuss the Tibet issues, a Chinese University survey has found. Besides, ninety-two percent agreed the Beijing Olympics is a precious occasion for the Chinese people.
17/4/08 The route for the Hong Kong leg of the Olympic torch relay will be shortened to avoid traffic chaos and delays, but officials have denied the measure is being taken over  security concerns. The government will carry out a trial run this Friday before finalizing details for the actual relay.
16/4/08 The Consumer Council said that some staple foods and grocery items sold at supermarket chains were found to be as much as twice as expensive as those from grocery stores. Council chief executive said the supermarkets are misleading the public with their advertisements claiming to always give the best prices.
15/4/08 A 76-year-old man was run over and killed by a reversing truck in San Po Kong. Police arrested the truck driver for dangerous driving causing death. Public concern about truck safety has risen since the deaths of five people in four accidents involving reversing trucks since 2006 and there are fresh calls for a law requiring surveillance cameras on the rear of all goods vehicles.
14/4/08 Many medical social workers suffer from depression, a survey has found. Medical social workers had to handle 763 cases a year. Over 60 per cent of medical social workers said they had considered quitting, 42 per cent felt depressed and anxious and 16 per cent had considered suicide.

The Education Minister, Michael Suen, defended sub-degree programmes, saying they are not a failure. But Mr Suen admitted that quality control of the programes could have been tighthened. Mr Suen pledged to carry out a review of admission requirements.
教育局長孫明揚為副學士課程辯護,認為副學士課程並不是失敗。 孫明揚承認,應更嚴格控制課程質量,並承諾檢討收生資格要求。


About 100 people were stranded on the Lantau cable car for more than an hour. A mechanical problem brought the system to a standstill at around noon . The system would be inspected overnight, and it would be reopened today.
昂坪 360纜車一度停駛1個多小時,百多名人被困。因機械系統問題, 纜車在近中午時停頓。 纜車系統將會通宵進行檢修,並於今日 重開 。

11/4/08 Secretary for Education Michael Suen yesterday announced a series of proposals intended to enhance public recognition and financial aid to strengthen the status of associate degree holders. The number of top-up degree places for associate degree graduates at publicly funded universities will be doubled. Associate degree students will be given more grants and loans.
教育局長孫明揚 昨公布一系列建議,增加副學士的認受性及資助,以加強副學士的地位。資助院校銜接學位將會增加一倍,副學士生助學金及貸款亦曾增加。
10/4/08 The world's first budget long-haul airline, Oasis Hong Kong, went into liquidation yesterday, leaving 30,000 passengers stranded and 700 staff facing an uncertain future. The airline launched services to London in October 2006, and also flew to Vancouver. Reports said Oasis was struggling with debts of up to $1-billion.
9/4/08 Police broke up a suspected credit card fraud syndicate and arrested 16 people. The syndicate applied for credit cards using false documents and forged identity cards. The syndicate used the credit cards to purchase luxury goods from the local market and then disposed of the goods in a second hand retail outlet.
8/4/08 The Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Frederick Ma, said Thailand had guaranteed rice supplies to Hong Kong. He pointed out that although mainland rice is actually about 15 percent cheaper, Thai rice has 90 percent of the local market. He hopes consumers will be wise in their choices.
7/4/08 Foggy weather yesterday morning disrupted air and sea traffic around Hong Kong. Two vessels collided off Po Toi Island damaging the rear of a cargo ship. Ferry services to Macau were delayed by up to two hours. 13 Hong Kong-bound flights were diverted due to heavy fog.

The Chief Executive of the Monetary Authority, Joseph Yam, said explicitly that owing to exceptional market fluctuations the Exchange Fund suffered great losses in the first quarter. He described 2008 as a tough year.
金管局總裁任志剛坦言,由於股市異常波動,外匯基金首季勁蝕 。他形容今年是困難的一年。

5/4/08 Parents have been urged to be honest to children who face bereavement of close relatives. The call was made by Caritas Family Crisis Support Centre which said people should never underestimate the ability of young children to understand the meaning of death.

A scout master who permitted two scouts to drive without a license and caused the death of a seven-year-old cyclist was jailed for ten months. The judge said although the accused was a passionate and active man with a love of young people, his momentary stupidity and recklessness had led to the tragedy.
一名童軍旅長容許 2名童軍無牌駕駛 ,導致一名 騎腳踏車的七歲 男童死亡,被判入獄 10個月。法官說,被告雖然是 熱情、積極的人, 喜愛年青人,但他一時愚昧和 鹵莽, 導致這次悲劇。

3/4/08 The Medical Council has endorsed rules allowing doctors to advertise in newspapers, magazines, journals and periodicals. The ads will be confined to listing fees and providing personal information. Any promotional, misleading and exaggerated phrases such as the best, the most experienced are banned.
2/4/08 A survey found that supermarket prices are 12 per cent higher than at grocery stores and some items were priced differently in different outlets of the supermarket chain. Supermarket advertisements mislead shoppers by falsely claiming that the prices of certain products are lower and big discounts are offered.
1/4/08 Hong Kong babies get less sleep than their counterparts, according to a study. Hong Kong's culture of late working, noisy environment and bright lighting may prevent babies from sleeping well. Newborns who do not sleep enough are more likely to suffer from learning and behavioural problems.
31/3/08 Shoppers yesterday were rushed into buying rice from supermarket outlets. The rush for the daily staple was triggered by news last week about a possible 30 percent surge in the price of Thai rice. The Consumer Council has appealed to citizens to stay calm as their overreaction will drive up the price even further.

The Hospital Authority is upgrading security measures in public hospitals following the disappearance of a baby girl from a hospital ward. The one-year-old girl was taken away by her grandmother without hospital staff being informed. A hospital security camera was not working at the time.
一名 1歲大女嬰,被祖母由醫院擅自帶走, 事發時病房的閉路電視失靈。 醫管局現正提升公營醫院保安措施。


A bank interviewed more than four-thousand people with liquid assets of between fifty-thousand and two- million dollars, and calculated that the number of millionaires hit 410-thousand at the end of last year before dropping to 350-thousand after the stock market slump.
有銀行訪問了四千多人,他們擁有流動資產五十萬至二百萬,銀行推算出本港去年底擁有資產值達一百萬以上的「百萬富翁」超過 41 萬名。股票市場下跌後, 百萬富翁數目下跌至 35 萬名。


A 74-year-old woman who used Comprehensive Social Security Assistance payments to buy two flats was jailed for four months. The magistrate said he didn't believe claims made by the woman that she had bought the flats solely by saving money from her welfare payments. He said the most appropriate way of dealing with the case was to send her to jail.
一名74歲老婦用綜援金買入兩個單位,被判入獄 4個月。裁判官說,不接受被告解釋, 儲起用剩的綜援金買樓的講法,認為判監是適當做法。


A tutorial teacher was jailed for three months for hitting a 10-year-old pupil after the boy repeatedly made mistakes in a maths exercise. The defense lawyer said the boy always argued with the teacher and refused to take instructions from him. In passing sentence, the magistrate said the teacher had committed a serious offence and breached the trust the boy had placed in him.
一名補習教師打10歲男學生,因為他多次計錯數,被判入獄3個月。 辯方律師表示,男童常「駁嘴」及不服從指令。裁判官判刑時表示, 被告犯嚴重罪過, 違反學生信任。


A Fanling magistrate yesterday banned the media from publishing photographs of a suspect charged in connection with the recent murders of three sex workers . The order was made at the request of the defendant's lawyer, who said that publishing photos could result in an unfair trial.
粉嶺裁判法院裁判官,昨日應辯方律師要求,禁示傳媒刊登涉嫌謀殺 3名性工作者嫌疑犯的照片,以免影響案件的公平審訊。


According to a survey of the world's 25 most popular theme parks, Hong Kong Disneyland dropped from 18th place in 2006 to 21st last year. Ocean Park , ranked 21st in 2006, jumped to 16th. Hong Kong Disneyland recorded 4.15 million visitors in its second year, down more than 20 percent from its opening year.
據一項全球最旺場之25個主題公園調查顯示,香港迪士尼樂園 由 06 年第 18 位,跌至 21 位。海洋公園排名由 06 年第 21 位,跳升至 07 年的第 16 位。香港迪士尼第二年的入場人次是 415 萬,比開幕首年下跌兩成多。


Hopes are fading for 18 Ukrainian crew-members trapped in the tug boat 37 metres under the sea for more than 24 hours after two ships collided off Tuen Mun. The vessel sank late on Saturday night following a collision with a carrier. The 18 crew members are believed to be trapped inside the cabins.
屯門對開沉船意外,拖船上有18名烏克蘭船員失蹤,他們被困 37 米深的海底超過 1日,船員的生還希望逐漸消失。拖船在星期六晚與一艘貨船相撞後沉沒,船上18名船員相信被困在船艙。


The Public Doctors' Association in Hong Kong expressed fears that the government's proposed medical financing reform would fail to keep pace with the rise in medical costs. It has called on the government to consider raising fees and charges at public hospitals to help raise service standards.


A new highway, between Sha Tin and Cheung Sha Wan, opened yesterday reducing travelling time between the two districts. The 5.9 kilometre stretch of highway is part of Route 8, which is a strategic road linking Sha Tin and North Lantau . It carried only 7,000 vehiles in the first 9 hours, well short of the 120,000 a day it is designed for.
沙田至長沙灣 公路昨日通車,減少來往兩地的車程。 青沙公路長五點九公里,屬八號幹貫通沙田與北大嶼山的主要道路。 昨日首九小時 , 公路汽車流量只得 7000 架次,遠低於原本設計容量的每日十二萬架次。


The Society for Protection of the Harbour launched a judicial review against Government's plan to reclaim land in and around the Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter. The court ruled yesterday that temporary reclamation was covered by the Protection of the Harbour Ordinance. The proposed Central to Wan Chai Bypass will face further delays.
保護海港協會反對政府計劃在銅鑼灣避風塘填海,提出司法覆核。法院昨日裁定, 臨時工程都受保護海港條例約束。中環灣仔繞道工程,將會再遇阻礙。


The government will impose a Basic Law test on all applicants for civil service jobs from September. The purpose is to heighten public awareness of the Basic Law and to promote a culture of learning about the Basic Law in the community. Test results will be one of the considerations to assess the suitability of a candidate.
公務員招聘試 9月起將加入基本法知識測試。 基本法知識測試的目的,在於提高大眾對基本法的認知和在社區推廣學習基本法的風氣。測試的表現會被用作評核考生的整體表現的其中一個考慮因素。


Sex workers in Hong Kong are still living in fear despite the arrest of a man who admitted involvement in the murders of three sex workers. But he denied knowledge of the death of the fourth sex worker. A nother suspect could still be at large.

18/3/08 A Pakistani man was arrested over serial killings of four sex workers. The four cases have similarities. All the victims appear to have been robbed and strangled to death in their "one-woman brothel" flats. The killings, which started at the weekend, have forced many sex workers to suspend their services.
17/3/08 The Education Secretary Michael Suen said that mother-tongue education was heading in the right direction but would need some “fine-tuning”. He admitted that under the current policy, students educated in Chinese are far from proficient in English. The government aims to blur the distinctions between English and Chinese-medium schools.

A territory-wide programme has been launched to recycle used fluorescent tubes and lamps. A collection service will start from next month at more than 400 housing estates. Collection points will also be set up in shops in some shopping malls. The programme is being funded by 15 companies involved in the lighting trade which are aiming to collect 400,000 used fluorescent lamps each year.
一個全港性的慳電膽及光管回收計劃已經啟動。 全港超過 400 間屋苑 ,提供收集服務。 商場及店鋪會設置回收箱。 計劃由十五間主要照明設備供應商資助, 目標是每年回收四十萬枚 慳電膽和光管。


The Health Secretary, York Chow, says the government will consider providing free flu vaccine to children under the age of 12 - a move which could cost around $100-million. However, he says the administration first has to study how effective the measure would be, and how it could be implemented.
食物及衛生局長周一嶽表示,政府研究是否為 12 歲或以下兒童免費注射流感疫苖,估計涉及約一億元,但當局會先研究預防效用及怎樣執行 。

14/3/08 The Government yesterday released the consultation document on health care reform. It lists six medical financing options which aim to tackle the problem of resource constraints caused by an aging population and rising medical costs, but it raises concerns that it would increase the middle class' tax burdens.
13/3/08 All primary schools, special schools, nurseries and kindergartens across the territory will be closed for two weeks from today to control the further spread of influenza. The Health Secretary, York Chow, said the flu season was expected to peak in the coming few weeks. Chow described the closure as a "preventive" and "administrative" measure to prevent cross infections.

12/3/08 The Tuen Mun school attended by a seven-year-old boy who died yesterday will close early for the Easter holidays. 35 students from the school have come down with flu-like symptoms since late last month and five are in hospital. The Government has set up an expert team to probe the deaths of three children recently after exhibiting symptoms of influenza.
11/3/08 A tutor who was a repeat sex offender was jailed yesterday. He had three previous convictions for indecent assault. He opened a tutorial school so that he could get close to young girls and sexually assault them. The judge raised the question of whether parents are entitled to know the backgrounds of tutorial school teachers.
10/3/08 A survey by the UN Children's Fund has found that corporal punishment is common in Hong Kong homes. Children who received corporal punishment were often less self-confident, more emotional and had lower self-esteem than those who did not. Unicef calls for legislation to ban corporal punishment.

The governor of Guangdong , Huang Huahua, revealed that the Hong Kong , Macau , Zhuhai bridge will cost 42.2 billion Yuan. He also said that it is expected to take 36 years for the cost to be recovered.
廣東省省長黃華華透露 ,預計港珠澳大橋造價要 422 億元人民幣,落成後36 年半才收回成本。


Footage of scuffle between a teacher and a student at a secondary school in Tung Chung had been posted on the Internet. The school's deputy principal said the teacher had been forced to take action when the student lost control of his emotions. He said the teacher had since resigned for 'personal reasons.'
一段涉及東涌一間中學一名老師與學生發生衝突的片段在網上流傳。 副校長表示,老師當時是要控制一名情緒失控的學生 ,又說該名老師以私人理由辭職。

7/3/08 The government has announced a string of contingency measures to combat flu. The measures include shortened visiting hours in public hospitals, daily announcements of outbreaks and a public-education campaign. People are urged to build up good body immunity by having a proper diet, regular exercise, and adequate rest, and reducing stress.
6/3/08 In a landmark decision, the panel of appeal judges overturned a district court’s decision in a divorce case to grant the wife one-third of her husband's assets and ruled that the assets held by the couple would be split evenly between them. The panel said the "reasonable requirements" matrimonial principle was outdated and should be replaced by the new approach.
5/3/08 A three-year old girl who died less than 24 hours after falling ill with flu symptoms was confirmed to have contracted the A-H-3 virus. Her six-year old sister was also confirmed to have A-H-3 flu and was in a stable condition last night. The family blamed Tuen Mun Hospital for failing to admit the child when she had a high fever.
4/3/08 A lovelorn salesman who put nude photos and sex videos of his former girlfriend on the internet had his sentence increased from community service to a two-month jail term yesterday. The magistrate said the internet is a virtual world where many people will easily loosen their morals and become neglectful about the consequences of their acts.
3/3/08 Thousands of fans paid their respect to Lydia Shum at a memorial service held at the Hung Hom Stadium. Shum's former husband Cheng Siu-chow was forced to go on stage and explain why he had not shown up before Shum's death. His daughter asked the audience not to allow gossip to affect the occasion of remembering her mother.

A Chinese restaurant in To Kwa Wan closed, leaving more than 50 workers jobless. The employees said they were given pay cheques of 60 percent of their salaries, but the cheques bounced. The Secretary for Labour, Matthew Cheung, said the government is monitoring about 20 restaurants which it thinks are facing the possibility of winding up their business.
土瓜灣一間中式酒家結業,五十名多工人失業。有員工表示,收到東主以支票支付的六折薪金,但支票未能兌現。 勞工及福利局局長張建宗表示,政府正留意二十多間有可能結業的食肆。


Tung Wah Hospital found that tissue samples from two patients had been mixed up, which resulted in delayed diagnosis of prostate cancer in the 69-year-old male patient and unnecessary treatment of the 72-year-old patient. Following the incident, the hospital has immediately reviewed the relevant operational procedures to avoid recurrence of a similar incident in future.
東華醫院察覺一宗將兩名男病人組織檢查化驗結果錯誤調換的事故,導致一名七十二歲男病人接受不必要的治療,而另一名六十九歲男病人則於稍後時間才能被確診為前列腺癌。事件發生後,院方已立即檢討有關 操作 程序,以防止再發生類似事件。

29/2/08 A single mother who left her five young daughters unattended at home while she went window-shopping at a mall was placed on probation for two years. The magistrate said the accused had suffered an unfortunate childhood and an unhappy marriage. He hoped she would learn to become a responsible mother.
28/2/08 The Financial Secretary, John Tsang, announced a record surplus of $115.6 billion in his first budget speech yesterday. He offered HK75 billion one-off handouts and benefits for almost everyone. These include tax cuts and rebates for the middle class, a one-off HK$6,000 injection into the mandatory provident fund accounts of low-income workers, a HK$1,800 electricity subsidy for households and a one-off grant of $3,000 for the elderly.
27/2/08 More than 400 new HIV infections were reported last year, the highest annual number on record. Men aged between 30 and 39 have the highest rate of infection. A consultant doctor attributed the increase to unsafe sexual practices by homosexuals and bisexuals. He warned that the riskier people's behavior became, the more likely they would contract the virus.
26/2/08 Veteran newsman Robert Chow Yung publicly declared that he has applied for the director of broadcasting job in answer to what he termed prejudice and discrimination against non-degree holders like himself. Chow said he is a role model, showing young people who have been looked down on that "effort makes success."

Several groups marched to the Central Government Offices where they delivered their demands to the financial secretary. The democratic camps hoped the government would introduce tax relief measures for the middle-class, raise the Old Age Allowance and create more jobs. Middle Class Union urged the government to reduce fuel prices and increase personal tax allowances.
多個團體發起遊行到政府總部,向財政司表達訴求。 泛民團體希望政府製定中產寬減稅務措施 、增加生果金和創造就業機會。中產聯盟要求減燃料稅及提高個人免稅額。

24/2/08 The Chairman of the Elderly Commission, Dr Leong Che-hung, has called for more flexibility in various elderly subsidies. He said that the government should consider increasing old age allowance (fruit money). The old people who are on Comprehensive Social Security Assistance should be allowed to receive financial assistance from their family.
安老事務委員會主席梁智鴻要求更靈活處理各種各樣的老人津貼。他表示 ,政府應研究增加長者津貼(生果金),並容許接受綜援的長者,同時接受子女供養長。

The policy of mother-tongue teaching has been implemented for ten years. Education Secretary Michael Suen Ming-yeung has admitted that although students have marked improvement in many subjects, there is still room for improvement in their English. He said that secondary schools could be given freedom to choose whether to teach in English or Chinese.
母語教學政策推行 10 年,孫明揚承認學生多科成績進步顯著,但在英語方面仍然有改進的空間。孫明揚表示,應給與學校選擇教學語言的自由。

22/2/08 Singer and actor Edison Chen Koon-hei announced he is taking indefinite retirement from the entertainment industry. Chen was speaking publicly for the first time since the indecent photos of artists appeared on the internet. He said the photos had been stolen and published on the web without his consent. He apologised to the women involved and the people of Hong Kong.
21/2/08 The Obscene Articles Tribunal has classified the publication of sexually explicit photos of Hong Kong celebrities in Next Magazine and Oriental Sunday as Class I articles, or neither obscene nor indecent on an interim basis. The Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority is demanding a full public hearing so that the public can have a clearer understanding of the tribunal's classification standards.
20/2/08 Hong Kong actress Lydia Shum died at the age of 62. Shum, who was recognizable by her trademark dark-rimmed glasses, distinct robust size and loud and clear laughter, had starred in more than 40 movies and television dramas. The Chief Executive said that she represented a lot of values Hong Kongers respect.
19/2/08 The Hong Kong Alliance of Parents Association said the nude photo scandal had afforded parents an opportunity for discussion with their children. Its chairwoman said,” We want the teenagers to know more about the limits of freedom and how to respect others’ privacy.”
18/2/08 Against Elderly Abuse handled 1,570 cases last year, 38 per cent more than the 1,136 cases in 2006. About a third of the cases involved “financial abuse”. A quarter involved “psychological abuse”, which might include overloading elderly people with work, mocking them or leaving them alone at home.
17/2/08 Legislator and the chairman of bank of East Asia , David Li resigned as executive Councilor. Mr. Li said that although the issue of trading in the shares of Dow Jones and Company had already come to an end, he regretted that the mater had caused public concern.
立法會議員及東亞銀行主席李國寶辭任行政會議成員一職。李國寶說,雖然涉及道瓊斯內幕交易的事件已完結 ,他為事件引起公眾的關注感到抱歉 。

Chung Yik-tin, the first man accused of publishing an obscene article of an artist and refused bail, was freed after the prosecution dropped the charge against him. The nude photo he punished was classified as indecent by the Obscene Articles Tribunal. Mr. Chung's detention has been strongly criticised, with the other accused all being granted bail.
網上發布淫褻藝人照片首名被告鍾亦天,獲撤銷控罪,當庭釋放。鍾亦天在網上發布的照片被淫褻物品審裁處評定不雅 。鍾亦天被扣押,而其他被起訴者卻可以保釋,事件受到批評 。


The ombudsman, Alice Tai, urged the government to play a more active role in ensuring that schools look after the needs of students with learning difficulties. She said that some schools were very sensitive, while others were callous.
申訴專員戴婉瑩要求政府起積極作用,令學校照顧有學習困難學生,她表示有些學校對這方面很審慎處理 ,另一些學校則毫不關心 。


A survey has found that youth pregnancy is on the rise. Caritas Youth and Community Service interviewed 51 women under the age of 24 who had had abortions. More than forty percent became pregnant again. The group is concerned that many young people may now be rushing into sex without considering the consequences.
一項調查發現,青少年未婚懷孕增加。明愛青少年及社區服務訪問了 51名24歲以下曾進行中止懷孕的女子,有4成多受訪者再次懷孕。負責調查的組織關注青少年 倉促有性行為 ,而沒有考慮到後果。


Residents from "cage hostels" and partitioned flats met legislators to voice their concerns. They say steep rent increases mean that the people who can least afford housing are suffering the most. The Society for Community Organization called on the government to re-introduce rent controls, increase rental subsidies and the social security allowance.
籠屋及板間房的居民到 立法會與議員會面,表達他們的憂慮。他們表示, 租金急促上升意味著最不能支付房屋者受害。 社區組織協會要求政府再重訂租務管制,增加租金津貼及綜援金額。


Canto pop-star, Gillian Chung, one of the alleged victims of the recent publication of nude pictures of artists , broke her silence yesterday. In a brief announcement to fans and media, she apologised for the impact the incident had had on society. She admitted she had been "naive and silly" in the past.
疑似藝人網上祼照事件,其中一名受害人女藝人鍾欣桐,昨日打破沈默 。 在一個簡短的聲明中, 鍾欣桐對事件為社會大眾帶來影響,深感抱歉。她承認自己以前很傻、很天真。


A survey conducted by Green Sense shows that only a quarter of women think flowers are necessary for Valentine's Day but 70-percent of male respondents said flowers should be given. Green Sense says people should consider giving small plants instead of flowers, and keep wrapping to the minimum.
環保觸覺調查發現,只有兩成半受訪女士認為,情人節送花是必要的;持同樣想法的男士有七成。環保觸覺建議以盆栽代替送鮮花及少用包裝紙 。


Mary Lau, the wife of the Singapore Straits Times correspondent, Ching Cheong, said the family was extremely grateful to all those who helped to secure his early release. She said her husband wanted to accomplish all he had set out to do.


The 2008 Lunar New Year fireworks display lit up the sky over Victoria Harbour last night. The display included the Chinese characters for " Beijing " and "2008" in celebration of the Beijing Olympics. 370,000 people watched the spectacular fireworks display from many vantage points on both sides of the harbour.
昨夜  2008農曆年煙花匯演照亮維港上空,煙花匯演 有「北京 2008」字樣,以慶祝北京奧運。有 37萬名市民,於維港兩岸有利位置觀賞壯觀的煙花表演。


Chief Executive Donald Tsang wishes Hong Kong people good health, family harmony and many blessings in the Year of the Rat. Mr. Tsang said the holiday is the most important festival to Chinese people with every family decorating their home. Whether the celebrations are lavish or humble, the most important thing is members of the family, young and old, can get together happily to share their stories.


The government has published a bill proposing a fixed penalty fine of $1,500 for lighting-up in non-smoking areas. Officers from the Leisure and Cultural Services, Food and Environmental Hygiene and Housing Departments would be deployed to carry out enforcement action. They would have the power to demand identity cards from suspected offenders.
政府就違例吸煙定額罰款刊憲,違例人士要繳交 1500 元罰款 。當局會賦予康文署、食環署及房屋署官員權力執法 ,他們有權要求懷疑犯事者出示身份証。


The reporter for Singapore 's The Straits Times , Ching Cheong, who was jailed for five years for providing state secrets to Taiwan , returned to the territory after being released from a mainland prison on parole. He was detained in China in April 2005. Over the last two years, Mr Ching's wife had pressed for his release on health grounds.
新加坡《海峽時報》記者程翔,被內地當局指控提供國家情報給台灣,被判入獄 5年,獲准假釋回港。程翔在2005年4月被扣留,他的妻子在過去兩年以健康理由爭取程翔獲 釋 。

5/2/08 The police revealed that obscene and indecent photographs of local pop and film stars that were placed on the internet, came from a computer that was taken in for repair. It contained 1,300 photos featuring singer Edison Chen and six women - including four celebrities. The police have charged a man with accessing a computer with criminal or dishonest intent.
4/2/08 A survey on violence among children has found that more than half of its respondents exhibit some form of reactive-aggressive behaviour. And some students admitted to resorting to violence to resolve conflicts with schoolmates. A spokesman for the group said schools need to teach pupils more about conflict-resolution.

The Secretary for Food and Health, York Chow, said while food supplies to Hong Kong remain stable for now, some instability may set in later. Dr Chow said the ongoing weather crisis in China will cause an inevitable rise in food prices here, amid tightening supplies on the Mainland.
食物及衛生局局長周一嶽表示,供港食物仍然穩定,但其後可能出現不穩。他說,由於內地的天災持續,供港的食物 緊縮,食品價格無可避免地上升。


The Hong Kong Government has urged local charity groups to apply for grants from the Disaster Relief Fund to provide emergency aid to to help Mainland snowstorm victims. It will process their applications as soon as possible. The government has conveyed Hong Kong people's sympathies to those affected by the storm.

1/2/08 A Chinese University research team found that students from Chinese-medium secondary schools have a 50 percent less chance of entering universities when compared with students from English-medium schools. The researchers suggested the Education Bureau should allow schools more flexibility in the choice of language which should be determined by the school subjects and the special needs of students.
31/1/08 The Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild has condemned the increasing circulation and uploading of obscene photographs on the internet. The victims include artists Cheung Pak-chi and Chung Yan-tung. Alan Tam, the guild’s chairman, said the circulation of such photos has created a bad atmosphere in society. He warned people to take care of their personal digital files.
香港演藝人協會譴責在互聯網傳閱及上載淫穢照片。受害者包括藝人張柏芝及鍾欣桐 。協會會長譚詠麟表示,傳閱淫穢照片產生不良社會風氣。他告誡市民小心私人電子資料。
30/1/08 The continuous snow in vast areas in the southern and eastern parts of Mainland China has seriously disrupted air and rail transport links with Hong Kong. Many flights from Hong Kong to the mainland have been cancelled or delayed. The MTR says three through-trains are delayed somewhere in central China.
由於中國內地南部和東部廣泛地區雪災持續,來往香港及內地的陸空交通嚴重受 影響,多班航機被取消或延遲。港鐵表示,三班直通車在華中延誤。
29/1/08 In a consultation paper released yesterday, the Law Reform Commission has proposed broadening the pool of jurors, making it more representative of the community. Certain professions - such as doctors, dentists, pilots and priests - will no longer be exempt from jury service. The age limit will be increased from 65 to 70.
28/1/08 According to a survey, 88 per cent of Primary 3 to Primary 6 pupils said their parents had left them at home alone. 95 per cent of pupils believed they could take care of themselves when left alone. Parents had left their children at home because they were “going to the market”, “going to work” and “handling some unexpected issues”.

According to a survey by Green Power in Hong Kong , 90 percent of respondents are planning a more environmentally friendly Lunar New Year. More than 50 percent said they planned to use old laisee packets this year and won't wrap presents. In doing so, 1200 trees will be saved.
根據綠色力量一項調查發現,近九成受訪市民會響應過環保新年 ;超過一半表示會用舊的利是封,亦不會包裝賀年禮品。如果這樣做,可節省1200棵樹。


Thirty-six new Hong Kong deputies have been elected to the National People's Congress. All but two of the incumbent candidates were re-elected. High-profile candidates from the professions were generally successful, but no one from the pro-democracy camp came remotely close to winning a seat. The President of the Legislative Council, Rita Fan recorded the highest vote.
新一屆港區全國人大代表產生, 選出 36 名人大代表。 除兩人外,現任代表全部連任。 高姿態的專業候選人普遍地當選,但泛民主派候選人大比數落敗。 立法會主席范徐麗泰 得票最多。

25/1/08 The Hong Kong Medical Council failed to overturn a judgment allowing doctors to advertise their services in the media. The council was concerned about misleading advertisements and the exploitation of the sick. But the Appeal Court said that the Council's own code already permitted information from doctors to be posted on signboards and service information notices.
24/1/08 A 14-year-old boy was arrested for hacking into the computers of eight secondary schools. He told the police his form three classmates had taught him the procedure and he had done it for fun. The boy could face a maximum penalty of five years in prison. Police warn teenagers against engaging in such illegal activity.
23/1/08 Increases in food prices pushed the Consumer Price Index figures up to 3.8 percent in December. Pork prices rose almost 43 percent compared with a year earlier. A government spokesman said inflation would rise, with higher global food inflation, rising oil prices, a weaker US dollar and a stronger Chinese currency.

22/1/08 The government's Exchange Fund has posted a record $142.2- billion investment return for last year. This is up 37 percent from the previous year. However, the Chief Executive of the Monetary Authority, Joseph Yam, is not optimistic that the high earnings in the past two years can be sustained this year as the investment environment will be more challenging.
21/1/08 A survey by the Caritas Community Development Service has found that low-skilled workers who have a form-three education or less earn an average of only 5,600 dollars a month -- or around half the median salary in Hong Kong. The survey also found that a third of the respondents work more than 60 hours a week.

The Financial Secretary, John Tsang, says he will be cautious in handling a high government surplus this year. Mr. Tsang said the government would try to respond to the community's aspirations . Owing to recent strong development in the property and stock markets the fiscal surplus will be larger than expected.


The Government announced changes to the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme to cast a wider net for quality migrants. It will benefit the young and the less experienced. The Scheme was introduced in 2006 to attract quality migrants to the territory. More than 1,200 applications have been received, but just 322 have been approved.
政府宣佈 修訂優才計劃 ,以網羅更多優秀人才。年輕及工作經驗較淺者受惠。計劃 2006年推出,收到1200多宗申請,只批出322宗。

18/1/08 The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, says the timetable for universal suffrage as laid down by the Central authorities is firm. He says some people have always doubted the sincerity of the Central authorities but they should work constructively towards achieving universal suffrage in 2017 and 2020.
17/1/08 Shares worldwide have been battered by weak US retail sales and a record loss posted by Citigroup, igniting fears over a global recession. The Hang Seng Index plunged 1,386 points - its biggest one-day percentage fall since the September 11 terrorist attacks in 2001.
16/1/08 The wholesale price of pork yesterday surged 70 percent to a record high of HK$2,400 per 100 catties. Some meat shops were selling pork at HK$48 a catty yesterday. The price has almost doubled in a year. Buyers said the price hike was due to a drop in the number of live pigs shipped to Hong Kong.
15/1/08 According to a Polytechnic University survey, 63 per cent of people disagree that more public money should be spent on Hong Kong Disneyland. 54 per cent thought the deal between the government and the Walt Disney Company, which saw the government provide HK$13.6 billion for land reclamation and infrastructure, was unfair.
14/1/08 A man was injured by the spinning rotors of a radio-controlled helicopter yesterday. He suffered severe injuries to his head. The incident occurred on an empty piece of Government land in Tseung Kwan O, where public entry is prohibited, and signs have been put up warning enthusiasts against operating radio-controlled aircraft.

The government has obtained an injunction against Citizens Radio's broadcasts. A legal expert said guests who attended Citizens Radio's programmes or provided assistance to the programme organizers could be charged with contempt of court.


Thick fog disrupted some ferry services between Hong Kong and Macau . A number of flights were also affected. Visibility of just a few hundred metres led to a minor collision between a jetfoil and a mainland fishing boat off Lantau Island . The foggy conditions are expected to persist.
來往港澳的客輪服務受大霧延誤。能見度曾經只有一百米,導致一艘噴射船在大嶼山對開海面,與一艘內地漁船輕微相撞。 有霧的 情況預料持續。

11/1/08 Organisers of Citizens' Radio defied a court injunction barring them from broadcasting without a licence. They made an unauthorised live broadcast of a street forum in Mongkok, which was attended by six democrat legislators. They said they were prepared to take the consequences of civil disobedience.
10/1/08 The Consumer Council urged bakeries to lower the price of bread after a decision to exempt Hong Kong from an export tax on mainland flour. It said shops should show corporate social responsibility by maintaining fair prices. When the tax was announced last week, many bakeries immediately raised their prices.
9/1/08 A single mother who disposed of the body of her three-year-old son at a rubbish dump was sentenced to 32 months in prison. The accused said her son had choked to death. The judge described her actions as sinister. He said the disposal had been carefully planned to conceal the body, and prevent a proper investigation of how the boy died.
8/1/08 Households can expect double-digit tariff reductions in their electricity bills later this year. This follows agreement with Hong Kong's two power companies on the rate of return of the revised scheme of control - that regulates profits on their investments. The new arrangement will limit their annual earnings to 9.99 percent - down from between 13.5 and 15 per cent.
7/1/08 A 52-year man is in critical condition in Tuen Mun Hospital after being given a blood transfusion suspected of being contaminated with bacteria. An independent panel has been set up to investigate how the bacteria got into the blood transfusion bag. Blood-donation records also show the donor to be in good health.

The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, said that radical politics would only damage communications between Hong Kong and the Central Government. Mr Tsang urged the different sectors to give up debates on ideology, and work on the electoral modes for the Chief Executive and the Legislative Council in 2012.
行政長官曾蔭權表示,激進的政治只會破壞香港與中央溝通。他呼籲各界拋棄爭辯,首要做好 2012 年行政長官和立法會的選舉安排。


Tolls at the Western Harbour Tunnel crossing will be raised starting on Sunday. The new toll for private cars will be $45 - or more than double the $20 charge at the Cross-Harbour Tunnel. The Western Harbour Tunnel Company explained that the adjustments were necessary as its debt level had reached four billion dollars.
西區海底隧道周日起加價,私家車過海費收 45 元,比紅磡隧道 20 元多於一倍。對於調整決定,西隧公司解釋是負債已達至 40 億元。

4/1/08 Sheng Hua-ren, vice chairman of the standing committee of the National People's Congress, says Hong Kong people who want to represent the territory in National People's Congress must be patriotic and support the Basic Law and the One Country Two Systems concept. 36 new Hong Kong deputies will be elected in a poll to be held on the 25th of this month.
3/1/08 A mainland couple fell ill after eating wild mushrooms picked from a park in South Africa. They arrived in Hong Kong yesterday suffering from stomach pain, diarrhoea and headache. The woman died of multiple organ failure. Her husband is in stable condition.
一對內地夫婦在南非進食野生菇類後病倒,他們昨天抵港,出現胃痛、腹瀉及頭痛,女子因多個器官衰竭死亡,她的丈夫情況穩定 。
2/1/08 The year began with CLP Power and Hongkong Electric increasing their tariffs by 4.5 and 6 percent, respectively. Utility and transport companies have increased their tariffs and fares, or are planning to do so. Economists expect inflation to hit 5 percent this year, the worst in 10 years. There are also increases in the prices of food items such as pork, flour, poultry and vegetables.
新年開始,中電及港燈增加電費4.5% 及6%,其他公用事業及運輸公司已加價或計劃加價。經濟學家預料今年通脹高達5%,是十年來最差。主要食品如豬肉、麵粉、家禽及蔬菜亦加價。

Hong Kong entered a new era of digital broadcasting with the official launch of digital terrestrial television yesterday. A new digital broadcasting era will bring to viewers a wider array of quality TV programmes and entertainment, as well as a brand new audio-visual experience. The initial launch of DTT broadcasting will cover about 50% of the population in Hong Kong .