CLP Power has bowed to public pressure and further reduced its tariff increase - bringing it down to 4.9 percent - from an original 9.2 percent. CLP Power said there would be no impact for 30 percent of residential customers, while 50 percent would see their monthly bills rise by no more than HK$3.40.


A three-month public consultation exercise shows strong support for a new runway rather than expanding existing facilities. 73 percent want the third runway which can improve Hong Kong's competitiveness and create jobs. But some express concern that construction may worsen pollution and affect the endangered Chinese White Dolphin.


The government has launched a four-month public consultation on the “joint parental responsibility model” to replace the existing custody and access arrangements under family law. The new model emphasizes the continuing responsibilities of both parents toward their children. Both parents will retain their responsibilities to participate in important decisions about their children even after divorcing.


Women tend to use cameras in their mobile phones to photograph and then go online to seek praise for their efforts. A survey reveals that more than 80 percent of women like taking pictures with their smartphones. One in every two women will post photos of their daily lives and gatherings to friends. More than 30 percent "feel happy to get a `like' from others" on their postings.

27/12/11 President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao have affirmed the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government's progress. Mr Hu said Hong Kong had achieved stable economic development and the social atmosphere was harmonious, peaceful and rational. He said Donald Tsang's final policy address had listened to the demands of the community, and introduced a series of measures to improve people's livelihood.
國家主席胡錦濤及總理溫家寶對特區政府予以充分肯定。 胡錦濤指出,香港經濟保持持續平穩增長,社會氣氛和諧、安寧和理性。施政報告回應了民意的訴求,採取惠及民生措施。 

Speakers at RTHK's City Forum criticised the government's proposed legislation to make stalking a criminal offence. They said the law's coverage was too wide and would infringe on people's rights. The chairperson of the Journalists Association, Mak Yin-ting, urged the government to be cautious in pressing ahead with the legislation in the name of protecting women.


The Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs, Raymond Tam, said the government was studying the possibility of introducing a deputy for the chief secretary, the finance secretary and the secretary for justice. Mr Tam said the three deputies could help co-ordinate cross-departmental issues, such as pandemics and disasters.


In his Christmas message, Archbishop of the Anglican Church in Hong Kong Paul Kwong says core values have been eaten away by selfishness and the pursuit of money. The Archbishop said frequent opposition by residents to nearby development projects was an example of individuals placing their own interests before those of the wider community. He urged people to "think rationally whether some sacrifice could be made for public good".


Researchers of the Chinese University of Hong Kong say parents should seek professional help if their children are picky eaters, as this may lead to listlessness and loss of concentration. In addition, such eating habits may affect their learning abilities and growth. Encouragement is the key to improving children's food habits.


Immigration officers arrested 19 people suspected to have been involved in arranging 180 bogus marriages. The gang arranged mainland men and women to marry Hong Kong residents in order to obtain residency or visas to the territory. The gang placed advertisements in newspapers to get the attention of residents who wanted to make quick money.


Chief Executive candidate Henry Tang Ying-yen has suggested banning pregnant mainlanders outright from giving birth in public hospitals to safeguard service quality for locals and channelling them to private hospitals. His major rival, Leung Chun-ying, maintains that the best way to manage the influx of pregnant mainlanders is to block them at border checkpoints.
行政長官參選人唐英年建議徹底禁止內地孕婦到公營醫院分娩,以保障公營醫療優先服務港人,他建議把內地孕婦轉送去私營醫院。他的主要對手梁振英主張在 邊境檢查站堵住內地孕婦進港,這是最佳處理內地孕婦湧進的方法。


The government has proposed to make stalking a criminal offence. Stalkers may face a maximum fine of 100-thousand dollars and a jail term of 2 years in future. Stalking means a series of acts directed at a specific person over a period of time, which causes him or her to feel harassed, alarmed and distressed. These include making unwelcome visits, sending unwanted gifts and making false accusations about the victim.


A survey has found that many workers in the service industry suffer from stress and insomnia because of absurd customer demands. Women are four times more likely to cause them trouble than men. A troublesome customer is described as someone who makes unreasonable requests, shouts loudly, or says humiliating words.


The Environment Secretary, Edward Yau, called on CLP Power to reconsider its inflation-busting increase in electricity prices. The power company insisted it would go ahead with an average increase of 9.2 percent. The DAB said the company should shoulder some social responsibility and consider the financial impact the new tariffs would have on its customers.


People with terminal illnesses could be allowed to take their money out of MPF accounts in the future. The Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority says contributors who have a reduced life expectancy because of illness should be allowed to withdraw accrued benefits early, either gradually or in a lump sum. The authority's launched a three-and-a-half month public consultation on the proposal.
積金局表示,身患末期疾病的強積金供款人,將來可以提早一次過或分期方式提 取強積金權益強。積金局展開三個半月的公眾諮詢有關提議。


A ban on idling engines has come into effect. Under the new law, drivers who leave their engines running for more than three minutes within a one-hour period are liable for a fixed penalty of HK$320. There will be a one-month grace period during which only verbal warnings will be issued. Fixed penalty tickets will be issued if these warnings are ignored.


The Legislative Council passed an amended version of the Road Traffic Ordinance that will increase the penalties for those found guilty of driving under the influence of drugs. Under the amended law, the police will be given the powers to conduct random roadside checks on drivers. The zero-tolerance policy means that those who get behind the wheel after taking illicit drugs will be charged.


CLP Power and Hongkong Electric are demanding hefty tariff increases - 9.2 percent and 6.3 percent respectively - starting next year. Both companies blame surging fuel and operating costs for their actions. But the government has quickly rejected their proposals as 'unacceptable', saying that such increases would be above the rate of inflation.
中電及港燈要求明年大幅加電費,中電加百分之九點二,港燈百分之六點三。兩 電把加電費歸咎於激增的燃料成本及營運開支。政府即時拒絕提議,表示加幅遠高於通脹是不能接受。


A 73-year-old man who spent most of the year on the mainland to save money is challenging as unconstitutional a legal requirement that a person must have been living in Hong Kong the year before becoming eligible for old-age allowance (fruit money). His lawyers argued that the requirement was discriminatory and infringed his right to social welfare and right to travel.  


The number of blood cancer cases in Hong Kong is expected to double in the next five years, especially among young people. Hong Kong sees 4,000 new blood cancer cases every year, with blood cancer the sixth most common cancer in the city. It is suspected the higher incidence of blood cancer is the result of a changing environment and switch to Western lifestyles.


The Immigration Department has said it will enhance the training of frontline officers for dealing with pregnant women from the mainland who attempt to cross into the SAR without a booking. The number of expectant mothers who have been refused entry at the border almost doubled last month to more than 280, compared with the monthly average of 150 in the first half of this year.


Up to a million Hong Kong people may suffer from fatty liver disease and 40,000 of them could have serious complications, a Chinese University study estimates. Western diet and lifestyle are blamed for the growing incidence of fatty liver disease.
中大一項普查推算本港約約有一百萬人患有脂肪肝,當中超過四萬人的肝臟出 現嚴重的併發症,西方?食及生活習慣是引致脂肪肝發生率高的原因。


The Centre for Food Safety released the test results of a seasonal food "poon choi". The results of all 15 samples were satisfactory. Despite the satisfactory results, the spokesman reminded traders to avoid preparing food too far in advance. To prevent food-borne diseases, food handlers should also take note of the temperature in storing, transporting and preparing food.     


Health experts urge early detection of chronic kidney diseases, especially for those suffering from diabetes and hypertension. Latest figures show a steady growth of 5 percent in end-stage renal disease patients each year. A total of 7,372 people needed dialysis or a kidney transplant last year.


The Hospital Authority has reported a sharp surge in the number of non-local pregnant women going to accident and emergency units to give birth without a booking. There were 205 cases in November - double the figure for the same month last year. The authority called this high-risk behaviour which poses risks to the mother and baby.


An 18-year-old youth was stabbed to death in a suspected triad gang attack in Tuen Mun. Police believe it to be infighting between two factions of a triad society. The two gangs have been fighting for control of seafood interests on the estate and elsewhere. A man detained at the murder scene is helping police with their investigations.


Twenty-two people have been arrested by The Independent Commission Against Corruption in connection with vote-rigging in the King's Park constituency of Yau Tsim Mong during the recent District Council polls. All of those arrested in "Operation Wave Spray" were registered to vote in the election. The outcome of the election was determined by just two votes.


The government is to step up checks on subdivided flats. The Secretary for Development, Carrie Lam, said old buildings with hawker stalls in front of them would be targetted. Mrs Lam said there are more than 334 subdivided buildings on both sides of the harbour. She said the government would take enforcement action as vigorously as possible.
政府會更加強巡查茤苤C發展局局長林鄭月娥表示,目標是前面有排檔的舊式建築物,海港兩岸共有334 幢有茤衎媬v物。林鄭月娥表示,政府會採取更嚴厲的執法行動。


Members of Yau Tsim Mong District Council expressed support for a plan to require hawkers on Fa Yuen Street in Mongkok to dismantle their stalls after trading hours to minimise fire risks. Councillors acknowledged that the plan would cause inconvenience to stallholders, but they said they also had to consider the safety of residents living nearby.


The number of candidates due to sit the first Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination next year has fallen short of original estimates. A total of 72,876 students have registered for the exam , against the 78,000 predicted by the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority. Some students are flocking overseas as they have no confidence in the public exam introduced under the New Senior Secondary Curriculum.


A blaze that killed 9 people and injured 34 others in Fa Yuen Street Mong Kok has been classified as suspected arson. It took nearly eight hours to put out the fire, which is the worst since the handover. It started in hawker stalls at about 4.30am before quickly spreading to two nearby buildings. Eight of the victims were found on the staircases of the two buildings.
造成9死34傷的旺角花園街火災,已被列為懷疑縱火。 大火焚燒近8小時才被撲滅,這是回歸以來本港最慘烈的大火。火警發生於凌晨4時30分,小販排檔先起火,火勢迅即波及隔鄰兩幢唐樓。八名遇難者在梯間被發現。


Tuen Mun Hospital admitted that three experienced doctors failed to detect signs of internal bleeding in an elderly patient's brain. The patient was given blood thinners after a serious heart attack, but the treatment could have contributed to his death. A panel will be set up to probe the latest incident and examine whether a staff shortage may have led to the tragedy.


Candidates sitting the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education examinations and Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination next year are eligible for getting entry into 63 mainland tertiary institutions including top-ranked Tsinghua and Peking universities. They will be exempted from taking the Joint Entrance Examination for Universities in the mainland.


Leung Chun-ying kicked off his campaign to become chief executive by portraying himself as a devoted family man, a consistent friend and a dedicated professional who rose from humble beginnings. He spoke of his determination to build a fair and just society. He repeatedly stressed that Hong Kong needed change.


Former chief secretary Henry Tang announced that he will stand for the chief executive election next year. "We have faced many challenges in the past and I have no doubt that we will face other challenges in the future. So Hong Kong needs a leader who is able to galvanise the population…to work towards the same goal," Tang said.


The Court of Appeal rejected the appeal of a transgender woman, identified in court papers as “W”, against a High Court ruling that denied her the right to marry her boyfriend. Since W is still legally male, the marriage between W and another male belongs to the category of homosexual marriage. Ms W remained optimistic that her rights would be recognised one day.


Hong Kong is the eighth worst among 566 cities worldwide when it comes to the level of fine particles, the Friends of the Earth claimed yesterday. It said it was disappointing and shameful that Hong Kong fared worse than developing cities. Medical specialists have warned that the fine particles can penetrate deep into the respiratory system and cause severe health risks.


The government is probing vote-rigging allegations in the recent district council elections. According to reports, a number of people had signed up using false addresses and there were cases of multiple voters being registered under the same address. The Registration and Electoral Office government has sent out 28 letters, demanding that voters provide proof of their addresses.
政府正調查區議會選舉「種票」的指控。報道指,有選民虛報地址,亦有一個地址多名選民登記的事例。選舉事務處已發出 28封信,要求選民在一星期內提交住址證明。


The government is proposing to give civil servants paternity leave of between three and five days. To be eligible, a male employee would need to have worked for the government continuously for at least 40 weeks immediately before the expected or actual date of the birth. The Chief Executive Donald Tsang announced in his last policy address that the government would take the lead in providing paid paternity leave.


The Peninsula Hotels group announced that it will stop serving shark fin soup from next January. A spokesman said the company hopes the decision can help preserve the marine ecosystem and will inspire other hospitality companies to do the same. The group said, however, that sharks fin products will remain on the menu for banquets with bookings which have already been made.


A man staged a protest outside the police headquarters in Wanchai during which he threatened to kill himself. He accused the police of ignoring a complaint. The drama ended after six hours when a firefighter pulled him from a four-metre high canopy onto a mattress below. He was arrested for causing nuisance and criminal damage.
一名男子不滿警方沒受理其投訴,到警察總部抗議及揚言要自殺,與警方對峙 6 小時後,一名消防員從四尺高的簷篷推男子落救生氣墊,結束鬧劇。男子涉嫌「在公眾地方犯的妨害行為罪」及刑事破壞被捕。


Professor Paul Yip - who heads the Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention at the University of Hong Kong - said communication between parents and their children usually places too much emphasis on academic performance, and often neglects the true interests and needs of the children. He said the problem lies within the education system.


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University announced that they will give special priority to HKDSE students with good "Other Experiences and Achievements" (OEA) during admission selection. Special admission interview arrangements will be made for the first cohort of HKDSE applicants to recognize their good OEA performance. For those who have performed well in the interviews, bonus marks will be given.
香港理工大學公佈「比賽 / 活動的經驗及成就」(OEA) 優異的新高中生在入學申請遴選時會獲優先考慮。在OEA方面表現優異的新高中生將獲特別面試安排,在面試過程中表現良好的考生可獲額外加分。


Hong Kong's fresh graduates lack skills especially related to multitasked management and loyalty towards their employers, according to a survey of more than 300 businesses. New graduates also lack business sense and global vision. Most employers were dissatisfied with fresh graduates’ level of persistence in their careers.


Hong Kong lost HK$160 million last year due to unauthorized water consumption and inaccurate metering, an audit report revealed. The loss amounted to nearly 35 million cublic metres, or 4 percent of the total fresh water supply last year. Unlawful water-taking has been reported in places such as wet markets and some construction sites.


The Consumer Council says advertising claims that infant formula enriched with beneficial microorganisms can make babies grow healthier may be misleading. The Consumer Council says ingredients in formula described as probiotic -have not been clinically proven to be beneficial. The council concluded that milk powder on sale here was similar in terms of nutrition.


The government will launch the Sexual Conviction Record Check Scheme next month. Under the system, employers can ask job seekers to undergo a sexual conviction record check as long as their work involves frequent contact with children or mentally disabled people. The scheme excludes Peeping Tom and indecent exposure, as they come under disorderly conduct and loitering offences.


A virus HPV that can cause skin infections, warts and cervical cancer has been found on escalator handrails, lift buttons and door handles in several busy districts of the city, according to a study released yesterday by the Society of Physicians of Hong Kong. The virus could be transmitted if people did not wash their hands before touching wounds.


About 2,000 people took part in a Hong Kong Pride Parade organised by local gay and lesbian groups. Participants, wearing colourful outfits, paraded along the busy streets of Causeway Bay and Wanchai, to raise awareness about the community and promote equality. They hoped the government would do more to educate the Hong Kong public to minimise discrimination against gay groups.


The Development Secretary, Carrie Lam, told critics that they should not 'demonize' land reclamation. She said it is wrong to label all reclamation as bad because limited work is sometimes necessary. A three-month public consultation exercise on government plans to find new land through reclamation outside Victoria Harbour and the use of rock caverns was launched yesterday.


The family of a 13-year-old boy, who died from complications following spinal surgery, have rejected an expert report that concluded that Tuen Mun Hospital did nothing wrong in removing the patient's breathing tube soon after the operation. The boy's mother accused the hospital of withholding information from the expert. The hospital abruptly cancelled a news conference to avoid provoking the family's emotions.


A 64-year-old patient at Caritas Medical Centre received the wrong blood type during a transfusion. An investigation has found that a laboratory staff member at Caritas swapped her blood test results with those of another patient. And another staff member failed to discover the mistake while double-checking. The mistake was done mainly because the two staff did not follow guidelines.


There are several measures proposed by the government to reduce the default rate under the government's non-means-tested loan schemes for tertiary students. These include capping the amount of money that students can receive, lowering the interest rate for repayments and extending the repayment period. Students currently owe more than HK$213-million.


Henderson Landchairman Lee Shau-kee expects the current slowdown in home sales to last a while longer. That slowdown has seen a marked dip in transactions and top developers regularly cutting prices. "The residential market will be rather sluggish over the next six to 12 months," Lee said. But he insisted prices will not collapse.


A record turnout of more than 1.16 million people voted yesterday in the most hotly contested district council election in the city’s history. The pan-democratic camp suffered heavy losses and 7 heavyweights lost their bids for district council seats. Democratic Party chairman, Albert Ho, said the overall poll result was a warning signal to the pan-democrats.


Chief Secretary Stephen Lam urges voters to submit their ballots in today's District Council election, saying it will be critical for the future constitutional development of Hong Kong. Mr. Lam said today this election will encompass the largest number of directly elected seats. The 412 District Councillors will nominate among themselves five candidates to stand in the Legislative Council election.
政務司司長林瑞麟呼籲選民今日投票,今屆是歷來最多直選議席的區議會選舉,這是政制發展的關鍵一步,412名區 議員將選出5名議員進入立法會。


A father who allowed his 18-month old son on his lap to hold the steering wheel while the vehicle was moving in traffic was charged with dangerous driving. His wife, who shot the video, was charged with aiding and abetting dangerous driving. The magistrate said the case was a serious one and he may consider a jail sentence.


Four out of five obese people suffer from at least one chronic illness, according to a study. Being overweight is the cause of many diseases. The risk of obese people contracting diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and coronary heart disease is two to three times higher than others. Interestingly, the survey found 24 percent of the respondents were reluctant to lose weight.


The Hong Kong Transition Project is predicting a low voter turnout in Sunday's District Council elections. This was because voters were unhappy with the performance of the political parties, particularly the split among pan-democrats. It said normally political reforms and people's dissatisfaction with the government would encourage them to vote, but this year would be an exception.


Narrow-minded, immature, weak in observation, unable to write accurate English – examiners for A-levels and the last HKCEE don't mince their words on students' ability. They have criticized the ability of secondary school pupils to think critically and express themselves adequately. Examiners said the problems should be urgently addressed.
視野狹窄、思考幼嫩、觀察力弱、不能寫正確英文 - 高考和末代會考考官直言不諱地說出學生的能力。他們批評中學生沒有批判性思維和充分地表達自己。考官表示,這些問題應急切處理。


Taxi and minibus operators staged a protest outside the Legislative Council to express their anger over rising insurance costs. Insurance companies blame the hikes on the high accident rate involving drivers of public transport and - in some cases - exaggerated claims. The government hopes adjustments can be made through a free-market mechanism.


Two likely Chief Executive candidates spoke about the June 4th incident. C Y Leung thought the proposed national education syllabus could include controversial events in Chinese history, such as the June 4th incident. Henry Tang said the next government had a responsibility to uphold freedom of speech when drawing up the syllabus. But whether or not it should be included in textbooks should be decided after thorough communication with stakeholders.


The former convener of the Executive Council, C.Y. Leung, has dismissed newspaper reports that he had physically abused his wife, and that he had a close relationship with the executive director of The Better Hong Kong Foundation, Karen Tang. Mr Leung said they knew each other but he insisted they had only had a working relationship.


The Health Secretary, York Chow, has urged doctors to stop putting their own interests above those of their patients. He was responding to strong criticism from the medical profession over a controversial plan to hire overseas doctors to deal with staff shortages in local hospitals. The move has angered local practitioners who say the foreign recruits should not be exempted from licensing exams.


Pillows, remote controls, toys and mobile phones are dirtier than toilet lids, a study has revealed. Such household items are within easy reach of children and should be cleaned more thoroughly, the Hong Kong Childhealth Foundation said. Negligence will only turn one's household into a breeding ground for bacteria and boost the risk of transmission of communicable diseases.


Tsui Lap-chee has rejected suggestions he is stepping down as University of Hong Kong vice chancellor because of political pressure. Tsui said he understands succession and evolution are important to allow an institution like HKU to rise to the next level.


University of Hong Kong Vice Chancellor Tsui Lap-chee will not seek a third term when his contract comes to an end next year. It is believed his decision has something to do with the controversy surrounding the vice premier’s visit on August 18. Tsui has brought HKU to new heights of academic excellence and international renown as one of the world's leading institutions of higher learning.


Fung shui master Tony Chan Chun-chuen has lost his final bid to win the multibillion-dollar estate of the late chairwoman of Chinachem Group Nina Wang Kung Yu-sum. The Court of Final Appeal yesterday rejected his application to hear his case. Mr. Chan produced a will dated 2006 showing that Ms Wang had left her entire fortune to him. But it was found to be a forgery by a High Court judge.


Nearly one in 10 Hong Kong residents aged 70 and above suffer from dementia - a study has revealed. Ninety percent of these patients have no insight into their problems and do not seek medical help until the disease reaches an advanced stage. Family members play a key role in the early diagnosis of dementia before symptoms significantly disrupt the patient's daily life.


The former Chief Secretary, Henry Tang, said the government should consider relaxing the three-story height rule on village houses. At present, indigenous villagers are allowed to build houses not more than 27 feet high, with each floor a total of 700 square feet. He believed that allowing multi-storey houses on each plot would result in a better use of land resources.


Marine Department is conducting an investigation into an incident in the Cheung Chau Typhoon Shelter involving a high-speed catamaran. Seventy-six people were injured. The ferry departed from Cheung Chau for Central at 5.10am and struck a mooring dolphin inside Cheung Chau Typhoon Shelter. Special attention will be given to the speed of the vessel at the time of collision. 


A study found that 12% of the children in Hong Kong suffer from constipation and the rate doubles in those not living with their parents. The main reason so many children suffer is because they delay their bowel movements either through embarrassment or by spending too much time on other pursuits. The study found 16 percent of those who do not have dinner with their parents for three or four days in a week suffer from constipation.


Responding to reports that he had been given a total of HK$20 million by media tycoon Jimmy Lai Chee- ying, retired Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kiun said he spent most of the money on matters the diocese could not handle as part of church affairs. These included financing underground churches in the mainland, supporting charities, providing scholarships and paying for him to attend meetings in Rome.


The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, defended his choice of Stephen Lam as his new Chief Secretary despite his consistently low popularity ratings. Mr. Tsang said Mr. Lam had the ability to face up to difficult challenges as he was a competent, pragmatic, persistent, humble and sympathetic official. He could handle difficult issues such as political reform.


The Consumer Council has warned the public to pay close attention to the repair and maintenance clauses of mobile phones before choosing a model. There has been a significant rise in such complaints, and more than 40 percent of the complaints involved the failure of telephone companies to honour their repair promises, using excuses such as spare parts being out of stock.


The two expected chief executive contestants set out their housing vision yesterday. Former Executive Council convener Leung Chun-ying said the government should build 35,000 public housing flats a year - more than double its annual target of 15,000 units. Meanwhile, former chief secretary Henry Tang Ying-yen said a concrete figure should be reached after more public discussion.


About 300 people staged an "occupy Central" protest in support of demonstrations taking place in the United States and other countries. One of the organizers said the aim was to draw attention to their conviction that the system of capitalism was related to many of the SAR's problems, including poverty, income disparity and high housing costs.


A study on paternity leave is underway, Secretary for Labour & Welfare Matthew Cheung says. The eligibility criteria and other practical implementation issues will be examined and actual circumstances of Hong Kong taken into account, including the impact the move might have on small and medium enterprises.


Pan-democrat legislators have walked out of a question-and-answer session with the Chief Executive in Legco, after Donald Tsang likened lawmaker Wong Yuk-man to a 'thug' and a 'triad.' Mr. Wong and Mr. Leung Kwok-hung were ejected from the chamber for disrupting the proceedings. Mr. Leung hurled an egg at Mr. Tsang before leaving.


The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, promised a new supply of subsidized housing in his final policy address. The government plans to build 17,000 flats under the revived Home Ownership Scheme. Under an improved My Home Purchase plan, 5,000 flats will be built. The new measures aim at enabling the so-called "sandwich-class" to buy modestly-sized properties at an affordable price.


The police have arrested a suspect in connection with a series of stabbing attacks in Tseung Kwan O. Police said the 31-year-old construction worker has no history of mental problems but had been involved in drug-related offences. A source said the suspect has a craving for violent comic books and was under the influence of drugs when he went on the stabbing spree.
警方逮捕一名嫌疑犯,懷疑他涉及將軍澳一連串斬人案有關。警方表示,31 歲裝修工人並無精神病紀錄,但有毒品案底。消息稱,疑犯喜歡看暴力漫畫,疑受毒品影響後連續斬傷人。


A government committee has proposed a tough law to regulate the sale of new flats. The measures include a maximum seven-year jail term and a fine of HK$5-million. The penalties could be imposed on directors, managers, company secretaries and other high-level personnel in property firms that provide misleading information to potential buyers.


Police are being criticised for trying to cover up a series of stabbing attacks against four men in Tseung Kwan O last week. The suspect is described as 165 centimeters tall, of slim build, aged 25 to 35, and may be suffering from a mental illness. The police did not respond directly to the criticism, saying only that police have stepped up patrols in the area.


The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, has acknowledged there are strong grievances in Hong Kong, fuelled mainly by high property prices. Mr Tsang said he hoped his upcoming policy address could respond to people's needs. But he stressed that any housing policy should be sustainable and able to stabilise property prices.


Worldwide Fund Hong Kong will soon publish an updated seafood guide to raise the awareness of the public to the types of seafood that are unsustainable, to encourage people to avoid such items. The aim of sustainable seafood is to protect and avoid certain species from being wiped out from unsustainable fishing practices and consumption.


With flowers, internet messages and dimming of Apple logo, Hong Kong mourned Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple who died yesterday at the age of 56. Jobs changed the daily habits of millions by reinventing computing, music and mobile phones. Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world has lost an amazing human being.


Friends of the Earth said six out of ten newlyweds are prepared to cut their wedding banquet menus of 12-course meal by two dishes, but 83 per cent worried their parents would object that serving two fewer courses would make the banquet look shabby. The green group said around 64 kg food was wasted at every banquet.


The former Chief Secretary, Henry Tang, says he regrets mistakes he has made in his love life, after a tabloid report suggested he had had an affair with an assistant. A brief joint statement issued by Mr Tang and his wife said they had decided to put the past behind them.  


The average overall score attained by final year university students in the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) this year was 6.69 on a nine-point scale. Students did better in reading and listening than writing and speaking. Students scored in the 6.0 to 7.5 range, meaning they were "competent" or "good" users of English.


An Oxfam study finds that a balanced diet is well out of reach of those on low incomes. An adult needs to spend more than HK$66 a day to maintain a balanced diet, but low-income families can afford only HK$30 a day. Oxfam suggests the government offer a food subsidy to needy families of HK$390 a month per person to help them maintain a balanced diet.


Speaking at the national day reception, the Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, says China's influence is rising among the international community, and Hong Kong as a financial hub makes every effort to support the country’s steady development. He also says the upcoming Policy Address will tackle major issues, such as housing and poverty.


The High Court ruled that it is unconstitutional for the government to deny foreign domestic helpers permanent residency. The government says it will appeal against the ruling as soon as possible, and for the time being won't process any right of abode applications by maids.


Typhoon Nesat moved away after bringing Hong Kong to a virtual standstill. The storm caused the closure of the stock market and all schools, as well as the cancellation of transport services. About 50 residents had to be evacuated after a cargo barge broke free from its moorings and slammed into the seawall in Heng Fa Chuen.


The Chief Secretary, Henry Tang, has resigned, clearing the way for him to contest the Chief Executive election next year. Having served the government since 2002, the former businessman said he has "a thorough understanding of government operations" and "realizes the importance of finding a balance among the different demands and expectations from different sectors."


The government has got the go-ahead to build the Hong Kong-Macau-Zhuhai bridge after the Court of Appeal overturned a lower court ruling, which said the government had failed to assess the environmental impact of the project properly.  The judicial review was filed last year by a 65-year-old Tung Chung resident. A revision of work methods to cut work time could add a further HK$6.5 billion to the multi-billion-dollar project.


A Form Four student fell to her death when a nylon string she used to lower herself from her third-floor window snapped. The girl wanted to go out to celebrate her birthday at midnight, but was stopped by her family. She had a dispute with her family over the outing. She may have been attempting to escape through a window without her family's knowledge.


Li Kam-fung, a former philosophy student from Hong Kong, has broken four national records in a memory contest to become a champion at the 2011 Australian Memory Championships. Li insisted he was not specially gifted and said anyone could be good at memorizing. "We just need to learn the right ways to access those parts of our brains and use it," he said.


Doctors are calling on people to include more fruit and vegetables in their diet to combat hypertension. Statistics show that 27 percent of the local population aged 15 and above suffer from hypertension. The medical experts say a diet, called Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, shows that dieting to reduce hypertension can be both inexpensive and delicious.


An inquest jury has called on the government to review Hong Kong's integrated education system to see whether it is suitable for students suffering from mental illnesses. The suggestion was made after it returned a unanimous verdict of death by suicide in the case of a Form Four student who jumped to his death at his school last year. He suffered from psychotic disorder.


Hong Kong's inflation hit a three-year high of 6.3 percent in August from a year ago. The increase was mainly caused by the rising cost of housing rentals, package tours and fresh vegetables.  A government spokesman warned that inflation is likely to climb further in the coming months before levelling out. The government would closely monitor the impact of inflation, particularly on lower-income groups.


A survey conducted by Citibank shows that more Hong Kong people expect property prices will fall but believe they will not be able to afford to buy a home in the next decade. The apparently contradictory findings in the survey highlighted growing public frustration at rising property prices. Homes in Hong Kong are out of reach for most families.  


Canadian Fraser Institute has ranked Hong Kong the freest economy in the world for the 33rd consecutive year. Hong Kong received a score of 9.01 for economic freedom in the 2011 annual report. But the institute warned that the city might lose this leading position in future because the introduction of the minimum wage and a competition law might drag down the ranking.


Educators yesterday called on schools to ban students from bringing copies of the new free newspaper Sharp Daily to their campuses after the first issue contained obscene comics and stories. The first issue contained pictures of sexy langmo in swimsuits and women in underwear. There was a column of sex fantasy stories and a cartoon depicting sex.


With the launch of a free newspaper Sharp Daily today, the number of free newspapers in Hong Kong will increase to six. Sharp Daily is published by Next Media with a stated aim of 1 million copies per day. It will become the largest free paper in Hong Kong in terms of circulation. Its rival Oriental Press Group announced price cut yesterday. The newsstand prices of Oriental Daily and the Sun are HK$5 and HK$4 respectively.   
隨著免費報章《爽報》今日面世,香港的免費報紙增加至六份。《爽報》由壹傳媒出版,目標為每日100萬份,將成為全香港發行量最多的免費報紙。競爭對手東方報業集團昨日宣佈減價,《東方日報》及《太陽報》報攤售價每份分別賣 5元及 4元。


The Consumer Council found that the price of health check packages available in the market varies from HK$188 to HK$7,000. Some of the test items in the health package are unnecessary. Exposing oneself to unnecessary tests not only wastes time and money, it also poses health risks. When considering a health check package, the Council advises consumers not to look for the number of items included in a plan.


The police arrested 14 people who were suspected to be in connection with stealing more than HK$250,000 from five Payment by Phone Service accounts. They are alleged to have hacked into the victims' computers, obtained their passwords and set up new accounts to remove money. Police remind the public to safeguard their personal information and passwords.


A test conducted by the Consumer Council found that half the soy drinks on the market contain GM ingredients. Seven of the soy drinks tested with genetically modified components are labelled "Organic" on the packaging. The Council urges the government to enact the legislation for implementing mandatory GM food labelling system as soon as possible to ensure consumer rights for making an informed choice.


Five teenagers were arrested in connection with a suspected arson attack which burnt out three double-decker buses in Tsz Wan Shan. A girl posted a picture of the burning vehicles on her Facebook page. Another boy left a few comments claiming he had used alcohol to fuel the fire. Netizens sent pictures of the girl and an alleged accomplice to police.


A survey conducted by the environmental group, Green Power, suggests that people in Hong Kong threw away an estimated 2.12 million mooncakes last year. Results indicated that the number of unwanted mooncakes dumped in the run-up to last year's Mid-Autumn Festival was up 12 percent on the previous year. The group called on the public to donate spare mooncakes to those in need.


A survey conducted by the Hong Kong Red Cross found that over 50% of Hong Kong people are inadequate in first aid knowledge. Less than half of the respondents were able to indicate the correct first aid procedures to handle common accidents. The HKRC advocates first aid education for everyone and suggests schools to include first aid knowledge as compulsory module in the Liberal Studies curriculum.


Actress Ip Tak-han won the best actress award for" A Simple Life" at the Venice Film Festival. Ip plays an aging domestic servant Ah Tao in the film which is about the lifelong relationship between the master and his servant who worked in his family for five generations. Ip said Ah Tao's story gave her positive insights about aging and how to face death.


National People's Congress Standing Committee member, Rita Fan, has admitted her support for the Chief Secretary, Henry Tang. The Chief Secretary thanked Mrs Fan for her support and encouragement. He said he had always been dedicated to serving the public and to making a contribution to society. He would continue to work hard in the future.


The government has for the first time appointed an administrative officer as the director of broadcasting of RTHK - despite his lack of experience in broadcasting. Roy Tang dismissed criticism that he lacks experience in broadcasting - and insisted that RTHK would maintain its editorial independence.


A woman described by a judge as an "evil, ruthless, manipulative and calculating person" was jailed for seven years after being found guilty of blackmailing a businessman for HK$140 million. The judge said the 37-year-old bar manager inflicted physical and mental harm on her ex-lover - a 50-year-old man.


Bored housewives are vulnerable to becoming addicted to gambling due to the "empty nest syndrome," a study has found. More than half of these housewives are over 50 years old. After their children become adults, mothers no longer feel needed. Loneliness and boredom set in, pushing many into gambling, the study found.


A residential site in Tseung Kwan O was sold for HK$3.12 billion, which is below market expectations. The successful bidder, Sun Hung Kai, has to build at least 960 units. The development limitations of the site lowered the project's flexibility, keeping bidders conservative. The figure also represents market sentiment.


The vice-president of Asia Television's news department, Leung Ka-wing, has resigned following a false report on the death of former president, Jiang Zemin. Mr. Leung said the responsibility rested entirely upon him, saying he had tried his best to stop the report from being aired, but to no avail. He also revealed that he had tendered his resignation one day after the blunder.
亞視新聞部副總裁梁家榮為誤報前國家主席江澤民逝世的事件辭職。梁家榮說,他為無法阻止報道播出,負上全責。他透露大錯發生後第2天 ,已提出辭職。


Greeners Action found that more than 60% of bakeries unnecessarily gave out plastic bags. Most pastry items were already encased in plastic on the display shelves, but each was then wrapped in another plastic bag when bought. Greeners Action is disappointed that none of the better- known brands made a commitment to reduce the distribution of plastic bags.


Several hundred protesters marched to the police headquarters in Wan Chai to call for the resignation of the Commissioner of Police, Andy Tsang. The group accused the police of abusing their power and violating freedom of expression. Another group of people staged a demonstration to urge police to strictly punish a group of protestors who disrupted a forum on the government's proposal to scrap Legco by-elections.
數百名示威者遊行到警察總部,要求警務處處長曾偉雄辭職,他們指責警方濫用權力,打壓言論自由。另一 批名市民示威,要求警方嚴懲日前搗亂替補機制諮詢會的示威者。


The District Court has acquitted TVB's general manager, Stephen Chan, of bribery and fraud charges. Mr Chan was alleged to have taken an outside job that paid him HK$112,000 without TVB's knowledge. But the judge said the station must have given its tacit approval and it would have been naive for the station to think he would take the job for nothing.


The acting chief executive, Henry Tang, condemned a rowdy group of protesters who forced their way into a public forum which was held to discuss the government's proposal to scrap by-elections for popularly-elected lawmakers. Mr. Tang said such actions did not facilitate rational discussion and undermined people's rights to express their views.


Chief Secretary Henry Tang Ying-yen said his use of the words "completely rubbish" was inappropriate and led to a misunderstanding by the media. He intended to emphasize his respect for press freedoms though it apparently was interpreted to mean the opposite. The incident has also made him more vigilant."


A police officer is in serious condition in hospital after being injured in a knife attack. The officer was investigating a report about a dead body being found in a flat in Tuen Mun. The father of the dead man became emotional and suddenly attacked the officer. The officer suffered a cut to his lower jaw and called for help by pressing his emergency alarm button.


The Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health called on the public to stay vigilant and take necessary preventive measures against common communicable diseases as the new school year approaches. They highlighted, in particular, a respiratory virus which mainly affects young children and can lead to more serious illnesses.


A survey suggests that about a third of local teachers may suffer from anxiety and depression because of pressure at work. But 70 percent of them do not seek help, because of their heavy workload. It found that teachers feel the most pressure between September and November - the start of the academic year.
調查發現,三合一本地教師因工作壓力有焦慮和抑鬱症狀,但七成因為工作太繁忙而無時間求助。教師感覺壓力最大是九月至十一月 - 開學首三個月。


U.S. Cable News Network CNN has chosen the world's top 12 most disappointing sights, Hong Kong's "Avenue of Stars" ranked second. CNN refers to "Avenue of Stars" lack of a comfortable lounge area, very convenient to tourists, too noisy and uncomfortable.
美國有線新聞網絡CNN旗下網站, 選出全球12個令人失望的景點,香港尖沙咀星光大道列為第二。CNN指這地方缺乏舒適休息區、對遊客太便利、太嘈雜及不舒適。


A woman cleaner was given an 18-month suspended prison sentence for cheating the government out of more than HK$300,000 in welfare payments. The judge said the decision not to jail her was warranted by the special circumstances of the case. The judge also criticised the Social Welfare Department for suspending the benefit payments even before her case got to court.


A study has found that taking ketamine may cause smaller bladder capacity, pelvic pain, urgency and frequency problems. Abusers of ketamine can recover the use of their bladder fairly well if they quit the drug early. It was found that the longer the time since the person quit, the smaller the symptoms.
一項研究發現,吸食氯胺酮會出現膀胱萎縮、盤腔疼痛、尿急 及尿頻的問題,但早戒毒,膀胱功能有機會隨恢復。研究發現,戒毒愈早,症狀愈輕。


The government has dropped plans to teach national education in secondary schools. However, a source said the Education Bureau will push ahead with the plan to introduce the subject in primary schools next year. The bureau originally proposed making national education an optional subject in secondary schools next year before making it mandatory for all schools from 2013.


The police arrested a 56-year-old woman for throwing corrosive fluid at her ex-husband during divorce proceedings in the District Court. The hearing revolved around how to divide their estate and arrangements on maintenance. The 62-year-old man suffered injuries to his face and chest, and was rushed to hospital.


Hong Kong's consumer prices rose 7.9 percent in July from a year earlier. It's the biggest gain since 1995. However, the government says the latest figure was distorted by a waiver of public housing rents in July last year. The increase is mainly due to rises in private housing rents, pork prices and charges for package tours.


Three pro-business groups - The Liberal Party, Economic Synergy and the Professional Forum - have formed a coalition. The group will have 12 votes in the Legislative Council. The coalition's convenor Jeffrey Lam, said they have come together after finding common ground on different issues and they won't blindly support the government.


The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, has rejected criticism that Hong Kong relies too much on the mainland for developing its economy. Mr. Tsang said the new measures announced by Vice Premier Li Keqiang during his visit here this week were the results of months of discussions between the Central and SAR governments. The suggestions were made not only for Hong Kong but also in the overall interest of the country.
行政長官曾蔭權拒絕接受批評,認為香港的經濟發展過於依賴內地。他表示,副 總理李克強訪港時提出的新措施,是中央與特區政府商議的結果,建議不是單以香港為本位,同時要合乎國家的整體利益。


The police have arrested a businessman in connection with cyber attacks on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange website last week. The attacks forced the site to close, resulting in the temporary suspension of trading in seven companies. The 29-year-old man was detained for gaining access to a computer with dishonest or criminal intent.
警方拘捕一名商人,涉嫌與港交所網站被入侵有關。攻擊導致港交所網站關閉,七間公司暫停交易。該名 29歲男子干犯不誠實意圖取用電腦的罪名,被警方扣查。


A 64-year old woman is in serious condition in intensive care after receiving the wrong blood type in a transfusion at the Caritas Medical Centre. The woman has B-type blood but had been given the A-type. It is believed this happened as a result of a mix up with the test results of another patient who didn't require a transfusion.


One in six children from low-income families often go hungry because parents cannot afford to buy enough food, an Oxfam survey has found. Six percent said they had suffered food poisoning after eating leftovers or out-of-date food. Oxfam called on the government to increase funding support to food banks, and to increase meal allowances for poor children.


Vice Premier Li Keqiang has urged the Hong Kong government to do everything possible to safeguard the territory's economic and social stability. On the first day of a three-day visit to Hong Kong, Mr. Li expressed confidence that Hong Kong would continue to prosper despite the challenges posed by a changing economy.


The Consumer Council has called on the government to consider regulating the sale and use of a beauty treatment kit known as "microneedle therapy system". The use of such treatment may result in skin problems such as itchiness, dryness and redness. It urged consumers to think twice before taking such treatment.


About 100,000 people are living in "cage homes" or subdivided units. A survey by the Society for Community Organization found the average rent is HK$2,300. But the average income of residents is HK$7,000 a month. About one-third of the respondents' income goes on rent, leaving little for food and their children.


The Deputy Director of the Basic Law Committee, Elsie Leung, says administrative measures shouldn't be used to tackle potential problems arising from foreign domestic helpers seeking the right of abode in Hong Kong. Ms Leung said the Basic Law should be properly interpreted by Beijing when there are uncertainties.


The Government launched a public consultation on the restriction of sale of energy-inefficient incandescent light bulbs (ILB). The Government proposes to progressively phase out ILB to conserve energy, reduce carbon emissions and alleviate the impact of climate change.


A concern group, Unison, which assists ethnic minorities says it may be forced to take the government to court if it doesn't come up with a plan to help children of ethnic minorities learn Chinese. Last month, the Equal Opportunities Commission accused the Education Bureau of failing to support ethnic minority students integrate into local mainstream schools.


A survey suggests that over 80 percent of parents paid more for their children's textbooks for the upcoming academic year, than they did last year. About 90 percent of parents with primary- age children have to pay over HK$1,000, while 76 percent with secondary school kids fork out more than HK$2,000, according to the survey.


The Consumer Council renewed its call to make unscrupulous sales practices a criminal offense as it named two audio-video shops in Tsim Sha Tsui which were said to have lured tourists into buying their products by dishonest means. The council received 272 complaints in the first seven months of the year relating to misleading sales tactics adopted by shops selling digital electronic products.
消委會重新促請政府立將不良銷售手法列為刑事罪。消委會點名批評兩間位於尖沙咀彌敦道的影音店,以不誠實手法餌誘遊客購買產品。消委會今年首七個月共 接獲272宗有關店舖以誤導手法銷售數碼電子產品投訴。


A magistrate placed a couple on probation for one year for making their daughter, nine, stand outside their home overnight because she was late home from school. The girl ended up wandering in the lobby and a report was made to the police by a security guard.
裁判官判對一夫婦接受感化1年,他們的 9 歲女童因遲了回家被通宵罰站,最終女童在門廊徘徊,被大廈保安員發現報警。


Several dozen foreign domestic helpers staged a protest in Central, urging the government to uphold their rights. They accuse the government and some politicians of 'lies and doomsday scenarios' of mass migration into Hong Kong" if domestic helpers win an upcoming judicial challenge to permanent residency rules.


Police Director of Operations, Paul Hung, says the force has clear guidelines on the use of handguns and there should be no misunderstanding about them. He was responding to concerns over photographs uploaded on the internet recently that showed several women police officers playing with guns.


The Council for Sustainable Development will consult the public on whether electricity consumers should pay a higher tariff if they are heavy users. About 60 percent of Hong Kong's greenhouse gases are generated by buildings. The Council has therefore focussed on the need to save electricity and maximise energy efficiency in buildings, in a bid to reduce carbon emissions.


A new study released by the Chinese University has shown that people who are suffering from what is known as Non-alcholic Fatty Liver Disease, are more prone to getting colon cancer. One in four adults in Hong Kong have fatty liver and colon cancer is the second most common cancer in the territory.


Chief Executive Donald Tsang Yam-kuen has pledged not to shy away from introducing long-term policies during his final year in office. Tsang said housing, an aging society and the wealth gap are main issues that have been clearly identified by the people. He said that he and his successor would both do what is best for Hong Kong.
行政長官曾蔭承諾在最後一年任期不會迴避推行長遠政策。他表示,人民確定房 屋 、人口老化和貧富差距是主要問題,他和他的繼任者會為香港做到最好。


The Buildings Department has executed its legal powers to break into two sub-divided flats in To Kwa Wan to carry out safety inspections. The move is part of stepped-up efforts to identify problems posed by such units. The department urged residents to cooperate with the authorities - for their own interest and for the safety of others.


The Broadcasting Authority will investigate the management role of ATV's major investor, Wang Zheng, after receiving 41 complaints about the station's false report that former president Jiang Zemin had died. The central government liaison office expressed indignation at the report, describing it as a serious breach of professional ethics.


The Democratic Party has decided to take part in the chief executive election next year by fielding a candidate on its own or liaising with other pan-democrats to select a joint candidate through a "pre-election" public vote. They could gain valuable experience, in preparation for the 2017 chief executive election, when universal suffrage might be possible.


Chief Executive Donald Tsang says Hong Kong has the finest civil service and the Government will continue to deliver what Hong Kong people need in future days, in particular sustaining prosperity and protecting its own value system. Mr. Tsang said integrity and passion are two essential elements in a politician.


The director of the State Council's Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office, Wang Guangya, criticized civil servants for lacking long-term vision. The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, said his next policy address will seek to address social problems including surging property prices, a widening wealth gap and an ageing population.


The police rescued eight youngsters who were duped or forced into prostitution under the guise of compensated dating. They include a boy and seven girls -- aged between 13 and 17. The criminals solicited teenagers for sexual acts by promising them high- paid jobs with low academic qualifications.


About 1,000 public hospital cancer patients will be eligible to receive subsidies from the Community Care Fund to buy more expensive and effective drugs to fight the disease. The fund will provide financial assistance to those in need to obtain six drugs used in the treatment of seven types of cancer.


The DAB has warned that the government will face a bill of HK$25-billion a year for social welfare, medical facilities and housing, if three foreign domestic helpers win a court case seeking permanent residency in Hong Kong. The party also warned that the unemployment rate would double to seven percent, if an estimated 125,000 beneficiaries came to the territory at the same time.
民建聯警告,如果外傭爭取居港權的司法覆核勝訴,政府在福利、醫療和房屋開 支會增加250億。若12.5萬受惠者來港,失業率將倍升至7%。


A team of six secondary school students representing Hong Kong has obtained outstanding results at the 52nd International Mathematical Olympiad held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, winning two gold medals, one silver medal and three bronze medals. The results set a new IMO medal record for the Hong Kong team, which first participated in the event in 1988.


Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corp has admitted a flaw has been found in the design of its new HK$100 bank note. The bauhinia symbol on the regional flag is reversed. HSBC was responsible for the design of the notes, while the HKMA reviewed the design. Legislators slammed the bank and the HKMA for the mistake, which they termed as unacceptable.


Hong Kong Customs raided six shops in Sham Shui Po and seized six memory cards preloaded with suspected infringing songs, five sets of computers and six mobile phones. It was the first time that Customs detected shops selling mobile phones together with memory cards preloaded with suspected infringing songs.


The Monetary Authority and the three banknote-issuing banks unveiled the latest Hong Kong banknotes. The $100, $50 and $20 notes have the same state-of-the-art security features as the new $1,000 and $500 notes which are already in circulation. The newly designed money will be come into circulation from November.


Prices in Hong Kong surged to a 35-month high last month, mainly due to soaring rents, the charges for household services and the prices of pork. The consumer price index jumped to 5.6 percent in June 2011 from a year back. The economy will continue to face upward price pressures in the coming months as a result of the brisk expansion of the local economy since early 2010.


The Star Ferry Company has issued a profit warning - saying it may lose more than HK$5 million next year if its application for fare hikes is not approved. The ferry operator is seeking fare increases next year from 12% up to 22%. A company spokesman said the increases were needed because of high fuel costs and the introduction of the minimum wage.


Chinese University researchers have confirmed that men are more prone to liver cancer than women because of a male sex hormone. They also found that an enzyme, which is controlled by the hormone, is behind tumor growth in the liver. The breakthrough has raised hopes for a treatment for the disease in the near future.


Three people were injured and dozens evacuated from Chung King Mansions in Tsim Sha Tsui after a fire broke out. The blaze started in a 1,500 square foot unit on the seventh floor which had been sub-divided into five rooms. The fire renews concerns about fire hazards posed by partitioned units in the building.
尖沙咀重慶大廈一個懷疑分割單位發生火警,火警中3人受傷送院,數十人被疏散。火警發生在七樓一間1500呎單位,單位分割開做 5個小單位。火警令人重新憂慮分割房會引起火警的危險。


Two young census officers were injured when they panicked and fell down a moss- covered slope after being chased by dogs on Lantau yesterday. A dog trainer advises people not to scold or hit a barking dog, but instead remain still and not show fear.


A local fertility clinic the Victory A-R-T Laboratory mistakenly transferred two embryos from a patient, into another woman earlier this month. The mistake was attributed to the failure of a junior embryologist to check the labels of the embryos correctly. The mistake was a result of human error, and remedial measures have been taken by the centre.
本地一間生育所「勝利輔助生育所」, 將一名女子的兩個胚胎,錯誤移植到另一名女子的體內。錯誤歸因于一名初級胚胎學家無核實胚胎標籤,事件涉人為錯誤,生育所已採取補救措施。


The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, has vowed to stay on until the end of his term, rejecting calls for his resignation. He said governance and housing would be the key issues in his final year in office. He said he would consider different subsidised housing schemes, as a way to help less well-off home buyers.


Dissatisfaction with the government over livelihood and political conditions has reached new heights, according to a survey by the University of Hong Kong's Public Opinion Programme. The programme pointed to several factors - including government plans to scrap by-elections, illegal housing structures, disputes over property hegemony, the minimum wage and the budget.
港大民意研究計畫的調查顯示,市民對民生和政治狀況的不滿比率創新高。計畫指出幾個因素: 替補機制、僭建事件,地產霸權、最低工資爭議、和財政預算案等事件。


A young woman police constable is under investigation for allegedly posting on her blog photos of herself and several of her colleagues in uniform - and playing with their service revolvers. If the officer is found to be responsible she may face disciplinary action, which could range from a simple warning to dismissal.


Two members of the League of Social Democrats were ordered to perform community service for assaulting a police officer and committing criminal damage during a protest. The magistrate expressed sympathy with the passion and principles held by the two, but stressed the importance of staging peaceful demonstrations.
兩名社民連成員在示威期間,襲警及刑事毀壞,被判社會服務令。裁判官表示贊同二人有熱情、有原則 ,但?調和平手法示威的重要性。


The chairman of the Equal Opportunities Commission has said it may use its powers to force the Education Bureau to provide better language support for students from ethnic minorities, so they can integrate into local mainstream schools. For many such students, learning Chinese remained one of their greatest challenges, and the bureau wasn't doing enough to help.


A hiker was washed away in a sudden rainstorm while trekking at Sha Tau Kok. The hiker, who is thought to be a retired fireman, was leading a party of four teenagers up a rocky path next to the stream when he slipped on a rock and fell into the flash flood.


The Police Commissioner, Andy Tsang, has defended the use of handcuffs when arrests were made following the July 1 march, as protesters blocked roads in Central. Human Rights groups have said that using handcuffs wasn't necessary because protesters didn't try to avoid arrest. But Mr. Tsang said officers felt they were needed, to prevent further action by the protesters.


Tourists will pay 14-percent more to get into Hong Kong Disneyland from next month. Adults will pay HK$399 - up from HK$350, while children will pay HK$285. Local residents won't be charged the new price until December. A legislator expressed concern that a very high price rise will be detrimental to the tourism industry.


After a traffic policeman issued a driver a ticket for not wearing his seatbelt, a female passenger became emotional and brandished a pair of scissors at him. It was then that the officer drew his gun. A police force spokesman said the traffic policeman's reaction was "reasonable and appropriate" - in the light of such unpredicted intimidation.


Legco's Public Accounts Committee says it was "appalling and inexcusable" for the government to have so grossly underestimated the cost of hosting the East Asian Games in 2009. Total expenditure for the 2009 event came to HK$290 million, or more than 75 percent above the estimated HK$240 million.


Investors will be able to apply for the government's new inflation-linked bonds (iBond) from the coming Monday. Interest will be paid twice a year, at a rate linked to consumer prices. Some investors find the offer unattractive because the bond yield is based on inflation of the previous six months and cannot deal with the most recent surges.


The government has decided to defer a vote on a bill to scrap by-elections. The government would hold a two-month consultation on the issue. The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, said it was necessary to plug a loophole in the law, to prevent abuse of the electoral system.


The government's proposed replacement mechanism to fill Legislative Council vacancies has left lawmakers divided ahead of the July 13 vote. Pan-democrats want the proposal to be scrapped totally while the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong insists that it go ahead.


The police arrested 231 protesters for illegal assembly and obstruction of public places. Demonstrators had paralysed traffic in the central business district and refused to leave at daybreak. People Power accused the police of abusing their power and using violence. But the police maintained that only the minimum necessary force was used.
警方拘留231名示威者,被捕人士涉嫌非法集結和在公眾地方造成阻礙。示威者令中環商業區交通癱瘓,及黎明時拒絕離開。人民力量指責警方濫權及使用暴力, 警方堅持使用必須而最低的武力。


Tens of thousands joined July 1 march. The organisers urged the Government to withdraw its proposal to scrap by-elections for popularly-elected legislative councillors. Other demonstrators took part in the rally to voice their grievances over a wide range of issues. Among their primary concerns were growing dissatisfaction with government policy and high property prices.


Eight out of ten public hospital patients say the quality of care they receive is good - and 90 percent say they trust public sector doctors and nurses. This is according to a patient satisfaction survey conducted by the Hospital Authority. However, what patients are most unhappy with is hospital food. Five thousand former patients were polled in the study.


The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department introduces a new variety of organic watermelon to be grown here. The Diana watermelon, known for its sweet fine red flesh, was developed by a Taiwanese breeder in 1997, the year Princess Diana died.


The government has made a significant concession in its plan to ban by-elections ahead of the July 1 pro-democracy march. Under the revised proposal, the next candidate on the same list as the departing lawmaker will fill mid-term Legislative Council vacancies.


The Director of Housing, D W Pescod, says it will take seven years to put Home Ownership Scheme flats on the market, if it decides to resume the scheme. It will take at least a year for basic planning, another year or so for the infrastructure and three to five years for construction. He also questioned whether the scheme would curb rising property prices.
房屋署署長柏志高表示,復建居屋起碼要用 7 年時間,至少一年的時間作基本規劃,另外一年左右的時間作基礎設施,及三至五年的時間作興建。?志高對復建居屋可遏止樓價上升存疑


There will not be any special arrangements for the pregnant Mainland wives of Hong Kong residents, the health secretary said yesterday. Dr Chow said each hospital ward can only serve 3-thousand people a year, yet there are some 6-thousand births by Mainland wives to Hong Kong residents every year. Dr Chow said the priority of the public medical service was to serve local people.


A rural committee leader has warned that it may be difficult for villagers to control their emotions when they stage a protest next week against the government's plan to remove illegal structures from their houses. He said he hoped the government could exempt village houses built before 1972, which were under old leases.


The number of non-local women giving birth in both public and private hospitals will be capped at 35,000 from next year. Mainland women married to local men will also continue to be considered outsiders. The Health Secretary, York Chow, said the move was necessary to ensure enough beds were available for local women.


The Hong Kong Research Association polled 1,098 adults for their views on the national identity of students. Nearly half said Hong Kong students have a weak sense of belonging to their Chinese cultural roots and agree with the government proposal to introduce moral and civic education in schools.


About 15 percent of those surveyed in a mental health study said they are sleepless for most of the week. The main reasons for being unable to sleep include illness, anxiety, shift work, medication and noise. Those with significant sleeping problems have a higher likelihood of suffering depression and general anxiety and poorer social and job functioning.


The cost of living in Hong Kong has risen at the fastest pace in almost three years. The Consumer Price Index in May rose 5.2 percent. Food prices alone went up 10 percent from a year earlier, while private rents increased 6.6 percent. The government said inflation was likely to go up further in the coming months.


Tests by the University of Hong Kong have found that the bacteria which causes scarlet fever has mutated and become more infectious. This explains why there has been a recent surge in the number of cases of the potentially fatal disease. Children should see a doctor if they develop symptoms such as a strawberry rash.
港大研究發現猩紅熱的病菌基因出現變種,增加細菌傳播能力, 這可以解釋最近能致命猩紅熱的流行較以往厲害的原因。兒童若出現士多啤梨疹症狀,應看醫生。


The Financial Secretary, John Tsang, has warned that the government will not hesitate in introducing further measures to stabilise the property market if necessary. He said recent measures to cool the property market - including tightened mortgage lending and flat size limits - were what he called "counter cycle" and were cautious and flexible.
財政司司長曾俊華警告,政府會毫不猶疑進一步加大穩定樓市措施。曾俊華表示,政府最近推出冷卻樓市的措施 一 緊縮按揭成數及「限呎盤」一 都是屬於「反周期」的審慎靈活措施。


The government is proposing that geographical constituency legislators who resign and die should be replaced by candidates who gained the next highest number of votes at the previous election. Secretary for Constitutional & Mainland Affairs Stephen Lam said there was a strong case to plug this loophole so that serving LegCo members cannot resign at will.


A drainage worker conducting an inspection inside a storm water drain died after being washed away by a torrent of water in Kwai Chung. His family said he should not have been told to go down the drain in such bad weather conditions. The Drainage Services Department would investigate whether the contractor had assessed the risk carefully.


Adult permanent residents will still have to wait at least another five months before getting the HK$6,000 handout promised by the government. The government has suggested people in different age groups should register in phases starting from August. Young people who reach 18 before the deadline on March 31 next year will be eligible.


A station sergeant plunged to his death from the roof of a footbridge in Central while trying to grab a protester yesterday. The protester said he was complaining about not being compensated for losing his job as a result of the bird-flu crisis. He blamed health minister York Chow Yat-ngok for his predicament. The protester later bowed in apology to the sergeant's family.
一名警署警長昨日在中環一行人天橋頂試圖抓住一名示威者,由天橋頂跌下死亡。示威者因 禽 流 感失業,未獲政府賠償而不滿。他指責食物及?生局長周一嶽令他陷入困境。事後他跪地叩頭向警長家屬謝罪。


The Director of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office, Wang Guangya, has said the next Chief Executive and his government should put more effort into improving people's living standards. Mr. Wang said Hong Kong's prosperity and stability hinged on how it tackled inflation, the threat of an asset bubble and uncertainties arising from globalisation.


The government will allow the retention of some small-scale unauthorised additions to village houses in the New Territories. Secretary for Development Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor said three types of small-scale works such as a small canopy at the door, solar-power water heaters on rooftops and burglar bars will be allowed from now on.


The School Guidance Services Union estimates that more than 80,000 primary schoolchildren are believed to have mental illnesses, problems with drugs or suicidal tendencies. The union wants official to abolish an annual tendering for guidance services and also wants increased grants so that every school has an additional counselor.


The Development Secretary, Carrie Lam, says the government should have no problem ensuring an adequate supply of land to produce more than 20,000 flats this year. Mrs. Lam described land supply policies this year as "very aggressive". But at the same time she said the government would act with caution given public concerns about damaging the property market.


New measures aimed at cooling the Hong Kong property market have been announced. The government is selling eight sites by auction or tender in the coming three months in a bid to increase land supply. And the Monetary Authority is further tightening the rules for mortgage lending, including higher requirements for buyers whose incomes are derived from outside Hong Kong.


A former chairwoman of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, Lily Chiang, was yesterday found guilty of fraud and authorizing the issue of a prospectus that included an untrue statement. The judge described her as the author of dishonesty and mastermind of illicit scheme. She had pocketed over HK$3.7 million by telling staff members to trade shares and share options on her behalf.


The Court of Final Appeal has asked Beijing to interpret the issue of state immunity under the Basic Law. The CFA has withheld a final decision on a dispute between the Democratic Republic of Congo and a US investment fund, pending an interpretation from the National People's Congress Standing Committee.


The Chinese University has devised a remote-controlled robot which can climb up trees, to inspect them and carry out simple maintenance work. “Treebot” , which weighs about 600 grammes, is fitted with needle-sharp claws to give it a good grip on a tree.  
中大發明爬樹機械人,協助工人爬到樹上進行檢查及保養等工作。「爬樹寶寶」重 600 克,裝上機械抓,可以牢固在樹幹上。


The permanent Secretary for Labour and Welfare, Paul Tang, says some welfare recipients have been earning money off the internet and hiding their incomes in Jockey Club accounts. About a thousand fraud cases involving about 50 million dollars were detected in the last financial year.


Some workers have been paid less than the statutory minimum wage since the implementation of the new wage legislation last month. The Secretary for Labour, Matthew Cheung, said the employers, who are suspected of paying workers less than the minimum wage, were largely unclear about how to calculate working hours and rest days.


Secretary for Education Michael Suen criticised textbook publishers for their delaying tactics in debundling textbooks from teaching materials over copyright issues. A task force recently set up to review and examine the textbook issues will make reference to overseas practices to find the best way for Hong Kong.


Secretary for Labour & Welfare Matthew Cheung said the Government's investment in welfare has been substantial and constantly on an upward trend. Recurrent expenditure on social welfare in 2011-12 will rise 11%, representing the largest increase among all policy areas.


The Airport Authority has proposed building a third runway, saying that it is needed to maintain Hong Kong as an international aviation hub. The present airport will reach capacity by around 2020. But the authority warns the third runway may cost HK$136.2 billion after inflation and it will have to reclaim around 650 hectares of land, which could harm the environment.


Mobile phone users may be at increased risk from brain cancer and should use texting and hands-free devices to reduce exposure, the World Health Organization has warned. The report carries major implications for Hong Kong, where the mobile phone penetration rate is one of the highest in the world.


A special task force will be set up to recommend ways of putting textbooks out to public tender next year if publishers still refuse to comply with the debundling policy, Secretary for Education Michael Suen Ming-yeung said. The task force will include principals, teachers, parents, the Consumer Council, educators and business sector representatives.


Hong Kong health authorities have banned two Taiwan sports drinks after samples showed excessive amount of a cancer- causing plastic additive. Tests by the Centre for Food Safety found six samples of two products -- called "Speed Sports Drink" and "Speed Sports Drink Lemon Flavour" contained DEHP, 17 times the tolerable level.


The Health Secretary, York Chow, says the government has stepped up the monitoring of Taiwanese food products. He said a ban on the importing of affected products would be brought in if necessary. A number of drinks and medicines in Taiwan were found to contain a cancer-causing additive used in plastics, called DEHP which can affect the hormone balance of youngsters.
食物及?生局局長周一嶽表示,政府會加強監控台灣產品,若有需要,會禁止有 問題的產品入口。台灣發現一些飲品及藥含有致癌的塑化劑DEHP,DEHP影響年青人荷爾蒙平衡。


The Commissioner of Police, Andy Tsang, says the police will ensure that the annual July 1 march goes ahead peacefully and in an orderly manner. But he stressed that if there are any unlawful incidents, the police will take decisive action.


A former government chief information officer, Jeremy Godfrey, accused top government officials of political meddling in the bidding for a contract to deliver internet services to low-income families. He said that he had been told a DAB-linked organisation should be awarded the contract.


An assistant professor from the Chinese University failed to follow established procedures when he took his girlfriend into an operating theatre to watch him perform surgery. A Prince of Wales hospital spokeswoman said visitors are allowed into operating theatres but only for teaching or research purposes, and after obtaining permission from both the hospital and the university.
中大一名助理教授沒有按既定程序,帶女朋友到手術室,旁觀手術過程。威爾斯醫院發言人表示,訪客可入手術室,但目的只限於教學或研究,並須事先得到醫 院及大學批准。


The Education Secretary, Michael Suen Ming-yeung, made an apology yesterday over illegal structures at his Happy Valley home. Despite his apology, calls for him to step down escalated. It was revealed that Mr Suen ignored a formal warning to remove illegal structures given five years ago while he was the Secretary for Planning and Lands.


The Professional Teachers' Union wants the government to allow kindergartens to increase tuition fees to stop the loss of staff. The union said full-day kindergartens lost on average 21 percent of their teachers in 2010. This was because salaries of teachers have been frozen or even reduced since the government introduced the pre-primary education voucher scheme in 2007.


The composite consumer price index rose by 4.6% in April over the same month a year earlier - the highest since July 2008. Rising food prices and enlarged increases in private housing rentals remained the major driving forces.  Inflation is likely to climb up further in the coming months with domestic and external factors both adding to price pressures. 


Foreign maids' unions have asked for a 12 per cent pay rise for domestic helpers imported from overseas. Their salary has not been adjusted for more than two years and they want it to be revised to HK$4,000 a month. They said they have contributed to Hong Kong's economic success but are unable to enjoy the fruit of their labour.


The Permanent Secretary for Development, Wai Chi-sing, said proposals to reclaim land outside Victoria Harbour and to develop rock caverns would help address the SAR's population growth in the medium to long term. The government estimates there will be 8.9 million people living here by 2039 and more land is going to be needed to cope with the territory's growth.


Rita Fan said she had never considered the idea of an 'iron triangle' put forward by Ng Hong-man, a former local NPC delegate. Mrs Fan was responding to a proposal that she could be aided by the Chief Secretary, Henry Tang, and the Exco Convenor, C Y Leung.


The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, accused political parties of using environmental protection to disrupt major infrastructure projects. Mr. Tsang said reports for another 80 projects may have to be redone, potentially affecting Hong Kong's competitiveness, cutting back the creation of jobs, and putting Hong Kong at risk of being marginalized.
行政長官曾蔭權譴責政黨藉環保阻礙大型基建工程。曾蔭權表示,有80 項 工程可能要改裝,可能影響香港的競爭力,削減職位及令本港受邊緣化的威脅。


The government is under more pressure to deal with illegal structures on New Territories village houses after several public figures were found with unauthorized additions to their homes. Environment undersecretary Poon Kitty yesterday called in contractors to clear unauthorised additions at her Tai Po home.


The government plans to extend its 50-cent plastic bags levy to all 60,000 retail stores across Hong Kong. At present, the levy applies to only 3,000 chain stores and supermarkets. The initial phase of the levy has effectively cut the number of bags distributed by about 90 percent.
政府計劃擴大膠袋徵費5 毫,至全港六萬家零售店。目前,只有三千間連鎖店及超市徵費。首階段膠袋徵費以來,派發的膠袋已有效地減少九成。


A survey by the University of Hong Kong suggests one-in-three smokers, aged between 65 and 84, will die from smoking-related diseases. It found that the risks of lung cancer among elderly smokers were increased by 277 percent. "Smoking is fatal. One should quit at a younger age to reduce the risk of death. The earlier one quits, the greater the reduction in mortality risk," Professor Lam Tai-hing said.
港大研究顯示,每3名65至84歲吸煙長者,就有1名死於吸煙引致的疾病,死 於肺癌的風險,增加近3倍。林大慶教授表示,「吸煙是致命的,應在年青時戒煙以減低死亡的風險,愈早戒煙死,死亡風險愈低。」


A total of 117 people died in road accidents last year, the lowest in more than half a century, the Transport Department said. Last year saw more than 600,000 registered vehicles in Hong Kong, but the number of deaths was the lowest since 1955. The department attributed it to better road infrastructure, laws and public education. The number of traffic black spots also fell from 270 in 1983 to 79 last year.


The government is planning to introduce a new school subject called moral and national education in primary and secondary schools. The committee's chairman, Lee Chack-fan, pointed out that it was difficult to brainwash young people in today's Internet age. He insisted the subject was necessary and said similar subjects were taught in many other places across the world.


The police arrested a 38-year-old man in connection with a recent case in which a cat was shot with a suspected air gun. The police said the man works for a toy shop on Temple Street in Yau Ma Tei. Officers also seized an air gun and a bag of metal pellets during the operation.


Two police officers caught fabricating evidence against people accused of running a sex den were jailed yesterday for two years and three months. The District Court judge accepted that the two were outstanding officers and the incident was a "fall from grace". But he said police officers who used illegal means had to bear the consequences.


The Legislative Council yesterday passed a motion to allow the chairmen of its panels and committees the power to eject unruly lawmakers from meetings. Many lawmakers said the new power was needed because of the disorderly behaviour of three lawmakers, who disrupted meetings, shouted down government officials and threw objects.


Thousands braved the scorching heat in Cheung Chau for the bun festival yesterday. The temperature reached 32.9 degrees Celsius as 30,000 enjoyed the parade of floats and the big bun scramble. Visitors were disappointed at the reduced number of buns for sale after the government warned the two bun shops not to stamp fortune messages on the buns outside their shops.


The government is to use Facebook to engage the public in online discussions. Top officials will use the government's "Upper Albert Road" page on Facebook to answer questions from the public. It aims to strengthen communication with the public. Each time a current issue of public interest will be selected for live discussion.


Twenty-three people were injured in a collision between a light rail train and a container truck in Tin Shui Wai yesterday morning. The force of the impact knocked one of the train carriages off the tracks, and damaged electric cables. Police are looking into whether the truck driver had sped through a red light ahead of the accident.  


The Chief Executive of the Hospital Authority, Leung Pak-yin, says four public hospitals are planning to extend by a further year a ban on bookings from non-local mothers aiming to give birth here. The Authority had earlier decided to stop accepting appointments from mainland women for the rest of the current year, to ensure adequate services were available for local expectant mothers.


The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences has named Hong Kong as the nation's most competitive city for the sixth year. However, it cautioned that Hong Kong's lead over other cities was narrowing. It said there was sluggish progress in economic restructuring and technology development in the territory.
香港競爭力連續6 年保持全國第一,但中國社會科學院警告,香港領先的差距進一步收窄。香港經濟轉型及科技發展停滯不前。


The Education Bureau has unveiled its proposals for a new compulsory school subject called "Moral and National Education." It will focus on enhancing national identity and unity, while building up positive moral values among students. However, the proposal has raised fears it will overlap other subjects and increase teachers' workload.


Legislators rejected a motion to repeal a 41.5 percent rise in duty on tobacco. Albert Chan of People Power said the increase discriminated against the grassroots. Undersecretary for Food and Health Leung Cheuk-wai said the World Health Organization has shown higher tax is an effective way to curb smoking.


The Executive Council has approved fare rise applications by taxi and tram operators. Taxi flagfall will go up by HK$2 across the board. Urban red cabs will cost $20 for the first two kilometers, while New Territories green cabs will charge $16.50 at flagfall. Tram fares will increase to HK$2.30 for adults, and HK$1.20 for children.


Osama bin Laden, the world's most-wanted man and the mastermind behind the attacks of September 11, 2001, was killed in a firefight with US forces, then quickly buried at sea. "Justice has been done," President Obama declared in the White House, but there are warnings that the war on terror is far from over.


The Hong Kong Journalists Association has called on news organisations to improve journalists' wages and working conditions. The association found that almost half of them earned less than HK$15,000 per month. The association's chairwoman, Mak Yin-ting, said aside from a payrise, employers should also set down reasonable standard working hours.


The territory's statutory minimum wage comes into force today. The legislation stipulates a pay rate of not less than HK$28 an hour. But hundreds of workers took to the streets to protest yesterday, claiming some employers were exploiting their staff and had changed contracts to cut benefits, such as paid rest days lunch breaks, ahead of the new law being introduced.
香港法定最低工資今日生效,法例規定時薪不少於28元,但數百名工人昨日遊 行抗議,聲稱有僱主剝削員工,在新條例實施前,更改合約以削減福利,如有薪休息日及飯鐘錢。


A group of mainland visitors complained to the police about accommodation arranged by a travel agent. The 15 visitors were booked into a guesthouse in Tsuen Wan -- but said it was dirty and the facilities were inadequate. Their travel agent later arranged for them to stay at another hotel in Tsing Yi.
一個內地旅行團向警方投訴旅行社的住宿安排,十五名旅客被安排入住荃灣一 間賓館,但他們表示該處衛生差,設施不足。團員最終獲旅行社安排入住青衣另一間酒店。


The Secretary for Security, Ambrose Lee, has rejected criticism that the government is trying to suppress freedom of expression in dealing with graffiti in support of the detained mainland artist Ai Weiwei. Graffiti has been found in various places in the territory in the past week. Mr. Lee said the police were merely acting on complaints from property owners who said that their private properties were vandalised. 


A plot in Hung Hom was sold for HK$1.525-billion - at the top end of market expectations. The new government restrictions on the building's "inflated areas" did not appear to have cooled interest. The price fetched works out at about HK$9,900 per square foot. Some homeowners in the district lifted their prices by 5 to 10 percent right after the auction.
紅磡一幅地皮以15億2千5百萬成交,接近市場預期上限。政府實施限制建築物發水面積新措施似乎未能冷卻熱情,樓面呎價約九千九百元。拍賣後區內業主即時加價約5%至10% 。


A survey by the Association of Hong Kong Nursing Staff found that nurses rate their stress level at nine on a scale of 10 and the average job satisfaction was three. A nurse in a public hospital has to take care of more than 10 patients during the day and more than 20 during night shifts. The union is calling for pay rises for new nurses and better terms to retain experienced staff.


Our beloved "Hei Zai" (黑仔) has left us. He was in our lives and hearts for 14 years. He was our loyal friend, guarding our campus day and night, even at the risk of his own life. He survived a fatal attack in a fierce battle against an intruder. For these years, he was always at the door in the morning, waiting on our arrival and always with a cheerful greeting. We were blessed having him in our lives for so long. We will never forget him, our true companion.
親愛的黑仔已經與世長辭。這十四年來,他與我們朝夕相對,休戚與共。他是我們忠實的朋友,不分晝夜守護校園,即使捨棄生命也在所不惜,他曾奮力抗賊而遭重創,幾乎喪命。在這些年來,每天早上他總在校門等候,興高采烈地迎接我們。這段時光,我們慶幸曾有黑仔同共渡。我們永遠不會忘記他 — 這忠誠的朋友。


Hundreds of protesters marched from Chater Garden to the Central Government offices, to demand that Hong Kong stop importing nuclear energy. The protest was organised by the environmental group Greenpeace. Greenpeace spokesman said the recent problems at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan were a wake up call to stop the use of nuclear energy.


The Chairman of the Community Care Fund's executive committee, Law Chi-kwong, says its recently announced initiatives are designed to help the most needy. He said those it had decided on could be implemented swiftly, so the underprivileged could receive help as soon as possible. The 10 initiatives will cost around HK$700 million.


The MTR Corporation says it has absolutely no intention of undermining press freedom, despite concerns over several Chinese-language newspapers being threatened by a letter from an advertising firm representing the railway operator. The firm - OMD - warned that it may cut MTR advertisements in the event of negative news coverage. The MTR Corporation described the event as a misunderstanding and apologised to the public.


The government has identified another seven potential sites for building columbariums. This brings the total to 24, and means there will be at least one columbarium in every district. The Secretary for Food and Health, York Chow, said the columbariums would provide hundreds of thousands of niches over the next decade.
政府已找到另外七個可能興建龕場的選址,總數合共二十四個,即每區至少有一個。食物及衛生局局長周一嶽表示,未來 10年會有數十萬個龕位供應。


The Community Care Fund announced that 10 assistance programmes will be rolled out to help some 300,000 needy people. The full-year estimated expenditure would be around $730 million.  The first 10 assistance programmes include overseas study tour subsidies and subsidies for school lunches, expensive medicine and home cleaning services for the elderly.


The government has approved fare rises of 3.6 percent on Kowloon Motor Bus routes from the middle of next month. It said the increase was far lower than the 8.6-percent sought by the company. The Secretary for Transport, Eva Cheng, said the decision took into account higher fuel and labour costs since the fares were last put up in 2008.


Construction work on the bridge linking Hong Kong to Zhuhai and Macau may be further delayed after the High Court ruled an environmental impact assessment was not done properly. The judge ruled in favor of a 65-year-old Tung Chung resident who filed a judicial review.


Small and medium employers have accused the government of passing the buck on responsibility for looking after the underprivileged on to them. The move to implement the minimum wage of HK$28 per hour from next month, they said, could backfire on low-income groups with the price of lunch boxes shooting up soon by as much as HK$5.
中小企僱主指責政府把照顧弱勢社群的責任推給他們。他們表示下月推行時薪二十八元最低工資會對低收入群產生適得其反的結果 - 飯盒迅速上升五元。


Police arrested a 63-year-old man for possession of arms and ammunitions without a licence. Police seized a number of firearms and ammunitions inside his flat. Initial enquiry revealed that the man is a licensee for possession of arms and ammunitions but the quantity seized at the flat was different from that as stated by the licence.
警方拘捕一名六十三歲男子,他涉嫌「無牌藏有槍械及彈藥」。 警方在他居往的單位內檢獲一批槍械及子彈。初步調查顯示,該名男子為槍械彈藥管有權牌照持有人,但其單位內藏有的槍械及子彈數量與牌照規定不符。


Police seized 24 guns along with ammunition from a flat in Sham Shui Po, after a man said he had accidentally shot himself in the leg. The man believed to be a retired correction services staff member. Police say he had a licence to own up to 10 firearms. Some of the weapons seized were air guns and replicas.


Financial Secretary John Tsang Chun-wah's controversial budget - including giving a HK$6,000 cash handout to all 6.1 million adult residents - was last night passed by the Legislative Council. The budget was passed by 33 votes with 19 opposing and one abstention. The amendment moved by pan-democrats to cut the salaries of four senior officials was vetoed by the pro-establishment camp.


Financial Secretary John Tsang Chun- wah yesterday outlined a new land sales program by offering 12 sites - nine residential and three commercial - for auctions between April and June. While some observers suggest the new plan shows government's determination to cool down the property market, several developers disagree, saying prices are determined by the economy.


The Chief Secretary, Henry Tang, criticised protesters who confronted government officials and stormed a stage last Sunday. He said their radical approach would merely intensify conflicts in society, instead of narrowing differences and resolving problems. But his voice was almost drowned out by protesters at the Central Government Offices.


More than 40,000 unskilled workers with government contractors will receive paid rest days - on top of the minimum wage - when the minimum wage law is introduced next month. But their meal breaks will be unpaid. Contractors are to get one-off government subsidies to help them meet the extra costs, and ensure workers are not sacked.


The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Hong Kong said some milk powder commercials are misleading and wants the government to regulate advertisements. Some producers tend to overrate the additives in their formula and they often use medical jargon on packaging, which makes their infant formula seem more nutritious than it really is.


The Education Bureau will issue guidelines this month to help schools choose textbooks, Under Secretary for Education Kenneth Chen says, reminding schools to take parents' affordability into consideration when making their choices. Mr Chen said the Government is determined to require textbook publishers to de-bundle newly published textbooks and their respective teaching materials.


The Hospital Authority has suspended bookings for mainland women wanting to give birth in local public hospitals until the end of this year. It says the measure is designed to ensure there are adequate services for local expectant mothers.


Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Lam Sui-lung had heart surgery yesterday, the third senior minister to have an operation in three weeks. The health status of the senior ministers has raised concerns about their ability to perform their jobs. A legislator called on senior ministers to disclose their health annually to let the public know they were fit enough to do their jobs.


A 31-year-old man is being treated in hospital after taking a mouthful from a bottled beverage that was contaminated with sulphuric acid. The carbonated Ribena, a blackcurrant-flavored drink, was bought in Yau Ma Tei. The man felt a burning sensation on his lips and tongue straight after taking a drink on Sunday. He is now in stable condition.


Parents and the Consumer Council criticized the 20 major publishers who decided to raise average textbook prices by 5 percent and not to separate teaching kits from textbooks in the next school year. The Education Bureau has rejected the demand from booksellers to provide special funding to cover all the cost of teaching materials.


Secretary for Food & Health Dr York Chow said the capacity for maternity services in Hong Kong reached its maximum last year. Of the 88,000 births in 2010, about 45% involved Mainland women. He said public hospital doctors told him the number of deliveries in 2012 should be capped at 88,000 a year because of the manpower situation.


Hundreds of Mei Foo Sun Chuen residents staged a lie-down protest to try to stop a 20-storey residential block being built on the estate. They claim that the development will cut off air flow. They accuse the government of being biased towards developers. The government spokesman said that there was no case for the Government to interfere with a lawful private project.


There has been a sharp increase in the number of foreign professionals working in multinational companies in Japan applying to work in Hong Kong since last month's earthquake and nuclear crisis in the country. Their expertise will help Hong Kong's economy and meet labour market demand.


Catering trade unionists staged a protest outside a branch of Tsui Wah cafe chain against what they called the immoral exploitation of workers. They're unhappy with management's decision to ask staff to sign a new contract, which excludes paid meal breaks and rest days.


Under a plan to fight youth crime, children under 16 will be banned from internet cafes after midnight. Alcohol is banned at the internet cafes and all computers must have filters to screen out pornographic and violent online material. Internet cafes cannot be operated in residential or industrial buildings.


The government may impose restrictions on the flow of mainland women coming to Hong Kong to give birth. The number of births by mainland women accounted for more than 40 percent of 88,000 newborns in Hong Kong last year. Doctors at public hospitals have complained that a surge in mainland women giving birth in Hong Kong has put a heavy burden on them.


The Hong Kong Observatory says that a tiny rise in local radiation levels poses no threat to health. Ma Wai-man, the Hong Kong Observatory's acting assistant director, said the amount of radioactive iodine- 131 being detected is so minute that it would take 2,400 years to receive the same amount that comes from one X-ray.


Guidelines on the minimum wage released yesterday fail to cover pay for rest days and meal breaks. The government has restated that it is up to employers and their workers to try to reach a consensus on paid meal breaks and rest days. Employers and unionists say a lack of definition on rest days and meal times are gray areas that can lead to disputes.


Secondary Five students lack confidence in learning liberal studies under the first Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination to be sat next year, a Hok Yau Club survey has found. Nearly 90 percent of respondents said the content of liberal studies is "too broad," 86 percent said there are "no standard answers," and "the concept is too abstract."


The Health Secretary, York Chow, has apologised for his comments to doctors. Dr Chow had last week said doctors should not haggle over every ounce. Dr Chow said he was sorry if some doctors had considered his remarks "disrespectful" and he had hurt their feelings. But Dr Chow insisted that doctors should be professional and should take care of patients continuously.


The Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority announced that the first Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination will be held in late March to late May 2012 and the date of release of results will be scheduled on 20 July 2012. These dates have been fixed paying full regard to the quality assurance requirements of the two public examinations and the needs of different stakeholders.


The Mass Transit Railway Corporation has announced it will raise fares by 2.3 percent from June. This is the second consecutive year the MTR is raising fares. The company, which made more than HK$12 billion in net profit last year, said the increase has been calculated under a fare adjustment mechanism linked to rises in the consumer price index and wage indices.


The government will set up a task force to draw up voluntary guidelines to reduce light nuisance. According to a survey conducted by the Environment Bureau, more than 70 percent agreed that there is light pollution in the territory. But 78 percent thought that neon lights make the environment look beautiful and boost the SAR's image as a "dynamic metropolis" and tourist destination.


Most members of a Community Care Fund subcommittee support the proposal to give HK$6,000 cash handouts to low-income new migrants but remain undecided on the income ceiling. The move to extend the cash handouts to include new migrants follows criticism that the original proposal to give them to adult permanent residents only was divisive.


The Environment Secretary, Edward Yau, has said the government will reassess the territory's future energy sources in the light of the nuclear crisis in Japan. The government had planned to expand the use of nuclear energy by raising the ratio from 23 percent to 50 percent by 2020, so as to cut down on carbon emissions from coal-generated power plants.


About 10 percent of 7,000 workers at more than 600 Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong could be laid off as business is down by a third and the cost of fresh produce is soaring. A fall in business is due mainly to fears of contamination and a shortage of foodstuffs from Japan. Operators are scrambling for alternative supplies, but that is pushing up prices.


The Under Secretary for Food & Health Prof Gabriel Leung said 187 batches of food imported into Hong Kong had been tested and no abnormality detected. He said radiation-tainted milk and spinach had been withheld by the Japanese authorities. Hong Kong will enhance inspections and check every batch of produce imported from Japan.


The Department of Health alerted members of the public not to buy and definitely not to consume oral products claimed to be iodide tablets on the market. Iodide tablets are not radiation antidotes. They should not be available for sale over the counter.


Rumours trigger panic buying of salt in Hong Kong and the mainland. Salt prices in Shanghai have risen six-fold, with stocks at many shops and supermarkets in Hong Kong running out. Health Secretary York Chow said the rumors about salt being a radiation remedy are totally unfounded. "What matters most is that Hong Kong citizens should have common sense and analytical skills.”


The Health Secretary, York Chow, warned the public against stocking up or taking iodine pills. Chow insisted radiation levels in Hong Kong remain low and there is no need to take the tablets, which can lower the absorption of certain types of radioactive materials in the body. He warned that taking iodine pills now may do more harm than good.


The Hong Kong Observatory said that radioactive material from Fukushima nuclear plant is unlikely to reach the city. Winds are blowing radioactive material out into the Pacific. Cold weather in Japan would probably hinder spread of radioactive substances. Local nuclear specialists also played down fears about imminent radiation threats.  


Twenty-four Hong Kong reporters have been tested at the airport for radiation contamination after returning from Japan. None was found to have been affected. The journalists had asked for the tests after they had been to Fukushima Prefecture, where a nuclear power station has leaked radiation into the atmosphere.


Parallel imports of the iPad 2 arrived yesterday, with shops in Mong Kok selling them for as much as HK$15,000. A white version of the new thinner and lighter iPad attracted enthusiasts to Mong Kok. Despite selling at double the United States price, most parallel imports of the iPad 2 were snapped up yesterday.
iPad 2水貨昨日抵港,旺角商店售價高達一萬五千元,iPad 2較薄和較輕,白色機身iPad 2更吸引熱衷者到旺角。儘管iPad 2水貨售價較美國貴一倍,大部分已於昨日被搶購一空。


The Hong Kong Observatory said it is unlikely that the territory would be affected by the radiation leaking from the damaged nuclear power station in Japan. Forecasts for the weather in the earthquake zone indicated that westerly winds in the next few days would blow the radioactive substances out into the Pacific Ocean.


The Hong Kong government has issued a red travel alert for Japan after the earthquake there, advising people not to make visits unless they are necessary. There are 22 Hong Kong tour groups in Honshu and they are all safe. It is estimated that about 800 Hong Kong people are traveling in the country on their own.


The feud between the four extended families of gambling tycoon Stanley Ho over his massive wealth appears to have finally come to an end. He has withdrawn his lawsuit against two of his daughters. In a statement, he says the row has been fully resolved, and that all members of the Ho Family have reached a full and final agreement based on mutual understanding and accommodation.


The Legislative Council has, for the first time, rejected an allocation of HK$60-billion for initial government expenditure for the new fiscal year from April 1. Legco members voted 17-0 in favor of the bill, with 14 abstentions. Those abstaining were pan-democrats. Financial Secretary John Tsang Chun-wah condemned the lawmakers' rejection of the allocation as "very irresponsible" and "puts politics before welfare of the public."


The number of millionaires in the city went up 42 percent to 558,000 last year from 2009, according to a survey. Twenty-two percent of the rich were born in the mainland. The Hong Kong millionaire has an average age of 46. The top five "occupations" of the rich are: retirees 21 percent; professionals 17; managers and executives 16; housewives 15; and business owners eight.
一項調查顯示,本港去年有五十五萬多名百萬富翁,人數較09年升四成二。內地出生的百萬富達兩成二,百萬富翁平均年齡為四十六歲。百萬富翁首五位的職業: 兩成一為退休人士、一成七為專業人士、一成六為管理人員、一成半是家庭主婦及百分八為商人。


Parents have been warned against taking their kids to street demonstrations after an eight-year-old boy was pepper-sprayed by police during anti-budget clashes. Security chief Ambrose Lee Siu- kwong said it was quite inappropriate to use children as "a weapon for resistance." But the boy's mother said there was nothing wrong with bringing children on to the streets to air our views.


Thousands of people marched to the Central Government Offices to protest against the government's revised budget proposals. Many demonstrators were unhappy with the hastily revised plan to give HK$6,000 to each adult Hong Kong permanent resident, saying it was unfair because new migrants were excluded and that the budget proposals lack long-term policies.


The Legislative Council has passed a Bill to ban idling engines. Drivers will be fined $320 for leaving their engines idling for more than three minutes over a one-hour period. However, there are many exemptions under the law, including on days when very hot weather or rainstorm warnings are issued. Taxis at stands are also excluded.


The "City Park" design by Norman Foster has been chosen for the West Kowloon Cultural District. The design proposes a park of 19 hectares with 5,000 trees. Only 40 percent of the district's 40 hectares of land will be designated for arts and cultural use. One fifth will be for retail and dining, while the rest will be for residential and commercial use.
西九管理局選取英國設計師Norman Foster的「城市中的公園」方案,設計包括19公頃公園,種植5千棵樹。佔地四十公頃的土地,只有四成被指定為藝術文化用途,五分一將用作零售餐飲,其餘用作商住用途。


Twelve people were arrested over a series of internet shopping and auction frauds. At least 34 people fell victim to the scam, in which the suspects put trendy electronic goods up for sale via online advertisements, or auction websites. After buyers paid, they lost contact with the sellers, or were given fake products.


The Financial Secretary, John Tsang, has made radical changes to his budget. He withdrew his controversial plan to inject HK$6,000 into Mandatory Provident Fund accounts and announced HK$6,000 cash handouts to all Hong Kong's adult permanent residents. Taxpayers will enjoy tax rebates worth up to HK$6,000.


The Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, was slightly injured in the chest after being pushed by a protester of League of Social Democrats at the History Museum. The incident happened when several members of the LSD staged a protest at the opening of an exhibition to mark the centenary of the 1911 revolution. Mr. Tsang said Hong Kong is a civilized society and brutal acts are unacceptable.


The Financial Secretary, John Tsang, says he is willing to make concessions on his much criticized budget, which has come under fire for not doing enough to help the poor and the middle class. Last week the financial secretary insisted amendments would be problematic. But yesterday Tsang said he will "positively take into account public views".


The government will study whether the former chief executive of the West Kowloon Cultural District authority, Graham Sheffield, has breached his contract by taking up a new position at the British Council in London. Mr Sheffield quit his job in January for health reasons after only five months in the job.


Some police officers may join a major rally by civil servants to protest against being excluded from a 6,000 dollar MPF payment, announced in last Wednesday's budget. The management has urged police officers not to take part in protest action that may affect their ability to handle demonstrations impartially.


Legislators have approved 4.8 billion dollars in funding for a transport subsidy scheme. The 600-dollar monthly subsidy is aimed at helping poor workers find and keep jobs. However, many legislators from the pan-democratic camp walked out ahead of the vote, accusing the government's plan of excluding too many needy workers.


The University of Hong Kong's Faculty of Medicine says the 41.5 percent rise in tobacco duty in the budget is insufficient to deter smokers. Professor Lam Tai-hing said that tobacco duty should be increased annually, and laws on tobacco advertising tightened. He also said it was ridiculous to suggest that the trade in smuggled cigarettes would be significantly boosted by the price rise.


The Financial Secretary, John Tsang, has announced HK$44-billion of budget giveaways, including a one-off injection HK$6,000 into everyone's Mandatory Provident Fund account. Other relief measures are aimed at alleviating the effect of inflation. There will be two months free rent for public housing tenants; and extra payments in allowances for welfare recipients and the elderly.
財政司司長曾俊華公布預算案,共派出四百六十一億,包括一次過注資六千元入 每個強積金戶口。其他紓困措施以紓緩通脹壓力為目的。公屋住戶免兩個月租金,多發一個月綜援及生果金。


The consumer price index hit 3.6 percent year on year - the highest since August 2008. The government attributed the surge mainly to a rise in food prices, package tour charges and private housing rents. Food prices jumped 8.2 percent from January last year; electricity, gas, and water 7 percent; clothing and footwear 5 percent; and housing 3 percent.


Hong Kong's jobless rate fell to its lowest level in more than two years. Increased spending and economic growth helped bring down the jobless rate to 3.8 percent for November to January. Cuts in the unemployment rate were mainly seen in the building decoration, repair and maintenance, information and communications, and transportation sectors.


A survey by the Liberal Party has found that eight out of ten respondents think the government is hoarding too much money and should return wealth to the people. The party has proposed cutting the income tax by ten percent, as well as giving poor elderly people an additional 500 dollars in old age allowance.


The government is looking into last Thursday's 'bottle-tossing' incident at a LEGCO panel meeting. League of Social Democrats lawmaker Leung Kwok-hung repeatedly threw a plastic bottle at Labour and Welfare Secretary Matthew Cheung at the meeting to protest about the transport subsidy scheme. The LegCo president, Tsang Yok-sing, said the rules of procedure will be reviewed by a committee.


The government is inclined to build an incinerator next to Shek Kwu Chau rather than near Tuenmun. The project would involve the creation of an artificial island. The government said the site was chosen over Tuen Mun because of the shorter transportation time and lower environmental impact. However, conservationists say the work could affect the nearby habitat of protected dolphins.


The government has made last-minute changes to its transport subsidy scheme for lower income families, in a bid to get it passed by the Finance Committee today. The government is now proposing to raise the monthly income cap for a two-person household from HK$10,000 to HK$12,000. It will also allow part-time workers to apply for half of the HK$600 monthly subsidy.


The chairman of the Tourism Board, James Tien, said Hong Kong shouldn't send a wrong message to mainland visitors that they can receive large sums of money in compensation by creating disputes. He said under no circumstances should travel agencies offer compensation as this only encourages copycats. He said visitors who cause trouble are going to court.


Eighteen pharmacies which have been convicted of selling counterfeit drugs to customers are being named by the Consumer Council. Half the stores were in the New Territories. The pharmacies sold drugs with forged trademarks or whose ingredients were inconsistent with their labelling. Some of the stores on the list have closed and reopened under new names.
消委會公布 18間被法庭定罪賣假藥的藥房名單,半數在新界。這些藥房出售偽造商標的假藥或藥物成分與標籤不符,當中部分易名後繼續經營。


The Court of Appeal has rejected a claim by fung shui practitioner Tony Chan to the fortune of the late Chinachem chairlady Nina Wang. The three appeal judges reprimanded Chan for abusing the process of the court. Chinachem Charitable Foundation chairman Kung Yan-sum called on the "greedy" Chan to repent and be saved. But Chan has decided to take the case to the Court of Final Appeal.


Professor Paul Yip from Hong Kong University has warned the government not to focus its attention simply on the post-80s phenomenon. He said the younger generation shares a common goal of pursuing justice, and is dissatisfied with reality. He said studies show that not all of them are radical and the government should instead tackle issues affecting society as a whole.


A total of 317 people - about 30% of the membership - have applied to leave the League of Social Democrats. Of these applications, only 196 were valid. A member of the League of Social Democrats says political differences were the main reasons for the members quitting the party.


The legislator representing the tourism trade, Paul Tse, has slammed the travel agency which reportedly paid 120 thousand dollars in compensation to settle a dispute with a mainland couple. Mr Tse said the travel agency shouldn't have paid to resolve the problem and that the case might have a profound impact on the trade.


MTR services were disrupted for the second time in three weeks over a crack on train tracks. A crack in a section of Tsuen Wan-bound rail between Admiralty and Tsim Sha Tsui stations was found at 7.40 am after staff members were alerted by a signal error. Tens of thousands of commuters were affected in the four hours of disruption during the morning rush hour.


Secretary for Food and Health York Chow warned that dozens of schools may be hit by flu outbreaks when most classes resume on Monday. Current measures, including suggesting schools with a fatal flu case be shut for a week, are effective, Chow said, but there is no need to extend the holidays because of the threat.


Health authorities say the peak flu season this year is more severe that it was 12 months ago. There has been an increase in the number of serious flu cases in the past two weeks. Mainly elderly people suffered from serious complications or died last year. But this year, some children patients with chronic conditions are also seriously affected.


A seven-year-old girl with flu symptoms died just after being admitted to hospital. Three deaths caused by swine flu were announced last night, with the victims a woman, 21, and two men aged 53 and 62. That took to nine those who have died since last month when the territory entered the peak flu season.


A Cathay Pacific Airways flight attendant got into an argument with her husband and demanded to be let out of the vehicle on Tsing Ma Bridge. She alighted with two pieces of luggage after her husband stopped. But seconds later, as she attempted to climb back in, he drove off, causing her to stumble and fall, injuring her right leg.


The police arrested four people suspected of being involved in a fight in To Kwa Wan. The fight is said to have involved members of a tour group from the mainland and their tour guide. The tour members were reportedly forced to purchase items in a jewellery shop.


The chairman of the Heung Yee Kuk, Lau Wong-fat, drew a "fair" fortune stick for the prospects for Hong Kong in the Year of the Rabbit. The fortune-stick reader at the Che Kung Temple said it indicated that businessmen and workers should work together to overcome difficulties.


Hong Kong welcomed the Year of the Rabbit with lion dances, float parade and prayers that the rabbit will live up to its reputation for happiness and good fortune in 2011. Thousands of people greeted the Lunar New Year by going to the Wong Tai Sin temple and visiting the "Wishing Tree" in Lam Tsuen.


Lunar New Year message delivered by the Chief Executive, Mr. Donald Tsang: The Lunar New Year is a time for family reunion, a time full of warmth and happiness. I hope every family will be filled with joy in the year to come. We wish you all good health and happiness in the Year of the Rabbit.

2/2/11 The Chief Executive, Mr Donald Tsang, and Mrs Tsang yesterday visited the Lunar New Year Fair in Tsuen Wan, to get a taste of the festive atmosphere and share the joys of the season with local people. They spent $888 buying honey, rabbit ornaments, fortune bags and New Year flower.  

The government says Hong Kong residents stranded in Egypt will be able to return home via special flights being sent to Cairo from the mainland. Hong Kong tour groups have been scrambling to get out of Egypt since a black travel alert was issued by the Security Bureau on Sunday.


More than a quarter of clerks surveyed received pay cuts of up to 10 percent last year, according to a survey by the Hong Kong Clerical and Professional Employees General Union. Although 74 percent received salary increases, the amount was small, with about 60 percent receiving a 1-3 percent increase. The union urged employers to grant a 7 percent pay rise.
香港文職及專業人員總會調查發現,去年超過四分一從事文職工作的人被減薪,最高減幅達一成。雖然七成人獲加薪,但數目少,六成人只獲加薪1% 至3%。工會建議僱主給予加薪7%。


Hundreds of people packed into St. Andrew's Church in Tsim Sha Tsui yesterday afternoon for the funeral of Szeto Wah. The funeral began with six long rings of the church bell, followed by four short ones, in memory of Mr Szeto's fight to vindicate the June 4 1989 pro-democracy movement.


More than 2000 people paid their respects to Mr Szeto at a memorial service at the Baptist Church in Tsim Sha Tsui. The funeral will take place today. Neither the Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, nor any government officials will be attending the funeral but Mr Tsang and six officials will attend a public mourning session.
超過二千人出席於尖沙咀浸信會舉行的追思會悼念司徒華。司徒華今天舉殯,行 政長官曾蔭權及其他官員將不會出席,但曾蔭權及六名官員將出席公祭儀式。


More than 100 corporations and government departments are joining a campaign organized by Friends of the Earth to reduce food waste by cutting two courses from their Lunar New Year banquets and take home any leftovers. Having two fewer courses at banquets would cut food waste by 15 per cent.


Conservationists have accused Ocean Park of putting endangered species at risk, instead of protecting them at its Aqua City which opened yesterday. They claimed that dozens of species, including Bluefin Tuna and Hammerhead Sharks, had died because of overcrowded conditions and improper pool facilities at the park.


More than 30 per cent of secondary students interviewed in a recent survey said they were addicted to the internet, and felt anxious and irritable when they were stopped from logging online. Reasons cited for their addictions included “killing time”, and “lessening unhappiness”. More than one third of student addicts were reluctant to seek help for their obsession.


More than 80 percent of workers still go to work despite being sick with flu, a University of Hong Kong survey shows. Many of the 509 people surveyed cited a heavy workload and lack of job as reasons for not taking sick leave. Doctors warn that this practice is unhealthy because it increases the risk of spreading the disease to others.


Over three thousand people staged a protest in Central against the government's kindergarten voucher scheme. The protesters said the scheme should be replaced by free education. A school principal said the cap on school fees under the scheme has in turn limited teachers' salaries, and has resulted in a brain drain. Parents said the subsidy was insufficient.


The Financial Secretary, John Tsang, has warned that inflation will accelerate this year. He would introduce "targeted measures" in the forthcoming budget to help people on low incomes who would be hit the hardest by rising prices.


The Hospital Authority is warning that the long stretch of cold weather is likely to result in more people falling sick than usual. It has cautioned that a continuing upsurge in the number of flu cases may result in longer waiting times at casualty departments for non-emergency cases.


Don't use cops as your punchbag, Police Commissioner Andy Tsang Wai-hung urged yesterday, two days after five officers were slapped, punched and kicked. Tsang called on the public not to take out their frustration on police officers. Mutual respect should be maintained between law enforcement and citizens.
兩日內有五名警員被摑、拳打和踢,警務處處長曾偉雄昨日呼籲市民不要把警員當作拳擊吊袋,不要將挫折發洩在警員身上。 警員在執法時,市民與警員應互相尊重。


A study by the University of Hong Kong has found poor visibility to be associated with about 1,200 deaths every year. For every 6.5 kilometre loss of visibility, there was a 1.13 per cent increase in naturally caused deaths per day. The shorter the distance people can see, the more pollutants are present in the air.


The number of visitors coming to Hong Kong hit a new record of just over 36 million last year. Mainland tourists comprised 63 percent of the total arrivals. The overall number of visitors is expected to increase by 10 percent this year because of the robust economy and the appreciation of regional currencies against the US dollar.


The Controller of the Centre for Health Protection, Thomas Tsang, urged people not to underestimate the potential risks of flu. He said the number of flu cases will rise continuously in the coming weeks and peak by the end of next month. The dominant strain of flu affecting Hong Kong this season is the H1N1 virus.


The Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health has called on the government to raise the tobacco tax from 62 percent to 75 percent. The council said many people still found smoking financially affordable. It hoped higher prices would help reduce the number of underage smokers and encourage people to quit the habit.


The Pilot Programme on Source Separation of Glass Bottles in Housing Estates was officially launched yesterday. The recycled bottles could be turned into bricks, which could be used to pave pedestrian walkways. The recycling of glass bottles helps reduce waste and conserve natural resources.


Former Asian Games rowing contestant, Gloria Chan, was jailed for 15 months for blackmailing a wealthy businessman in his 70s. Ms Chan had tried to extort HK$3 million from the man by threatening to expose a sex video between the two. The judge did not think she was remorseful but reduced Ms Chan's prison term by three months after taking into account her previous good character.


Scientists at the University of Hong Kong have achieved a breakthrough in the generation of stem cells. They have managed to produce human Induced Pluripotent Stem cells, using human skin tissues without the help of any animal products. However, the cells are still some way off from clinical use.


The Economic Freedom Index released yesterday named Hong Kong as the world's freest economy for the 17th year. Singapore came a narrow second. Created by The Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal, the index ranks 183 countries and places on 10 measures for openness, rule of law and competitiveness.


The Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station in Guangdong will speed up the disclosure of incidents in order to address public fears about safety. From now on, nuclear incidents at the Daya Bay plant will be disclosed to the public within two working days even if they are minor in nature.


A video of fung shui master Tony Chan Chun- chuen and late tycoon Nina Wang Kung Yu-sum calling each other "Piggy" and "Daddy Piggy" was played in court, but judges stopped it after just four minutes. Chan seeks to overturn a lower court's decision to hand over Wang's multibillion estate to Chinachem Charitable Foundation.


About 1,000 tour guides staged a protest against a new one-guide, one-tour policy, saying it will drastically reduce income. The scheme, to take effect on February 1, is an attempt by the Travel Industry Council to improve the services of guides and reduce the chances of visitors being forced to go shopping.


The Secretary for Food and Health, York Chow, has said the authorities will step up inspection of eggs imported from Germany, following the scare over dioxin poisoning. However, Dr Chow stressed that only about one per cent of eggs on sale here came from Germany - and the last batch was imported more than a month ago.


The chief executive of the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority, Graham Sheffield, has resigned. Mr Sheffield stepped-down for "health reasons" - just five months after taking up the job. Mr Sheffield's departure would no doubt be a major setback for the cultural project and would likely delay it further.


Hacking incidents rose 70 percent last year. Criminals are using malware and booby-trapped links to gain access to people's computers and smartphones. Social networking sites are often used to launch attacks. The public should stay alert about computer security by installing and updating security software.


After a nine-hour debate in the Legislative Council, lawmakers have approved a minimum hourly wage of HK$28. From 1st May, all employers will be required to pay workers, except foreign domestic helpers, a minimum hourly wage of 28 dollars.


The East Rail Line will be extended across the harbor when the HK$60 billion Sha Tin-to-Central Link is completed in 2020. This means a 50-minute direct train ride from Lo Wu to Admiralty station without having to change trains. The MTR Corporation expects the link to ease both rail and road traffic in the long term.


The Women's Commission's survey found that although women were more engaged in community activities and voluntary work, women's political participation was lower than that of men. Women tended to express their views and demands in a quieter manner, such as signing petitions. Other ways, including rallies, parades or demonstrations were less participated by women than men. 


A staunch defender of democracy, Szeto Wah, died aged 79 after a year-long battle with cancer. The teacher turned politician had requested his body be cremated with some ashes thrown in the sea toward the mainland. Upright, industrious and unwavering in the pursuit of his ideals, Mr. Szeto earned great respect from across the community.


The government says it will continue to step up efforts to help the poor. The Secretary for Labour and Welfare, Matthew Cheung, said social security payments would increase from February 1; a minimum wage was in the pipeline and HK$3.9-billion in funding was being sought for the Work Incentive Transport Subsidy Scheme.


Tens of thousands of people poured into Sha Tin to take part in the New Year's Eve Countdown Carnival 2010. Decorated with festive lighting, the carnival included a variety of delightful entertainments including an acrobatic performance, pop singing by local singers and interactive games.
數以萬計的市民湧往沙田參加「2010 除夕倒數嘉年華」,會場內掛上燈飾,充滿節日氣氛。除夕倒數嘉年華的精彩表演節目包括、本地歌手的演唱及互動遊戲。


Police warned of a sharp rise in telephone deception cases. The "Guess who am I" tactic was behind some 300 cases in the fourth quarter alone. Swindlers pretend to be friends or relatives and ask if the victims remember their name. The swindlers call again several days later and ask for help, claiming they need money.


Cathay Pacific yesterday apologized to more than 1,000 passengers who were trapped in snowbound planes for 11 hours at New York's main airport. Angry passengers criticised the airline for a lack of communication during the incident.


A recovering economy and a depreciating Hong Kong dollar pushed visitor arrivals to record high levels this year. The number of visitors broke through 32 million during the first 11 months of 2010 - surpassing that of the whole of last year. Arrivals from the mainland hit a record high of 20.4 million.


A Super Puma helicopter, with three crew members onboard, made an emergency landing on the Shing Mun Reservoir yesterday morning. It landed safely with the help of floats. The helicopter was taking part in a hill-fire operation and flying low, lifting buckets of water from the Shing Mun Reservoir, when an engine problem prevented it from climbing.


News about human rights on the mainland dominates a list of the year's 10 most important news stories voted for by more than 21,000 secondary school pupils in Hong Kong. Top of the list is the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to human rights activist Liu Xiaobo. The jailing of Sichuan quake activist Tan Zuoren and melamine-milk activist Zhao Lianhai was fifth and seventh on the list.


Director of the Society for Community Organisation Ho Hei-wah said the government lacked long term commitment to helping the underprivileged. He said despite having large reserves, the government only came up with one-off programmes to assist the poor.


Tai Lam Tunnel will raise its tolls by between HK$2 and HK$15 next month. The toll for private cars and taxis will be increased to HK$33, while the fee for buses will jump to as much as HK$135. The tunnel operator said traffic had been consistently lower than forecast, and the company had to improve its revenues to repay an outstanding loan.
大欖隧道將於下月加價二至十五元 ,私家車及的士加至三十三元,巴士加至135元。經營大欖隧道的公司表示,隧道流量一直低於預期,公司必須增加收入以償還債務。


Amina Bokhary - convicted three times of assaulting police officers - was sentenced to six weeks in jail for breaching her probation order. The magistrate rejected her defence that she became paranoid because of the media frenzy over the case.
三度襲警的Amina Bokhary違反感化令,被判監禁6星期。裁判官拒絕接受她的辯護,因傳媒廣泛報道,令她發展妄想偏執心態。


An estimated 200,000 people are expected to gather in Tsim Sha Tsui over Christmas. The police expect over 300,000 will gather for the New Year's Eve countdown. The police have warned of a crack down on drink driving and drug driving over the Christmas holiday period.


A study by the environmental group, Friends of the Earth, has found that local restaurants generate almost 1,000 tonnes of food waste every day. This is two-and-a-half times more than a decade ago. To address the problem, the group has launched a new campaign to reduce food waste by encouraging consumers to order less.


A Form Four student who set fire to his school after being told his performance was unsatisfactory was yesterday sent to a rehabilitation centre. The magistrate told the accused the offence was serious and there was little room for leniency, adding that he will learn how to behave and be more restrained in a rehabilitation centre.


Nicknamed "Big Brother of Victoria Park", League of Social Democrats member Edward Yum Liang-hsien, who was arrested on suspicion of rape and indecent assault, said yesterday "the truth will speak for itself" and he has confidence in Hong Kong's legal system. A group of league members wrote an open letter calling on him to resign from the party.


Disagreements split the Democratic Party. 28 radical members, including seven district councillors, are set to quit the party today. The group has been voicing strong opposition to the party's backing of the government's revised political reform package. They had earlier set up their own pressure group, the Neo Democrats.


A man who incurred gambling debts of more than HK$100,000 in Macau and tried to extort HK$200,000 from his parents by falsely claiming that he was being held for ransom by kidnappers on the mainland, was jailed for 20-months by the District Court. The judge said the case was very serious and a deterrent sentence was necessary.


Hong Kong experienced its coldest day of the winter yesterday, with temperatures plunging from 20 degrees Celsius to five degrees in three days. Nine schoolboys taking part in an Outward Bound course in Saikung were airlifted to hospital, after being overcome by the cold. Three of the students were found to be shivering and cold, but responsive.


The Consumer Council has warned people not to eat too many crisps and biscuits because they contain cancer-causing substance, acrylamide. It tested 90 samples of fried and baked snacks sold in Hong Kong, and almost all were found to contain varying levels of acrylamide. The highest levels were found in Jack’n Jill BBQ flavoured potato chips, with 3,000 micrograms of acrylamide per kilogram of food.


The Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre interviewed 1000 people aged between 16 and 35 on their personal goals and career aspirations. On personal goals over the next 10 years, 57 percent wanted to own property. About 40 percent hoped to earn their "first pail of gold" while only 15 percent aimed to contribute to society.


The Chief Secretary Henry Tang says Hong Kong will have to cooperate with the mainland, in the development of the country's 12th five-year plan. Mr. Tang said the territory should strengthen the development of the services industry by expanding businesses on the mainland. He also said Hong Kong should attract more talented people to enhance future development.


A survey conducted by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups found that around a third of the secondary pupils it interviewed thought it was more acceptable to have intimate contact with a friend during the festive season. The group is urging teenagers to be alert to the dangers of drugs and sex during the festive season.


Almost 80% of pet owners consider their pets family members, an Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Department survey has found. Half spent up to three hours with their pets every day. Owners provided them with regular grooming, exercise and health checks. They said responsible owners should provide shelter, food and water, health care, and play time with their pets.
 漁農自然護理署調查顯示近8成受訪寵物主人視其飼養的貓狗為家庭成員。近半數人每天花1 - 3小時陪伴寵物。他們會定時替貓狗清潔打扮、做運動,以及定期作健康檢查。大部分受訪者認為,盡責的寵物主人應為寵物提供居所;提供食物及水;提供健康護理及花時間陪伴寵物。


Caf'e de Coral has announced that it will bring forward a pay rise of 7 percent on average for its staff next month. The group said it would adjust wage levels in stages, to meet the requirements set out in the minimum wage law. The restaurant chain earlier aroused controversy when it decided not to pay wages for workers' meal breaks.  


The Hong Kong Research Association's survey shows that well over 60 percent of Hong Kong people believe their buying power will be reduced by rising inflation caused by the second wave of US monetary easing. Since inflation is expected to reach as much as five-percent in the coming year, 40 percent didn't think any pay rise they get would cover inflation.


The Secretary for the Civil Service, Yue Chung- yee was accused in the Legco inquiry report of mishandling of the post-retirement employment of former top housing official Leung Chin-man. She committed a grave error of judgment and failed to grasp public sentiment. Ms Yue apologised but refused to resign.


Shanghai's 15-year-olds have been ranked best in the world in the leading global study of secondary school performance. The Programme for International Student Assessment test showed that Shanghai students are miles ahead of their peers in reading, maths and science. Students in Hong Kong rank third in maths and science and fourth in reading.


Police are hunting an arsonist who burned down 50 hawker stalls and injured seven people on Fa Yuen Street in Mong Kok. Police believe the suspect also set two other fires in the area early yesterday. Police say the man spotted fleeing the scene of one of the fires was in his forties and was wearing a light-coloured coat and jeans.


Seven people were injured in a shuttle train accident at Ocean Park when a driver mistakenly pressed the button which controls the track braking system. More than 100 passengers were aboard the Ocean Express when the train came to a sudden halt shortly after midday. Ocean Park has apologised for the incident.


The Secretary for Labour and Welfare, Mr Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, said, "It is the Government's established policy to provide a barrier-free environment for persons with disabilities which permits their free access to all buildings on an equal basis with others. This will help strengthen their ability to live independently and fully integrate into the community. "


The government has announced a package of measures to expand RTHK's broadcasting services. A larger site has also been allocated in Tseung Kwan O for the station's new headquarters. Extra funding will be provided to launch digital TV. Staff will be recruited to fill 80 civil service posts at the station and internal promotions are to be resumed.


The Vicar-General of the Catholic Diocese, Father Michael Yeung, has called commercial surrogacy 'unethical'. Father Yeung said surrogacy takes away the dignity of women and undermines the importance of families.


The case of the vice-chairman of Henderson Land Development Peter Lee Ka-Kit, who was reported to have hired a surrogate mother in America to give birth to triplet sons, has been referred to the police. The Health Secretary, York Chow, maintained that commercial surrogacy is illegal under Hong Kong law, even if it is performed elsewhere.


Cathay Pacific pilots have warned that they may take industrial action. The Aircrew Officers Association voted in favour of staging a work-to-rule if talks with management over pay and working conditions don't make progress. The association said the airline had delayed coming to the negotiating table to discuss a number of issues raised by the pilots.


Financial Secretary John Tsang Chun- wah yesterday warned potential homebuyers that this is not the time to buy a home because bank interest rates are likely to go up sooner or later. Tsang said potential homebuyers should take "stress tests" by calculating the ratio of mortgage repayment against household income before taking out any large loans.


A survey conducted by the Baptist University showed three quarters of primary and secondary school students support a bid by Hong Kong to host the 2023 Asian Games. Of the about 5,000 students polled, older respondents tended to oppose the initiative, while younger students were far more supportive.
浸會大學調查發現,七成半受訪的中小學生支持香港申辦亞運。受訪5000名學 生中,愈高年級的學生,愈傾向反對這計劃,而愈年青的學生,支持度則愈高。


The Health Secretary, York Chow, said the government has identified eight sites suitable for the construction of new columbariums and the list will be announced shortly. He said in principle, the administration hopes to have a columbarium built in each district and traffic and noise problems would be considered when sites are chosen.


Operators of green-top minibuses say they will freeze fares for three years if they are allowed to increase the number of seats from 16 to 20. They would use environmentally friendly vehicles. They would also offer concessions to the elderly and the disabled.


Direct subsidy schools launched a counterattack after criticism of financial malpractice by Audit Commission. Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools Council chairman Lam Kin-wah called the attacks unfair and blamed the Education Bureau for lack of clear guidelines. He said the Education Bureau is shirking its responsibilities.


The Education Bureau has released the names of direct subsidy schools accused in an audit report of wasting funds. 71 out of 72 such schools were accused of financial irregularities. The 72 schools comprise 11 primary schools , 52 secondary schools and 9 secondary schools with primary sections.
教育局公開審計報告內,被指浪費資金的所有直資學校名單。全港72所直資學校中,71所被指責財政違規行為。72所直資學校包括 11間小學、52間中學及 9間中學暨小學。


The Good Hope School, a Direct Subsidy Scheme School, was criticized by the director of audit for investing HK$71 million in high-risk securities. The school failed to place the money in a fixed deposit or savings account. The school was also involved in lending HK$250,000 to a company, but the loan had not been repaid.
審計署批評德望學校 -- 一所直資學校,以7100萬元投資高風險股票,未有按指引把餘款存作定期或儲蓄存款。該校又涉嫌將二十五萬元外借予一家有限公司,該公司尚未清還借款。


A survey conducted by the Women's Commission has found that more than 80 percent of people think both men and women should contribute to household finances. The findings reflect a change from traditional concepts that men should be the sole breadwinner for families. However, less than half of the respondents thought men should do more housework.


Writing in his blog yesterday, Financial Secretary John Tsang Chun-wah said the government would introduce more measures whenever it is needed to prevent asset bubble risk from deteriorating. He said imposing a new stamp duty to curb property speculation was the right thing to do and unusual measures were called for in “unusual times”.  


The Director of Broadcasting, Franklin Wong, has decided not to renew his contract after considering his health condition and the heavy workload of the job. The RTHK head has been criticised by activists for failing to listen to staff's concerns and defend the broadcaster's independence. But Mr Wong said he had a good relationship with staff during his term.


The government has announced tough new measures aimed at tackling increasing property speculation. A new 'special stamp duty' of 5% to 15% of the property value will be imposed jointly on both buyers and vendors of flats which are re-sold within two years. The Hong Kong Monetary Authority has also instructed local banks to lower the maximum value of mortgage loans.


Public hospitals have stepped up precautions against bird flu. Visits to isolation wards have been banned and all visitors are asked to wear masks and wash hands before entering public hospitals. Testing of live chickens from the mainland will also be increased. The new measures are part of the government's response to the announcement that a woman had contracted bird flu.


Hong Kong confirms first human H5N1 infection for seven years. The patient is a 59-year-old woman who visited the mainland with her husband and daughter last month. She was admitted to Tuen Mun Hospital where she's in a serious condition. The serious response level under the Government's Preparedness Plan for influenza pandemic has been activated.


Hong Kong cyclist Wong Wan-yui was in tears on the Asian Games medal podium after being involved in a multi-bike crash which broke a rib. Wong managed to finish the race to claim a silver medal. She said she bore great pain after the crash but she never thought to give up.


The Consumer Council has advised people to be cautious when joining slimming or fitness programmes. Some slimming centres use exaggeration and give unprofessional advice to customers to arouse their anxiety. The number of complaints about unscrupulous sales tactics by such outlets had increased over the years.


Diabetes was a disease that once afflicted mostly the elderly, but an increasing proportion of patients are young people. Dr. Ronald Ma, president of Diabetes Hong Kong, says stress, a poor diet and lack of an active lifestyle have made young people vulnerable to the disease. About 700,000 people suffer from diabetes in Hong Kong.


President Hu Jintao has said Hong Kong's economy still faces some difficulties, despite the recent strong rebound. But he added that the most difficult period was over, as the region emerges from the downturn caused by the global economic crisis. He noted that the SAR's economy had benefited from an upsurge in trade and tourism.


The latest figures show the SAR economy grew by 6.8 percent year-on-year in the third quarter - prompting the government to raise its full-year growth estimate to 6.5 percent. The third-quarter figure resulted from strong growth in exports, domestic demand and further expansion in regional activity. However, a government economist said there was no room for complacency, as new risks lay ahead.
最新數字顯示,香港經濟在第三季按年增長 6.8%,促使港府上調全年經濟增長預測至6.5%。第三季數字是由於出口增長、內需及區內經濟擴張強勁。但有政府經濟顧問表示,風險仍在,不容自滿。


The Catholic diocese in Hong Kong has expressed regret over remarks by a priest who likened Li Ka-shing to the devil. The comments were made by Father Thomas Law while criticising the sharp practices of property developers. The diocese said that Mr Li would continue to support the church's social projects.


The Executive Council endorsed Hong Kong's first minimum wage at HK$28 an hour. Legco's catering representative, Tommy Cheung, said a HK$28 minimum wage would put the industry under pressure. However, unionist legislator, Lee Cheuk-yan, said the level was too low to improve the lives of poorly-paid workers.


Liver donor Simon Hui has called on the public to stop calling him a hero, saying he is just a regular guy. He made the plea as he left hospital five days after donating part of his liver to save a dying colleague. However the customs inspector does want a role in raising awareness of the importance of organ donation.


A survey has found that most parents mistakenly believe that butter, peanut butter, condensed milk and jam are healthy breakfast choices for their children. A dietitian has pointed out that these spreads are often rich in saturated fats, sugar and salt. Parents should introduce more variety to achieve a balanced diet.


Hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Central yesterday to protest against a government policy forcing schools to close because of falling enrollment. They demanded that the government implement a small-class teaching policy in secondary schools. The Professional Teachers Union says the average class size should be cut from 34 to 25 over a number of years.


The fast-food chain, Cafe de Coral, has decided to reverse an earlier plan to scrap paid lunch breaks for its employees. The company originally offered to raise hourly pay, but cancel paid lunch breaks. The company said it took the decision to drop the plan to "alleviate public doubt" and "for the purpose of social harmony" Trade unions have called off a boycott of Cafe de Coral.


The Chief Executive Donald Tsang has pledged to press for more environmentally friendly transport by encouraging bus companies to upgrade their fleets. Speaking at the C-40 conference on climate change, Mr Tsang said the ultimate target was to have zero emission buses in operation. He also hoped that one-third of carbon emissions could be cut across the territory in the next ten years.
行政長官曾蔭權出席「C40論壇」致辭時承諾,鼓勵巴士提升車隊,要求巴士公司用環保的巴士,最終目標是希望所有巴士做到零排放。曾蔭權希望在十年內令 溫室氣體排放量減少3分之1。


A customs officer injured in an anti-smuggling operation was yesterday snatched from the jaws of death when a colleague donated part of his liver. The 40-year-old customs inspector, Simon Hui, who offered his liver has been hailed as a hero and a role model for all civil servants.


Customs officer Yuen Wai-cheung is undergoing surgery at Queen Mary Hospital to save his life after a liver donor was found. Yuen Wai-cheung is in a critical condition in hospital after falling while chasing a suspected cigarette smuggler in Tseung Kwan O. That sparked a desperate appeal by his fellow officers for a liver donor.


Gold medal-winning bodybuilder Chan Yun-to, who offered bribes to shorten his suspension on competing to enable him to take part in the 2006 Doha Asian Games, was jailed for 16 months yesterday. In passing sentence, the judge said Chan had destroyed the reputation of Hong Kong athletes and deserved strong punishment.


The Education Bureau revealed yesterday that sixteen government schools with five Form One classes have each agreed to cut one of them in support of the voluntary class reduction scheme. The schools that agree to reduce one class will be given up to nine years to eliminate surplus teachers.


A minibus driver who hit the other vehicle in Happy Valley was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of a drug. Ten passengers travelling to Causeway Bay saw the driver behaving erratically and got off shortly before the accident. The 34-year-old driver was also alleged to be in possession of ketamine.