A man abandoned his penniless 75-year-old father in a mainland hospital. The son took his father to Guangzhou for an eye surgery in early December. He then said he would return to Hong Kong to get money. He took all the cash and his father’s identity and travel documents. The old man spent three weeks in the corridor of a Guangzhou hospital with his broken legs untreated. In Hong Kong, there is no law against abuse of the elderly.


A senior nursing assistant at a home for the elderly who forced a woman with dementia to eat her own faeces as punishment for soiling herself was jailed for six months yesterday. The magistrate described her actions as "disgusting and unethical," telling her she had "deprived elderly people of their dignity." He said a stiff sentence was necessary to act as a deterrent.


The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, on his duty visit to Beijing met President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao. Mr. Hu told the Chief Executive to handle the issue of political development "properly", and to maintain Hong Kong's "harmony and stability". Mr. Wen called on the SAR government to deal "better" with the deep-rooted conflicts.
行政長官曾蔭權到北京述職,分別會見國家主席胡錦濤及總理溫家寶。胡錦濤要 求行政長官妥善處理好政制發展問題,保持香港和諧穩定。溫家寶要求特區政府應更好地解決深層次矛盾。


High-profile lawyer and political activist Gavin Kwai Sze-kit was in intensive care last night after an attack left him with a deep chest wound and cuts to his jaw and left hand. His beautiful girlfriend was charged with wounding. A police source said Kwai had told his girlfriend late on Saturday that he wanted to end their relationship.


The mainland yesterday launched the world's fastest high-speed rail link between Wuhan and Guangzhou -- at an average speed of 350 kilometres an hour. The super-high-speed train reduces the 1,069 kilometre journey from 10 hours to just three. The Ministry of Railways hoped work on the section linking Hong Kong to Guangzhou could begin soon and urged the parties to set aside their differences.


The Controller of the Centre for Health Protection, Thomas Tsang, said about 600 private clinics had bought swine flu vaccines from the government to be able to give people shots from Monday. The government will provide a HK$129 subsidy for patients in one of five high-risks groups.


A man was arrested for drink driving after his car mounted the pavement and hit two pedestrians in Sau Mau Ping, killing a male secondary school teacher and injuring a woman. The police said the driver was arrested after a breath test found he was over the alcohol limit. They said the area where the accident happened is not a traffic blackspot.


The head of the Anglican Church in Hongkong has urged the community to be more tolerant towards disadvantaged groups. In a Christmas message, Archbishop Paul Kwong said that the "not in my backyard" mentality had gradually spread in recent years. He called on people to show greater concern for the disadvantaged and deprived.


A postman who tried to redirect mail packages to himself and his girlfriend was jailed for a year. He was arrested after a senior postman noticed that he had tampered with several mail packets. The magistrate said it was a serious crime and his behaviour had undermined public trust in the postal service.


A police sergeant was jailed for 10 months for hitting a suspect after he refused to undergo a body cavity search inside a police station. The police sergeant officer punched the man on the head as he was recovering from an injury. The magistrate said the sergeant had abused his power by committing an evil act, which would destroy people's trust in the police force.


According to a survey, a growing number of teenage girls engage in compensated dating, with their schoolmates acting as their pimps. The pimps are paid HK$200 to HK$300 for each introduction. One third of the girls said they need money to buy brand name products. And although some of the girls suffered violent attacks or were blackmailed, only a few filed a police report.


A Hong Kong journalist was barred from entering Macau to cover official events marking the 10th anniversary of the handover of the former Portuguese territory. The Ming Pao reporter was refused entry when she arrived at the Macau ferry terminal yesterday morning. Immigration officials cited security laws for the refusal, but did not give further explanation.
《 明 報 》一名記者前往澳門採訪回歸10周年慶祝活動,被拒絕入境。她在昨天早上抵達澳門口岸,被入境部門引用公安法拒絕入境,澳方人員沒有進說明。

19/12/09 Pan-democrat lawmakers are attempting to use delaying tactics to defer a vote on approving funding for the high speed rail link to Guangzhou. Legco's finance committee was expected to vote on the HK$67-billion project this afternoon. But the pan-democrats demanded to hear views from independent experts before making their decision.

According to a Hong Kong Polytechnic University survey, Hong Kong's transportation system, immigration staff and tourist attractions are rated as top class by visitors. Hotels are fourth on the tourist satisfaction index, followed by restaurants and retail stores. The university said that language training in the service industries must be improved.


A hair test for drug abuse – said to be 1,000 times more sensitive than existing methods - has been developed by experts at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The method needs only five to ten strings of hair and can trace a person's drug-taking history as far back as three months. It may also identify the type and amount of drugs taken.


The Consumer Council warned about text messages which offer free services such as personality tests, IQ tests, friend matching and ringtones. Many who sign up do not notice conditions that state they will be sent costly text messages. Whether the recipients reply to or ignore the messages, they can be charged for them for up to HK$10,000. 


Parents are not satisfied with the new school profiles which only list the medium of instruction for each subject in more than 400 secondary schools, but give no information on the number of English classes in each school. The Education Bureau said the absence of references is to ensure schools are not labeled as "Chinese medium" or "English medium."


Chief Executive Donald Tsang Yam-kuen condemned the acid attack on Saturday in Causeway Bay as outrageous. Six people were hurt when a bottle of acid was thrown from a building on to the pedestrian area. The undersecretary for security, Lai Tung-kwok, said the bureau needed to conduct a study of the area before deciding whether to install “sky-eye” surveillance cameras.


Hong Kong won the football gold medal at the East Asian Games after beating Japan 4-2 on penalties. The match had finished 1-1 after extra-time. Cheered on by Chief Executive Donald Tsang and a capacity crowd at the stadium, Wong Chin-hung scored the winning penalty as the host won 4-2. Donald Tsang hailed the performance as "outstanding, brave and engaging".
香港足球隊在東亞運足球決賽憑互射十二碼四比二擊敗日本,贏得金牌。兩隊經加時後,打成 1:1平手。在行政長官曾蔭權及全場球喝采下,黃展鴻為港隊主射中的,港隊最終以4﹕2勝出。曾蔭權讚揚港隊表現出色、勇敢及扣人心弦的表演。


President Obama defended the right of the United States to wage what he called just wars, as he received his Nobel peace prize. In his acceptance speech, he said he would not stand idle in the face of threats to the American people. He also said that there were times when the use of force was not only necessary but morally justified.


Customs officers have arrested 19 people, including a housewife and her 18-year-old daughter, for selling fake goods on internet auction sites. The number of young people arrested for selling fake products on the internet has risen by almost a third this year. People mistakenly believe they are unlikely to get caught selling counterfeit goods if they do it online, a customs official said.


At the climate conference, China accused the developed nations of making “empty promises” and putting impossible demands on their developing counterparts. China said the United States had set a goal that was not notable, the European Union's target was not enough, and Japan had set impossible preconditions.


A senior nursing assistant who fed human faeces to a helpless elderly woman in her care will be "punished and condemned by heaven," a magistrate said yesterday. Witnesses said the elderly woman was fed her own faeces, slapped and verbally abused for a year by the nursing assistant. The accused was remanded in custody for sentencing on December 29, pending background reports.


The annual happiness index for 2009 rose slightly to 70.6 from 69.3 last year. The survey shows financial stress is a key factor behind unhappiness. Lower income groups felt happier because they may have benefited more from the economic recovery. Those who do voluntary community work and have stronger religious beliefs are happier, as are retirees, females and the elderly.


Fifteen per cent of social workers have symptoms of major depression, a survey has found. About 20 per cent reported insufficient sleep and excessive workloads. Social welfare lawmaker Peter Cheung Kwok-che suggestd the government assess the pressures on social workers and provided counselling.


The Fifth East Asian Games Opening Ceremony took place in Tsim Sha Tsui. The Chief Executive Donald Tsang said Hong Kong is privileged to be the host of the Fifth East Asian Games, adding the city has opened a new chapter in its sporting history.


Queen Mary hospital has pledged to do more to relieve the pressure on front-line staff, after half the nurses serving in operating theatres took sick leave to protest against their workload. The hospital said that Wednesday's protest delayed 30 non-urgent operations. The government has also called for better communication between hospital management and staff.


A former aide of Democratic Party lawmaker, Kam Nai-wai, has broken her silence over her controversial dismissal. In a written statement, Kimmie Wong, said Mr Kam asked her out alone for a dinner in a high-end restaurant and he expressed his feelings for her. She was sacked three months after she had rejected Mr Kam's romantic advances.


A seven-year-old girl on her way to school was struck on the head by a falling hammer at a Tuen Mun public estate. She is now in a stable condition after the wound was stitched. Surveillance teams have stepped up patrols to prevent a repeat of the incident. Closed-circuit TV will also be installed.


A drunken truck driver who killed six men in a crash changed his plea from dangerous driving causing death to manslaughter, which carries a maximum sentence of life. His wife said her husband had been having a difficult time since the tragedy and knew he had to seek redemption by admitting his guilt. She said his husband can set a good example for his eight-year-old daughter.


The parents of a 10-year-old boy have been found guilty of not complying with an Education Bureau order to send their son to a proper school. The father had earlier told the court he could not accept what he called the "nine sins" of the school, which included confusing management and corruption. The magistrate said the parents and the boy's school could not work together for the boy's benefit.


Two sick dogs in the mainland tested positive for human swine flu. Chinese University associate dean of medicine Joseph Sung Jao-yiu said the risk of swine flu to humans will be great if highly mobile animals such as dogs and cats are infected. But infectious disease specialist Lo Wing-lok said the virus' ability to transmit to dogs and cats will make the virus less likely to mutate.


Police Commissioner Tang King-shing apologised to a Fanling school after its name was leaked as the scene of an undercover drugs operation. Mr Tang said a thorough investigation was underway and disciplinary action would be taken if necessary. He has reminded officers to be more sensitive when carrying out their duties.


Researchers at the Chinese University have found that young children face a greater risk of becoming obese if they don't get enough sleep. Children who regularly sleep for only a few hours are twice as likely to be overweight than those who get the recommended 10 hours a night. It's thought lack of sleep causes a hormonal upset which makes children want to eat more.


A headmistress has accused police of breaking their promise not to name her school after it took part in an undercover anti-drugs operation. The school in Fan Ling joined the operation, in which a 24-year-old undercover cop posed as a Secondary Three student. A total of 36 people, including 23 students, were caught. But newspaper reports published the school's name after a court hearing on Wednesday.


The police are investigating a site on the social network Facebook called "I Need To Practise Killing Myself" on which 188 people have pledged to a mass suicide on December 21. A student who joined the death group attempted suicide earlier this month. The police stressed that anyone encouraging people to commit suicide can be jailed for up to 14 years.
警方正調查社交網站Facebook「我要練習自殺」群組,已有一百八十八人約定十二月二十一日集體自殺。一名已登記為會員的學生,本月初企圖輕生。警方強調,任何人教唆他人自殺,最高可被判入獄 14年。


Veteran actor Chan Hung-lit collapsed during shooting of TVB soap opera Off Pedder and died in hospital from a suspected heart attack. The 66-year-old star was playing the part of a tycoon who survived a stroke in the long-running prime-time series. Chan earned fame by impressive performances as villains during the 1960s and 1970s.
老牌演員陳鴻烈在拍攝電視連續劇《畢打自己人》期間心絞痛暈倒,送院後不治。66 歲的陳鴻烈在黃金時間連續劇中飾演大亨,曾心臟病發,治理後無礙。陳鴻烈於60、70年代演奸角突出而出名。


The results of Primary One discretionary places were released yesterday. Some parents jumped with joy while others felt disappointed. Out of 41,554 children applying for Primary One discretionary places, 49.2 percent got offers - a 12-year low. The low success rate was attributed to Hong Kong's low birth rate and small-class teaching.


A survey conducted by the Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong has found that many children from poor families have low self-esteem.  More than half feel useless. More than a fifth said they had not taken part in extra-curricular activities because of financial difficulties. Social workers said the children lack self-esteem and confidence because they lack opportunities to take part in activities.


The Chief Secretary Henry Tang said the 2012 electoral reform package would lay a solid foundation for full universal suffrage later. He said he realised some people advocated rejecting the package over the lack of a roadmap to universal suffrage, but he said the arrangements for the 2017 and 2020 elections require in-depth discussions.


The government has announced new measures to enhance the transparency of transactions of uncompleted first-hand residential properties. Under the new measures, transactions of uncompleted flats must be made public within five working days. Developers must show the price per square foot in "saleable area" of individual flats on the price lists and provide floor numbering information in a more prominent manner in the sales brochures.


Hong Kong's Exchange Fund made a record quarterly investment gain of HK$72 billion in the third quarter. The chief executive of the Monetary Authority, Norman Chan estimates more than HK$500 billion of hot money has been pouring into Hong Kong in the past 12 months, which is "unprecedented". He warned that a huge asset bubble could be on the way.


The government has unveiled its proposals for political reform in 2012. The plans include an expansion of the election committee that chooses the Chief Executive from 800 to 1,200 members. The number of seats in the Legislative Council in 2012 will be increased from 60 to 70. The Chief Secretary, Henry Tang, said the reform was a "crucial step" for universal suffrage in elections ahead.
政府發表2012年政改方案,建議 2012年行政長官選舉,選舉委員會人數由現時800人,增至1200人﹔立法會議席增加10個至70席。政務司司長唐英年表示,政改是邁向普選重要的一步。


The government has set aside HK$50-million to help schools set up kitchen facilities,  and employ reusable lunch containers as well as adopt "central portioning" in which meals will be made up on site. The plan aims to reduce food waste and disposable lunch boxes. But lack of space might prevent schools from building kitchens.


According to a Consumer Council study, Yakult topped the list of drinks for sweetness. Drinking three to four bottles of Yakult might exceed the daily recommended intake limit. The survey also found that some drinks claimed to have "less sugar" or "low sugar" were not low in sugar content.


US President Barack Obama arrived in Shanghai last night on a three-day mission aimed at convincing Beijing that Washington is its partner, not its rival. Trade tensions, the value of the yuan and efforts to combat global warming are some of the many issues expected to come up in Obama's talks with China.


Speaking after meeting President Hu in Singapore, the Chief Executive Donald Tsang said he had reported to the president on Hong Kong's latest situation. He said that the government is sincere in its consultation exercise for constitutional reform. He hoped the public, including political parties, could be rational and have an open attitude on taking the city forward.


The government released its latest growth figures - which showed that the economy grew a lower than expected 0.4 percent from the previous three months. On an annual basis, the economy contracted 2.4 percent in the third quarter. The government economist expects the economy to return to positive growth in the fourth quarter, on a yearly basis.
政府公布最新經濟數據,第三季經濟按季增長0.4%,比市場預期為低,本港按年收縮 2.4%。政府經濟顧問預期今年第四季經濟會按年回復正增長。


US President Barack Obama is named the world's most powerful person in Forbes' new "World's Most Powerful People" list, with President Hu Jintao in second place. Li Ka-shing is flying high - at 23rd place. Li's companies are still the world's largest operator of container terminals, major health and beauty retailer, supplier of electricity to Hong Kong and a lucrative real estate developer.


The High Court ruled that Cathay Pacific behaved wrongly in the firing 18 pilots in 2001. The judge awarded each pilot more than HK$3.4 million for being sacked and having defamatory remarks made about them by the airline's management. The airline accused them of "holding Hong Kong to ransom".
高等法院裁定國泰 01 年解僱 18 名機師,屬無理解僱,國泰指機師「脅迫香港」是誹謗機師,每名機師可以得到340萬元賠償。


The father of the eight-year-old boy severely injured in the bus crash in Tseung Kwan O says he is urging him to take a positive outlook. He told his son not to think about the past and to look forward to the future. The father said he had not thought about compensation. His most important concern is his son, not money.


A seventeen-year-old student was killed and 35 injured when a KMB double-decker flipped over on a roundabout in Tseung Kwan O around midnight on Sunday. The bus driver was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving causing death. The police say they can't rule out speeding as the cause of the tragedy.


A survey conducted by the Hong Kong Young Women's Christian Association has found that 75.2 percent of youngsters believe they are morally upright but think their peers are not good enough. The survey results implied that youngsters adopted double standards. The organisation suggested that moral education should be enhanced from kindergarten to secondary school.

8/11/09 A deputy Police Commissioner, Andy Tsang, expressed concern over reports that a group of senior officers had allegedly used a marine launch to go to Po Tai Island for seafood. Reports say most of the officers were on duty at the time. Mr. Tsang said the police force views the matter seriously and an internal probe is underway.
警務處副處長曾偉雄表示關注有報道指有高層人員 涉嫌以水警輪接載員工往蒲台島食海鮮,參與事件的員工,大部份當日是當值。曾偉雄說,警務處會嚴肅處理事件,內部調查 在進行中。

A former doctor at Tuen Mun Hospital was jailed for nine months after being convicted of molesting a 15-year-old girl at the hospital's emergency department. Passing sentence, the magistrate said the doctor had shown no remorse, and criticised him for taking advantage of a vulnerable girl. He said the court had a responsibility to pass a deterrent sentence to protect the public.
一名前屯門醫院醫生在急症室非禮一名15歲女病人罪名成立,判囚 9 個月。裁判官判刑時批評被告無悔意,乘人之危,非禮女事主,法庭有責任判阻嚇刑罰以保護公眾。


Hong Kong workers received an average pay rise of 0.6 percent this year - the lowest rise since 2005. Employers are cautious in making decisions on pay increases and the average pay increase next year is expected to be 2 percent. High-tech industries and insurance companies are among those suggesting pay increases.


China has given the green light for Walt Disney to build its first theme park on the mainland in Shanghai. The Shanghai park will be four times bigger than its Hong Kong counterpart. Hong Kong is worried about losing the mainland visitors as one-third of visitors to Hong Kong Disneyland are from the mainland.


The Hong Kong National Geopark was opened yesterday. It is made up of eight geo-areas distributed across the Northeast New Territories Sedimentary Rock Region and Sai Kung Volcanic Rock Region. The park boasts one of the world’s biggest collections of hexagonal rock column. Authorities hope the new geopark will help promote eco-tourism in Hong Kong.


The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, has pledged that the government will act to prevent serious overheating of the housing market. Mr. Tsang said action by the Monetary Authority had shown the government did not want to see a property bubble. However, he stressed that any new policy must take into account the interests of existing property owners.


About 1,000 gays and lesbians and their supporters yesterday took part in the annual Hong Kong Pride Parade urging an end to discrimination against homosexuals. Some marchers dressed in pink and carried rainbow flags.  The Hong Kong Pride Parade Committee, the organiser of the event, says society should respect and accept homosexuals.


Qian Xuesen , known as China 's father of space technology, died in Beijing yesterday, aged 98. He left China in 1935 to study in the United States . He returned to China in 1955. He was widely known for his contributions to China 's "two bombs and one satellite mission" in the 1960s. The effort developed atomic and hydrogen bombs and a satellite.
「中國航天之父」錢學森在北京逝世,享年98歲。錢學森三五年赴美留學,五五年回國。眾所周知,錢學森在60年代參與「兩彈一星」 — 原子彈、 氫彈和人造衛星 - 研發的貢獻很大。


Chief Executive Donald Tsang Yam-kuen's fifth policy address failed to win approval from the Legislative Council. The motion of thanks was voted down - for the third time since Mr Tsang became Hong Kong 's leader in 2005. Many members expressed dissatisfaction about the state of the property market and the government's failure to tackle the wealth gap.
行政長官曾蔭權第五份施政報告未能獲得立法會贊成, 致謝議案遭到否決, 這是曾蔭權 05年任特首以來第三份施政報告不獲立法會致謝。 多名議員表示不滿地產市場狀況及政府未能解決貧富懸殊問題。


The Ombudsman said that staff of the Social Welfare Department showed a lack of care and responsibility when assessing claims for disability allowances. Although in many cases the recommendations by doctors contradicted the eligibility criteria, SWD staff blindly granted approvals. The Ombudsman said approvals should be granted in a fair, objective and consistent manner.


An unemployed man was sentenced to six weeks' jail for pocketing his friend's HK$38,880 Mark Six win. The man’s friends entrusted him to buy Mark Six tickets for them. When they realized they had won the third prize, they could not get back the ticket. The magistrate said despite the clear evidence against him, the accused continued to claim he was innocent, revealing his greedy nature.


The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, condemned what he called "a groundless smear campaign" against him. Mr. Tsang said he knew nothing in advance of the compensation agreement reached by his sister-in-law with a bank and the proposed cash voucher scheme for householders who buy energy-saving light bulbs was open to all suppliers.


World champion cyclist Wong Kam-po secured Hong Kong's first gold medal at the 11th National Games yesterday. Wong said teamwork and strategy were the keys to bringing home gold in the men's individual road race. The 36-year-old cyclist has not decided whether he will take part in the next National Games, saying he hoped a new generation of racers could take over.


Dozens of people marched in Central yesterday to call on the government to address the problem of soaring property prices. The rally was led by the organisation, Caring Hong Kong. The protesters wanted the Home Ownership Scheme to be re-introduced, and for land to be made available for development at lower prices.
逾百名市民昨日在中環遊行, 要求政府對付樓價高企的問題 ,遊行由「關懷香港」發起, 遊行人士 要求復建居屋, 保障中低價樓宇供應充足。


A sister-in law of the Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, received a 60 percent repayment on a purchase of products related to the failed American bank Lehman Brothers, in advance of the official minibond buy-back scheme announced in July. Mr Tsang's office said he had not lobbied for any settlement on anyone's behalf.
行政長官曾蔭權的弟婦,在雷曼產品和解方案公布前,獲得提早賠償六成 。特首辦表示,特首本人並無協助個別人士追討賠償。


The Monetary Authority has introduced new curbs on mortgage lending which may cool the red hot luxury housing market. It has asked banks to cap mortgage loans to 60-percent for properties valued above HK$20-million. Banks have also been told to improve their risk assessment and to be prudent when valuing properties.
金管局推出按揭貸款新限制,以冷卻熾熱的豪宅市場,樓價 2000萬元以上的按揭成數最高六成, 銀行要加強風險管理及審慎的估價。


A government working group suggests textbooks should be sold separately to ease the financial burden on parents. It said school books should be revised every five years, as opposed to the current three. The working group also proposed a three-year "promoting e-learning" pilot scheme in 20 to 30 primary and secondary schools.


A legislator said that the mislabelling of floor numbers as a sales tactic is not only misleading to consumers, but also poses many problems. The issue arises from a luxury block at the Mid-Levels, where flats were sold on 'lucky-numbered floors' such as 88, even though the building is only 49 storeys high.
有立會議員表示,失實的樓層編排的方法作為銷售策略,不但誤導消費者,而且造成許多問題。事件是由一個半山豪宅引起,住宅樓層以幸運號碼出售,例如 88,實際建築物只有49層。


The Executive Council has approved the construction of the Hong Kong-Guangzhou high-speed rail link. The government says the new line is a crucial part of fostering closer economic ties with the mainland. But some critics have argued that the project - estimated to cost over HK$65 billion - is too expensive.


Teenagers who are told they are too thin or too fat by their parents - even if the comments are well- intentioned - suffer headaches, feel stress or get depressed, a study has found. The researchers said parents should realize the potential adverse effects of inaccurate weight comments about their children and give only objective and constructive advice.


The Hong Kong Youth Association's poll has found that 82 per cent of the respondents expected public figures to take responsibility for observing and upholding morals. The Youth Association urged entertainment companies not to neglect the moral behaviour of celebrities. It also called on civil servants and politicians to be honest with the public if they had made a mistake.


A Hong Kong environmental group, Green Sense, staged demonstrations at seven McDonald's outlets, as part of a global campaign calling on the public to boycott the fast food chain. The group has accused McDonald's of damaging the environment by giving out massive amounts of plastic knives and forks and disposable containers every day. The group hoped to persuade the burger chain to switch to re-usable containers.
響應「全球反麥當勞行動」, 環保觸覺在麥當勞 7間分店門外示威 , 號召市民抵制有關快餐店。環保觸覺指責麥當勞大量派發塑膠刀叉及即棄餐盒 ,破壞環境。 環保觸覺希望勸服麥當勞改用可多次使用的餐盒。


The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, says there is no conflict of interest in his plan to promote the use of energy-saving light bulbs. In his policy address, Mr Tsang announced a HK$100 cash coupon scheme to encourage people to switch to the bulbs. But his son's father-in-law is a major dealer in the lighting business.
行政長官曾蔭權表示,他提倡用慳電膽計劃並沒有利益衝突問題。 曾蔭權在施政報告提出派發「百元慳電膽現金券」計劃,以鼓勵市民轉 換慳電膽,但他的姻親是慳電膽主要分銷商。


Legislators criticised the Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, for failing to take steps to alleviate poverty. They said that while unemployment was rising and the gap between rich and poor was widening, the policy address failed to address the problem. Mr. Tsang said that short-term measures were not sustainable and the government aimed to find long-term solutions.


A woman abandoned by her live-in boyfriend tried to kill herself and her two children by burning charcoal in their Tuen Mun flat. The brother and sister, aged 12 and 13, died while the mother survived. The woman had developed a relationship with the married man and gave birth to three children. The woman was arrested for murder.


A middle-aged senior fireman who is broke and divorced because of his gambling habit held two workers at an antique store hostage in order to meet with the store's owner, Stanley Ho Hung-sun's third wife. He wanted to ask Ho's wife to persuade her husband to get out of the gambling business.


Primary Six students in two schools in Shenzhen for children of Hong Kong parents will be able to join the Secondary One allocation program next year. The Education Bureau and Shenzhen education authorities are discussing opening three more such schools. It is hoped that the programme can ease the problem of cross-border students.


The Liberal Party would oppose any move to set a minimum wage higher than HK$24 per hour. The party estimated that setting a minimum hourly wage of HK$32 would cause about 170,000 layoffs. Party chairwoman Lau Kin-yee said a minimum wage was not intended to eliminate poverty but it would provide basic protection.
自由黨將會反對任何措施將最低工資定於24元以上,自由黨估計最低時薪若訂於 32元,失業人數多達17萬。自由黨主席劉健儀表示,最低工資並不是為消除貧窮而設的,但會提供基本的保障。


President Barack Obama said he was "honoured and humbled" to win the Nobel Peace Prize. The Nobel Committee praised the president's creation of a "new climate in international politics" and his work on nuclear disarmament. But critics say Obama is just nine months into his presidency and has yet to score any major achievements promoting world peace.
美國總統對自己獲得諾貝爾和平獎感到榮幸及謙卑。諾貝爾委員會讚揚奧巴馬為全球國際政治氣候帶來新氣象,並表揚他推動無核化 。不過, 評論家指出,奧巴馬上任只有九個月, 尚未對世界和平作出實質貢獻 。


A Form Five pupil working as a helper during his school's sports day needed four stitches on the back of his head after he was struck by a discus. The school said he breached guidelines by taking his eye off the thrower, a Form One pupil, and did not see the discus coming when it slipped out of the other boy's hand.
一名中五男生在學校陸運會擔當擲鐵餅工作人員,被鐵餅擊中,需要縫四針。校方表示,他沒依指引面向投擲 選手 ,未察 一名中一男生 擲出鐵餅時脫手,鐵餅飛來。


Nobel Prize winner for physics Charles Kao Kuen said he finds communication hard because of Alzheimer's disease. He and his wife are considering donating part of the prize money to the elderly centre of St James' Settlement in Hong Kong and an Alzheimer's association in the United States.


A woman who hired an Indonesian maid to care for more than 150 homeless dogs in a shelter was sentenced to 180 hours of community service. The magistrate said that the accused had committed the offence out of her love of animals but she had exploited the maid and robbed a local person of an employment opportunity.
一名女子僱用印尼籍女傭照顧狗場內150 多隻流浪狗,被判180 小時社會服務令。裁判官指,被告出於對動物的愛心而犯法,但她剝削外傭的權益及非法剝奪本地勞工就業機會。


Charles Kao Kuen, the retired vice chancellor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong who is called "the father of fiber optics", won the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physics. The Nobel jury praised Professor Kao for groundbreaking achievements concerning the transmission of light in fibers for optical communication.


The body of a teenager who went missing after going swimming in Shek O on Sunday was found. The 18-year old man spent Saturday night at the beach with friends celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival and went swimming the next day around 7am. His mother was in tears and said he ignored her advice not to go swimming.


Democratic Party legislator Kam Nai-wai yesterday denied allegations he sexually harassed a female assistant and then fired her after she refused his advances. Mr Kam, who's married, declined to reveal the actual reason for terminating her contract. But he did admit having a bad temper.


The Financial Secretary, John Tsang, was released from hospital after making a swift recovery from heart surgery. Mr Tsang said he hoped to be back at his desk as soon as possible. He said he would pay more attention to his health and diet in future.
財政司司長曾俊華心臟手術迅速痊癒出院,曾俊華表示,他希望盡快上班, 將來會更注意健康,留心飲食。


Well-behaved young people could suddenly go astray without warning, a magistrate said yesterday as he sentenced two university students who stole a friend's credit card to buy computers . One was placed on probation for a year, while another was ordered to perform 120 hours of community service. The two students came from good backgrounds, had supportive families and performed well academically.
兩名大學生因為偷竊朋友信用卡,以購買手提電腦,分別被判一年感化及 120 小時社會服務令。 裁判官說, 很多乖巧的年青人,會在毫無徵兆下, 忽然誤入歧途。兩名大學生有良好的家庭背景,有支持他們的家庭和學業表現良好。


A host of activities were held yesterday in Hong Kong to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China . Speaking at the National Day reception, Acting Chief Executive Wong Yan-Lung said Hong Kong has had an irreplaceable role to play in the nation's reform and opening-up process over the last 30 years.
香港昨天舉行多項活動,慶祝中華人民共和國成立 60 周年。署理行政長官黃仁龍在國慶酒會表示,香港在國家改革開放 30 年過程中扮演不可取代的角色。


Joseph Yam Chi-kwong stepped down yesterday after 16 years as head of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. During his long tenure, Yam was keen on promoting closer financial links with the mainland. Yam has always been a strong defender of the Hong Kong-United States dollar peg exchange rate that has strengthened the city as an international financial centre.
金管局總裁任志剛昨日退休。在任 16 年間, 任志剛致力促進香港與內地金融更緊密聯繫 ,他堅決捍衛港元掛勾美元的聯繫匯率制度,鞏固香港作為國際金融中心的地位。


A civil servant made a complaint to the Ombudsman about receiving promotional mail almost every day. It not only encourages paper consumption but also infringes the Bill of Rights. The Ombudsman said the circular service of Hongkong Post was an abuse of the postal service which brought unwanted nuisance to the public.


The co-founder of Ever Learning Jackie Lai Man-yip was killed in a car accident early yesterday morning when his Porsche lost control and smashed into a road divider. He is known for his ever-shifting images to deliver lectures in a lively, vibrant and clear manner. Ever Learning was co-owned by his wife Amanda Tann, often referred to as the "tutor queen."
「活學教育中心」補習社創辦人之一黎文業,昨日凌晨撞車身亡,他駕駛的保時捷跑車失控,猛撞路中石壆。黎以教學百變形象見稱,生動、充滿生氣和易明。 其妻陳如敏亦是「活學教育中心」創辦人,有補習天后之稱。


A survey has found that 75 percent of Octopus Card users are worried about being overcharged. It found that more than 16 percent of them have been overcharged, and the refund process could take as long as seven months. It was suggested that the operator of the Octopus Card should scrap the fees for users to check their transaction records.


The number of sexual assaults on trains has risen 57% in the first half of this year. But surveys by a women's rights group revealed that more than half of the victims chose not to speak up. Most women chose to remain silent because they did not want trouble or to cause themselves more embarrassment.
今年頭半年在鐵路系統發生的非禮案飆升五成五。 但婦女團體調查發現,五成以上受害者選擇啞忍,因為她們不想惹麻煩或令她們更難堪。


HSBC is to move its chief executive 's office from London to Hong Kong . The move is aimed at redirecting the bank's business away from sluggish markets in Europe and North America and towards Asia 's more dynamic economies. The switch also signals a return to its Asian roots for HSBC , which was founded in Hong Kong in 1865.
匯豐控股將集團行政總裁辦公室由倫敦搬到香港,此舉是重新調配集團業務發展,由歐美蕭條的市場,轉移至更生氣勃勃的亞洲經濟。這調動亦標誌匯豐回歸亞洲根基, 匯豐於1865年在香港成立 。


Singers Justin Lo Ting-wai and Gary Cao Ge apologized publicly for a street fight in the early hours of Wednesday. Video footage of the blows was an instant hit on the internet, much to the disappointment of their fans, some of whom went online to say they were poor role models for Hong Kong's youth.


A 14-month-old girl died after falling from a building in Yau Ma Tei. Police say the child's mother was cooking when the baby fell out of a seventh floor window of the building. The girl's bed was said to be a foot and a half below the window ledge. The Police arrested the baby's 24-year-old mother on suspicion of neglect.
油麻地一座大廈七樓一個單位, 一名 14 個月大女嬰 墮樓死亡 。警方表示 ,女嬰的床與窗戶距離只有 1呎半。女嬰的24歲母親涉嫌疏忽照顧被捕。


The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, and many of his cabinet ministers, did not use their private transport yesterday morning as they supported World Carfree Day. The event, organised by the environmental group, Greenpeace, encouraged people to travel on public transport for the day. However, the city's first car-free day only met with limited success and the heavy traffic flow was little changed.
行政長官曾蔭權及多名內閣局長昨日早上不使用 私家車,以響應「國際無車日」。發起行動的團體綠色和平,呼籲市民在無車日乘搭公共交通工具上班。 然而,香港首個無車日只獲得不多的成功 , 交通流量仍然大。


Three men and one woman who illegally submitted multiple applications to boost their chances of subscribing for shares in initial public offerings were jailed for nine months. They had used different addresses of vacant or rented flats for registration. In sentencing, the judge said the scam was unfair to other IPO applicants.


A woman who suffered from depression attempted to commit suicide on Saturday. Three firemen who subdued and rescued her from a high-rise ledge were yesterday described as heroes or brutes by various sections of the community. Residents praised them for doing a very good job but some media blamed them for using excessive violence.


The Caritas Medical Centre is accused of delaying giving treatment to a seven-year-old boy who had suffered eye injuries. The hospital had required the boy's family to pay a $700 registration fee before receiving treatment, as the boy had not brought along his identity card and could not prove he was a local resident.
明愛醫院被指責延誤治療一名七歲眼睛受傷的男童,男童因未有帶身分證明文件,未能證明是本地居民 ,需要家人先繳付七百元 登記費 ,才能接受治療。


The mix-up of two babies at Queen Elizabeth Hospital last month was likely the result of multiple human errors with underlying system factors, according to an investigation panel's report. The panel recommended the hospital reinforce training and guidance, engage mothers in baby identification, and streamline the baby identification process to prevent recurrence.


Food prices in Sai Kung and Sha Tin wet markets are the most expensive in the territory, according to a new index compiled by the Consumer Council. The index tracks meat, vegetables, fish, and fruit prices across 18 districts. It found the cheapest prices in Tai Po and Eastern, which were up to 22-percent lower than in Sai Kung and Sha Tin.


There have been 86 complaints to the Consumer Council about slimming treatment in the first eight months of this year. The Consumer Council warned customers against free courses offered by slimming agencies for acting as spokeswomen. As a Consumer Council official put it, there is no free lunch when it comes to the slimming business.

16/9/09 A nightclub waitress who has seven children by four fathers has admitted neglecting her three-month old girl by not seeking medical treatment after dropping her in a shopping centre. The baby suffered a fractured skull and broken arm. Her seven children have been placed in the care of their fathers or the Social Welfare Department. She will be sentenced next month.

Attending the last policy address consultation session with nine hundred students yesterday, Chief Executive Donald Tsang assured a student that he would get to vote for the chief executive in 2017. Mr. Tsang praised the students' keenness for political and economic affairs, and willingness to express their views and propose solutions.
有 900 名學生昨日出席最後一場施政報告諮詢會,行政長官曾蔭權向一名學生保證, 2017 年他便可以投票選特首。曾蔭權稱讚學生對經濟、社會及政治均有濃厚興趣,並能對有關問題提出解決方法。


Six cleaning workers were killed in an accident in a lift shaft at the International Commerce Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui. They were on a temporary platform inside a lift shaft on the 27th floor when it collapsed, plunging 17 storeys down to the 10th floor. A union leader wonders whether the temporary platform was bearing too much of a load.
尖沙咀環球貿易廣場發生意外,6名在升降機槽臨時工作台清潔的工人,由 27樓連跌17層至10樓,全部死亡。有工會領袖想知道是否臨時工作台負荷過重導致。


Police have charged a man with criminal intimidation over a letter sent to the judge hearing the court battle for the estate of late billionaire Nina Wang Kung Yu-sum. The letter contained statements that reminded the judge to pay attention to his personal safety. Police were investigating the motive behind the letter.


The former president of Taiwan , Chen Shui-bian, and his wife, Wu Shu-chen, were jailed for life for corruption. The court ruled that Chen used his power as president to create wealth while putting aside integrity and loyalty to the country. A spokesman for Taipei District Court said they were important figures in society, and the sentences corresponded to the damage that they had done.
台灣的前總統陳水扁及妻子吳淑珍因貪污同被判無期徒刑, 法院裁決指陳水扁在任總統卻以權生錢,把正直及忠誠撇開不理。 台北地方法院言人表示,陳水扁夫婦是社會重要人物,對台灣造成的傷害而作判刑。


Six school girls were sentenced to probation terms of 18 to 24 months for bullying a schoolmate for six hours. The six girls took revenge on their classmate because she told school authorities that one of them might have been responsible for a missing mobile phone. The magistrate warned the parents against the use of violence, saying it would only set a bad example.
6 名女生因為欺凌女同學 6 小時,被判感化18至24個月。事主因為向學校告發一名同學涉嫌偷取手機,被 6 名女生報復。裁判官勸喻父母不要用暴力解決問題,否則會樹立壞榜樣。


Yesterday was a fortunate day for weddings. All the nines added up to everlasting love as 131 couples rushed to register at the marriage registry offices. One couple rushed to get married at exactly 9.45am. "Having five nines means extra longevity. I hope I can be with my wife forever," the groom said.
昨日是結婚吉日,09年 9月 9日代表「長長久久」,昨日有 131對新人趕往婚姻登記處登記結婚。一對新人剛好趕及9時45分結婚,新郎說:「五條九表示更長久,我希望與太太永久在一起。」


The number of young female drug abusers has jumped by 15 percent in the first half of the year, according to government figures. Teenage girls have easy access to free drugs and they wrongly think taking drugs can help them lose weight. Teenage girls are more vulnerable to drugs when they suffer from emotional problems.


About 40 Hong Kong journalists held a protest outside the Central Government Liaison Office to decry the shameful treatment of Hong Kong reporters covering the unrest in Urumqi. They demanded that mainland officials stop all violent behaviour towards reporters and respect press freedom.


An acid attack in Tung Choi Street has left a couple with severe burns and injured nine other people. A man went to the couple's stall to collect HK$300,000 he was owed for supplies of handbags. In the heat of an argument, the man threw corrosive liquid on the couple. Two off- duty policemen arrested the attacker.
通菜街發生潑腐蝕液體案件,一對夫婦嚴重灼傷,另外9人受傷。一名男子向攤檔夫婦追討手袋生意錢銀三十萬元,在激烈的爭論中,男子向夫婦潑腐蝕液體,疑兇被 2名休班警員拘捕。


The Leisure and Cultural Services Department removed 17 alligator gars found in five of the artificial lakes in its parks. A spokesman for the LCSD said the fish would be put down humanely, as they have a low conservation value. He called on the public to think thoroughly before keeping pets and not to abandon animal or fish.


A Labour Department officer, who spent time in a mahjong parlour while on duty, has been ordered to perform 240 hours of community service. The accused pleaded guilty to a charge of misconduct in public office. He said he went to play mahjong because he found his job boring after failing to get a promotion.
一名勞工處主任,在工作時間到麻雀館打麻雀,被判 240小時社會服務令。被告承認一項公職人員行為失當罪名,他表示,由於工作沉悶及晉升失敗,所以犯案。

4/9/09 The Education Bureau has promised not to release any information obtained under the school-based drug testing programme to police. Those who test positive for drug use will not be expelled, and all test students and their parents will be asked to sign a consent form giving permission for a select team to conduct random tests.
3/9/09 The Chief Justice, Andrew Li, is to take early retirement at the end of August next year. He insisted that political considerations were not involved in his decision. He said he hoped his early departure would pave the way for the succession planning in the Judiciary.
2/9/09 The former dean of the University of Hong Kong's medical faculty, Lam Shiu-kum, pleaded guilty to misconduct in public office. He asked private patients at Queen Mary to pay medical fees to a private company owned by him. He also drew donations from patients to his company. He pocketed almost HK$4-million.
1/9/09 A burst watermain in Wanchai caused traffic chaos on Hong Kong Island. All east-bound lanes were closed after the pipe burst in Gloucester Road at about 7am. Traffic also ground to a halt in neighboring districts. Lack of coordination between government departments was blamed for the burst water main.
31/8/09 Another person has died in Hong Kong after catching swine flu. A 43-year-old woman developed symptoms last week. Her condition then deteriorated despite being given the antiviral drugs Tamiflu. The woman, described as a chronic smoker, died yesterday morning.

A survey suggests that one-in-three young people would consider engaging in compensated dating full-time to make a living. Among those, 60 percent said their purpose would be to earn quick cash. The survey organisers called on parents and teachers to strengthen communication with their children and students and to alert them to the dangers of compensated dating.
一項調查顯示,受訪的三成四青少年表示會考慮以援交謀生,當中六成基於「搵快錢」。調查機構請求家長和老師加強與子女和學生交流, 提醒他們援交的危險。


A survey conducted by Breakthrough has found that more than 60 percent of the interviewees aged between 10 and 24 are affected by their emotions when spending. Factors include bad moods, peer pressure and impulsive desires. Breakthrough suggests that education on consumption should include emotion management.
突破機構一項調查發現,有超過 6成受訪10至24歲的青少年表示,消費行為受到情緒主導,包括心情不佳、同 輩 壓力及及 衝動慾望 而購物。機構建議,有關消費的教育應包含情緒管理。

28/8/09 Two teenage girls were sent to a rehabilitation centre and put on probation for 18 months, after admitting robbing a taxi driver at knifepoint. The magistrate said armed robbery was a very serious offence, and there was a need to sentence the girls to a period of detention, adding that he hoped they would learn their lessons.
27/8/09 The outgoing Chief Executive of the Monetary Authority, Joseph Yam, says Hong Kong's ability to maintain its status as an international financial centre will be "challenging" in future. He said it was important to improve the relationship between the financial systems of Hong Kong and the mainland. He said has tried his best to get the job done and has no regrets.
26/8/09 Five newborn babies have been injected with expired vaccines at Queen Elizabeth Hospital - the second medical blunder in the hospital's postnatal ward in just over two weeks. The hospital blamed human error, and called it an 'isolated incident.' A couple of weeks ago, two babies were given to the wrong mothers shortly after birth.
25/8/09 A mentally retarded student claimed that the Education Bureau policy is discriminatory because mentally handicapped pupils are forced to leave school at the age of 18. However, the judge turned down the judicial review, saying that both mentally handicapped and mainstream students could apply to extend their studies.
24/8/09 The Director of Social Welfare, Patrick Nip, said he is 'highly concerned' about a case in which a mentally ill woman spent three days with the body of her twin sister in their Tin Shui Wai home. He said the authorities stopped following up on the twin sisters in 2007 as their condition was considered stable at the time.

A woman's body was found at her home in Tin Shui Wai. She had slipped and hit her head. The woman's twin sister, who is mentally ill and unable to care for herself, was also inside the apartment when police broke in. It is thought the woman died three days ago, and the body had started to decay.
一名女子,被發現死於天水圍住所內,死者是意外跌倒,撞到頭致死。警察破門入屋,發現有精神病及不能自我照料的孿生妹妹在單位內。死者屍身開始腐爛,相信已死去 3 天 。

22/8/09 The Chief Executive Donald Tsang says he doesn't think it's now time for the government to hand out more sweeteners to the public. He said the government had already spent HK$80 billion to boost the economy, and it had to look after its finances in a prudent manner, to avoid a deficit.
行政長官曾蔭權表示,他認為現時不是政府 「 派糖 」 的時間。他指政府已花了800多億元去刺激經濟,政府要審慎理財,避免赤字。
21/8/09 A police detective pleaded guilty to raping a teenage girl and sexually assaulted three other young women at Mongkok police station. His lawyer said he committed the acts out of work and family pressures. But the judge said the case was made more serious by the fact that Mr Leung was a serving police officer.
20/8/09 An off-duty police constable was arrested for filming up a woman's skirt. He admitted a charge of disorderly conduct and was ordered to carry out 80 hours of community service. The magistrate told him that his behaviour was disgusting and disrespectful to women.
一名休班警員,因為偷拍女途人裙底被拘捕,他承認一項在公眾地方擾亂秩序行為罪,被判 80小時社會服務令。裁判官斥責其行為令人厭惡,對女性毫不尊重。
19/8/09 Hong Kong's jobless rate remained at 5.4 percent. However, the unemployment rate will continue to face upward pressure as business sentiments remain cautious and employers are generally conservative in hiring new hands. The government was also concerned about the deteriorating employment situation of youngsters.
18/8/09 Two new born babies were given to the wrong parents at Queen Elizabeth hospital. The mix-up was only discovered more than a day later. Two registered nurses and a health assistant have been sent for retraining and placed under supervision. The hospital admitted that the blunder was due to "human errors" of staff.
17/8/09 The Kowloon Southern Link had an unpleasant first experience yesterday, with protesters calling the MTR Corporation "heartless" while many New Territories residents complained of high fares. With the new interchange at Hung Hom for the West and East rail lines, passengers will take slightly more than 37 minutes to get to the station from Tuen Mun.

The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, says the government will focus on the economy in the coming year. Mr Tsang said Hong Kong had to stay cautious despite steady improvements in the stock and property markets, because the outlook for the global economy was still unclear.
行政長官曾蔭權表示,政府今年以經濟為主軸, 儘管股市樓市穩上揚,但全球經濟前景仍未明朗,本港仍需步步為營。

15/8/09 The Consumer Council last year received 222 complaints about undesirable sales practises involving beauty treatment and part-time modeling. In one case, a woman went to a beauty salon for an HK$88 discount treatment, but ended up paying more than HK$120,000 for other services. The council is considering the possibility of introducing a "cooling-off" period in sales contracts.
消委會去年共收到 222 宗涉及美容、兼職模兒行業不良銷售手法的投訴。有個案投訴人到美容中心以88元優惠價參加美容療程,最後總共支付超過12萬元。消委會正考慮引入銷售合約冷靜期。
14/8/09 A top student known for good behavior has escaped a prison sentence after admitting she went on a shoplifting spree in four shops last year. Instead, the 15-year-old girl was put on probation for two years. The magistrate, said she could not sleep for four days - thinking about how to deal with the case - which she described as very sad.
一名15歲品學兼優女生承認去年在 4 商店內盜竊,獲赦免入獄,緩刑 2 年。裁判官形容案件令人悲傷,她 4 日難眠,思索怎樣處理案件。
13/8/09 A divorced woman who left her four-year-old daughter alone in a shopping centre was let off with a HK$500 fine yesterday. The girl's subsequent bawling alerted security staff and police were called to arrest the woman. The mainlander explained she only wanted to discipline her daughter for telling a lie.
一名失婚內地婦人,將 4 歲女兒獨留在商場, 女童嚎哭驚動保安員報警,拘捕婦人 ,被判罰款 500 元。 婦人解釋,因幼女講大話,所以想懲戒她。

A sex criminal with 30 crime-riddled years behind him is facing the rest of his life behind bars. The man, who has been convicted several times of rape, robbery, burglary and drug offenses , was described by a judge yesterday as being "dangerous to women."
一名色魔三十年來 案底纍纍,面臨會判處終身監禁。他過去因強姦、行劫 、 爆竊及 毒品等罪多次入獄 ,法官形容被告「對女性是一個危險人物」。

11/8/09 Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data has expressed concern about the government's controversial plan to test students for drugs. In particular, he has cast doubt over whether minors - or their parents - are capable of giving 'genuine' consent to the voluntary tests, and suggested that legislative changes may be needed.

A Hong Kong teenager was arrested at the airport for attempting to smuggle six kilograms of liquid cocaine soaked into his clothing. T he suspect had 'soaked' six kilos of liquid cocaine in 35 articles of clothing in a bid to evade detection. However, the 18 year-old was stopped at the airport, after officers noticed he was acting 'suspiciously.'
一名青年試圖用所攜帶衣服滲透可卡因毒品偷運入境被拘捕,涉嫌 18歲青年將六公斤可卡因滲透三十五件衣物, 以逃避偵查 。青年在機場神色顯得慌張閃縮, 被海關人員截停。


The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, has vowed to devote as many resources as necessary to the pilot drug tests to be introduced in secondary schools in Tai Po. The Catholic Church has suggested deferring it for a year, but Mr Tsang said society can't afford to wait any longer. He said the aim is not to punish students, but to try and help those who are in trouble.
行政長官曾蔭權誓言投入更多資源,以推行 大埔區校園自願驗毒先導計劃 。天主教香港教區建議延遲推行校園自願驗毒計劃,曾蔭權表示, 計劃不能再延遲,必須立即推行。 校園自願驗毒計劃的目的,是幫助而非懲戒學生。

8/8/09 The Catering and Hotels Industries Employees General Union has criticised McDonald's for using delivery workers who are not protected by labour laws. It says the problem arises from the fast food chain's outsourcing of delivery services. The out-sourcing firm hired 800 staff on a self-employed basis. The union says this means that the employers are free from any liability if workers are injured while on duty.

The Education Secretary, Michael Suen, says the drug testing is entirely voluntary, he emphasized. "We are not aiming at penalizing students - we just want to help them."
教育局局長孫明揚表示, 即使家長已簽署同意書,學生仍有權拒絕驗毒 。他強調 驗毒是完全自願性,計畫目標非為懲罰學生,而是幫助他們。


A hearing- impaired girl scored nine A's and one B in Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination. No one could be prouder than her father, whose message to other youngsters who might be facing special challenges was to show determination in the face of adversity.
一名聽障女生在中學會考取得 9 優1良,沒人更比她的爸爸自豪的,他給與面對特殊挑戰的年青人的信息是:以決心面對逆境。

5/8/09 An 18-year-old mentally challenged student has asked the High Court to quash an Education Bureau decision to exclude him from enrolling for the next school year because of an age limit he considers discriminatory. The New Senior Secondary system only allows mentally handicapped students 12 years of subsidized secondary education, the same as mainstream students.
4/8/09 A youth group has expressed concern that a school-based drug testing scheme may force students to skip lessons. The Drug-Testing Scheme Youth Concern Group says students should have the right to choose whether they will be tested. The government should release more details about the scheme as soon as possible.
3/8/09 Immigration officers have not ruled out industrial action in their fight for equal treatment with other disciplined services. More than 800 immigration staff turned up for a forum yesterday. They are calling for the same salary mechanism used for the other disciplined services.

The Catholic Church has warned that the government's plan for a voluntary drug -testing scheme in schools risks stigmatising the teenagers who are chosen. The government says drug-testing in schools is useful in preventing abuse, and that it will try to persuade the Catholic Church to accept it.
天主教區警告 ,政府校本驗毒計劃會給被挑選青少年帶來恥辱 。政府表示,校本驗毒計劃有效防止濫毒,政府會盡力 說服天主教區接受計劃。


A 22-year-old single mother was put on probation for a year after her one-year-old son apparently sniffed the drug 'ice.' A straw the woman had used for taking the drug at home was picked up by her son who imitated her. He appeared to be affected by the substance and was taken to hospital. His mother then turned herself in to the police.


According to the latest government statistics, there are now 10 percent more women than men in Hong Kong - the largest gap yet recorded. Men still generally earn more and are better educated, but women are slowly catching up.
政府最新統計數字顯示,港女較港男多一成,這是有記錄以來最大的差距。 男性較女性收入多及受教育更佳 , 但女性慢慢趕上 。


The police urge people not to use the Internet for unlawful acts, noting 15% of rape and 4% of indecent assault victims in the first six months got acquainted with their attackers online. Those using the Internet to promote sex services can be charged with soliciting for immoral purposes.
警方呼籲市民切勿利用互聯網作非法行為,上半年發生的強姦和非禮案中分別有 15 %和 4 %的案件,受害人是透過互聯網認識疑犯。任何人假如透過互聯網 提供性服務 , 可被控「為不道德目的而唆使他人」。


An elderly woman claims UBS advisers talked her into buying an equity accumulator package and did not tell her of the risks and nature of the investments. She has lost nearly HK$260 million and is taking UBS to court. She has a primary 3 level of education and does not understand English.


A man who murdered and dismembered a teenage compensated-dating girl was sentenced to life in prison. The man said he had been under the influence of drugs at the time. The judge told the killer that it was no exaggeration to describe his conduct as barbaric.
一名男子謀殺及肢解援交少女,被判處終身監禁。被告稱在犯案時受毒品影響。 法官指以野蠻人形容被告一點都不誇張。


Mui Wo residents still voice opposition to the relocation of the Christian Zheng Sheng College to their neighbourhood. At a residents meeting, emotional residents again demanded the site be reserved for local students in Mui Wo. They said residents should have priority over establishing a school there.


Three people died and 14 were injured when a minibus ran into the back of an overloaded container truck in Yuen Long in the early morning yesterday. Police are also investigating whether the driver fell asleep as there were no skid marks at the scene. Police arrested the truck driver on suspicion of dangerous driving after his truck was found overloaded.
元朗昨日清晨發生車禍,釀成 3死14傷。一輛專線小巴 撞向一輛貨櫃車 的車尾。由於現場沒有留下小巴的煞車痕,警方調查 小巴司機是否 打瞌睡出事。警方調查後,發現貨櫃車超載,貨櫃車司機涉嫌危險駕駛被捕。

25/7/09 A teenage girl, who refused to be sent to a training centre after admitting trafficking in drugs, was sentenced to three years in prison. Her wish appeared to be based on the belief that she would serve less time in prison. The judge said the girl was apparently unwilling" to learn from her mistakes.
24/7/09 A man was sentenced to two years in jail for kicking and stomping on his three-year- old son, rupturing his intestines and liver. Passing sentence, the judge said, "Children are not the punch bags of adults. They are not an adult's private property. The court has to send a strong message that society does not tolerate such offenders."
一名男子腳踢3 歲的兒子,令他肝臟裂傷,被判監兩年。法官在判案時表示,孩子並非父母的出氣袋,亦非父母的私人財產,法庭需要保向公眾發出明確的訊息,不會姑息虐打暴力人士。
23/7/09 Banks and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority have reached a HK$6.3 billion deal to pay back buyers of Lehman Brothers minibonds. Under the proposal, investors will be able to recover at least 60 percent of their investment. Those who are over 65 will get a higher proportion - 70 percent.
證監會與 雷曼迷債分銷銀行達成 63 億港元回購方案, 購買迷債客戶將獲最少六成本金回購, 65 歲以上者更可獲得達七成的本金回購。

A woman became depressed and went on a spending spree after suspecting that her boyfriend was having an affair. She accumulated HK$1.5 million in debts and later attempted to commit suicide by burning charcoal with her eight-year-old son. However, she changed her mind after the boy complained of feeling unwell and vomited.

21/7/09 All schools will reopen after the summer break as scheduled and will only be closed for seven days in the event of a human swine flu outbreak under new flu guidelines. A spokesman of the Education Bureau explained that although H1N1 transmits easily it causes relatively mild symptoms.

A three-year old boy died three months after he mistakenly drank a bottle of potassium cyanide. Upon the request of the parents and after assessment by a doctor, the boy was granted home leave. He collapsed suddenly at his Tai Po home, and was pronounced dead in hospital shortly afterwards.
一名於三月前錯誤飲用山埃後中毒的 3歲男童,於大埔家中昏迷,送院後證實死亡。因應家人要求,及在醫生評估後,男童早前獲批准回家渡假。


Hong Kong was last night bracing for the first typhoon of the year. The Observatory hoisted typhoon signal No.9 at about 1.30am when Typhoon Molave was 70 kilometres east-northeast of Hong Kong . Before Molave hit, the Observatory recorded the highest temperature this year - 34.3 degrees Celsius。
香港昨晚防備今年首個颱風,天文台在清晨一時三十分發出九號風球,颱風「莫拉菲」 集結在香港之東北約 70 公里 。受颱風影響天文台錄得今年最高氣溫攝氏三十四點三度。


A survey has found that about 20 percent of children accessed pornographic websites before 10. It also revealed that the practice is widespread among students of secondary 2 to 4 , with nearly 80 percent having done it at one time or another - mostly on home computers.
一項調查發現, 約兩成學童於十歲前已瀏覽色情網 站,近八成中二至中四學生普遍有瀏覽色情網站的習慣, 大多在家中電腦接觸有關的資訊。

17/7/09 A former woman bank manager was jailed for six years and eight months, after admitting stealing almost HK$100 million from clients' accounts. The accused said she took the money in a bid to conceal errors she had made in stock trading. Passing sentence, district court judge Yau said her behaviour tarnished Hong Kong's reputation as a financial centre.
一名銀行前女經理承認盜取銀行客戶近一億元,被判入獄 6年 8個月。被告聲稱因股票交易出錯,故挪用客戶存款作「填數」。法官判刑時指被告行為令作為金融中心的香港蒙羞。
16/7/09 An Indonesian maid admitted mixing her menstrual blood with vegetables in the belief that it would make her employer "more amicable and less picky." However, the Department of Justice decided to drop the charge after the government laboratory said menstrual blood is not toxic.
15/7/09 The Hong Kong Book Fair opens on July 22 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wan Chai. About 40,000 netizens have so far signed up on the web supporting a planned protest against the presence of teen models. They feel the presence of sexy teenage models promoting their books of photographs will distract serious booklovers.
14/7/09 The police have been accused of using civilian vehicles to stop illegal road racers roaring on the Kwun Tong Bypass. Three taxis, a lorry and a private car were used in the operation against illegal racers. Eight people were injured and eleven vehicles damaged when three suspected illegal road-racers ploughed into the roadblock.
13/7/09 A survey by Caritas found that one in five school students aged 11 to 19 are happy to have face-to-face meetings with cyber-friends and about 20 percent of them had intimate behavior as a result. Caritas issued a warning to teenagers not to meet cyber friends alone and to be on the alert for ulterior motives.

A 37-year-old Filipino maid had fallen ill a day after arriving in Hong Kong from the Philippines two weeks ago. She is critically ill in hospital after being diagnosed with swine flu. She is being supported by a breathing machine in the intensive care unit. This is the most serious case of the illness reported here so far.
一名兩星期前抵港的 37歲菲律賓女傭確診感染人類豬流感,目前在進深切治療部,須靠人工儀器維持呼吸, 情況危殆。這是本港出現甲型 H1N1 流感病情最嚴重的個案 。


The MTRC plans to open its new Kowloon Southern Link by the end of September. The line will link East Rail and West Rail. There will be one new station - called Austin . The link will shorten travel time between the northwest New Territories and Tsimshatsui by about 20 minutes.
港鐵九龍南線預計於九月下旬通車,屆時東西鐵線將連接,西鐵線將新增新站柯士甸站。由新界西北到尖東站車程節省 20 分鐘。

10/7/09 A Tuen Mun secondary school is offering Secondary One students a host of freebies including free textbooks, free lunch, free uniforms and free netbook computer. It shows under- enrolled schools are under heavy pressure to secure enough students to prevent them from being shut down.
9/7/09 A survey has figured out that eye allergies afflict one in six children in Hong Kong and it has found that about half of the parents have been using inappropriate methods to treat their children's eye allergies. Experts say that if badly handled or left untreated, the worst eye allergies can leave a child partially blind.
8/7/09 Anxious parents with children in tow went from one English-medium school to another yesterday in a desperate attempt to secure places after disappointing Secondary School Places Allocation results. Chinese-medium schools were also swarming with applicants, as students scrambled for the few remaining places at their preferred institutions.
7/7/09 The results for Secondary School Places Allocation is announced today. The percentage of students allocated the first three choices is 85%. The spokesman of the Education Bureau urges parents to give their children support and encouragement, rather than let their expectations become a burden on their children.
中學學位分配辦法派位結果今日公布,獲派首三個志願學校的學生人數為 85%教育局發言人呼籲家長給予子女支持和鼓勵,避免自己的期望加重子女的負擔。
6/7/09 Legislator Chim Pui-chung yesterday became the first guest in 29 years to walk out of RTHK's City Forum, after his remarks were repeatedly interrupted by other guest speakers and spectators. He said that even if there were 70,000 people on the July 1st march, it was only a fraction of the territory's population of 7 million.

Two students with dyslexia have overcome their learning difficulties to win university places after scoring top grades in their A-levels. John Tung, who always failed in dictation tasks, gained two A grades and one B grade. He thought confidence was the most important factor in his success, and his teachers' support was also very important.
兩名讀寫障礙生克服學習障礙,在高級程度會考中取得優異成績,有望取得大學學位。董立竣 經常默書不及格 ,取得 2A1B的成績,他認為成功因素在信心及老師的支援。

4/7/09 The Government will introduce a Medical Priority Dispatch System to enhance emergency ambulance service. Under the proposal, incoming ambulance calls will be divided into three response modes.  Response 1 calls which involve critical or life-threatening cases will be handled with priority. Serious but non-life-threatening cases will be categorised as Response 2 calls. Non-acute cases will be categorised as Response 3 calls.
3/7/09 The Chief Secretary, Henry Tang, urged the public to use established mechanisms and follow the rules in expressing their opinions. Police had to forcibly remove about 130 protesters camped outside the SAR government headquarters in the early hours of yesterday. They were demanding to speak to Chief Executive Donald Tsang Yam- kuen.
2/7/09 In response to the July 1 procession, a Government spokesman said that the HKSAR Government fully respected people's rights to take part in processions and their freedom of expression, and attached great importance to their aspirations. He added that the Government has taken note of the different views and demands expressed in the march, and will give them full consideration to better address the needs of the public.
1/7/09 The government and the Walt Disney company reached an agreement to expand Hong Kong Disneyland. Three themed areas will be added to the park in five years. The construction work will create 3,500 jobs, with an additional 600 permanent staff being hired to run the new attractions.
政府與華特迪士尼公司,就香港迪士尼擴建達成協議,樂園會在 5年內增建3個主題區。建造期間創造3000個職位,落成後創600個長期職位。
30/6/09 The Hong Kong Monetary Authority signed an agreement with the People's Bank of China to allow companies to settle trade in renminbi. Companies will be able to use the renminbi to settle cross-border transactions, instead of US dollars. The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, described the scheme as a breakthrough which would give local businesses greater flexibility.
29/6/09 The Friends of the Earth survey has found that 85 per cent of survey respondents say they will take their own bags for shopping after the plastic bag levy kicks in next Tuesday; however, more than a tenth of survey respondents say they will not because it is inconvenient, not easy to remember and embarrassing.

The Centre for Health Protection say swine flu has taken over as the predominant flu strain in Hong Kong and the virus was now so widespread that quarantining patients was no longer useful in preventing infections. People whose conditions were mild would be given medicine so they could recover at home.


About 100 car park security guards, working for Link Reit, staged a strike in protest against new 12-hour shifts instead of the current eight hours. The guards say their pay of $23 an hour pay is inadequate given the longer working hours they face. They are also concerned that the new policy will lead to about 400 job losses.
近100名領匯停車場保安員罷工, 抗議領匯將保安工作由 8 小時三更制改為 12 小時兩更制,增加工時,但時薪只有 23 元, 他們亦擔心新政策會引起裁員四百人。

26/6/09 Police officers made an about-turn and called off their planned protest march for Sunday. Their action followed pressure from Chief Executive Donald Tsang Yam- kuen and a pledge from the Police Commissioner, Tang King-shing, who pledged to take the issue up with government.
25/6/09 The Police Commissioner, Tang King-Shing, urged police officers against participating in a protest march this Sunday. Officers had decided to press on with a rally following the Government's decision to cut senior civil service pay by 5.38 percent, and the Chief Executive's refusal to review the pay trend survey.
24/6/09 Secretary for Education Michael Suen Ming-yeung announced that all primary schools and kindergartens will remain closed until the new term begins in September. Secondary schools that have completed exams will also be given the option to start their holiday recess early.
23/6/09 Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, says six new land sites will be earmarked for private universities and hospitals, while measures will be introduced to improve competitiveness for six industries in which Hong Kong already has an edge: education; medical services; environmental industries; innovation and technology; cultural and creative industries; and food safety and product testing.
22/6/09 About 100 government disciplined services staff took to the streets to protest against the government's handling of its Grade Structure Review. They say the government should implement recommendations made last year in the review which recommended a pay rise. They held up placards that read “Reviewed but not decided, decided but not implemented”.

The Consumer Council has received more than 15,000 complaints in the first five months of this year, up 10 per cent from the same period in 2008. The Council's Chairman, Anthony Cheung, said there had been a significant increase in the number of complaints related to unfair, misleading and deceptive sales tactics. He called for legislation to crackdown on undesirable sales tactics.
消費者委員會截至今年首五個月為止,共接獲一萬五千多宗消費者投訴,較去年同期上升 一成。消委會主席張炳良表示 ,投訴涉及不公平 、 誤導及欺詐的營銷手法有顯著的上升, 他促請政府盡快立法規管不良銷售手法。


A government source has warned that the number of local swine flu cases could double in the next few days. The source also warned that -- based on similar past epidemics that have two peak seasons -- swine flu could worsen further this winter. The government is still undecided whether all schools should shut early for the summer break.

19/6/09 Voluntary drug testing in schools will be introduced in September, a year ahead of schedule. All 23 secondary schools in Tai Po will participate in the initial round. The announcement came on a day when there were five reported cases of drug abuse in 24 hours, one involving a 14-year-old student.
自願毒品測試計劃提前在九月試驗,大埔 23間中學將參加首輪計劃。計劃宣佈前一日,24小時內有五宗濫藥案件報告,一名14歲學生牽涉在內。
18/6/09 A nurse from United Christian Hospital has become the first member of the frontline medical staff to be hit with the human swine flu. She had earlier been taking care of a swine flu patient. The city had a record high 54 new confirmed cases in a single day. Of these, 41 are local cases.
17/6/09 Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, said that he and the 33 political appointees had volunteered to have their pay reduced by 5.38 percent. ''We do this to show that the team of political appointees is fully prepared to stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Hong Kong to ride out the current difficult times,'' he said.
16/6/09 The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, urged people to show compassion when considering the plan to open a drug rehabilitation centre in Mui Wo on Lantau Island. He noted that emotions were running high over the issue, but he pleaded with villagers to help youngsters to overcome their drug addictions.
15/6/09 Mui Wo residents strongly protested against the proposed move by Christian Zheng Sheng College, a drug rehabilitation college. Representatives of the school said they had a dire need for the Mui Wo school to solve the overcrowding and safety problems at their premises in Chi Ma Wan. Opponents claim they fear the move may harm tourism.

The Under Secretary for Health, Gabriel Leung, called on foreign domestic helpers to take flexible day-off. He made the appeal after three Fillipinos were confirmed to have swine flu in Hong Kong . He also said domestic helpers should consider avoiding gathering in large groups.


Dozens of parents and children queued up outside the Disneyland theme park yesterday morning, to take advantage of a promotion targeting primary school and kindergarten students, whose classes had been suspended. The government warned that children should be kept away from large crowds during the swine flu outbreak.
迪士尼樂園推出推廣優惠予停課學童,昨晨有不少家長帶子女排隊購票 。政府警告,在豬流感爆發期間,兒童避免聚集。

12/6/09 All nurseries, kindergartens and primary schools primary will close for a fortnight, after twelve students at St Paul's Convent school were tested positive for the HINI and authorities were unable to identify the source of the infection virus. The move to shut primary schools rather than secondary schools was made because young pupils are more vulnerable to catching the virus, Donald Tsang said. 
11/6/09 All Hong Kong's primary schools, kindergartens and nurseries are facing closure today amid fears that a 16-year- old girl has become the city's first non- imported case of human swine flu. Her school St Paul's Convent School will be closed for 14 days.
10/6/09 The government will buy human swine flu vaccines for some two million Hong Kong residents in high risk groups. The Health Secretary, York Chow, said the elderly, children and the chronically ill will be eligible for free vaccinations under the programme. Further doses will available for another 500,000 people who want them.
9/6/09 Twenty-four people were hurt in another acid attack in Mong Kok last night. It is the third attack of its kind since December and given the timing, is being viewed as a direct challenge to the authorities. The Police Commissioner, Tang King-Shing condemned the latest attack, and said police would spare no effort to find those responsible.
8/6/09 The government has ruled out ideas about making an earlier start to implement voluntary drug testing in local schools in spite of recent cases of young people taking drugs. Commissioner for Narcotics Sally Wong Pik-yee says ideas for a school-based voluntary testing program have to be considered carefully since human rights and privacy are involved.
7/6/09 A survey has exposed a lack of awareness among primary school students about the dangers of taking drugs. More than 2,700 primary four and six students were interviewed, twelve percent didn't think taking drugs would affect a person's future career and nearly 20 percent thought taking ecstasy or ketamine would not adversely affect ones image among peers.
一項調查顯示,小學生對吸毒的危險認識不足, 2700多名小四至小六學生受訪,有一成二人認為吸毒不會令他們前途盡毀,有兩成人相信,服食「K仔」或「搖頭丸」不會損害朋輩間的形象。

To illustrate the effects of global warming, Oxfam Hong Kong placed two ice blocks shaped as human beings in Theatre Lane in Central. The group said Hong Kong people have both a moral responsibility and the capability to reduce the impacts of climate change. In Hong Kong , each individual contributes an average of six tonnes of carbon dioxide a year - twice the world average.
樂施會在中環放置兩個人形冰雕,表達對氣候暖化的關注。樂施會指, 香港人有道義責任和能力減少氣候變化的禍害 。每名香港人一年平均排放 6噸二氧化碳,高出世界平均水平一倍。

5/6/09 Three Secondary 2 students in school uniform were found unconscious in a park in Tin Shui Wai yesterday, apparently the victims of drug overdoses. A school social worker said that the three boys were curious about drugs as well as being unhappy about family life and they had the habit of taking ketamine.
4/6/09 The government will include gay partners in domestic violence legislation, despite opposition from religious groups. The new law will allow co-habitants to seek civil remedies for violent acts. However, the government says a new definition of "co-habitation relationship" will not include any reference to marriage or husband or wife.
3/6/09 Despite multiple rounds of proof-reading, significant errors were found in public examination papers. The Ombudsman has criticised some Examinations Authority personnel for their indifference toward the mistakes. The Ombudsman said public exams have far-reaching implications for candidates and errors or unfairness should therefore be avoided.
2/6/09 Two secondary school girls were arrested on suspicion of robbing a taxi driver at knifepoint. A third teenage girl is still at large. The three teenage girls robbed the taxi driver of more than HK$600 in cash and a mobile phone. Initial investigations show that the three girls ran out of money and then decided to rob a taxi driver.
兩名初中女生涉嫌持刀打劫的士司機被捕,另一涉案少女在逃。三名少女搶走的 士司機600多元現金和手機。初步調查顯示,三人因缺錢而決定劫的士。
1/6/09 Police have placed warnings on five websites that used to contain "compensated dating" advertisements, to remind underage girls of the dangers of being involved in the trade. Web pimps post "Cheap girlfriend for rent" advertisements in discussion forums to solicit business on behalf of the girls.

The Committee on Youth Smoking Prevention has urged the government to change pictorial health warnings on cigarette packets on a regular basis. This came after a survey of nearly 47,000 secondary school students showed that less than half of them felt the pictures currently displayed on the packets were effective enough to discourage them from smoking.
防止青少年吸煙委員會訪問了 4萬多名中學生,半數以下學生認為煙包上的健康警告圖像能有效地勸阻他們不吸煙,委員會促請政府定期更換煙包上的圖像。


The government has unveiled plans for fine-tuning the medium of instruction for Hong Kong 's secondary schools. They will end the segregation of schools into Chinese and English streams, and give them greater flexibility in deciding which language to teach in.

29/5/09 The United Christian College (Kowloon East) was yesterday ordered to shut its doors for 14 days after a teenager who attended her graduation ceremony rehearsal was confirmed to be suffering from human swine flu. The 17-year-old girl had gone to Vancouver, Canada, with her family and returned to Hong Kong at the weekend.

A driver with a record of committing more than ten traffic offences faces a heavy jail term after he was found guilty of causing a crash last August which left two people dead. A district court judge told the man that the maximum jail term for dangerous driving causing death was increased from five years to ten.
已有逾 10項駕駛罪 行 紀錄的司機, 去年 8月 因超速駕駛以致撞車,導致兩人死亡,在區域法院被判一項危險駕駛導致他人死亡罪名成立, 法官稱勢必判囚。 而新法例已經將罪行的最高刑期已由 5 年提高至10年。


The government has unveiled a HK$16.8 billion relief package, including increasing salaries tax concessions, two months' rent-free for public housing tenants and an extra month's payment for CSSA and Old Age Allowance recipients. The Financial Secretary, John Tsang, said the measures would provide speedy help to people during uncertain economic times.

26/5/09 The sponsoring body of Pegasus Philip Wong Kin Hang Christian Primary cum Junior Secondary School has given up its right to operate the Direct Subsidy Scheme school. The school’s management has come under fire for running the school poorly, while the Education Bureau has been criticized for not doing its job in properly monitoring it.
25/5/09 About three thousand entertainment operators and workers held a rally in Central to protest a full smoking ban that will take effect from July in bars, nightclubs, bathhouses and mahjong parlours. Protesters claimed that more venues could be forced to shut if the smoking ban was imposed, throwing thousands out of work.
近三千名娛樂場所從業員昨日在中環集會遊行,抗議當局於七月一日將全面禁煙範圍擴大至酒吧、夜總會、麻雀館及浴 室。抗議者聲稱,全面禁煙會迫使更多場所結業,令數以千計從業員丟飯碗。

A local study has found that six out of 10 youngsters who abuse drugs have problems with their brain functions and suffer from depression. The study found that many of the drug users had problems with concentration and memory.


Hong Kong has confirmed its fourth imported case of swine flu. The patient is a 19-year-old student, who returned from New York City on board flight CX831 on Monday. Another confirmed swine flu patient from Taiwan , had been sitting just two rows away from her. The student developed a fever on Thursday.
本港確診第四宗人類豬流感個案,患者是一名 19歲女學生,與台灣首宗確診病例,乘坐同一班航班CX831,星期一從紐約抵港。在航班上她與台灣確診患者,只相隔兩行。 這名女學生星期四才開始發燒。

22/5/09 The Mass Transit Railway Corporation plans to introduce half price tickets for the disabled by the end of the year. The proposed scheme will benefit about 11,000 people with disabilities. Disabled groups welcome the plan, hoping that the MTR Corporation would set an example for other public transport operators.
21/5/09 HSBC will today cut its deposit savings rate by 90 cent to 0.001 per cent per year. It will pay only HK$1 a year for each HK$100,000 in savings. HSBC said the cut was a result of “hot money” flooding the local banking sector that had dragged down the overnight interbank rate to about 0.1 percent.
20/5/09 Despite a warning that Hong Kong could soon experience its first local case of human swine flu, the government has modified its quarantine policy. Under the new measures, those coming into close contact with confirmed cases will be asked to attend designated public clinics to take Tamiflu and stay at home.
19/5/09 It is inevitable that civil servants will face wage cuts this year, after the pay trend survey showed a fall in private sector salaries. The lower-salary band civil servants could face paycuts of 0.96 percent, the middle band 1.98 percent, and the upper band 5.38 percent. The survey committee said the figures reflected the poor state of the economy.
18/5/09 The Chief Executive Donald Tsang condemned the acid attack in Mong Kok on Saturday as an extremely serious crime. A reward of HK$300,000 had been posted for information leading to the arrest of the offender. Police have turned to their supercomputer system in the hunt for the offender.

More than 30 people were injured by corrosive liquid from two bottles which fell from a building onto Mongkok pedestrian precinct . A number of people had injuries to their face, arms, back and chests. Police found two bottles on the street, suspected of containing corrosive liquid.
旺角行人專區發生大廈高處跌落兩樽腐蝕液體,導致 30人受傷, 一些人臉、背和手和胸受灼傷 , 警方找到兩個懷疑盛載腐蝕液 體的膠樽。


Hong Kong 's economy has suffered its worst contraction since the Asian financial crisis with GDP falling 7.8% . The Financial Secretary, John Tsang, expects the economy to shrink by up to 6.5 percent for the whole of 2009. He says a new economic relief package will be unveiled soon.
今年首季本地生產總值,大幅倒退 7.8%,是98年亞洲金融危機以來,最大跌幅。財政司司長曾俊華預料, 全年經濟料收縮 6.5 %。他 表示,政府將於短 期內推出舒困措施。

15/5/09 Pan-democratic legislators walked out of the Legislative Council chamber yesterday, after the Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, said his view on June 4 represented overall community opinion. He said China had achieved tremendous results in many areas and Hong Kong people would make an objective assessment of the nation's development.
14/5/09 A 24-year-old man returning to Hong Kong from the United States was confirmed as the city's second imported human swine flu case. He passed through thermal screening after landing, showing that thermal screening at the airport has its limitations.
13/5/09 All primary schools and kindergartens would be closed for 14 days if a local human swine flu case emerged in Hong Kong, Secretary for Food and Health York Chow Yat-ngok said yesterday. He restated that Hong Kong is "unlikely to be spared from local infection".
食物及衛生局長周一嶽 表示,一旦出現首宗本地社區人類豬流感個案,全港小學和幼稚園將停課14天。周一嶽重申,香港難以免除社區感染的發生。
12/5/09 Under the New Senior Secondary Curriculum, every student will spend 135 hours on art education over the three years of senior secondary school. The Leisure and Cultural Services Department will spend $HK1.4 million to subsidize performing groups to supply 13,000 tickets for students to broaden their artistic horizons.
11/5/09 Senior officials were out in force yesterday for “Clean Hong Kong Day” after the government claimed initial victory in the battle against swine flu. Chief Secretary Henry Tang Ying-yen inspected Pei Ho Market and handed out hygiene pack containing masks, a towel, wet tissues and disinfectant.

The sixth supplement to the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement was signed yesterday. Among the new provisions, mainland tourists will be able to visit Hong Kong and Taiwan on a single permit, and there will be stronger financial cooperation between the SAR and the mainland.


More than 280 guests and staff at the Metropark Hotel in Wanchai were released last night after being quarantined there for a week. The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, warned that although everyone who had been quarantined in connection with the territory's first infection is now free, this is merely the beginning of the battle against swine flu.
在灣仔維景酒店內被隔離檢疫 7 天的 286名住客及職員昨晚獲釋 。 行政長官曾蔭權警告,雖然由香港首宗確診 H1N1 甲型流感病人引起的隔離告一段落,但這只是對抗豬流感的開始。

8/5/09 A privacy campaign for public hospitals was launched yesterday. It was prompted by incidents involving the loss of patients' data. The campaign aims to instill and strengthen the culture of privacy awareness in the daily routine of hospital staff.
7/5/09 The Architectural Services Department and Social Welfare Department are being demanded to submit reports into Tuesday's fatal accident involving a faulty gate. A cleaner was crushed to death when the gate fell on her. The government wants to know why the gate was not replaced when it was found to be faulty at the end of last year.
6/5/09 Chief Executive Donald Tsang extended thanks and apologies to the people confined to a Wan Chai hotel and a Sai Kung vacation campsite since Hong Kong's first human swine flu case was confirmed last Friday. He said the quarantine was "an extraordinary measure in an extraordinary time".
5/5/09 “Flu viruses are very unpredictable. One must not give H1N1 the opportunity to mix with other viruses. That is why we are on alert,” World Health Organization director-general Margaret Chan Fung Fu-chun said. She warned that the second wave would be the biggest of all outbreaks the world has faced in the 21st century.
世界衛生組織 總幹事陳馮富珍表示,流感病毒非常難預測,大家不能讓甲型H1N1病毒有機會與其他病毒結合,這是我們為何要保持警覺。她警告,第二波真的出現,它可能會是21世紀以來全球所面對的最大一次疫潮爆發。
4/5/09 A taxi driver who lied about driving the Mexican flu victim from his hotel to a hospital was under arrest last night. The 33-year-old man was detained for wasting police time. The man admitted that he was only testing the official hotline when he called.

The Secretary for Education Michael Suen said there is no need to close schools at this stage, unless the H1N1 Influenza A virus spreads .  He said the authority will closely monitor Influenza A H1N1 developments. Immediate and resolute actions will be taken if the situation worsens.     
教育局局長孫明揚表示 ,此階段 學校暫時毋須停課,除非 H1N1甲型流感傳播 。他表示,政府繼續密切留意疫情發展,如情況轉壞,便立即採取果斷措施。


The government has raised the swine flu alert here to emergency, after a Mexican person was confirmed as Hong Kong 's first person to be confirmed with the disease. The Mexican arrived from Shanghai and stayed at a hotel in Wanchai. The chief executive, Donald Tsang pledged to try to contain the virus before it spreads.
一名墨西哥人確診為本港第一宗豬流感個案,港府將流感的警戒級別提升至「緊急」。病人經上海來港,曾入住灣仔一間酒店。行政長官曾蔭權承諾, 爭取在病毒擴散之前,把病毒有效控制。


More than 467,000 students enjoyed nutritious fruit yesterday in support of "430 Fruit Day 2009". The event is aimed at fostering the cooperation of schools and parents to develop a school environment conducive to healthy eating as well as fruit and vegetable consumption to protect children from developing chronic diseases.
超過467 000名學生昨日一同在校園內享用美味而營養豐富的水果,以行動支持「4.30開心果日2009」。這項活動目的是鼓勵學校和家長締造有利於健康飲食及多吃水果蔬菜的校園環境,以促進學童健康,減低他們患上 慢性病 的機會。

30/4/09 A computer technician has been found guilty of stealing sexually explicit photographs belonging to pop star Edison Chen. The chief magistrate warned Sze Ho-chun, 24, that a jail sentence was inevitable in view of the serious breach of trust by Sze towards his employer.
29/4/09 Pharmacists have warned the public against the overuse of the anti-flu drug, Tamiflu. They say non-supervision of its use could cause side effects. The Health Secretary, York Chow urged people to stay calm. He said the government was monitoring the situation very closely and was fully prepared.
28/4/09 Medical expert Yuen Kwok-yung said that the swine flu outbreak was very likely the start of a global epidemic. Chief Executive Donald Tsang called for people to remain on guard, saying it was very possible that swine flu would hit Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has raised its influenza alert level to 'serious' in response to the swine flu outbreak in Mexico and the United States . The Health Secretary York Chow urged residents to avoid travelling to affected cities.
因應美國及墨西哥爆發豬型流感 ,香港已將應變流感戒備級別提升至嚴重。食物及衛生局局長周一嶽呼籲市民避免到受影響的地方。


The Centre for Heatlh Protection is to step up surveillance at entry points to the territory following the outbreak of a new type of swine flu H1N1 in Mexico and the southern United States . It is also advising travellers heading to the affected areas to take precautions.
美國及墨西哥爆發新型豬型流感 H1N1個案,衛生防護中心在入境口岸加強監測,並提醒前往受影響地方的旅客採取防範措施。

The Confederation of Trade Unions interviewed 400 workers in seven chains late last year and found that the average wage was $20.70 per hour. Some workers are paid as little as $16 an hour. A CTU spokesman urged the government to speed up legislation on a minimum wage.

Popular football commentator `Uncle Spencer' Lam Seung-yi died at the age of 75. Lam was one of the most popular football commentators on both radio and television for more than 20 years, amusing fans with his colorful comments about players' performances and vivid descriptions of play.
著名足球評述員 「阿叔」 林尚義逝世,終年七十四歲。林尚義在電台及電視台講波二十多年 , 深受球迷愛戴,阿叔評論球員表現富有趣味的 ,講波生動。

A report from the Director of Audit has criticised the Equal Opportunities Commission for lavish spending and lax supervision. The report singled out a dinner in Beijing for 28 people that cost more than HK$15,000. The Chairman of the EOC, Raymond Tang, insisted the commission was not a spendthrift institution.
Responding to the remarks made by film star Jackie Chan last weekend at the Boao Forum, the convenor of the Executive Council, Leung Chun-ying, said local people enjoyed more freedom than most, but they did not abuse that freedom. Jackie Chan said Hong Kong and Taiwan were very chaotic because they had too much freedom. He also said that Chinese people needed to be controlled.
回應影星成龍日前在博鰲亞洲論壇上發表的言論,行政會議召集人梁振英說香港享有更多自由,但 香港人沒有濫用自由。成龍表示,香港及台灣因為太自由,變得很混亂,認為中國人需要被管。
Two judges at the Court of Appeal strongly criticised PCCW's privatisation plan. Justice Rogers called the scheme "outrageous" and "pathetic". The small investors would lose their life savings but the majority shareholders would gain $20 billion from a special dividend.
20/4/09 The financial tsunami has added to the pressure on students facing the HKCEE and affected their plans for further studies. They opt for further studies or choose cheaper courses instead of searching for a full-time job. They know they have to work harder in order to avoid unemployment.

New World China Land chairman Henry Cheng told a Legco inquiry that the row over his hiring of ex-housing chief Leung Chin-man had been politicised ahead of last year's Legislative Council election. He thought Mr Leung was an honest and reliable person suitable to take up the role offered him.
新世界中國地產主席鄭家純在立法會研訊上稱,聘請前房屋及規劃地政局常任秘書長梁展文的 爭論,是由於 在去年立法會選舉前,有人將事件政治化。他認為梁 展文忠誠可靠,是適當人選。


Cathay Pacific has announced further cost-cutting measures, after revenue dropped 22 percent in the first quarter of the year. All 17,000 employees are being asked to take unpaid leave ranging from one to four weeks in the next 12 months.
國泰航空首季營利下跌 22% ,國泰宣佈節省成本措施,下月起要求一萬七千名員工,未來一年放一至四星期無薪假。


The new leader of the Catholic Church in Hong Kong Bishop John Tong has expressed support for China to reverse its verdict on the 1989 pro-democracy movement. He said religious freedoms and human rights in the mainland are far from ideal though there has been progress in other areas.
新任香港教區主教湯漢表示,他支持中國平反八九民運, 湯漢指中國雖然中國在多方面已有進步,但宗教及人權事上一點也不理想。


The Consumer Council has accused ParknShop and Wellcome of increasing prices before offering discounts. The two major supermarket chains have been using these tactics to lure shoppers into buying products at higher prices. The Council called on the government to consider regulating such sales tactics.
消委會指控百佳和惠康在給予優惠價前先加價,兩大超市連鎖店用此等策略吸引顧客買貴貨。 消委會促請政府考慮監管此等銷售策略。


A three-year-old boy who drank cyanide he found in his mother's purse remains critical. The previous day, a two-year-old boy drank kerosene while playing with his brother. There have been calls for parents to keep dangerous liquids out of sight and out of reach of children.
一名三歲男童誤飲 放在母親手提包內的山埃,情況危殆。一日前,一名二歲男童與哥哥玩耍時,誤飲火水。有人 呼籲父母將 危險的液體遠離兒童視線和放在孩子拿不到的地方。


In view of the further worsening situation in Bangkok , the SAR government issued travel warnings yesterday to strongly urge residents to avoid traveling to Thailand. Many Hong Kong travel agencies have already cancelled their package tours to Thailand.


Educators criticized the government's education policy as incompatible for long-term development. The laws governing private universities were outdated and unclear, and it took too long for an institute of learning to acquire the "university" designation. The government policy hampered the efforts of institutions when it came to recruitment and fund-raising.

12/4/09 Tung Wah Hospital has formed a panel to investigate a drug incident in which wrong tablets were pre-packaged and given to six patients. This resulted in the six patients' intake of double dosage of the medication. One of them, an elderly woman, later died.
東華醫院會成立專責小組進行深入調查藥物事故,事件中醫院在藥物包裝過程中出錯,因而導致把劑量高一倍的藥丸派發予 6 名住院病人服用;其中一名老婦其後逝世。

The Undersecretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Greg So, has apologised for not being careful enough in the way he handled his domestic helper's contract renewal. He gave the Immigration Department his official name card instead of giving his income statements. Mr. So said he never had any intention of seeking special treatment.


Chief Executive Donald Tsang has welcomed the State Council's decision to introduce a pilot scheme for using renminbi for cross-border trade settlements in Shanghai and four Guangdong cities. He said the pilot programme would help local businesses to reduce currency risks.
國務院決定,在上海市和廣東省 4 個城市,開展跨境貿易人民幣結算試點,行政長官曾蔭權表示歡迎,並表示,人民幣結算 可減低企業兌匯風險。


Textbook prices for the new three- year senior secondary system will increase more than 50 percent. Publishers have estimated that arts students will pay HK$2,600 and science students HK$3,000 for one year. Officials urge publishers to reduce textbook prices to alleviate burden on parents.
新高中教科書的價格將增加超過一半,書商估計文科生 支付 二千六百元,理科生三千元購買教科書。政府官員呼籲書商下調書價以 減輕家長的負擔 。

8/4/09 Wharf Holdings has sold a fifty percent stake in Hong Kong Tramways to Veolia Transport. The French firm has pledged to preserve the tramway as a unique piece of Hong Kong's cultural heritage while enhancing its service quality. The company had no immediate plans to raise fares.
7/4/09 The Football Association will seek help from the ICAC over match-fixing allegations. Its chairman, Brian Leung, said the association was aware of illegal football betting activities - and disciplinary action would be taken against any players who violated association rules. There was no evidence to suggest players were involved in, but he noted that some players did not play as well as they could.
6/4/09 Retiring Observatory director Lam Chiu-ying said his only regret in his 35-year career in weather services was failing to develop a typhoon-warning system that could keep people out of rough seas. “When typhoon signal No 8 is hoisted, people take the warning as another name for a holiday.”

About 100 people protested in Central calling on the government to do more to help poor children. The rally led by the Society for Organisation coincided with Children's Day in Hong Kong . The spokesman said many underprivileged children suffer because their parents were either laid off because of the financial crisis or had suffered wage cuts.
大約 100名市民,趁昨日兒童節,在中環參加社區組織協會遊行, 要求政府關注貧窮兒童。發言人表示,很多貧窮兒童的父母受金融海嘯影響而被解雇或減薪 。


The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development has published a blacklist of non-cooperative tax havens. China opposed labeling Macau and Hong Kong as tax havens in the list . However, the group notes that the two SARs have yet to implement the internationally agreed tax standards.

3/4/09 Hong Kong pop singer Kelvin Kwan says he will leave the entertainment industry for a considerable period of time. Mr. Kwan was arrested in Japan last month on suspicion of drug offences. He felt shame and regret, and apologised for what he had done. He also urged youngsters to abide by the law and stay away from drugs.
2/4/09 Health officials are worried about the early onset of the EV-71 virus this year. The virus causes hand, foot and mouth disease among children. Last month there were nine reported infections, compared with two in the same month last year. Officials have urged parents and schools to be on high alert.
1/4/09 Local journalist Chip Tsao has been banned from entering the Philippines for “arrogance and disrespect” in a column about Filipino maids. In a satirical piece in HK Magazine questioning the country's claims to the disputed Spratly Islands, Mr Tsao described the Philippines as a 'nation of servants'.
菲律賓政府指本地報人陶傑在專欄對菲傭「傲慢與不敬」,禁止他入境。陶傑在英文雜誌《HK Magazine》登刊一篇諷刺文章,質疑菲律賓無權要求受爭議的南沙群島,形容菲律賓為「僕人國家」。
31/3/09 According to Mother's Choice, the number of young girls seeking pregnancy help has increased by 16 percent over the past year. Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong urged the government and schools to devote more resources to sex education. It also urged parents to communicate more with their children.
30/3/09 More than 2,000 people from various ethnic groups -- mostly from the local Nepalese community -- staged a silent rally to protest the killing of a Nepalese man by police. They demanded an apology for, and a fair investigation of, the shooting on March the 17th. The brother of the victim said opening fire on his brother was excessive.
29/3/09 More than 1,800 buildings in Hong Kong turned their lights off for Earth Hour . The action, lasting an hour, began at eight thirty yesterday evening. The Earth Hour campaign initiated by the World Wildlife Fund calls on people around the world to switch off their lights to raise awareness of global climate change.
本港超過 1800 幢大廈在昨天晚上 8 時 30 分熄燈一小時行動,響應 「地球 一 小時」活動 。「地球一小時」是由世界自然基金會發起,藉熄燈行動以喚醒世人關注全球氣候變化問題。
28/3/09 The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, criticised some lawmakers in particular Leung Kwok-hung for swearing the Legislative Council. The chief executive said the core issue is what values society wants to see. He added that legislators have a great influence on society.
行政長官曾蔭權批評 某些 立法會議員,特別是 梁國雄, 在立法會內「講粗口」。他說, 核心問題是 社會想見甚麼 價值觀念 。他補充說,立法會議員對社會風氣有重大影響。
27/3/09 The State Council had given the go-ahead for Shanghai to become a global financial and shipping centre by 2020. Financial Secretary John Tsang said Hong Kong would explore ways to co-operate with Shanghai to better serve the country. But the chairman of Cheung Kong, Li Ka-shing, said the move would inevitably pose challenges to Hong Kong.
26/3/09 The outgoing Ombudsman, Alice Tai, says the political accountability system has made principal officials more "short-sighted". Ms Tai said political appointees cared more about short-term results and public relations, than effective long-term management.
25/3/09 Secretary for Home Affairs Tsang Tak- sing will become the first Hong Kong principal official to visit Taiwan since the handover in 1997. Mr Tsang will be the honorary head of a 100-member delegation from Hong Kong and Macau for the second World Buddhist Forum. He is looking forward to building up better cross-strait relations.
24/3/09 The Secretary for Health, York Chow, has unveiled a plan to restore confidence in the use of drugs. He promised to increase inspections and update the drug registration system. He believed complacency within the drugs industry and government had led to the many medical errors in the past weeks.
23/3/09 About 500 medical students rallied yesterday in support of the increase in tobacco duty, saying tax rise would improve public health. But the League of Social Democrats organized about 500 people to protest against the tax increase, saying absence of a similar rise in liquor duty was “class discrimination”.

The Hospital Authority has been urged to get tough with drug markers. Three pharmacist groups proposed that drug makers should be required to provide a quality certificate on their products sold to public hospitals. The provision of a certificate would deter drug makers to alter the expiry date of a certain drug.


The South China Morning Post laid off 17 workers, and imposed pay-cuts on over a thousand others. The newspaper said the moves were necessary to cut costs, as its advertising revenue has dwindled as a result of the economic slowdown.
南華早報裁員 17人,千多名員工要減薪。公司表示,由於金融海嘯,廣告收益減少,需要裁員縮減開支。

20/3/09 The humpback whale that strayed into Hong Kong waters earlier this week is still showing no signs of leaving. Many sightseers have sailed out to view the humpback, despite an expert warning that they could confuse the creature and lead to its death. Its safety is also threatened by heavy marine traffic in the area.
19/3/09 The Hong Kong Observatory will add the 'Severe Typhoon' and 'Super Typhoon' categories to the tropical cyclone list this year to raise people's awareness of the effects of stronger storms. The Observatory expects that the number of tropical cyclones affecting Hong Kong this year will be the usual five to six.

An investigation is underway to find out why a police constable shot dead an unarmed homeless man in a park in Ho Man Tin. The officer arrived to deal with a nuisance complaint about the man. The officer had been repeatedly attacked with a wooden chair and was unable to subdue the man with his baton and pepper spray.

17/3/09 The Centre for Food Safety found that 60% of snack products tested contained a high level of sodium. Pregnant women and people with high blood pressure and heart problems should avoid eating salty snacks. The saltiest of the products tested are preserved prunes. Next on the list are imitation shark's fin soup and some nuts.
16/3/09 Macau denied entry to five pan-democrat legislators and activists who travelled to the territory yesterday as part of a high-profile visit by more than 30 pan-democrats. Senior officials said the five posed a threat to Macau's "stability and public order" and barred them from entering under internal security laws.

Pharmacists have called on the government to take action against the drug company found to have printed wrong expiry dates on its products. The president of the Practising Pharmacists Association, Iris Chang, said the Department of Health should punish the firm, Marching Pharmaceutical, to serve a deterrent.


The High Court overturned a commission of inquiry's finding that a former Permanent Secretary for Education, Fanny Law, improperly interferred in the academic freedom of the Hong Kong Institute of Education. The court said the fact that a senior government official had privately confronted an academic to criticise his published opinions didn't violate the Basic Law or his freedom of expression.
高等法院推翻教院風波的調查報告,指前教統局常任秘書長羅范椒芬不適當干預學術自由。判詞指,政府高層官員私下批評學者發表的意見,並不違犯基本法 ,或學術自由。

13/3/09 A district court judge jailed a couple who he said had treated their four daughters worse than pets. The couple repeatedly neglected and left their daughters alone at home. The judge said the couple were irresponsible for having four girls regardless of their economic situation or their abilities to take care of them.
12/3/09 A police station sergeant was killed in a fatal traffic accident while on his way to investigate an accident. The sergeant’s motorcycle collided with a green minibus at the junction of Argyle Street and Waterloo Road. The law requires a driver to make way for the passage of emergency vehicles which are sounding a siren or displaying a flashing beacon.
11/3/09 About 3,500 job seekers attended a two-day Labour Department job fair yesterday. Some 80 firms are offering more than 7,000 vacancies ranging from security to retail and service industries. However, employers said many of the job seekers with little or no experience are expecting too much pay or speak poor English.
勞工處一連兩日舉行招聘會,昨日約有3500人入場。 80間公司提供7000個職位空缺,包括保安員至零售服務業等職位。但顧主表示,很多缺乏經驗的求職者要求過高薪酬,或英語說得差。
10/3/09 Drug company Europharm has announced a temporary halt to the manufacture of all medication, after one of its products allopurinol was found to be contaminated with a potentially lethal fungus. An investigation had shown that the presence of the fungus was caused by an undue delay in turning the allopurinol drug powder into tablets.
9/3/09 A 14-year-old pregnant girl posted photos of herself eight months pregnant online, prompting a heated debate of her situation. The girl's ex-boyfriend was given a community service order for having sexual relations with a minor. The girl is no longer in school and is living in Mother's Choice.

The Consumer Council has warned customers not to buy too many prepaid coupons at a time, despite discounts offered by companies. If the businesses closed, it was unlikely that customers who had bought coupons would be compensated. The council said pre-paid services should be regulated.
消委會警告, 預繳式消費券雖然可享折扣優惠,消費者不要大量買入。 商戶一旦清盤,他們甚難得到賠償。 政府實有需要監管預繳式服務。


A 52-year-old father is fighting for his life in hospital after he ran into his burning home in Sha Tin to save his daughter. The girl was too frightened and unable to walk. The father carried her on his back out of the burning unit.
沙田一個住宅單位發生火警, 52歲父親衝入火場救女,女兒受驚不能走,父親揹起軟弱的女兒逃離火場。父親送院治理,情況危殆。

6/3/09 The father of singer Jill Vidal begged the public to show his daughter mercy over her drug arrest in Tokyo. He apologized for not giving her a healthy and balanced family upbringing. However, Jill's record company has suspended her from working and says it will terminate her contract if she is convicted of any drug-related offenses.
5/3/09 The police arrested two men for possessing electronic cigarettes. Manufacturers of e-cigarettes claim the product can help people stop smoking. But the Department of Health has outlawed e-cigarettes as they appear to contain a high level of nicotine and have not been tested for safety. A single e-cigarette contains about the same amount of nicotine as a whole pack of normal cigarettes.
4/3/09 Hong Kong singing idols Jill Vidal and Kelvin Kwan were arrested in Tokyo over alleged possession of cannabis. Kwan and Vidal have both taken part in government-backed anti-drug campaigns and their arrests have raised concerns over teenage drug abuse.
3/3/09 A drink-driver who hit and killed a motorcyclist the day after a tougher penalty scheme was imposed for dangerous driving causing death was sentenced to four years in jail yesterday. The accused man was speeding and drunk when his vehicle collided with the motorbike on the Eastern Corridor last July.
2/3/09 A study conducted by Hear Talk Foundation found that 23 per cent of secondary school students used earphones for 20 hours a week to listen to portable music players or portable electronic games. The study found as many as 14 per cent of secondary school students could be considered as suffering mild hearing loss.

Five schoolgirls of Sheung Shui Government Secondary School were arrested on suspicion of taking illegal drugs. The girls had spent HK$20 each to buy a packet of suspected ketamine from a teenage drug courier during lunchtime. They took it in the staircase of a public housing block in the district before returning to school.
上水官立中學 5名女生 涉嫌 服食俗稱「 K仔」的毒品氯胺酮被扣查。女生在午膳時每人以二十元向一名少年拆家購買一小包「K仔」,在公屋梯間吸食後才回校。


Legco's president, Tsang Yok-sing, said the council is considering more stringent rules of conduct as a means to deal with disruptive behaviour by some legislators. Three legislators from the League of Social Democrats interrupted the financial secretary's budget speech on Wednesday.

27/2/09 Tobacco companies yesterday took advantage of the 50 per cent tax increase proposed in the budget by adding an extra HK$2 per pack onto the retail price. Smokers said that tax increase would hit them in the pocket. The tax is levied for the sake of public health. But some worry that the higher tax would encourage smuggling.
26/2/09 Delivering his second budget, the Financial Secretary, John Tsang, unveiled a HK$10 billion package of measures aimed at combating the economic downturn. The measures include spending HK$1.6 billion to create more than 60,000 jobs and giving each taxpayer a rebate of up to HK$6,000.
25/2/09 Artist Edison Chen Koon-hei gave evidence in a Canadian court against a Hong Kong computer technician, who is accused of illegally posting pictures of Mr. Chen and several other female celebrities performing sexual acts, via the internet. Chen said he deleted the photos before taking the computer for repairs but he did not know erased files could be recovered.
24/2/09 Under the "Joint Coalition Against Financial Tsunami" promotion, scheduled for March and April, customers can get a set dish for HK$1 or a 20 percent discount on meals. More than 1,000 restaurants are taking part in this promotion campaign. Legislator Tommy Cheung Yu-yan , who represents the catering industry, said the plan is designed to prevent restaurants from closures.

A Hong Kong Christian Service study has found that 60 percents of youths interviewed are unemployed. Some youngsters have been jobless for up to seven years, raising concern they might withdraw from society. Those with low academic qualifications will be badly hit by the financial tsunami.


Secretary for Home Affairs Tsang Tak-sing says the Government supports the development of Cantonese opera and is planning to provide $100,000 each month to subsidise the rental of Sunbeam Theatre as a regular venue for Cantonese opera shows. The government will also help find sponsors for the venue. 
民政事務局局長曾德成表示,政府一直支持粵劇發展,政府計劃每月提供 10 萬元公帑補貼新光戲院租金。政府亦協助找尋 贊助者 ,資助新光粵劇的演出。


A powerful anti-drug advertising campaign is underway to raise awareness of the harmful effects of drug abuse. The message - "No drugs, no regrets. Not now, not ever" - is broadcast in public announcements on radio and television, in advertisements in MTR stations and on taxis and buses.
一個大規模禁毒宣傳運動正在進行中 ,使人認識到濫用毒品的害處。「不可一、不可再,向毒品說不、向遺憾說不」的信息,在電台及電視廣播, 還有港鐵站內、的士和巴士的廣告。

The total number of people with more than HK$1 million in liquid assets fell 16% to about 348,000 last year. More than 60 percent of the millionaires interviewed said they lost money in stocks, averaging HK$427,000. Millionaires are pessimistic about the economy this year, with 47 percent saying they will be more conservative in investing.
More than 2,000 stores are to implement a "no plastic bag" scheme seven days a week. Cashiers will ask shoppers if they require plastic bags, but they will still have the option of making a donation for charity. The Hong Kong Retail Management Association hoped the campaign could reduce plastic-bag consumption by more than 50 percent.
The Universities Grants Committee rejected a bid by the Institute of Education to become a university. It said the institute should strengthen its research and develop more subjects before it could take the step. But it could gain the title by offering additional degree courses in subjects other than education or merging with an existing university.
Hong Kong's population passed the seven million mark at the end of 2008. The overall population increased by 56,100, mostly from the mainland. Hong Kong has one of the world's lowest fertility rates. Some people fear that the overall quality of the Hong Kong population is deteriorating and cannot cater to the needs of the economy.
The majority of university graduates in Hong Kong plan to look for work on the mainland but expect relatively high salaries of over $11,000 a month, a survey has found. They want to work in China because it will improve their career prospects, broaden their horizons and some are following the trend.

The Labour Secretary, Matthew Cheung, said about 10,000 jobs had been lost in Hong Kong since the financial crisis began. He said that while it's difficult to predict when the unemployment rate will peak, there will be more pressure on the labour market when graduates leave schools in May.
勞工及福利局局長張建宗表示,自金融風暴後,香港已失去一萬個職位,政府難以預測何時為失業率高峰期,但 5 月時畢業生將投入勞動市場,會對失業率造成壓力。


The Hospital Authority says the number of consultations for flu-like illnesses has more than doubled in recent weeks. The coming six to eight weeks will be the peak flu season, which may bring an upsurge in demand for medical services.
醫管局表示,最近數週,有關流感求診個案倍增 。醫管局預計,未來六至八個星期,本港會進入流感高峰期,醫療服務需求會增加。

Asia Television sacked 207 employees to ease its financial problems. ATV's executive chairman, Linus Cheung, said that the company had been facing grave difficulties and only abrupt measures could save the company. Meanwhile, TVB axed about 50 employees.
An infection caused by fungus that resists high temperatures and can be spread by wooden chopsticks has killed one of three sufferers over the past year, Queen Mary Hospital said yesterday. The fungus is quite common and often found in foods and wooden material. Only those with very weak immune systems are at risk.
Trade unionists and legislators staged a protest against PCCW and HSBC, after they were named "caring companies." The protesters described the awards by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service as "ironic" following reports that the two companies are planning lay-offs and pay cuts. 
Three proposals for the voting right of prisoners have been submitted for public consultation. The first is that all prisoners except those convicted of election or bribery offenses be given the right to vote, the second that all prisoners except those serving long terms be eligible and the third option would allow those serving long terms to vote in the last few years of imprisonment. 
Police arrested a man for attempting to rob a taxi-driver inside the Cross-Harbour Tunnel. The 30-year-old suspect threatened the driver with a knife while the taxi was inside the tunnel. The driver stopped the vehicle and struggled with the man, who got out of the vehicle and ran out of the tunnel. Police arrested the suspect at the tunnel toll booths.

A primary school in Mong Kok will suspend classes for one week after a flu outbreak. The Centre for Health Protection said so far 25 students were reported to have mild symptoms of influenza-like illness. The school will be thoroughly disinfected to prevent further spreading of the flu.
旺角一間小學發生 流感,下周一起停課一星期。衛生防護中心表示 , 該校有 25名小學生 出現輕微流感徵狀, 校方決定進行徹底消毒,防止流感 繼續擴散 。

The government says it will consider further strengthening drink-driving laws. New measures, including random breathalyser tests and heavier penalties, will come into effect on Monday. Another measure would be to impose heavier punishments according to the level of alcohol found in the blood of drunk drivers.
政府研究多項措施,加強打擊醉酒駕駛。下周一實施的新措施,包括隨時要求駕駛人士作酒精呼氣測試及加重刑罰 。另一措將會是駕駛者酒精超標程度愈高,罰則亦愈高。
The financial tsunami has swept away half the value of stocks and Hong Kong's 40 richest people saw their wealth drop 54 per cent last year, according to Forbes magazine. Li Ka-shing still occupies the top spot, although lost half of his fortune. Casino mogul Stanley Ho Hung-sun suffered the biggest drop, losing 89 percent of his wealth.
The MTR Corporation will work with the police to catch fare-dodgers, after more than 27,000 cases were found and 29 station employees assaulted during ticket inspections last year. Ticket evasion is unfair to passengers who have paid the full fares.

Learner drivers who apply to take their driving tests from Monday will have to display probationary - or "P" - plates for a year after they pass. Drivers caught commiting minor offences will have their probation period extended, with repeat offenders losing their licences. The new regulation is aimed at minimizing accidents involving new license holders.
由下周一起,報考車牌者,考得車牌後的一年內若要駕車,便要在車掛「 P牌」。若輕微違反交通條例,即要延長暫准期;而屢次觸犯交通條例者,則會被取消駕駛資格。新例旨在 減少 新牌司機發生意外。

The number of home loans in negative equity has risen more than threefold in the last quarter of 2008 as the financial crisis took its toll on property prices. And analysts expect the figure to double this year as property prices fall by a widely expected 10 to 15 percent.
A 12-year-old boy posted pictures of his sex organ on an adult internet forum in an attempt to make money through sexual services with females. The post triggered condemnation and criticism. Internet users exposed the boy's personal details and said they would complain to his school.

The body of a 22-year-old woman missing for 10 days was found dumped in a drain in Lok Ma Chau. Police arrested her former boyfriend in connection with the case.  Initial investigations revealed that the 37-year-old married man was suspected to have killed the woman after a dispute.
一名失蹤十日女子的屍體被發現棄置於落馬洲引水道, 她的前男友涉嫌與案件有關被警方拘捕。初步調查顯示,該名三十七歲已婚男子懷疑曾與該名女子爭執,並將其殺害。

The Liberal Party called for a HK$13 billion stimulus package in next month's budget to create jobs and boost spending. The party urged retailers to join a promotional campaign to encourage people to shop. The Democratic Party urged the government to use any budget surplus to fast-track infrastructure projects to create jobs.

An American car owner refused to identify the driver who jumped red lights while behind the wheel of his car. The Court of Appeal ruled that the law requiring drivers to disclose their identity was constitutional. The rights of an individual do not come before the public interest.
一名美籍車主,拒絕透露涉嫌衝紅燈的司機資料。上訴庭裁定,法例要求車主提供司機身分資料是 符合憲法的,個人權利不應凌駕公眾利益上。


The third day of the Lunar New Year is traditionally regarded as unlucky to visit other people's homes. So tens of thousands of people sought good fortune at Che Kung and Wong Tai Sin temples yesterday, but spent less on buying pinwheels this year because of the financial crisis. Many worshippers hope that they can keep their jobs.


Lau Wong-fat, chairman of rural affairs body the Heung Yee Kuk, yesterday drew the unlucky fortune stick No 27 on the city's behalf at the Che Kung temple. Fung shui master James Lee Shing-chak called on the administration to listen to community views to avoid misunderstandings.
新界鄉議局主席劉皇發,在沙田車公廟為香港求得一支下籤。 堪輿學家李丞責要求政府聽從民意,以避免不和。


About 100,000 people watched the annual Lunar New Year parade in Tsim Sha Tsui East last night. The parade was highlighted by colourful floats, dragon dancers, street entertainers and music and dance performers from all over the world. Many people who attended the parade said they could experience the joy of the Lunar New Year.
約有 10萬人到尖東觀賞新春花車巡遊,巡遊最精彩的有色彩繽紛的花車、舞龍、街頭表演者及音樂舞蹈表演。出席的市民表示,他們能感受過年的歡樂。


Chief Executive Donald Tsang says in his Chinese New Year message that Hong Kong people are no strangers to adversity. He called on the people of Hong Kong to pull together, adding that no challenge will be too great for the city to overcome. He wishes Hong Kong people a joyous and prosperous Year of the Ox.
行政長官曾蔭權在農曆新年賀辭中表示, 但香港人擅長「打逆境波」,他勉勵港人要同舟共濟 ,香港可以跨越挑戰。曾蔭權祝願香港市民牛年事事順景,如意吉祥。


The Association for the Rights of Industrial Accident Victims has urged the government to amend labour laws to cover workers going to and from work. The Labour Secretary, Matthew Cheung, said the previous day that the workers who died in the crash weren't covered by employee compensation even though they were on their way to work.
工業傷亡權益會促請政府盡快修例, 將工人返工放工時遇到意外,都納入保障範圍。勞工及福利局局長張建宗日前表示,車禍喪身的工人,雖然在返工途中遇到意外,但不能涵蓋在僱員 賠償 法例。


Six people were killed when a container truck and a taxi full of construction workers collided near the Lok Ma Chau border crossing yesterday morning. The driver of the truck was arrested for drink-driving. There are renewed calls for toughening penalties for drink-driving.
昨晨落馬洲過境站附近發生貨車與一輛滿載建築工人的士相撞,六人死亡。貨車司機涉嫌酒後駕駛被捕。 事發後, 再度有要求嚴懲酒後駕駛。

A mainland court sentenced two men to death and gave stiff jail terms to 10 others over a milk scandal that led to widespread poisoning of babies. The former chairwoman of the Sanlu dairy group was sentenced to life imprisonment. At least six babies were killed and nearly 300,000 sick after drinking milk laced with melamine.
A jobless 31-year-old man, who cheated 31 children and young people out of their mobile phones and other valuables worth over HK$60,000, was jailed for 45 months. The judge called the accused a greedy person who took advantage of the kindness and the trust of the young people.
Barack Obama has become the 44th US president - shattering American racial barriers. He said the challenges Americans face are serious and they will not be met easily or in a short span of time. He pledged bold and swift action on the "badly weakened" US economy.
奧巴馬就任美國第44任總統 - 打破美國種族障礙。他說美國人面對嚴重的挑戰,它們很難在短時間內一一克服。他承諾會勇敢、迅速地應付受重創的經濟。
Hong Kong's jobless rate has risen to 4.1 percent. Currently there are over 141,000 people out of work. The Chief Executive said that rising unemployment was one of the main obstacles to an economic recovery. He said the government was confident of creating more than 60,000 jobs this year - mostly through fast-tracking infrastructure projects.
Despite government's warnings of hill fires in the Pat Sin Leng country park, dozens of hikers insisted on going up the hill. Two Government Flying Service helicopters dumped 60 water bombs while at least another 43 firefighters joined to battle the blaze.

The Labour Secretary, Matthew Cheung, expects the unemployment rate to worsen. Mr Cheung says hardest hit sectors include finance, catering, real estate and construction. The government will use 300 million dollars to refurbish more than 70 youth centres around Hong Kong in a bid to create more job opportunities.
勞工及福利局局長張建宗預期,失業率會進一步上升,金融、飲食、地產及建造等行業最受影響。政府會用 3億元為70多個青少年中心進行翻新工程, 試圖創造更多就業機會。


Linguaphone , the language institute that has been operated in Hong Kong for more than 30 years, has closed. The financial crisis is the reason behind the institute's closure, as many people reduce spending on educational programs because of uncertain job security.
在港經營逾30 年的語言學習機構靈格風關閉。金融危機是靈格風關閉的原因,因為很多人工作不穩定,而減少教育課程的開銷。

The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, has postponed the public consultation on political reform to the end of the year to focus the government's energies on battling the financial crisis. He said that it was necessary to avoid controversy and conflict while the economic downturn threatened jobs and livelihoods.
Hundreds of people queued outside banks yesterday morning to pick up brand new banknotes to fill their lai see packets. A total of 70 million plastic ten dollar banknotes will be issued by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. Because of the economic downturn, many people say they will give out less this Lunar New Year.
The government has unveiled details of its long-awaited plan to develop the Kai Tak site. It will be built in three phases within 12 years - at a total cost of HK103-billion. The opening phase will see the construction of new public housing, government offices and the first berth of a new cruise terminal.
Another incident involving a broken lift cable happened in a Ma On Shan public housing estate. Five people were trapped in a lift when it came to a halt and had to be rescued by firemen. The lift was about 20 years old but engineers inspected it only a week ago and were satisfied it was in working condition.
The Education Secretary, Michael Suen, said the new language policy in secondary schools would help advance bilingualism. However, the Chairman of Association of Heads of Secondary Schools, Michael Wong, warned that the changes could create more confusion, and worsen the so-called 'labelling effect' for students studying in Chinese-language classes.
Police are investigating a possible murder-suicide case in Sheung Shui in which a 27-year-old man and a two-year-old girl were found dead. Initial investigations revealed that the man had allegedly thrown his niece out of the kitchen window from their flat before jumping down to the ground himself. The motive for the murder remains a mystery.
警方現正調查在上水發生的一宗自殺及謀殺案件,案中一名二十七歲男子及一名兩歲女童死亡。初步調查顯示,該名男子涉嫌將其侄女由寓所廚房拋出窗外,繼而跳下地面。 殺人動機仍然是個謎。

The internationally renowned pianist, Liu Shih-kun, appeared in Eastern Court for allegedly assaulting his wife during an argument yesterday. The 69-year-old pianist claimed that he is an artist and has never assaulted anybody.
國際著名鋼琴家劉詩昆涉嫌爭吵後打傷妻子,昨日在東區裁判法院提堂。 69 歲鋼琴家聲言,他是一名藝術家,從未打過任何人。

The government has unveiled plans to make adjustments to the medium of instruction policy. Schools with 85 percent of Form 1 students in the top 40 percent of students in Hong Kong can choose to use English. Schools which wish to retain Chinese as the language of instruction can boost the use of English to at least 25 percent of the total lesson time.
Secretary for Food and Health York Chow Yat-ngok yesterday ordered the Hospital Authority to deal with irresponsible staff and make sure another blunder similar to the recent loss of a baby’s body cannot happen again. There have been repeated mix-ups of bodies at public mortuaries but this is the first time a body has gone missing.
The Yau Tsim Mong District Council plans to install security cameras to monitor a popular shopping area in Mong Kok in an effort to deter people who throw objects from a height. The council would try to strike a balance between protecting the privacy of the people and the safety of shoppers on the streets.
A survey conducted by think-tank Civic Exchange has found that one in five residents are considering leaving the city because of air pollution. The groups most seriously thinking about fleeing include top earners and highly educated workers. If urgent actions were not taken to clean up the air, Hong Kong could see a brain drain.
A study found that more than 40 per cent of young people were ignorant about web-related laws and one in five had used the internet to post or download pornographic material in the past three months. A social worker said the government should promote internet-related laws, and help youngsters to establish better values.

The chairman of the Elderly Commission, Dr Leong Che-hung, has urged the government to simplify the medical voucher scheme for people over the age of 70. Some doctors have complained that they have not had enough time to familiarise themselves with the software used for registering patients.
安老事務委員會主席梁智鴻 要求政府簡化給 70 歲老人的醫療券計劃。有醫生抱怨他們沒有時間熟悉登記病人的軟件。


The government will make amendments to proposed rules on idling engines. The first five taxis in a queue and the first two green minibuses at mini bus stop would be exempted. But the taxi sector said it is difficult to comply with the ban.
政府就「停車熄匙」立法作出修訂,建議停泊在站頭的首 5 輛的士,及首 2 輛專線小巴,可獲豁免。但的士業界表示, 遵守有關禁例有困難 。

Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Stephen Lam Sui-lung and some undersecretaries went on a shopping spree in Tai Po. Some residents criticized the officials for spending a few hours to stage a show. Responding to the criticism, Mr. Lam said ministers needed to encourage people to have confidence in the economy in view of the financial tsunami.

A poll carried out by information group TNS and Gallup International has found that Hongkongers are the most pessimistic about 2009 in the world, just 12 months after it came first in the global ranking for optimism. Sixty-seven per cent of Hongkongers said they believed this year would be worse than 2008.
市場資訊公司 TNS & Gallup International的一項調查發現,前一年被稱為全球最樂觀的港人,對09年卻成為全球最悲觀。67%港人預計09年會較08年差。