Police warned of a sharp rise in telephone deception cases. The "Guess who am I" tactic was behind some 300 cases in the fourth quarter alone. Swindlers pretend to be friends or relatives and ask if the victims remember their name. The swindlers call again several days later and ask for help, claiming they need money.


Cathay Pacific yesterday apologized to more than 1,000 passengers who were trapped in snowbound planes for 11 hours at New York's main airport. Angry passengers criticised the airline for a lack of communication during the incident.


A recovering economy and a depreciating Hong Kong dollar pushed visitor arrivals to record high levels this year. The number of visitors broke through 32 million during the first 11 months of 2010 - surpassing that of the whole of last year. Arrivals from the mainland hit a record high of 20.4 million.


A Super Puma helicopter, with three crew members onboard, made an emergency landing on the Shing Mun Reservoir yesterday morning. It landed safely with the help of floats. The helicopter was taking part in a hill-fire operation and flying low, lifting buckets of water from the Shing Mun Reservoir, when an engine problem prevented it from climbing.


News about human rights on the mainland dominates a list of the year's 10 most important news stories voted for by more than 21,000 secondary school pupils in Hong Kong. Top of the list is the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to human rights activist Liu Xiaobo. The jailing of Sichuan quake activist Tan Zuoren and melamine-milk activist Zhao Lianhai was fifth and seventh on the list.


Director of the Society for Community Organisation Ho Hei-wah said the government lacked long term commitment to helping the underprivileged. He said despite having large reserves, the government only came up with one-off programmes to assist the poor.


Tai Lam Tunnel will raise its tolls by between HK$2 and HK$15 next month. The toll for private cars and taxis will be increased to HK$33, while the fee for buses will jump to as much as HK$135. The tunnel operator said traffic had been consistently lower than forecast, and the company had to improve its revenues to repay an outstanding loan.
大欖隧道將於下月加價二至十五元 ,私家車及的士加至三十三元,巴士加至135元。經營大欖隧道的公司表示,隧道流量一直低於預期,公司必須增加收入以償還債務。


Amina Bokhary - convicted three times of assaulting police officers - was sentenced to six weeks in jail for breaching her probation order. The magistrate rejected her defence that she became paranoid because of the media frenzy over the case.
三度襲警的Amina Bokhary違反感化令,被判監禁6星期。裁判官拒絕接受她的辯護,因傳媒廣泛報道,令她發展妄想偏執心態。


An estimated 200,000 people are expected to gather in Tsim Sha Tsui over Christmas. The police expect over 300,000 will gather for the New Year's Eve countdown. The police have warned of a crack down on drink driving and drug driving over the Christmas holiday period.


A study by the environmental group, Friends of the Earth, has found that local restaurants generate almost 1,000 tonnes of food waste every day. This is two-and-a-half times more than a decade ago. To address the problem, the group has launched a new campaign to reduce food waste by encouraging consumers to order less.


A Form Four student who set fire to his school after being told his performance was unsatisfactory was yesterday sent to a rehabilitation centre. The magistrate told the accused the offence was serious and there was little room for leniency, adding that he will learn how to behave and be more restrained in a rehabilitation centre.


Nicknamed "Big Brother of Victoria Park", League of Social Democrats member Edward Yum Liang-hsien, who was arrested on suspicion of rape and indecent assault, said yesterday "the truth will speak for itself" and he has confidence in Hong Kong's legal system. A group of league members wrote an open letter calling on him to resign from the party.


Disagreements split the Democratic Party. 28 radical members, including seven district councillors, are set to quit the party today. The group has been voicing strong opposition to the party's backing of the government's revised political reform package. They had earlier set up their own pressure group, the Neo Democrats.


A man who incurred gambling debts of more than HK$100,000 in Macau and tried to extort HK$200,000 from his parents by falsely claiming that he was being held for ransom by kidnappers on the mainland, was jailed for 20-months by the District Court. The judge said the case was very serious and a deterrent sentence was necessary.


Hong Kong experienced its coldest day of the winter yesterday, with temperatures plunging from 20 degrees Celsius to five degrees in three days. Nine schoolboys taking part in an Outward Bound course in Saikung were airlifted to hospital, after being overcome by the cold. Three of the students were found to be shivering and cold, but responsive.


The Consumer Council has warned people not to eat too many crisps and biscuits because they contain cancer-causing substance, acrylamide. It tested 90 samples of fried and baked snacks sold in Hong Kong, and almost all were found to contain varying levels of acrylamide. The highest levels were found in Jack’n Jill BBQ flavoured potato chips, with 3,000 micrograms of acrylamide per kilogram of food.


The Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre interviewed 1000 people aged between 16 and 35 on their personal goals and career aspirations. On personal goals over the next 10 years, 57 percent wanted to own property. About 40 percent hoped to earn their "first pail of gold" while only 15 percent aimed to contribute to society.


The Chief Secretary Henry Tang says Hong Kong will have to cooperate with the mainland, in the development of the country's 12th five-year plan. Mr. Tang said the territory should strengthen the development of the services industry by expanding businesses on the mainland. He also said Hong Kong should attract more talented people to enhance future development.


A survey conducted by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups found that around a third of the secondary pupils it interviewed thought it was more acceptable to have intimate contact with a friend during the festive season. The group is urging teenagers to be alert to the dangers of drugs and sex during the festive season.


Almost 80% of pet owners consider their pets family members, an Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Department survey has found. Half spent up to three hours with their pets every day. Owners provided them with regular grooming, exercise and health checks. They said responsible owners should provide shelter, food and water, health care, and play time with their pets.
 漁農自然護理署調查顯示近8成受訪寵物主人視其飼養的貓狗為家庭成員。近半數人每天花1 - 3小時陪伴寵物。他們會定時替貓狗清潔打扮、做運動,以及定期作健康檢查。大部分受訪者認為,盡責的寵物主人應為寵物提供居所;提供食物及水;提供健康護理及花時間陪伴寵物。


Caf'e de Coral has announced that it will bring forward a pay rise of 7 percent on average for its staff next month. The group said it would adjust wage levels in stages, to meet the requirements set out in the minimum wage law. The restaurant chain earlier aroused controversy when it decided not to pay wages for workers' meal breaks.  


The Hong Kong Research Association's survey shows that well over 60 percent of Hong Kong people believe their buying power will be reduced by rising inflation caused by the second wave of US monetary easing. Since inflation is expected to reach as much as five-percent in the coming year, 40 percent didn't think any pay rise they get would cover inflation.


The Secretary for the Civil Service, Yue Chung- yee was accused in the Legco inquiry report of mishandling of the post-retirement employment of former top housing official Leung Chin-man. She committed a grave error of judgment and failed to grasp public sentiment. Ms Yue apologised but refused to resign.


Shanghai's 15-year-olds have been ranked best in the world in the leading global study of secondary school performance. The Programme for International Student Assessment test showed that Shanghai students are miles ahead of their peers in reading, maths and science. Students in Hong Kong rank third in maths and science and fourth in reading.


Police are hunting an arsonist who burned down 50 hawker stalls and injured seven people on Fa Yuen Street in Mong Kok. Police believe the suspect also set two other fires in the area early yesterday. Police say the man spotted fleeing the scene of one of the fires was in his forties and was wearing a light-coloured coat and jeans.


Seven people were injured in a shuttle train accident at Ocean Park when a driver mistakenly pressed the button which controls the track braking system. More than 100 passengers were aboard the Ocean Express when the train came to a sudden halt shortly after midday. Ocean Park has apologised for the incident.


The Secretary for Labour and Welfare, Mr Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, said, "It is the Government's established policy to provide a barrier-free environment for persons with disabilities which permits their free access to all buildings on an equal basis with others. This will help strengthen their ability to live independently and fully integrate into the community. "


The government has announced a package of measures to expand RTHK's broadcasting services. A larger site has also been allocated in Tseung Kwan O for the station's new headquarters. Extra funding will be provided to launch digital TV. Staff will be recruited to fill 80 civil service posts at the station and internal promotions are to be resumed.


The Vicar-General of the Catholic Diocese, Father Michael Yeung, has called commercial surrogacy 'unethical'. Father Yeung said surrogacy takes away the dignity of women and undermines the importance of families.


The case of the vice-chairman of Henderson Land Development Peter Lee Ka-Kit, who was reported to have hired a surrogate mother in America to give birth to triplet sons, has been referred to the police. The Health Secretary, York Chow, maintained that commercial surrogacy is illegal under Hong Kong law, even if it is performed elsewhere.


Cathay Pacific pilots have warned that they may take industrial action. The Aircrew Officers Association voted in favour of staging a work-to-rule if talks with management over pay and working conditions don't make progress. The association said the airline had delayed coming to the negotiating table to discuss a number of issues raised by the pilots.


Financial Secretary John Tsang Chun- wah yesterday warned potential homebuyers that this is not the time to buy a home because bank interest rates are likely to go up sooner or later. Tsang said potential homebuyers should take "stress tests" by calculating the ratio of mortgage repayment against household income before taking out any large loans.


A survey conducted by the Baptist University showed three quarters of primary and secondary school students support a bid by Hong Kong to host the 2023 Asian Games. Of the about 5,000 students polled, older respondents tended to oppose the initiative, while younger students were far more supportive.
浸會大學調查發現,七成半受訪的中小學生支持香港申辦亞運。受訪5000名學 生中,愈高年級的學生,愈傾向反對這計劃,而愈年青的學生,支持度則愈高。


The Health Secretary, York Chow, said the government has identified eight sites suitable for the construction of new columbariums and the list will be announced shortly. He said in principle, the administration hopes to have a columbarium built in each district and traffic and noise problems would be considered when sites are chosen.


Operators of green-top minibuses say they will freeze fares for three years if they are allowed to increase the number of seats from 16 to 20. They would use environmentally friendly vehicles. They would also offer concessions to the elderly and the disabled.


Direct subsidy schools launched a counterattack after criticism of financial malpractice by Audit Commission. Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools Council chairman Lam Kin-wah called the attacks unfair and blamed the Education Bureau for lack of clear guidelines. He said the Education Bureau is shirking its responsibilities.


The Education Bureau has released the names of direct subsidy schools accused in an audit report of wasting funds. 71 out of 72 such schools were accused of financial irregularities. The 72 schools comprise 11 primary schools , 52 secondary schools and 9 secondary schools with primary sections.
教育局公開審計報告內,被指浪費資金的所有直資學校名單。全港72所直資學校中,71所被指責財政違規行為。72所直資學校包括 11間小學、52間中學及 9間中學暨小學。


The Good Hope School, a Direct Subsidy Scheme School, was criticized by the director of audit for investing HK$71 million in high-risk securities. The school failed to place the money in a fixed deposit or savings account. The school was also involved in lending HK$250,000 to a company, but the loan had not been repaid.
審計署批評德望學校 -- 一所直資學校,以7100萬元投資高風險股票,未有按指引把餘款存作定期或儲蓄存款。該校又涉嫌將二十五萬元外借予一家有限公司,該公司尚未清還借款。


A survey conducted by the Women's Commission has found that more than 80 percent of people think both men and women should contribute to household finances. The findings reflect a change from traditional concepts that men should be the sole breadwinner for families. However, less than half of the respondents thought men should do more housework.


Writing in his blog yesterday, Financial Secretary John Tsang Chun-wah said the government would introduce more measures whenever it is needed to prevent asset bubble risk from deteriorating. He said imposing a new stamp duty to curb property speculation was the right thing to do and unusual measures were called for in “unusual times”.  


The Director of Broadcasting, Franklin Wong, has decided not to renew his contract after considering his health condition and the heavy workload of the job. The RTHK head has been criticised by activists for failing to listen to staff's concerns and defend the broadcaster's independence. But Mr Wong said he had a good relationship with staff during his term.


The government has announced tough new measures aimed at tackling increasing property speculation. A new 'special stamp duty' of 5% to 15% of the property value will be imposed jointly on both buyers and vendors of flats which are re-sold within two years. The Hong Kong Monetary Authority has also instructed local banks to lower the maximum value of mortgage loans.


Public hospitals have stepped up precautions against bird flu. Visits to isolation wards have been banned and all visitors are asked to wear masks and wash hands before entering public hospitals. Testing of live chickens from the mainland will also be increased. The new measures are part of the government's response to the announcement that a woman had contracted bird flu.


Hong Kong confirms first human H5N1 infection for seven years. The patient is a 59-year-old woman who visited the mainland with her husband and daughter last month. She was admitted to Tuen Mun Hospital where she's in a serious condition. The serious response level under the Government's Preparedness Plan for influenza pandemic has been activated.


Hong Kong cyclist Wong Wan-yui was in tears on the Asian Games medal podium after being involved in a multi-bike crash which broke a rib. Wong managed to finish the race to claim a silver medal. She said she bore great pain after the crash but she never thought to give up.


The Consumer Council has advised people to be cautious when joining slimming or fitness programmes. Some slimming centres use exaggeration and give unprofessional advice to customers to arouse their anxiety. The number of complaints about unscrupulous sales tactics by such outlets had increased over the years.


Diabetes was a disease that once afflicted mostly the elderly, but an increasing proportion of patients are young people. Dr. Ronald Ma, president of Diabetes Hong Kong, says stress, a poor diet and lack of an active lifestyle have made young people vulnerable to the disease. About 700,000 people suffer from diabetes in Hong Kong.


President Hu Jintao has said Hong Kong's economy still faces some difficulties, despite the recent strong rebound. But he added that the most difficult period was over, as the region emerges from the downturn caused by the global economic crisis. He noted that the SAR's economy had benefited from an upsurge in trade and tourism.


The latest figures show the SAR economy grew by 6.8 percent year-on-year in the third quarter - prompting the government to raise its full-year growth estimate to 6.5 percent. The third-quarter figure resulted from strong growth in exports, domestic demand and further expansion in regional activity. However, a government economist said there was no room for complacency, as new risks lay ahead.
最新數字顯示,香港經濟在第三季按年增長 6.8%,促使港府上調全年經濟增長預測至6.5%。第三季數字是由於出口增長、內需及區內經濟擴張強勁。但有政府經濟顧問表示,風險仍在,不容自滿。


The Catholic diocese in Hong Kong has expressed regret over remarks by a priest who likened Li Ka-shing to the devil. The comments were made by Father Thomas Law while criticising the sharp practices of property developers. The diocese said that Mr Li would continue to support the church's social projects.


The Executive Council endorsed Hong Kong's first minimum wage at HK$28 an hour. Legco's catering representative, Tommy Cheung, said a HK$28 minimum wage would put the industry under pressure. However, unionist legislator, Lee Cheuk-yan, said the level was too low to improve the lives of poorly-paid workers.


Liver donor Simon Hui has called on the public to stop calling him a hero, saying he is just a regular guy. He made the plea as he left hospital five days after donating part of his liver to save a dying colleague. However the customs inspector does want a role in raising awareness of the importance of organ donation.


A survey has found that most parents mistakenly believe that butter, peanut butter, condensed milk and jam are healthy breakfast choices for their children. A dietitian has pointed out that these spreads are often rich in saturated fats, sugar and salt. Parents should introduce more variety to achieve a balanced diet.


Hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Central yesterday to protest against a government policy forcing schools to close because of falling enrollment. They demanded that the government implement a small-class teaching policy in secondary schools. The Professional Teachers Union says the average class size should be cut from 34 to 25 over a number of years.


The fast-food chain, Cafe de Coral, has decided to reverse an earlier plan to scrap paid lunch breaks for its employees. The company originally offered to raise hourly pay, but cancel paid lunch breaks. The company said it took the decision to drop the plan to "alleviate public doubt" and "for the purpose of social harmony" Trade unions have called off a boycott of Cafe de Coral.


The Chief Executive Donald Tsang has pledged to press for more environmentally friendly transport by encouraging bus companies to upgrade their fleets. Speaking at the C-40 conference on climate change, Mr Tsang said the ultimate target was to have zero emission buses in operation. He also hoped that one-third of carbon emissions could be cut across the territory in the next ten years.
行政長官曾蔭權出席「C40論壇」致辭時承諾,鼓勵巴士提升車隊,要求巴士公司用環保的巴士,最終目標是希望所有巴士做到零排放。曾蔭權希望在十年內令 溫室氣體排放量減少3分之1。


A customs officer injured in an anti-smuggling operation was yesterday snatched from the jaws of death when a colleague donated part of his liver. The 40-year-old customs inspector, Simon Hui, who offered his liver has been hailed as a hero and a role model for all civil servants.


Customs officer Yuen Wai-cheung is undergoing surgery at Queen Mary Hospital to save his life after a liver donor was found. Yuen Wai-cheung is in a critical condition in hospital after falling while chasing a suspected cigarette smuggler in Tseung Kwan O. That sparked a desperate appeal by his fellow officers for a liver donor.


Gold medal-winning bodybuilder Chan Yun-to, who offered bribes to shorten his suspension on competing to enable him to take part in the 2006 Doha Asian Games, was jailed for 16 months yesterday. In passing sentence, the judge said Chan had destroyed the reputation of Hong Kong athletes and deserved strong punishment.


The Education Bureau revealed yesterday that sixteen government schools with five Form One classes have each agreed to cut one of them in support of the voluntary class reduction scheme. The schools that agree to reduce one class will be given up to nine years to eliminate surplus teachers.


A minibus driver who hit the other vehicle in Happy Valley was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of a drug. Ten passengers travelling to Causeway Bay saw the driver behaving erratically and got off shortly before the accident. The 34-year-old driver was also alleged to be in possession of ketamine.


Some fast food chains had deducted meal breaks from working hour calculations when they gave pay rises. The Labour Secretary, Matthew Cheung, as long as both the employer and the employee agreed on changes in contractual terms, meal break exclusions did not violate the law.


A novice motorcyclist and his wife were killed in a collision with a truck on Ting Kau Bridge during the morning rush hour yesterday. The motorcyclist had been given a probationary licence since March that did not allow him to carry a passenger. He was also not allowed to travel along the fast lane of a three-lane highway or drive faster than 70 kilometers per hour.
昨晨繁忙時間,一名新牌電單車司機載妻子在汀九橋撞向一輛貨車,夫婦雙雙死亡。電單車司機考獲電單車牌數月,獲得P牌。P牌不得載客,在 3條或以上行車線的快速公路上,不得行駛快線,行車亦不得超過 70公里。


A survey has found that 68 percent said hair loss reduces their attractiveness and self-confidence and more than 40 percent said hair loss hinders their competitiveness in the job market. A doctor said only a minority of respondents would seek treatment, while many use shampoos, seek advice from hairdressers or the internet for their hair loss.


The Independent Commission Against Corruption has charged a former legislator, Mandy Tam, with engaging in corrupt conduct during the 2008 Legco election. Ms Tam is accused of offering a free seminar to electors, to induce them to vote for her in the poll. She ran unsuccessfully for the seat representing accountants.


"Uncle Four" Lee Shau-kee’s bachelor son Peter Lee has fathered three sons by using a surrogate mother in the United States. Peter Lee knew his father wanted to have a grandson but, as a devout Buddhist, he does not want to rush into marriage. So he decided to have three in one go by using a surrogate mother.


Eight passengers were trapped in the shuttle bus of a private housing estate yesterday after it rolled down a five-meter slope in Stanley. The 16-seater bus changed direction into the opposite lane and off a slope. The driver of the vehicle had complained of dizziness before the crash. He was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving.


The Equal Opportunities Commission is set to launch a new study on discrimination against men. Commission Chairman Lam Woon-Kwong noted that certain professions such as those in the service industry are often biased against men, who may face difficulty finding work. He also said there is an apparent lack of welfare programmes for men.


A collision involving six vehicles on the Tuen Mun Highway caused severe traffic congestion in the area yesterday morning. Three people were hurt. The accident happened in the Kowloon-bound lanes and police had to temporarily close a section of the road. A bumper- to- bumper traffic jam stretched six kilometres along the Tuen Mun Highway at one stage.


An empty tour bus plunged from a flyover outside Hong Kong airport Friday, crushing two taxis parked below. The injured bus driver is in critical condition, while both taxi drivers escaped unhurt. One engineer was critical of the fact that the guard rail was not strong enough to prevent the bus from breaking through.


Angry commuters criticised the MTR for failing to properly deal with a power failure which caused travel chaos on the Tsuen Wan line during yesterday morning's rush hour. Hundreds of people were queuing for shuttle buses to take them between stations. The three-hour disruption occurred after a power cable broke, halting services between Jordan and Yau Mei Tei.  


A senior government doctor mistakenly conducted the autopsy on a woman instead of a man. An assistant director of health apologised for the error at the Fu Shan public mortuary. He said some staff members might have failed to fully comply with the guidelines. He said measures had been taken to prevent a similar incident occurring.


A survey has found that average working hours per week this year stand at 48.7, a slight increase over last year's 48.4. 39 percent of employees would consider switching jobs if they were offered better work-life. The rate is even higher - at 60 percent - for the post-80s generation. Better work-life includes flexible working hours and arrangements.


A divorced merchant has gone to the highest court to challenge a ruling that his ex-wife should get half of his property. The merchant said his ex-wife did not work during their marriage and failed to contribute financially. But a judge replied that a wife can make non-financial contribution to the family by taking care of children or doing housework.


The government is to consider ways to encourage the public to contribute to the new Community Care Fund. The Chief Executive announced the creation of the HK$10 billion fund in his Policy Address last week, saying that the government and the business sector would make equal contributions. The aim is to help those in need who fall through the net of conventional social services.
政府研 究開放「關愛基金」,讓一般市民向基金捐款。行政長官在上星期《施政報告》中宣佈成立一百億的「關愛基金」,政府及商界各捐助一半。「關愛基金」目的是幫助福利網以外的人士。


The Chief Executive Donald Tsang says that, if necessary, the government will take further steps to curb property speculation. Mr. Tsang said the administration had introduced a series of measures, including tighter restrictions on mortgage loans, to tackle the problem. He said that the government's goal was to ensure a stable property market and to address people's housing needs.


The Consumer Council has found high levels of heavy metals in several battery samples. It is urging the government to adopt European Union standards for the heavy metal content in batteries and carry out a compulsory recycling programme for batteries.


According to Hong Kong University's Public Opinion Programme, 41 percent of the people were satisfied with the policy address - a rise of 11 percentage points on last year. People were pleased with the new HK$10 billion Community Care Fund. The scheme will help those not eligible for public assistance while also giving companies a chance to show some social responsibility.


In his policy address, the Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, revealed measures to cool the property market. He also unveiled a new subsidised housing plan to help the sandwich class buy homes. Under the rent-to-purchase scheme, first-time homebuyers can rent flats and use part of the rent they pay for a future purchase.


Friends of the Earth said the government should not tackle the waste problem by unlimited expansion of existing landfills and she needs immediate action to reduce waste at the source. The group’s survey showed that only 26 legislators backed a waste responsibility scheme proposed by the government.


A star exhibit in the Shanghai World Expo will be put on display in Hong Kong for three weeks next month. The animated version of a Chinese painting - Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival - will be shown at the Asia World Expo on Lantau. The admission fee will be HK$10 and each visiting session will be an hour long.


A record number of couples got married yesterday, taking advantage of the auspicious “triple 10” – a once-in-a-century date featuring the figure that means perfection in traditional Chinese thinking. The city’s five marriage registries played host to 137 couples – the maximum they could provide.


The former Chief Executive of the Monetary authority, Joseph Yam, says people need to be careful with their investments because market conditions are at their most chaotic for a hundred years. Mr Yam said the implementation of quantitative monetary policies by different countries may lead to the financial markets becoming disconnected with the real economy.


The Under Secretary for the Environment, Dr Kitty Poon, says all three local landfills may have to be expanded as they reach capacity by 2013. Legislators have strongly opposed a plan to extend the Tseung Kwan O landfill into the Clear Water Bay Country Park. The government announced earlier this week that the plan would be delayed by 14 months.


Health minister York Chow Yat-ngok yesterday tried to ease worries over increases in private hospital fees if the voluntary health insurance scheme is implemented. Dr Chow believed competition would help keep prices under control. The proposed scheme is aimed at easing pressure on public health services by providing incentives and subsidies for people to use private hospitals.


A university graduate who broke into a school three times to steal textbooks from students’ lockers was jailed for 16 months. The man said he was unable to repay loan sharks money he had borrowed to support his ill and retired parents. The judge urged the man to make use of his academic background to turn himself a “real filial son”.


A man was sentenced to four years in jail for killing his father after the latter complained he earned too little. The man did two jobs and earned a total of HK$8,000 a month. He paid all the bills and kept about HK$1,000 for his own living expenses. But his father complained about him earning so little. He reacted by pushing his father against a cabinet. He died from extensive blood loss.
一名男子因父親不滿家用太少,誤殺父親,被判入獄 4 年。被告做兩份工,月入8000元,扣除家用開支後,只餘千元自用。惟父親仍嫌家用少,被告錯手推父親撞向櫃角,父親失血過多死亡。


Police arrested 12 people on drink-driving charges over the National Day long-weekend. Nearly 1,700 drivers were given breath-tests over the holiday. Of the 12 drivers who failed, nine of them will be charged for exceeding the blood alcohol limit. Police reminded drivers to stay off the wheel after drinking, as offenders could face up to three years in jail.


A record number of Hongkongers are living in poverty, with 1.26 million people making less than HK$3,500 a month each. The Hong Kong Council of Social Service has estimated that the number will increase to 1.42 million in eight years. The Council said that the economy is picking up rapidly, but the livelihoods of the grassroots have become harder.


Twenty young members of the Democratic Party formed a new activist group called "Neo Democrats." They are unhappy with the Democrats' decision to accept the Government's compromise political package, but members were not prepared to quit the Party outright. The chairman of the Democratic Party, Albert Ho, said the party leadership is ready to accept different opinions.


China has successfully launched its second lunar probe. The journey of the Chang'e 2 is expected to take around five days. It will take high-resolution images of a landing site for the next lunar probe, and to test key technologies for later missions. Scientists hope it will pave the way for an unmanned moon landing in 2012.


The largest party in the Legislative Council - the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong – has announced its opposition to host the Asian Games in 2023. DAB chairman Tam Yiu-chung said the consultation on whether Hong Kong should host the event is too short, and the government has provided insufficient information. Other major parties in the Legislative Council have also expressed opposition.


The government was forced to withdraw a residential site in Chai Wan from auction, the first time in 16 years a site had to be withdrawn. The urban plot in Chai Wan faces cemeteries and not a single developer was interested. The cost to maintain a large slope nearby is believed to have put off buyers.


The Jockey Club has announced that it is doubling the price of each Mark Six lottery entry to HK$10. The minimum amount of the top prize will be going up from HK$5 million to HK$8 million, and the 4th to 7th prizes will double in value. The new arrangements will take effect from November 9th.


A taxi driver convicted of driving under the influence of ketamine was sentenced to eight months' imprisonment and suspended from driving for 12 months. The driver said he took the drug because of pressure posed by an ailing son and the poor relationship with his wife. But the magistrate described him as an irresponsible driver.


A Hong Kong University study has found that only 3 out of 10 Hong Kong people use words or physical touch to express their feelings for their families. The majority believe serving the family by doing housework is a more effective way to improve family relationships. The study found that explicit expressions of love - such as praise and physical touch - were more effective.


A survey of upper primary class students has revealed that 43 percent of them are suffering from emotional problems which are affecting their studies and relationships with other people. The poll also found that the students were finding it difficult to enjoy life because of pressure caused by homework and exams, as well as over-protective parents.


Legislator Wong Kwok-hing has criticised the practice of not hoisting the national flag at police stations as showing no respect for the country. Wong said: Premises which hoisted the British flag before the handover should now hoist the Chinese flag. "Does that mean our police show no respect for the country?" Wong said.


A group of Hong Kong activists hoping to sail to the Diaoyu Islands have been barred from leaving local waters by marine police for the second time. However, the activists are refusing to turn back. They claim they are on a fishing trip to the Diaoyu Islands, insisting that the Government had no valid reason to stop them.


The government is stepping up anti-mosquito measures, after a man was confirmed to have been infected locally with dengue fever. The 46-year-old man had not travelled abroad recently. Most cases of dengue fever were mild, and a majority of patients would recover. The disease is potentially fatal, if a person is infected twice.


The police arrested 19 people for luring teenagers into prostitution through the internet. Eight of the suspects acted as agents and used false identities on online chatrooms to get to know the youngsters. The victims were invited for a meeting outside and were later sexually assaulted. Then the agents lured or threatened them into providing sex services.


A 60-year-old man who lost his leg in an industrial accident failed in a High Court bid to claim disability allowance. The judge said it was right for the Social Welfare Department to follow the opinions of doctors, but the department should take a more flexible approach in assessing the eligibility of applicants. He said the man’s chances of getting a job were slim.
一名因工傷失去小腿的60歲工人被拒發傷殘津貼,被高等法院駁回司法覆核。法官表示,社會福利署有權依據醫生的判 斷,但社署應採用更靈活的方法去評估申請人的資格。申請人找到工作的機會渺茫。


One in 10 families in Hong Kong is living in poverty, an increase of 12 percent over the past five years. All the 192,500 households had an income of less than half the median income, or HK$8,900, in the 2010 second quarter. Oxfam Hong Kong suggested further income protection for poor families in addition to the minimum wage.


More than 200 people marched to the Japanese consulate to stage a protest against the detention of a Chinese fishing boat captain who was arrested near the Diaoyu Islands last week. The demonstrators demanded the immediate release of the captain and a full apology from the Japanese government for wartime atrocities.


She lost her husband and two daughters in the Manila hostage tragedy, but Mrs. Leung did not collapse in sorrow at their funeral last night. She stayed calm and tearless as she greeted weeping friends and colleagues at a funeral mass at the Universal Funeral Parlour.


The Chinese University has developed a device to help obese diabetic patients lose weight. The implanted device reduces appetite by generating electrical pulses to stimulate the stomach if the person eats too much and too fast. Four patients who have used it have lost weight and recorded improved blood glucose levels.


The Consumer Council found the average spending for Secondary Five textbooks under the New Senior Secondary academic structure was up 50.9 percent on last year. The Education Bureau said that Secondary Five students can spend more time learning different subjects that require new textbooks with richer content.


A new round of early retirement packages may be introduced to encourage secondary school teachers to leave in the face of falling pupil numbers and a government call for all schools to join a voluntary class reduction scheme. The Education Secretary, Michael Suen, said asking some teachers to take early retirement might be a solution to staff redundancies.


There will be a steady sharp decline in the annual intake of Secondary 1 students in the coming few years. It will fall by 21,500 students, from 75,400 in 2009 to 53,900 in 2016. The Education Secretary, Michael Suen, urged secondary schools - particularly those which don't have enough classrooms - to reduce their intake of new students.


The Hong Kong Professional Teachers' Union urged the government to introduce smaller class sizes instead of closing more secondary schools. The union interviewed over 840 teachers and school principals, and says nearly all supported such a move. Teachers will stage a citywide demonstration on October 24 to force the government to adopt a small-class teaching policy, the union warned.


RTHK ended the contract of music programme host Leung Dont. Leung said RTHK 's producers had interfered with his choice of music, including a ban on his proposal to play a satirical song called ‘Donald Tsang, please die’. RTHK said it terminated Leung's contract because his work performance was unsatisfactory.
港台與主持人梁東終止合約。梁東表示,港台監製曾干預他選歌曲,包括禁止他播放諷刺曾蔭權的歌曲《Donald Tsang, please die》。港台指出,因梁東工作表現未如理想才決定終止梁的合約。


The Hong Kong Observatory had received eight reports of UFO sightings. It said that an unidentified flying object seen late on Wednesday night near the entrance of Tai Lam Tunnel was merely street lamps. It was caused by light from a nearby lamp reflected by a protective glass in front of the camera.


A street performer, who was charged with causing obstruction in a pedestrian area in Causeway Bay, was set free in Eastern Court. The magistrate pointed out that the Basic Law guarantees people the right to perform arts and cultural activities. As a civilized community, he said, Hong Kong should accept street performances.


Hong Kong vets are urging pet owners to take extra care of their animals on the alert for killer ticks. In Henan province, several people died and hundreds of people have fallen sick after being bitten. Ticks are commonly found on dogs walking outside. People bitten by ticks can suffer high fever and pain and can die in two weeks without treatment.


An Indonesian maid who put her own urine in milk for her employer's baby girl was jailed for four weeks. The maid said she had done so in the belief she would have greater influence over the nine-month-old baby. Her employer said the maid did not know how to take care of the baby so she raised the matter with the maid's agency.


Tour guide Masa Tse, who was killed in the Manila bus siege, was laid to rest yesterday. Many people attending the funeral service didn't know Mr Tse, but wanted to pay tribute to him. They praised him for alerting his agency to the hostage crisis shortly after the bus was seized.
在馬尼拉人質挾持事件中殉職的領隊謝廷駿昨日舉殯,出席葬禮的市民大部分都 是不認識謝廷駿,但想對他表示敬意。他們讚揚謝廷駿在挾持人質事件發生後,立刻致電回旅行社。


Hong Kong's first double-organ transplant patient, Jackie, hopes to return to work once she fully recovers. The 27-year-old woman could not have expected to live beyond 30, if she had not received a heart-and-liver transplant. Jackie said she is considering taking her success story to the stage to convince more people to donate their organs after death.
全港首名接受雙器官移植女病人Jackie,希望康復後重投工作。這名廿七歲女子若不做心肝手術,預期只能活到30 歲。她正構思將其成功故事搬上舞台,以說服市民死後捐贈器官。


The Travel Industry Council has cancelled with immediate effect the licence of a Hong Kong tour guide who forced a group of mainland visitors to purchase goods. Her former employer, Golden Win International Travel Services, was fined $HK47,500 over the case.


An Octopus card holder is asking for compensation of HK$50 for injured feelings over the sale of his personal data. Octopus wanted the claim to be dismissed; if not, it should be transferred to higher courts. The Octopus card holder could face massive legal costs.


The Legislative Council passed a motion expressing its strong dissatisfaction at 'obvious' and 'serious' failures in the rescue operation by the Philippine authorities in the Manila hostage tragedy. The Council demanded that the SAR Government press Manila for a public apology and compensation for the victims' families.


Mrs. Leung, whose family was shattered in Manila tragedy, said in an open letter that Hong Kong must move on despite her personal suffering. She wants to concentrate on taking care of her 19-year-old son, Jason Leung, who is fighting for his life in hospital.


A group monitoring the spread of superbugs in Hong Kong has called for the use of two antibiotics - not commonly found locally - to be considered as a last line of defence against the health threat. Superbugs are bacteria or germs that have developed a strong resistance to drugs. The group is also proposing stricter controls on the general use of antibiotics.


Medical experts say people who suffer from fatty liver disease can control it simply by losing weight. Patients who manage to reduce 5cm in their waistlines can improve conditions. One in four adults in Hong Kong have the condition. The experts have warned that, if untreated, patients could face permanent damage to their livers.


Up to 80,000 people marched in angry silence yesterday to mourn the eight Hong Kong residents killed in the Manila hostage crisis. People who turned up for the rally were dressed in black or in white to honour the victims. The protesters demanded a thorough and full investigation of the incident.


In the RTHK radio programme, Hong Kong Letter, Donald Tsang called on Hong Kong people to be united in the face of the hostage tragedy. The chief executive said the best response to the tragedy was for people to support one another regardless of race and nationality. Mr. Tsang said the government would do its utmost to provide assistance for the victims’ physical and psychological needs.


A 13-year-old girl who threatened to kill her mother after she took her mobile phone was placed on probation for two years. The Form One pupil learned how important her parents were after she spent two weeks in a children's home. She promised to help with household chores and never to hurt her mother again.


The MTR Corp said it will pay all educational and medical expenses for two children made orphans in Manila tragedy. The two children's father Mr. Wong worked for the MTR for more than 20 years. He was described as a hardworking and conscientious person.


A charter flight brought the bodies of eight victims of bus hijacking in the Philippines back home to Hong Kong yesterday evening. Eight survivors of the hostage drama were also on the Cathay Pacific plane. There will be a mourning ceremony this morning, with the government observing three minutes of silence.


Philippine police admitted that the assault team which tried to rescue Hong Kong tourists held hostage in Manila were poorly trained and armed. They also admitted poor handling of the negotiations with the gunman, improper crowd control and breakdown of relations with the media.


Eight Hong Kong tourists were killed after a gunman held a tour group captive for 11 hours aboard a bus in the centre of Manila. Hundreds of Hong Kong residents expressed anger and disappointment in discussion forums, saying the way the police officers were handled was unprofessional.


A study has found that the number of young children wearing glasses in 10 years rose from 2.3 percent to 6.3 percent. Playing video games and watching television or using a computer for a long time and sitting too close to screens may cause eye problems. Youngsters should be taught to look into the distance for at least 30 seconds during every 30 minutes of a reading session.


Queen Mary Hospital has completed Hong Kong's first ever heart and liver transplant operation. The patient underwent 19-hours of surgery, receiving both heart and liver transplants at the same time. The doctor who performed the surgery said the risks involved in transplanting two organs at the same time are much higher than the risks involved in normal single-organ transplants.


A 70-year-old man, who tried to prevent Food and Environmental Hygiene Department officers from arresting an elderly woman for illegal hawking, was placed on a good behavior bond yesterday. The man said he did it out of sympathy. He did not reget what he did but wouldn't do it again.


A Coroner has ruled that drugs contaminated by fungus caused the deaths of three cancer patients. He concluded that they died of misadventure. Three other patients were found to have died from natural causes. The Coroner returned an "inconclusive" verdict in two additional cases.


A young man died and another is in a critical condition following a brawl in a Tsim Sha Tsui bar area early yesterday morning. The fight is thought to have been sparked after someone teased a girl in a bar. An argument erupted between two groups of people. A 24-year-old man was stabbed in the stomach and died hours later.


Property developer, Cheung Kong, won two urban sites for a total of HK$7.61 billion dollars - with the final price of both lots higher than market expectations. The surprisingly high prices left a question mark over the government’s new measures to cool the market. Experts believe more measures will be brought in if home prices keep rising.


The Consumer Council has found toxic and cancer-causing substances in some samples of nail polish. Three of the four most toxic products were made in South Korea. The Council advised people to purchase nail products from brand-name shops, and use them in well-ventilated areas.


The Society for Community Organisation has urged the government to increase subsidies for students from low-income families. It has found that current kindergarten subsidies don't cover the fees charged by most schools. The subsidies for primary and secondary schools should also be expanded to cover other costs, like money for extracurricular activities and school uniforms.


The Undersecretary for Transport and Housing, Yau Shing-mu, says he backs the government's decision to freeze the pay of all 18 undersecretaries and political assistants. Their salaries range from HK$120,000 to HK$210,000 a month. Mr Yau also said he would listen more to the public's demands.


The government has stepped up measures to curb speculation in the property market. Home buyers purchasing properties valued at HK$12 million or above can only borrow up to 60 percent of the value of the property. No resale of new homes will be allowed until a transaction is completed. And buyers will have to pay a higher fee - 10 percent - if they want to cancel their purchase.


Hong Kong Tramways is under fire for proposing fare rises of up to 30 percent. Adult fares would go up 25 percent to HK$2.50, while children's fare would jump to HK$1.30, a 30 percent rise. The company says that it needs the money to improve services as well as to enhance safety and reliability.


The Hong Kong Bar Association and the Law Society of Hong Kong have expressed concern about pressure being exerted on magistrates and judges following the Amina Bokhary case. The two bodies said it was both unhelpful and inapt to criticise magistrates and judges where that criticism was intended to bring pressure on them to decide any case.


Thirty schools facing closure because of falling student enrollments have been given a one- year reprieve. The government is considering delaying the closure order to give schools and organizations more time to discuss how to solve the situation. By 2016, Form One students will number only 53,000, or 16,000 fewer than this September.


The High Court yesterday began a review on whether a transgendered woman was denied her basic rights when the Marriage Registry denied her permission to marry her boyfriend. The applicant had her sex changed on her identity card. But the Registrar of Marriages said she could not marry her boyfriend because she is still shown as a man on her birth certificate.


New World First Bus drivers will be striking and KMB and Citybus drivers will work-to-rule after pay talks broke down. The Transport Department says it will endeavour to maintain bus services in areas not covered by the MTR, such as Southern District and Mid-levels, during today's planned industrial action by bus drivers.


Thousands of Form Five leavers seeking to enrol in Project Yi Jin programmes queued outside an admissions centre in Kowloon Bay. More than 2,000 students started queuing on Friday night. The programmes offer a qualification comparable to getting five passes in the HKCEE.


The decision to spare the niece of a top judge a jail term for her third conviction for assaulting a police officer will go to the Court of Appeal after the sentencing magistrate refused to change his ruling. He said she only committed the offence because of her mental illness, and she should receive treatment instead of a prison term.


Thirteen owners failed in their legal challenge against a ban on keeping dogs at their housing estate. The owners management committee issued a statement requesting them to remove dogs that caused a nuisance. The judge said the right to keep dogs was not absolute since they would clearly affect other owners when they went through common areas.


Super kid 12-year- old Kwong Wai-kwan, the youngest HKCEE candidate scored 24 points in nine subjects. According to her teachers, Wai-kwan is self- motivated and has a good character. She is also very self-demanding, asking for extra homework. Yet Wai-kwan revealed that she felt great pressure as people had high expectations of her.
十二歲的神童江卉君是今年最年輕的會考生,她考取9 科二十四分佳績。卉君的老師說,卉君主動,性格好良,對自己要求高,要求額外的家課。卉君揭露她感覺壓力大,因為別人對她期望高。


Police officers are calling for the Department of Justice to seek a review of the sentence handed out to the niece of a senior judge. The woman was placed on probation for a year, despite her third conviction for assaulting an officer. The case could give the impression that the rich can receive special treatment in court.


The niece of a Court of Final Appeal Judge has been spared from a prison term despite being convicted for the third time of assaulting a police officer. After a traffic accident, she refused to take a breathalyser test and slapped a policeman in the face. She was put on probation for a year on the grounds she has a drinking problem and comes from a good family.


The new policy of allowing travellers to only bring in up to 19 duty-free cigarettes was strongly criticized. Under the rule, which took effect yesterday, each extra stick will be taxed at HK$1.20 plus $2 import license fee. Travellers have to spend about 20 minutes on paperwork to keep the extra sticks by paying duty.


Tolls for the Western Harbour Tunnel go up from today. Political parties staged protests against the rises yesterday, saying they could lead to fare increases on public transport  and also lead to even more traffic at the already congested Cross Harbour Tunnel. They called for a postponement in the increases, and urged the government to buy back the tunnel.


The Kowloon Motor Bus Company has applied to the government for an 8.6 percent fare hike. That's an average increase of a little more than HK$0.50 per journey. The company cited salary increases for staff, higher oil prices and intense competition in the public transport sector as reasons for its application.


The Census and Statistics Department has predicted a sharp shift in the gender balance in Hong Kong over the next thirty years. While there are currently 995 men for every 1000 women in Hong Kong, the ratio is expected to drop to just over 800 men per 1000 women in 2039. The number of elderly people will be 28 percent of the population.
統計處數字推算,到二O三九年,本港男女比例失衡情況將會加劇, 每千名女性相對的男性數目,會由約995降至800人。長者將佔人口兩成八。


The Democratic Party has urged the government to set up a mental health bureau to handle mental health issues. The Chairman of the party, Albert Ho, said mental patients needed support in various aspects such as medical treatment, job search and re-housing.


A Hong Kong tour guide, who was accused of berating a group of mainland visitors for failing to spend enough at a jewellery store, apologised for her emotional outburst. Lee Hau-chun said she was reacting to a traveller who complained about the itinerary. Li said zero or low-fare tours are a structural problem and this is out of her control.


Octopus admitted not only selling personal data but also collecting commission. The company said personal data had been sold to six companies over the past four and a half years for HK$44 million. The HK$44 million was 31 percent of revenue for the company in the period.


Security concerns and lack of computer knowledge among the elderly have kept the majority of the population from doing bank transactions over the internet, a survey has found. The survey showed more than 84 percent of Hongkongers aged 51 and above do not use internet banking, with nearly half saying they do not know how to use the system.


Most Hongkongers were aware that carbon emissions were to blame for global warming and said they would cut down on waste, a survey found. The Baptist University survey found that some 72 per cent slept with their air-conditioners on. Half of the respondents used disposable cutlery when having takeaway meals.


A villager who disappeared after being washed away by torrents of floodwater in Taipo on Thursday, was found in the sea off Taipo. The Director of Drainage Services, Anthony Lau, said floods in Tai Po were not the result of negligence on anyone's part. He said part of the Tai Po river was blocked by a landslide which caused the stream to burst its banks.


A15-year-old boy was arrested after he telephoned police saying he had killed his mother and sister. Police sources said the boy told them during interrogation: "The world will be better with fewer people." Investigators have not been able to uncover a motive. He was known to be mentally stable, never skipped school and got along well with his schoolmates.


Sexy teen models were mobbed at the opening of the Book Fair yesterday, causing chaos. In skimpy outfits, some paraded in the exhibition hall to promote their photo albums. Young fans were queuing before the doors opened at 9am, hoping to buy their idols' limited-edition photo albums.


New HK$1,000 and HK$500 banknotes will be circulating by the end of the year. The security features of the new banknotes are easy to recognize and yet difficult to duplicate. The banknotes will be thicker and tougher. New HK$20, HK$50 and HK$100 notes will be in circulation around the middle of next year.


The government is proposing new laws against drug driving. Under the proposals, police would be given powers to require suspicious drivers to undergo 'impairment' tests which include pupil reaction and body balancing such as walking in a straight line or standing on one leg.  


Trade union lawmaker Lee Cheuk-yan is calling on employers not to threaten workers with massive lay-offs or cutbacks in working hours if the minimum wage is set at 33 dollars an hour. Mr Lee says that high rents - not labour costs - is the key factor hurting business earnings.


Mainland TV stations showed footage of a local tour guide berating a group of visitors from the Chinese mainland for not spending enough in a jewellery shop. The chairman of the Tourism Board, James Tien, said the footage had dealt a severe blow to Hong Kong's reputation as a tourist destination.


Legislators have passed Hong Kong's first minimum wage law. Following a three-day debate, councillors overwhelmingly passed the Government bill this morning with a vote of 45 for and one against. The minimum wage will be reviewed at least once every two years.


The Consumer Council says most breakfast cereals sold in Hong Kong are high in sugar. Some cereals contained up to 32-percent of the recommended daily limit for sugar. It warned that eating too much sugar may lead to obesity, diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.


A 68-year-old woman and her crippled 74-year-old husband were found dead inside their Shek Kip Mei flat yesterday - about two days after an apparent accident. It appeared the woman may have struck her head and died after falling off a chair. The husband apparently tried to revive her.
一名68歲老婦及其74歲殘廢的丈夫被發現在石硤尾寓所死亡 - 顯然是遇意外死亡逾兩日。看來老婦從椅子跌倒,頭部受傷失救,丈夫顯然地試圖拯救。


A group of Japanese tourists accused a police officer of slapping their coach driver during a row over a traffic offense . The driver was later arrested for assaulting the officer. But the tourists claimed they had been prevented from filing a complaint against the officer.


Groups calling for a minimum wage of HK$33 an hour staged a protest outside the Wellcome supermarket in Causeway Bay, accusing the retail trade of exploiting workers. A survey has found the Wellcome supermarket chain and 7-eleven convenience stores are paying workers less than HK$24 an hour.


According to a survey, 85 percent of teachers and social workers polled think their on-campus problems are affecting their health. They are overworked, and overwhelmed by student problems. The poll also found that problems such as student drug abuse, violence, bullying, and the sending of abusive messages on the internet, are adding to the pressure faced by teachers.


A survey conducted by the Young Women's Christian Association found that more than 60 per cent of 2,257 children and young adults aged 10 to 29 said the personality of their peers was unsatisfactory. The survey also polled 492 primary and secondary school teachers and more than 80 per cent of them said the personality of youngsters was unsatisfactory. The association called for better moral education.
基督教女青年會於 3月至 5月訪問 2,257名 10至 29歲青少年,結果發現逾六成青少年認為同輩青年品格不理想。調查亦訪問492名中小學教師,逾八成教師認為成青少年品格欠佳。基督教女青年會建議加強品德教育。


The government plans to extend the smoking ban to cover 131 transport interchanges from December 1. The move is aimed at further protecting the public from the harmful effects of second-hand smoke. At present, smoking is banned at 91 indoor and covered transport interchanges.
政府計劃把全港 131個交通交?處納入禁煙區,12月 1日起開始實施。此措施旨在保護公眾免受二手煙的害處。現時共有91個戶室內及有蓋交通交?處實施禁煙。


A 28-old-year old social worker drowned yesterday after saving a friend in a pool in Sai Kung. He was scouting the area in preparation for a camping activity for children. The man was taken to hospital in a Government Flying Services helicopter but was certified dead upon arrival.


A mother was sentenced to 12 months probation for ill-treating her 8-year-old child. The mother, 35, stripped her eight-year-old daughter naked, and left her in a Tuen Mun mall as punishment for misbehaving. The magistrate said the mother's punishment was appropriate as she had shown remorse.


The Environment Secretary, Edward Yau, says the government will hear the views of lawmakers on whether to exempt some drivers from the idling engine ban. Taxi and minibus drivers met with Mr Yau over the ban, following the death of a minibus driver after he collapsed inside his vehicle on a hot day.
環境局局長邱騰華表示,政府將聽取立法會議員的意見,是否豁免某些司機停車 熄匙的安排。上周一名小巴司機懷疑因天氣酷熱在車內中暑死亡,多名的士及小巴司機與邱騰華會面,討論豁免停車熄匙的禁令。


Three unions representing workers from Kowloon Motor Bus, CityBus and New World First Bus warned of strike action if their companies do not agree to demands for pay rises and a review of employment terms. The unions say that the managers of the three bus firms are exploiting contract workers in particular.


Dozens of protesters staged a rally against the League of Social Democrats, accusing the party of using violence and abusive language to attack those who hold different political views. The protesters marched from Admiralty to Causeway Bay to express their dissatisfaction with the L-S-D. One of the rally organizers said people should be peaceful and rational when expressing their views.


Thirteen people were rescued after a helicopter crashed into the seas off Shun Tak Centre. The helicopter was on its way to Macau when the accident happened. None of the two crew members and 11 passengers on board sustained serious injuries. A spokeswoman from the helicopter company said it's believed that the helicopter had encountered engine failure.


The Secretary for Food and Health, York Chow, says the government will step up efforts to control rats. Dr Chow said the recent rainy weather could have prompted rats to appear more often in public places. He said the government would visit high-risk areas and strengthen rat control measures.


Democratic Party members yesterday came under siege from protesters at the annual July 1 protest march. Democratic Party legislators were subjected to a string of insults for voting in favor of the reform package. The police worked late into the night to clear more than 200 protesters who remained outside the Central Government Offices after the march. Many were believed to be from the League of Social Democrats or their supporters.


Cheng Fuk-wai, the only student who achieved six A's in this year's Hong Kong Advanced Level Examinations, described the whole experience as a roller coaster ride, confessing that not even he believed his results would be that good. The key to his success is to just keep reading and asking questions.


Six people were killed and nineteen injured in a thrill-ride plunge at a popular amusement park in Shenzhen yesterday. At least nine people were also injured when the Space Journey, a space shuttle simulator plunged 12 meters to the ground with more than 40 people inside. The device offers the thrill of a rocket launch, with a 24-meter wide screen providing space scenes.


A study by the Chinese University of Hong Kong shows 22 percent of the "marginal teens" and 1 percent of the secondary students could be classified as pathological gamblers. Nearly 60 percent of pathological gamblers among the marginal teens are also drug abusers.


A survey carried out by the Christian Family Service Centre has found that more than 60 per cent of workers disliked working with colleagues with a bad attitude to their work, about 40 per cent disliked those who were unable to control their emotions and about one-third disliked those who lacked passion for their job.


Police have smashed a syndicate and arrested 13 people. The group called or sent emails to victims, telling them that they had won the lottery, and asked them to deposit money first before redeeming the prize. The group cheated 160 people, mainly overseas Chinese, out of millions of dollars over the past year.


Legislators finally endorsed the government's political reform package - following a debate spanning three days. They supported by 46 votes to 12 a second resolution adding ten new seats to the Legislative Council in 2012. The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, described the outcome as a triumph, but some pan-democrat councillors criticised the result, saying it had harmed their solidarity.
經過連續三日的辯論後,立法會終於通過政改方案。立法會以 46票支持12票反對,通過第二個選舉辦法議案,新增10個立法會議席。特首曾蔭權形容結果是勝利,而好幾個泛民立法會議員批評結果,認為損害民主派團結。


Legislative councillors voted in favour of reform proposals for the election of the chief executive in 2012. The vote was 46 in favour, with 13 opposed. Pro-government parties and the Democratic Party endorsed the package, while the Civic Party, the League of Social Democrats and some independent pan-democrats opposed it.
立法會議員投票通過 2012年行政長官產生辦法的決議案,46票支持,13票反對。建制派及民主黨支持,公民黨、社民連及無黨派泛民議員反對。


A man is in serious condition in hospital after being infected with flesh-eating bacteria. The Health Department says the 69-year-old man injured himself while handling a crab at home. He sought medical treatment after developing fever and painful swelling of his left leg. Blood tests revealed the presence of the bacteria.
一名69 歲男子感染食肉菌,情況嚴重。這名男子在家?蟹時弄傷,其後開始發燒及左腿脹痛,入住治療。化驗結果顯示,病人的血液樣本含有食肉菌。


A triad syndicate was smashed on Monday after a four-month investigation codenamed Operation Arrowroot. The syndicate forced its debtors - mostly housewives trapped in gambling debts carrying a killer interest rate of 2,400 percent - to sell illicit drugs on Tai Po housing estates.


Democratic Party members voted by a wide margin in favor of backing the government's political reform package after a heated five-hour debate. The Democrat proposal is for the five new Legco district council seats to be nominated by elected district councillors and then voted on by those who do not have a functional constituency vote.


Four in five parents of the final candidates of Form Five public examinations say they do not have enough knowledge about what assistance services are available, a survey has found. Students and parents can access the Education Bureau’s homepage to gain information on further studies, vocational opportunities and career paths for HKCEE graduates.


The Alliance for Universal Suffrage is calling on other pan-democrats to back a proposal for direct elections for district council functional constituency seats to be included in the government's political reform package. The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, has said the Democratic Party's proposed amendment to the government's political reform package is "rich in democratic elements".


A computer hard disk containing the names, identity card numbers and other personal information of about 3,000 eye patients has been stolen from the Caritas Medical Centre. The hospital said the disk was kept in a locked room pending destruction. It was discovered missing last week.


Donald Tsang Yam-kuen and the Civic Party's Audrey Eu Yuet-mee crossed swords in the first-ever televised debate last night, with polls taken afterwards suggesting Audrey Eu Yuet- mee as the winner. And 71 percent of viewers polled by the University of Hong Kong's Public Opinion Programme said Eu was the winner while 15 percent had Tsang.


Two new charging points for electric cars came into service in Hong Kong yesterday, bringing the total number in the city to 39. The new facilities are located at government car parks in Tin Hau and Star Ferry. Like other stations in the city, drivers may charge their car batteries for free.


CLP Power has described an incident at Daya Bay nuclear power plant last month as 'minor'. It said mechanical failure was to blame for the incident. An increase in radiation in a reactor was caused by leakage from a fuel rod. The incident posed no danger to the public.


A man was critically injured by a tree which partially collapsed in Sha Tin. The man, 50, was cycling in a park when the accident happened. The tree had been inspected just under a month ago, but the Leisure and Cultural Services Department said the inspector couldn't have seen an apparent fungal infection inside the tree's branches.


Many Hong Kong parents show no interest in what their children are doing online because they are not computer savvy, a survey has found. More than half of these parents think their children are using the internet for study. However, 46 percent of the youngsters said they are most likely to go online to communicate with their friends.


Seven men and a woman were arrested on suspicion of accepting HK$16 million in illegal bets on football matches. They were detained during a territory-wide operation as the World Cup gets underway in South Africa. Police say they will carry out similar operations as the tournament continues over the next four weeks.


On his internet blog, The Chief Executive Donald Tsang noted that some people think functional constituencies in Legco are the root of evil in Hong Kong - widening the wealth gap and worsening social division. But he said these problems have been worse in democratic societies overseas. He says it is overly simplistic and irrational to think universal suffrage can cure all social problems.


Rules were laid down for next Thursday's 55-minute televised debate between Chief Executive Donald Tsang and Civic Party leader Audrey Eu. Tsang and Eu will each have three minutes for their Cantonese opening statements, followed by an 18-minute free debate and a 12-minute session for them to answer questions from the public. People can submit their questions online or by fax to debate producer RTHK.


According to Concern on Youth Development, nearly 80 percent of 107 students aged 16 to 19 it questioned last month were uncertain about their futures. 60 percent fear failure in the HKCEE. This was followed by weak academic performance, difficulty in finding jobs and the economic burden on their families.


A survey has found that youngsters spend an average of 20 hours online per week. One-third of that is spent on social networking sites such as Facebook. Most of them are aware of potential online risks such as privacy theft and hacking but they have carelessly disclosed personal information online.


The future head of the Chinese University says the institution underestimated the strong response to its decision to bar the Goddess of Democracy statue from being erected on the campus. Professor Joseph Sung admitted the matter wasn't handled in a mature way. And he appealed to all sides to keep calm and resolve the matter through dialogue.


The Consumer Council has received 48 complaints against beauty parlors in the first four months of this year, 54% of complaints were about laser treatment. Surgical Laser Association president Chan Wai-man warned against the use of laser treatment in beauty parlors particularly. He said the equipment requires highly competent technical staff to operate it or both customers and equipment operators could be put at risk.


The Travel Industry Council is considering adopting a points deduction system to clamp down on dishonest travel agents. Travel agents who had the most points deducted would have their licences suspended. The Commissioner for Tourism, Philip Yung, says undercover agents could be used in future to help stamp out the practice of forcing tourists to make purchases.


Queen Elizabeth Hospital apologised to a 72-year-old patient for leaving a 20cm copper plate inside her body after an operation. Doctors had operated again to remove the instrument. An investigation panel recommended that hospital staff should improve communication and ensure an accurate count of instruments before the closure of surgical wounds.


The Equal Opportunities Commission is concerned about hate comments posted online against Hong Kong's ethnic minorities. The Commission has approached blog masters and internet service providers of the offending sites, warning of possible liability and urging removal of the derogatory remarks.


Mainland workers are illegally taking jobs locally as tour guides and this could drag down the trade, a union has warned. A mainland woman who used a friend's tour guide license was connected with the death of a mainland visitor. The fake guide refused to let the visitor leave a jewelry shop shortly before he had a heart attack. He died on the way to hospital.


The government has shelved its plans to build a centralised slaughterhouse for poultry. The Secretary for Food and Health, York Chow, said the live chicken trade no longer poses a substantial threat to public health. Chicken traders said they felt cheated after selling back their licences to the government in the expectation that the live trade would eventually vanish.


An unemployed man, who falsely reported more than 300 cases, pleaded guilty to 12 counts of causing wasteful employment of police. The man, 53, falsely reported incidents because he was unhappy about vice establishments at various locations. He was also annoyed because a restaurant near where he lives has outdoor seating that obstructs the street.


Police said there were at least 53 job-con cases involving young job-seekers last year. Almost 70 percent of cases involved victims being asked to pay a deposit to secure a job. In other cases, young women applying for modeling jobs were in the focus of hidden cameras while changing clothes. Job hopefuls must check the backgrounds and reputations of companies before they apply.


The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, and his top officials launched a publicity campaign in an open-top bus to promote the Government's political reform proposals for 2012. They used a Chinese slogan, "Weigh anchor", meaning one should start moving forward. Mr. Tsang acknowledged that, while they had received a lot of public support throughout the day, there had also been a fair share of dissenting voices.
行政長官曾蔭權與一眾問責官員乘坐開篷巴士,展開宣傳2012年政改方案運動。 他們以「起錨」為口號,表示要向前航的意思。曾蔭權承認,收到不少市民的支持,同時亦收到同樣多的反對聲音。


A couple were jailed for six years for starving their 3-month-old baby daughter to death. They claimed to be so poor they had to dilute the child's milk formula, but spent about the same amount on buying cigarettes as feeding her. The judge said the couple had failed to fulfil their duty to nourish and protect the girl and a prison term was an unavoidable consequence of their conduct.


The infection peak of a highly contagious intestinal virus has come earlier this year and doctors have warned that more people might be infected in the coming months. A primary school has been shut for 14 days after a 10-year-old girl was struck down with EV-71. EV-71 usually affects children from two months to 10 years old.


A visitor was attacked yesterday by a rat in Central, raising fears the incident could damage the SAR's reputation as a holiday destination. The tourist, a British woman, was in Pedder Street near a shoe-repair stall when she was bitten around lunchtime. Rats are an indication of poor hygiene conditions. Though the rat situation is not very serious, the image is not good for tourism.


A 28-year-old man who agreed to store drugs because he was under huge pressure to repay massive debts to loan-sharks was jailed for 18 years and eight months yesterday. After losing his job as a transportation worker, the man started taking drugs and gambled heavily, eventually running up huge debts with loan-sharks. He said he was remorseful for what he had done.


Speaking after the ice-breaking formal talks, central government liaison office deputy director Li Gang appealed directly to the Democratic Party to vote responsibly on the government's 2012 political reform package. The Democratic Party has laid out their conditions for accepting the government's reform package and wants genuine universal suffrage to be introduced in future - with equal and fair participation by voters.
中聯辦副主任李剛在與民主黨「破冰會面」後表示,他呼籲民主黨在2012政改投下負責任的一票。民主黨提出接受政改建議的條件,他們想要真的普選 - 選民有平等的、公平的參與。


A Chinese University survey has found that 71% per cent of 1,800 pupils from eight secondary schools said they have been victims of school violence. Verbal attacks were the most common form of school violence, others including physical violence and sexual violence. There is a higher incidence of violence among Form One students, and boys are usually the aggressors.
中文大學一項調查發現,8 間中學逾1800學生中,七成一曾為學校園暴力受害者,當中常見為語言暴力,其他包括身體及性暴力,中一發生率較高,男生通常為挑釁者。


Two four-year-olds from Hong Kong have won medals in an international children's fine arts competition in the Czech Republic. Lau Kin-gi's drawing of a tiger and Chan Dun-yan's piece on birds and flowers were selected at the 38th International Children's Exhibition of Fine Arts Lidice. Kin-gi drew a tiger as this is the Year of Tiger, and it also fits in with the theme of this year's competition, which is biodiversity.


The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, invited the Civic Party leader, Audrey Eu, to join him in a televised debate on political reform next month. Eu accepted, adding the public should be allowed to participate, given the importance of the issue. But there will be no live audience. Mr. Tsang said all 7 million people in Hong Kong could take part in the debate.
行政長官曾蔭權邀請公民黨黨魁余若薇,就政改方案,在下月中進行電視直播辯論。余若薇接受邀請,又說由於政改問題重要,應讓公眾參與。但辯論不設現場觀眾,曾蔭權表示,電視辯論 7百萬市民都可以參與。


A woman is suing the principal and sponsoring body of the Ma On Shan school where she used to teach, claiming its dress code discriminated against her on the grounds of her sex. She suffered tremendous stress because of the dress code imposed by principal and eventually resigned. The woman is asking the court to rule the requirement that women teachers wear dresses, skirts or trouser suits is discriminatory.


Most Mass Transit Railway passengers will pay an extra 30 cents or less when new fares come into effect in the middle of next month. However, some Octopus card holders will face a higher increase than those buying single journey tickets. The railway will earn an additional HK$200-million a year from the rises, which average just over two percent.
港鐵調整票價,下月中生效,大部分乘客須支付額外車費 0.1元至0.3元,但部分八達通票價較單程票貴。平均加幅是2.05%,港鐵加價後收益會增加2億元。


An elderly man has been arrested in connection with a spate of vandalism on cross-harbour tunnel buses. The 78-year-old was detained after police mounted an operation on a bus yesterday morning. They found one of the seats had been slashed. The man has admitted damaging around two dozen buses because he was unhappy with the bus service.


The government is reviewing its water tariff structure, in a bid to reduce consumption. Affordability will be one of the factors to be taken into consideration. Hong Kong residents, on average, use more water than those in other developed locations, although charges are among the lowest in the world. Charges have not been raised for 15 years.


Despite strong appeals for voter support by the Civic Party and the League of Social Democrats, only about 579,000 voters cast their ballots in yesterday's by-elections, a turnout rate of 17.1 percent. Pro-democracy groups blamed the low turnout on the boycott by rivals and senior officials. But they still said it represented a substantive call for full democracy.


Democracy activists made a final appeal for people to vote in today's Legislative Council by-elections. They campaigned outside the Legco building in Central yesterday. The DAB and the Liberal Party are boycotting the polls, calling them unnecessary and a waste of public money.


The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, has announced that he will not cast his vote in the forthcoming by-elections on Sunday. He said all members of his politically appointed team had decided of their own accord not to vote. Mr Tsang said the "mainstream community view" was that the by-elections could have been avoided, and that many regarded them as an "abuse of the electoral system and a waste of taxpayers' money".


A taxi driver who drove while under the influence of ketamine was jailed for 18 months. The driver, who had 40 previous traffic convictions, also had his license suspended for two years and was ordered to take a driving improvement course. The judge said a driver of a public vehicle who drove under the influence of drugs must expect a severe sentence because he is putting public safety at risk.


A survey has found more than 60 percent of people who look after their dementia- suffering relatives admitted to psychological abuse, mostly by insulting or shouting at them. About one in five also admitted physical abuse, including slapping and grabbing. The government needs to devote more resources to caregiver training.


A couple living on Comprehensive Social Security Allowance pleaded guilty to allowing their three-month-old daughter to starve to death. The High Court was told that the couple spent a few hundred dollars on cigarettes and only around HK$400 on the girl. The father said because of financial difficulties, he diluted the girl's milk powder.


The Hong Kong Liver Foundation is warning that most people know very little about the illness Hepatitis B, despite hundreds of thousands of people in the territory carrying the virus. They wrongly thought it could be caught from eating contaminated seafood, when it is actually most often transmitted through infected bodily fluids.


There have been calls for the government to help boost the supply of flats to the housing market and to do more to help younger people buy their own homes. Speakers at RTHK's City Forum supported the idea of the resumption of building of Home Ownership Scheme flats and build more public housing estates.


Two people were killed and three injured after being attacked by a man armed with a knife on Kwai Shing East Estate at about 11:15 Saturday morning. A 42-year-old man, who is a resident of the estate, was arrested. The suspect had a history of mental illness and had threatened people on his public housing estate before.
葵盛東?昨日早上11時15分,一名持刀男子襲擊5人,2死 3傷。一名42歲男子被拘捕,疑兇是屋?居民,他有精神病及威脅居民紀錄。


Hong Kong Customs recently raided 14 tutorial centres, and seized suspected infringing photocopies of past examination papers published by the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority, some supplementary teaching DVDs, computers, photocopiers and binders, worth about $3.8 million. Eight persons were arrested in the operation.


The ICAC has arrested five footballers suspected of being involved in a match-fixing scandal in the local first-division. Former Happy Valley Athletic Association player Yu Yang has been charged with trying to fix a football match last October. The chairman of the Hong Kong Football Association, Brian Leung, says the scandal is only the tip of the iceberg.


Just over a third of Hong Kong people do volunteer work according to a survey conducted by the Agency for Volunteer Service. This is up on a figure of 22 percent eight years ago. The agency says the work is worth about HK$5.5 billion. But Hong Kong still lags behind other developed countries in the numbers volunteering.


A study has found that diabetic patients who fail to control their blood glucose levels have a 30 percent greater chance of developing cancer. Health experts say that maintaining "near-normal" levels reduce the likelihood of cancer. High risk groups include middle-aged men and those with a family history of the disease. One-in-ten people in Hong Kong have diabetes.


The Coroner's Court has heard conflicting accounts of the circumstances surrounding the death of a man who collapsed outside the Caritas Medical Centre in 2008. A driver insisted that a hospital clerk refused to offer immediate help. But the clerk herself insisted she had taken the initiative to call the on-duty emergency ward doctor out of her "care and concern" for the patient.


Green Sense has invited primary and secondary schools to join its campaign against shark fin soup. The group says the delicacy has been on the menu for school banquets for teachers and parents’ associations, graduation ceremonies and alumni gatherings. It also urges the government to promote civic education against eating the soup.


Several thousand workers marked Labour Day on Saturday by taking to the streets of Hong Kong to demand reasonable wages and better job protection. They called for the hourly wage to be set at a minimum of HK$33 and for legislation on working hours to prevent employees from being exploited.


The Legislative Council's President, Tsang Yok-sing, said that he will resign if his vote is needed to secure passage of the government's political reform package for 2012 - and this doesn't violate his pledge that he won't cast a vote as president.


A nurse who scalded a three-month-old baby while bathing him had been violating standard hospital procedure by testing water temperature with her hand, instead of her elbow. This was revealed in a report by an investigation panel yesterday, which blamed "human error" for the incident at Princess Margaret Hospital.


The deeds of a Hong Kong volunteer who died saving others in the Qinghai earthquake will be used as part of moral education in schools. The act of Mr. Wong has fully demonstrated his spirit of selflessness, universal love, patriotism and self-sacrifice. The Home Affairs Bureau will promote the volunteer spirit of Wong through documentaries, publications and sponsorship of volunteers programmes.


HSBC says one of its ATM machines in Tsim Sha Tsui was found to have been tampered with. Ten accounts were affected and the total losses were about HK$280,000. Fraudsters are suspected of installing a card-reading device to steal card information. The monetary authority advised banks to place educational stickers on cash machines to inform cardholders of the proper way to use ATM terminals.


A government investigation has found that the collapse of a 55-year-old building in Hunghom resulted from damage by external forces to one of five main structural columns in the building. The Buildings Department probe also found that the building was structurally safe. Further inquiries would focus on renovation work that was taking place on the ground floor shortly before the collapse.


A Chinese University study has shown that there is a strong association between physical symptoms and mood disorders. Symptoms like fatigue, low energy, sleeping problems or joint pains might not actually be related to any organ disease. The greater the number of physical symptoms a person has, the greater the likelihood that the person has some emotional problems.


Fungshui master Tony Chan, who lost the high profile probate case over the estate of late property tycoon Nina Wang, has been asked to pay $347 million in tax. The claim involves two profit tax items dated between 2003 and 2009, as well as property tax and interest.


Legislator Li Wing-tat has urged the government to introduce legislation to govern the sale of new flats. The government has proposed new guidelines for developers to follow, in a bid to improve the transparency of property deals. However, Mr Li said that voluntary guidelines won't be enough to tackle the problem.


Professor Anthony Hedley, one of Hong Kong's leading authorities on air quality, is leaving the city to avoid its polluted air and help his respiratory problems. Over the past two decades, the professor has been committed to the fight against air pollution and campaigned for measures to control emissions of air pollutants in Hong Kong. But he said he was disheartened by the government's inertia.


Primary education may be free, but on average parents are still spending more than HK30,000 a year on tutors and extracurricular activities, a survey has found. Parents of primary students are more keen for them to participate on average three extracurricular and interest group activities. A possible reason is that parents are forced into activities as they believe their children will otherwise fall behind their peers.


The Liberal Party has called for the minimum wage to be set at HK$24 per hour. But the party said the "ripple effect" of the minimum wage could push up wages for workers already earning more than the minimum -- and at the same time force thousands of people out of work. The Confederation of Trade Unions insists the minimum wage should be set at no less than HK$33 an hour.


The government will inject up to HK$120 million of public funds to subsidise outlying island ferry services. The subsidy would help pay maintenance costs for the two companies which run the services. The subsidy program is also intended to narrow the gap between weekday and weekend fares, while maintaining the current level of service.


A cross-border coach travelling on the Tolo Highway was seconds from disaster after its driver collapsed at the wheel - but three quick-witted passengers managed to bring the bus under control. The incident raised concerns about the health of professional drivers. It is suggested that the government provide subsidies to drivers for regular medical check-ups.


The government says it will recruit 18 more officers to relieve the burden on existing traffic wardens when the Motor Vehicle Idling Fixed Penalty Bill is tabled at the end of the month. The government understands the concerns of the transport trade and some exemptions will be provided.


A 17-year-old waitress was arrested for infanticide. The girl delivered the baby in the toilet of her boyfriend's flat in Tsuen Wan and dumped the newborn baby in a rubbish bin in the street. The arrest is the second for the crime in a fortnight and there is growing concern about the problem of underage pregnancies.


The Consumer Council has found that prices at the city's three major supermarkets rose by an average of 3 percent last year. Cheese rose the most - up 25 percent - while milk powder and rice were 10 percent higher. Park'n Shop said price increments were the result of currency fluctuations, inflation, the increasing cost of materials and the weather.


A magnitude 7.1 earthquake has killed at least 400 people in the province of Qinghai. A series of quakes and aftershocks caused homes, schools and offices in Yushu county to collapse. A 46-year-old Hong Kong man, volunteer worker Wong Fuk-wing, was also among those killed. Wong had escaped from the orphanage but returned to save three children and three teachers, and was trapped during the aftershocks.


About one in ten Hong Kong secondary students show early signs of mental disorder such as anxiety and depression, a survey conducted by the Chinese University has found. The research also found that the more problems these youngsters have, the more unwilling they are to seek help. Schools should provide more training for teachers and social workers to spot possible symptoms.


The University Grants Committee believes there are better uses for the HK$150 million a year which the City University of Hong Kong wants for the first veterinary medicine program in Hong Kong. The vet-to-animal ratio in Hong Kong is one to 600, when compared with the United States where it is one to 1,600. The university had said it would not rule out the possibility of having the program fund itself.


Operators of Christian Zheng Sheng College yesterday renewed calls on the government to allow them to move to new premises in Mui Wo, because it cannot meet safety requirements as its current location in Chi Ma Wan. The ICAC has completed its investigations into the body and has found nothing wrong.


A four-year-old Filipino boy is in critical condition in hospital after falling from the window at his home yesterday morning. The boy's parents were not at home at the time and his 10-year-old brother was sleeping. The window was installed with a safety frame, but there was still a large enough gap. The boy climbed onto a chair beside the window and fell. Police arrested his mother on suspicion of child neglect.


A three-month-old baby boy suffered second degree burns after being scalded in a bath of hot water by a paediatric nurse at Princess Margaret Hospital. He's said to be stable, despite losing the skin from his hip and legs. The Health Secretary, York Chow, expressed his deep regret at the incident and has asked the Hospital Authority to conduct a thorough and prompt investigation into the incident.


Only 26 percent of Hong Kong people polled in a survey by the Chinese University of Hong Kong consider the city to be a harmonious society. This is the first time Hong Kong has dropped out of the list of harmonious cities. Some 65 percent find the tension between the rich and the poor is severe and 60 percent find the political strife serious.


Hong Kong and Guangdong have signed the Framework Agreement on Hong Kong/ Guangdong Co-operation to create a new "world-class economic zone" and enhance Hong Kong's position as an international financial centre. Hong Kong will benefit from the vast potential of Guangdong province in major areas including finance, manufacturing, environment and education.


A Facebook group is organizing a "Cut gift money for shark-fin banquets" campaign calling on netizens to tell couples about to get married to leave the traditional shark's fin soup off the menu or receive a 30 percent cut in their red packets or money gifts. They hope to change existing social traditions and pay more attention to animal protection.


Cathay Pacific cabin crew have decided not to take industrial action. The airline's Flight Attendants' Union says members agreed to sign an agreement with management after Cathay made further concessions in relation to staff work arrangements. But the union says it will still pursue other outstanding issues.


About 350 primary and secondary schools will switch off their air conditioning for a day on June 1 to help save energy. Organised by the green group Footprint, No Air Conditioning Day this year will also focus on encouraging schools to formulate a long-term policy on the use of air conditioners, such as keeping temperatures at between 23 and 25.5 degrees.


The Fire Services Department has established a working group to study the feasibility of equipping firefighters with a radio to enable them to communicate from a fire scene. Director Gregory, who yesterday attended the staff meeting, stressed the Department places a strong emphasis on work safety.


Prominent businessman leader Tsui Tsin-tong died in Beijing. He had suffered a stroke last month. A Standing Committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Mr Tsui chaired a number of local corporations and gave widely to charity. He made laudable efforts and provided generous endowments for cultural causes in Hong Kong.


A 17-year-old girl, who is a Form Five schoolgirl, was arrested on suspicion of infanticide. She went into labour and gave birth in the toilet of her flat shortly after midnight. She carried her newborn son in a handbag from her Tuen Mun home to a short-stay hotel in Yuen Long to meet his father - who was also a classmate - early yesterday. The baby is suspected to have died from suffocation. Her parents did not realise she was pregnant.


A survey by the Baptist University's Hong Kong Transition Project has found that the younger generation has become more politically active because of what it perceives as the widening inequality in society. Researchers warn that growing dissatisfaction among young people in Hong Kong could lead to unrest.


A doctor advised a pregnant woman to have an abortion without making sure that her foetus was dead. The woman had doubts and did an examination at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, where the foetus was found to be alive. The doctor was ruled guilty of professional misconduct by the Medical Council yesterday and his name was struck from the general register for 3 months but suspended the order for 12 months.


Samples of Po Chai Pills were found to contain ingredients that could cause serious side effects. A Department of Heath spokesman remarked that Li Chung Shing Tong failed to exercise due diligence to ensure the safety and quality of its products.  The government is to inspect all 500 Chinese medicine makers in Hong Kong.


The Boys' and Girls' Clubs Association interviewed 32 parents whose children had been diagnosed with reading and writing disabilities. It found that more than 65 percent of parents claimed their relationships with their children have been directly harmed. Children who perform badly at school are misunderstood as being lazy or not performing their best. The government should educate parents on the symptoms of and solutions to reading and writing disabilities.
香港小童群益會訪問 32位家有讀障子女的家長,65.6%家長指影響親子關係。讀寫障礙兒童易被誤會是懶惰或不盡力,建議政府教育家長有關讀寫障礙的症狀及解決辦法。


The Education Secretary, Michael Suen, says a scheme to restructure secondary school classes, in a bid to prevent closures was made "voluntary" because of demands from parents. Some parents have expressed concern that it will be more difficult for their children to get admitted to popular schools. Mr Suen said the Education Bureau had taken parents' concerns into consideration, and decided not to order all schools to cut classes.


Two frontline Bank of China (Hong Kong) employees have been arrested for allegedly misleading and inducing eight customers to buy Lehman Brothers-related structured products. The total amount of the investments involved is reported to be about HK$3.5 million.


The government has announced measures to restructure secondary school classes, in a bid to prevent closures as the number of pupils falls. Schools will be asked - on a voluntary basis - to reduce the number of secondary one classes from five to four. A school joining the scheme will be given extra funding of HK$250,000 a year.


Diners are being warned to beware of a con man posing as a restaurant captain who stole credit cards from three customers when they paid their bills in three different restaurants. The man used the cards to buy two iPhones and gold ornaments worth a total of HK$25,000. Customers are urged not to hand over cards or cash until they see the printed bills.


Secretary for the Environment Edward Yau said it is not necessary to establish an air pollution warning mechanism as air pollution does not affect most activities such as schooling and work. He said government departments would strengthen the notification and communication systems.


There were severe levels of air pollution across Hong Kong yesterday. The air pollution index reached a record high of 500 in several areas. The extreme pollution was largely caused by sandstorms which have been affecting northern China. When there are severe levels of pollution, many people may suffer eye irritation, sore throats, wheezing and coughing.


A study of the Society for Community Organization has found that Hong Kong's homeless population is increasingly being made up of younger and more educated people. Their average age was 43, seven years younger than similar surveys conducted a decade ago. Nearly three-quarters of them had an education level of secondary school or above.


The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, said the government will investigate and take action against any abnormal property transactions. He understood public concerns about high property prices, but the decision to suspend the building of Home Ownership Scheme flats had come after a long review. He added that the government should not take on the role of a property developer which could have a negative impact on the market.


The Town Planning Board rejected a 2008 proposal by the Urban Renewal Authority to demolish nine of the Chinese-style buildings on Wing Lee Street. However, the URA's new proposal to conserve all 12 buildings on the street will take at least 18 months to undergo approval procedures, which include public announcements and consultations.


A government survey has found that the median hourly pay in the workforce of 2,776,600 employees is HK$58 an hour. However, in the lowest 10 percent of the workforce - security and cleaning services - the median pay is just HK$27.60. The survey will be used as a reference for the Provisional Minimum Wage Commission.
政府調查發現,在二百七十七萬多名職工中,時薪中位數為五十八元五角;最低的一成 保安清潔服務業僱員 時薪中位數僅二十七元六角。臨時最低工資委員會將調查報告作參考數據。


The Fire Services Department has confirmed that human error was involved in the factory blaze in Cheung Sha Wan earlier this month, which killed a senior fireman. It said the commander at the scene made a request to raise the fire alarm from level one to three, but that message was deleted. The mistake was not noticed until 18 minutes later, leading to delays in bringing in more firefighters.


The Urban Renewal Authority has bowed to public pressure by proposing to save Wing Lee Street from demolition. Calls to preserve the street gained attention after the film Echoes of the Rainbow won an award at the Berlin Film Festival. Wing Lee Street offers a window into life in Hong Kong in the 1950s, as the street is still lined entirely with Chinese-style buildings.


A Consumer Council survey has found that almost 50 types of instant noodles in the market contain too much sodium. The council warned that consuming excessive amounts of sodium increased the risk of developing high blood pressure. In addition, some samples had either excessive total fat or saturated fat, both of which would increase the risk of heart attacks.


A Hospital Authority survey has found nearly three quarters of Hong Kong people are unaware that diabetes can lead to kidney failure. People should be more aware of the complications brought by diabetes. Timely check-ups and self supervision are crucial. The World Health Organization predicted Hong Kong's total diabetic patients will exceed 1.25 million in 10 years.


The Director of Audit, Benjamin Tang, has said the Audit Commission should be politically independent. He also said experience had shown that subsidised non-government organisations were more likely to violate regulations, as they always failed to handle expenses properly and avoid conflicts of interest.


In a statement, the ICAC accused TVB General Manager Stephen Chan and his close associates of allegedly gaining illegal advantages through outsourcing contracts and forcing artists to perform in variety shows produced by the advertising company at a lower fee.


The ICAC has arrested four TVB employees, including the station's general manager Stephen Chan, on suspicion of corruption. Someone allegedly controlled a shell company which accepted production contracts from TVB and then outsourced the work to other production houses. This allowed the shell company to accumulate as much as HK$10 million over the years.


A depressed, unemployed young man who posted online messages about rape, murder and blowing up Donald Tsang Yam-kuen’s house pleaded guilty of four counts of outraging public decency. He was remanded in prison awaiting sentence. He claimed that he posted messages for fun and emotional release after a dispute with a library staff member.


The Standing Committee on Civil Service Salaries and Conditions of Service has proposed to reduce the entry pay for degree holders by about HK$2,000 a month to just under HK$20,000. It is making the recommendation after comparing the starting salaries with those entering the private sector. Existing civil servants would not be affected.


A fireman died and three others were injured while fighting a six-hour blaze at a knitting factory in Cheung Sha Wan yesterday. The body of the senior fireman was found trapped underneath fallen goods and furniture. The industrial block, built in 1961, does not have an automatic sprinkler system. A team has been set up to look into the cause of the fire.
長沙灣一間針織廠大火,焚燒超過 6小時,一名消防隊目被傢俬雜物壓著殉職,三名消防員受傷。火警現場工廠大廈建於1961年,無自動灑水系統。消防處已成立專案小組調查火警起因。


A survey conducted by the Boys' and Girls' Clubs Association has found youngsters who spend long hours in internet cafes are more vulnerable to drug abuse and related crimes than those who do not. The government is being urged to regulate the operating hours of Internet cafes and to impose an age limit on youngsters who visit them.


The Environment secretary Edward Yau, says the introduction of electric cars will not only better protect the environment but will save motorists' money. Mr Yau said he believed more people would opt for electric vehicles if there were better support facilities for charging stations.


A mother was put on probation after cutting her 14-year-old daughter with scissors and dunking her head in water. The mother was angry with her for refusing to eat at home. The magistrate said the girl often argues with the mother because she has reached a rebellious age. He also said she had used an inappropriate method to discipline the girl and that the mother's violence could have the opposite effect.


A record low number of homes completed last year - just 7,160 - helped boost prices in the fourth quarter by 23 percent. The government expects more than 14,000 private flats to be built this year -- the vast majority of them small and medium-sized units. Most will be in the New Territories, with Yuen Long delivering 27 percent of total homes.


Maryknoll Convent School may be punished for failing to submit the required paperwork for the removal of 18 trees from its site in 2008 and for drainage works the following year. The drainage works badly damaged the roots of a rare 70-year old pine tree, which had to be cut down because it posed a safety hazard.


February was the most humid month experienced in Hong Kong since 1959, with the average relative humidity of 88 percent about 10% above normal. Last month was also exceptionally gloomy: less than 32 hours of bright sunshine were recorded for the whole of February. The Observatory blamed the miserable weather on a warm and humid airstream which hit Hong Kong.


The chairman of the Hong Kong Tourism Board, James Tien, says he is optimistic about the prospects for the local tourism industry. The board predicts visitor arrivals will top 30 million in 2010 - 5.2 percent more than last year. However, Mr Tien said doubts over the economic recovery in the US and Europe may reduce the number of long-haul visitors.


Three runners were in critical condition after falling ill during the Hong Kong Standard Chartered Marathon. They were among 55 people taken to hospitals after being overcome by heat stroke or dehydration in trying running conditions. Over 52,000 people took part in this year's event.


Education Secretary Michael Suen has appealed to parents to only use subsidies for Internet subscriptions to help their children get access to the web. Low-income families with children at school are going to get an annual payment of up to 13-hundred dollars, but the government won't monitor how the money is used.


Hong Kong's free television broadcasters accuse Cable TV of breaching FIFA rules which require that key matches be shown to a mass audience. Cable TV said it will show the key matches through "Channel 1" for free. The Broadcasting Authority said Cable TV is not licensed for free broadcasts.


A government survey shows there has been a sharp rise in the number of younger students taking drugs in Hong Kong - and that their drugs of choice are cough medicine and paint thinner. It reported that 4.3 percent of secondary school students admitted taking drugs. Primary school children as young as eight are abusing drugs.
政府調查顯示本港年輕學生吸毒人數急劇增加,而吸毒的學生主要是服食咳藥水以及聞天拿水。調查發現,中學生曾經吸毒人數佔4.3%,濫藥的小學生年紀低至 8歲。


The Financial Secretary, John Tsang, has announced over $20 billion worth of one-off relief measures in his Budget. There are measures to help the less privileged including two months' rent-free living for public housing tenants and one month's extra payment provided to citizens on the dole or receiving old age benefits. Cash allowances will be given to help students from low-income families to pay internet-access charges.


A survey has found that the number of millionaires in Hong Kong increased 13.2 percent last year to 394,000, thanks to investment gains from the recovering economy. One out of every 13 adults in the SAR is a millionaire. At least 47 percent of the millionaires are classified as "non- working people," including retirees and housewives, while 87 percent are aged 40 or above.
一項調查發現,隨著經濟復甦,投資收益增加,O九年本港百萬富翁人數回升至三十九萬四千人,按年增一成三。去年本港平均每 13個成年人便有 1個是百萬富翁。「無業人士」包括退休人士及家庭主婦所佔比率達 47%,40歲或以上人數佔 87%。


Villagers of Choi Yuen Village have urged the government to make an exact copy of the village elsewhere in order to retain their way of life. They are being forced to move to make way for the planned construction of the high-speed rail link to Guangzhou. The new village would need 180,000-square-feet of land.


A Hong Kong-made film, "Echoes of the Rainbow", has won an award at the Berlin Film Festival. The movie took the Crystal Bear award for Best Feature Film in the Generation category, the first time a Hong Kong film has won the prize. Director Alex Law Kai-yui thanked the Hong Kong government, in particular the Film Development Fund, for their support in production.


The government has been urged to allocate more resources in next week's budget for elderly care homes. The call came from around twenty elderly people who demonstrated at government headquarters in Central. They complained that it is taking them too long to get day care services or places in homes.


More than 70 graves and 130 vases were damaged at the Catholic cemetery in Happy Valley. The damage was discovered yesterday by a security guard who called police at about 9.40am. Many renowned figures are buried in the cemetery. There was no evidence at this stage that any religion or particular person was a target.
跑馬地天主教墳場有70多個墓碑及130 個墓前花樽遭人破壞。墳場內一名保安員,發現有多個墓碑被牷A在早上九時四十分報警。墳場內葬有不少名人。在這階段,無跡象顯示有任何宗教或某類個別人士為針對目標。


A 14-year-old Hong Kong boy died in a skiing accident at the High1 Ski Resort in South Korea while on a tour with his parents. The boy suffered a serious head injury when he hit a fence. A ski instructor said beginners should not try to ski on an intermediate slope unaccompanied.
本港一名十四歲少年,昨隨父母旅遊,在南韓High one滑雪場滑雪時發生意外死亡,少年撞到雪道安全欄,頭部重創。一名滑雪教練表示,初學者不應獨自在中級水平雪道滑雪。


A 15-year-old British girl died in a go-karting accident at the Diamond Coast International Kart Circuit in Tuen Mun. Police believe the victim suffocated after her scarf got trapped in the wheel of the go-kart. The sport is not regulated by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department because kart racing is not considered an amusement ride.


Former Hong Kong international footballer Wan Chi-keung died of organ failure at the age of 53. Known as Asia's Best Striker, Wan was a key player for the Hong Kong national football team in the 1970s and 1980s. After retirement, he became an actor. He was diagnosed with cancer in the early 1990s.


According to a fortune stick picked by the Chairman of the Heung Yee Kuk, Lau Wong-fat, the "Year of the Tiger" will see fair prospects for Hong Kong. The fortune-stick reader at the Che Kung Temple said the No53 stick means there is hope for 2010 and the economy should continue to improve.

Speaking at the 2010 Cathay Pacific International Chinese New Year Night Parade in Tsim Sha Tsui, the Financial Secretary, Mr John C Tsang, said  the Parade marks the start of a series of colourful festivities this year, which has been designated as “Festive Hong Kong 2010”.

Politicians have been presenting their New Year wish-lists to the government. Union lawmaker Ip Wai-ming hoped the administration would build more elderly homes and provide more construction jobs whilst Liberal party chairwoman, Miriam Lau, called for an increase in medical vouchers for the elderly. Democratic party lawmaker, Wong Shing-chi, said he hoped the government would give more assistance to small companies.
不同政黨向政府提出新年願望清單。工聯會葉偉明希望政府增建安老院,為建築行業提供更多就業機會 ; 自由黨主席劉健儀要求提高長者醫療券 ; 民主黨黃成智希望政府援助中小企。


A survey by the Chinese University shows half of respondents support the government's proposal on constitutional reform. But six out of 10 people think the proposal is not the best. Political scientist Dr Ma Ngok, who was responsible for the study, said the government should improve its political reform package to raise more support.


The government is aiming to introduce up to 13 new high-quality digital radio channels to Hong Kong as early as the end of this year. Operators can submit detailed proposals to the Broadcasting Authority by the end of April. There will not be any so-called 'positive-programming requirements' imposed on operators such as a minimum amount of time they must allocate to specific topics.


Ocean Park will receive a pair of young koalas as a gift from South Australia. They will be flown to Hong Kong within the next two years. Ocean Park thanked the South Australia government, saying the koalas would become permanent residents of the park and serve as important conservation ambassadors.


A middle-aged woman whose husband was killed in a construction-site accident in 2007 died yesterday when an elderly neighbour landed on her after falling 27 floors. The woman was on her way home from work to her flat in Ma On Shan when the 74-year-old woman fell while collecting clothes from a rack on the wall outside her flat. Both women died in the freak accident.
一名中年婦人,三年前丈夫在建築地盤意外中死亡,昨日在返馬鞍山家途中,被在家晾衫失足從二十七樓墮下的 74 歲婆婆壓住,兩人在罕見意外中死亡。


Fourteen-year-old boy wonder Eric Lin Cheuk-yin made a remarkable leap in learning when Diocesan Boys' School let him skip four grades - from Secondary Two to Secondary Six - because of his remarkable talent in mathematics. Eric fell in love with mathematics at a young age. He hopes to realize his dream of becoming a maths professor.


A 41-year-old mother hurled her young daughter from a shopping mall - and then jumped to her death. The 4-year-old girl was saved by a safety net, but the mother fell through and died. Initial police inquiries revealed that the couple had argued about the girl's education. The mother wanted to send her to an international school, but her husband replied it was too expensive.


The Transport and Housing Bureau held an online discussion on the social networking website Facebook. Many taking part in the discussion called it a publicity stunt, and questioned why the discussion was limited to three hours. Transport Secretary Eva Cheng said the government will use various channels and different media to interact with the public.


Hong Kong Electric said it plans to develop an offshore wind power project worth up to HK$3 billion in southwest Lamma. The project could power 50,000 households and account for up to 2 percent of the company’s annual electricity production. Once completed, it could displace the use of 62,000 tons of coal, preventing the release of up to 150,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
港燈擬在南丫島西南面水域興建離岸風力發電場,造價三十億元,項目每年供電量,足夠五萬個四人家庭使用,佔港燈總發電量百分之二。項目完成後,每年可節省 6.2萬公噸燃煤,減少排放 15萬公噸二氧化碳。


A 70-year-old pine tree at Maryknoll Convent School in Kowloon Tong has to be removed for safety reasons. The pine, which students call the "ghost tree", has started leaning to one side after recent drainage renovation work. At least 2,500 concerned students and alumni have joined a Facebook campaign to save the pine tree.

Under an amendment to the Medical Council of Hong Kong's code of practice, doctors who swear at their patients or deliberately ignores a patient's inquiries could be guilty of professional misconduct. The new guidelines are intended to remind doctors of the importance of their behavior and attitude at work. The Medical Council received 45 complaints about doctors' attitudes last year.

Fung shui master, Tony Chan, lost his High Court battle to inherit the estimated HK$100-billion fortune of the late tycoon, Nina Wang. The judge ruled that the will he submitted was a forgery. The judge said Mr Chan had lied and was not a credible witness. He awarded the entire estate to the Chinachem Charitable Foundation and ordered Mr Chan to pay its court costs.
已故華懋集團主席龔如心千億元爭產案,風水師陳振聰敗訴。法官裁定,陳振聰 所持的遺囑是偽造的,又說陳振聰是不可信的証人,法官將龔如心的遺產全數撥歸華懋慈善基金,並命令陳振聰付堂費。


University of Hong Kong researchers found that H1N1 flu can actually infect and replicate in eyes while the seasonal flu cannot. It is important to keep personal hygiene to avoid swine flu. The public should be made more aware to wash their hands before rubbing their eyes.


Financial Secretary John Tsang Chun- wah expects the budget deficit to be smaller than estimated because of healthy revenues from stamp duty and land sales. But Tsang refuses to talk about whether there will be new poverty relief measures in the budget this month. Sources say that there will be tax rebates and rate waivers for the middle class and grassroots.


The Government will inspect across the territory about 4,000 buildings of 50 years or older following the collapse of a residential block in Hung Hom, which resulted in four deaths and two injuries. The inspections will take place within one month.
紅磡造成 4 死 2 傷的塌樓事故後,政府將會於周一開始,巡查全港 4 千座樓齡達到50 年的舊樓,預計1個月完成。


A 55-year-old block of flats in Hung Hom collapsed yesterday afternoon, killing at least three people. Two other victims believed buried under the rubble. Reports say renovation work was being carried out on the ground floor of the five-storey residential block. The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, pledged to do everything possible to prevent a repeat of the tragedy.


The parents of a 10-year-old boy were jailed for three months for taking their son out of school. The couple had withdrawn their son from his school after a row with the school's management over various problems, including teaching quality and fee-charging issues. In passing sentence, the magistrate said the couple had, without cause, denied their son his right to a free education.


The niece of a judge was arrested after slapping a police officer in the early hours yesterday. Police asked her to take a breathalyzer test which she also refused and tried to walk off. She then slapped a police officer who was blocking her way. Commissioner of Police Tang King-shing said: "That citizen paid no respect to law enforcers at all. Law enforcers maintain law and order for public safety."


A chronically ill man has been put on probation for 18 months after being convicted of killing his ailing mother. The man and his mother, both suffered from diabetes, decided to end their lives together. He injected his mother with almost 60 times her daily dose of insulin. The judge told the man he should choose to live a happy life for his own sake and for those who care about him.


The government revealed six cases of stillbirths involving women after receiving the swine flu vaccine. But the government would not consider stopping the vaccination of pregnant women, unless the number of such cases surged above a baseline figure. The Centre for Health Protection admits that the public's response to the vaccination programme had been "underwhelming".


More than 86 per cent of retail outlets, particularly convenience stores, are still selling cigarettes to underage smokers, a survey of the Neighbourhood and Worker's Service Centre has found. Center chairman Leung Yiu- chung said convenience stores should increase training for staff to help stop illegal cigarette sales. He also urged the Tobacco Control Office to reinforce patrols.


The Liberal Party has decided not to take part in by-elections triggered by the pan-Democrats' resignation programme. Its chairwoman Miriam Lau, said the "uprising" slogan adopted by the resigning lawmakers suggested an attempt to overthrow the government. And the Liberal Party could not agree to such a move.

The number of injections given has fallen to new lows in recent days, following reports of severe complications arising from the swine flu shot - although officials stress there is no evidence that the vaccine has caused adverse reactions. Nine people have now died since the vaccination programme was launched last month, all had not got vaccinated.

The Education Bureau has announced that the minimum entrance requirement for local university degree programmes under the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education from 2012 onwards will be two passes at Level 3 in languages and two at Level 2 in liberal studies and mathematics. More than 20,000 will fulfil the minimum entrance requirements.
教育局公布,在新中學文憑試下,從2012年起,升讀本地大學的最低入學要求是學生須於中文、英文考獲三級及數學及通識教育科取得二級成績, 二萬多人將會達到最低入學要求。


Hong Kong remains the world’s freest economy for the 16th straight year. In the 2010 Index of Economic Freedom compiled by the Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal, the territory scored 89.7 points - down 0.3 percent from last year. Singapore was ranked second, followed by Australia.


The government is dissatisfied with the financial performance of Hong Kong Disneyland and will continue to keep close watch on the theme park's cost controls and efficiency. The theme park reported a net loss of HK$1.3 billion for the 12-month period up to October last year. The park says the economic downturn and the swine flu outbreak affected its attendances last year.


The government is planning new legislation to deal with the problem of electronic waste. Under the "polluter pays" principle, consumers would have to pay for processing electronic appliances before they are reused, recycled or dumped. It aims to reduce the dumping of large items such as TV's, fridges and computers in landfills.


According to a survey by the Hong Kong Christian Service, members of the "post-80s" generation are less happy and more anxious than those of the older generation. They think they have a high education qualification but the salary is not satisfactory and the chances of promotion are slim.


Thousands of protesters demonstrated outside the Legislative Council building on Saturday after the Finance Committee approved almost $67-billion in funding for the express rail link to Guangzhou. Protesters surrounded the Legislative Council building and refused to let Transport Secretary Eva Cheng and other government officials leave. Police earlier used pepper spray on some of the protesters as they tried to break through barricades.


Several thousand people staged a protest outside Government House last night after earlier clashing with police near the Legislative Council building. They were demonstrating against the government's funding proposal for the HK$67 billion express rail link to Guangzhou. Most of the protesters dispersed on the stroke of midnight.


The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, has admitted that Hong Kong faces deep-rooted social and political conflicts stemming from growing poverty, and rising disenchantment among young people. Tsang said his administration is willing to listen to young people's expectations and even their discontent in an attempt to tackle deep-rooted social conflicts.


A handicapped unemployed man who had sent more than 10 threatening letters to the judge in the Nina Wang probate hearing, fung shui master Tony Chan and his family was jailed for two-and-a-half years. The judge said the accused had been very foolish and immature. He had no real motive apart from wanting to "bad-mouth" people.


Several Executive councillors called on lawmakers to vote on the funding for the express rail link to Guangzhou. They stressed the importance of the project to Hong Kong's economic development. Leung Chun-ying said there had been similar concerns over major projects in the past, but in the end government decisions had proved to be correct.


Retiring Chief Justice Andrew Li Kwok-nang stressed the importance to Hong Kong of an independent judiciary. He also said Hong Kong's system of checks and balances ensured that both the executive and the legislature complied with the law. He said the courts were not the place for resolving political, social, and economic problems.


The Chief Executive Donald Tsang Yam-kuen said it was infuriating that an acid attack had happened again. He hopes the public will help the police catch the culprit. The culprit behind the Saturday attack is still at large. The police are offering a HK$300,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.


A man is being questioned by police in connection with last night's acid attack in Temple Street. Two bottles of corrosive liquid had been thrown onto the busy Temple Street night market just past 9:30 yesterday evening, showering passersby with acid. 30 people were injured, including nine tourists.


Pan-Democrat legislators opposed to the express rail link to Guangzhou have succeeded once again in delaying the approval of HK$67 billion in public money for the project. Pro-Government legislators who are backing the development criticised them for employing delay tactics. Over 30 lawmakers spoke during the seven-hour debate.
泛民立法會議員成功拖延廣深港高鐵香港段669億元的撥款,支持高鐵發展的建 制派議員批評泛民議員使用「拉布」戰術。在長達七小時的辯論中,三十多名立法會議員發言。


Legislators Chim Pui-chung and Wong Yuk-man had to be separated by security guards in the Legco chamber after a heated row during debate on the funding for the express rail link to Guangzhou. They left their seats to trade insults and swearwords. Education groups said the incident had set a bad example for young people and damaged the reputation of the legislature.


The war of words over the government's express rail link to Guangzhou has intensified. Several groups placed newspaper advertisements, some backing and others opposing the funding proposal. Opponents plan to organize 10,000 people to surround the building tomorrow. The government has warned that delays in starting construction work will cost millions of dollars.
廣深港高鐵論戰變得激烈,多個組織在報章登廣告,分別支持或反對興建高鐵撥 款。反對陣營計劃發動萬人於明日表決日圍堵立法會。政府警告,工程延誤會花費許多金錢。


A teen model who was found in possession of ketamine inside a school toilet was put on probation for 12 months. Monique Chau Hoi-ying was also ordered to stay away from drugs and give random urine samples. Chau said she understands the incident will affect her future prospects and that drugs are bad for her health.


Two postmen were attacked by four men in Sau Mau Ping before robbing them of two mailbags containing 1,100 letters. Strangely, the bags were later found abandoned in a remote New Territories village with the contents intact - leaving police puzzled over a motive for the crime, believed to be the first of its kind in Hong Kong.


Financial Secretary John Tsang Chun- wah is appealing to Hong Kong's youth to develop a wider perspective on different issues and discuss things rationally and objectively. Tsang described the young group as the "post-1980 generation" who are passionate about social affairs. If they can equip themselves with useful skills, they will have many chances to move upward in society.


Hundreds of taxis have been breaking down after refuelling at Sinopec's petrol stations in the past few days. A government engineer said he had found nothing wrong with the quality of gas supply. However, he said some particles had been found in the engines of some taxis. The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department will meet with transport officials, taxi representatives and Sinopec on Monday in a bid to pinpoint the cause of the problem.


The Society for Community Organisation has found that children are most concerned about the widening wealth gap between the rich and the poor. A spokeswoman of the society said it is unfair that poor children's personal development opportunities were hindered, as they did not have enough resources to supplement their learning. She said the government should set up a commission to tackle the problem.


The champion bodybuilder at the 2006 Doha Asian Games appeared in the Eastern Court for bribery charges. Chan Yun-to is accused of paying US$10,000 to an official of a bodybuilding association to lift a suspension, so that he could compete in those Games.